Anime of 2014 – The Best and Worst

Heyo! I wanted to try something semi-new for my blog dealing with the year’s best and worst Anime. Something quick to go through. I’m going to list the ones I have enjoyed and watched, which may or may not be obvious when implied. Let’s see what I enjoyed from 2014.

(Cross Ange’s Sarah, voiced by Yui Horie <3)

I have to say that 2014 was overly strong with Anime, so much so that I believe I ‘overdosed’ on Anime. Overwhelmed by the amount of it all, mostly coming form the winter season that was overly difficult to keep up with. Anime once again teaching that fun is something that is gradually being forgotten with people constantly seeking a muscle-tension tantrum over having silly “drunken” fun of an enjoyment.

These choices were difficult to make as each show had it’s own fair share of love and care into it. I enjoyed the majority of them. This is what I believe to be the best, worst, and the middle range for the Anime viewed. Apologies if I didn’t mention the shows others have. Only so much I can watch before burning out, overdosing, and similar.

(Note: I may have missed shows that I even watched as I make note of them in a notepad. Some may or may not be missing.)


Best Anime Of 2014:

– Gundam Build Fighter fills in the Busou Shinki animation void while adding onto what fans desired.

The winner is -> Gundam Build Fighters!

This show is just too amazing. Sunrise made sure that everything about this show was both welcoming to the younger fans while greatly respecting those overly familiar with the Gundam franchise. It does it so well that each and every scene has some kind of nod to its other Gundam series, hated and loved a-like. The characters are highly enjoyable and relatable. Every bit of Gunpla makes sense, is referenced to, and is fun in every way.

Gundam Build Fighters also has a very enjoyable soundtrack that is at its top of its game. It hypes you up, it makes you feel welcomed, and it just has that great amount of care and comedy that you just love it. I can’t say much for the OP & ED as they’re not in my zone of interest. Just that the show as a whole also fills in the Busou Shinki vibe that Konami Japan failed to deliver in its TV Animation. Moon Angel OVA being more of an enjoyable bit that Gundam Build Fighters comically pokes fun at with the sports side of things in the show.

I find Gundam Build Fighters to be the true anime of 2014, especially with how it teaches people to enjoy what they enjoy and to simply have a pure genuine fun with what they enjoy.

(This is both season 1 and 2. They’re both awesome with great characters and battles.)


Honourable Mentions – Notable Anime of 2014:

– A foxy way of staying interesting.

– Second Place Winner ->No game No Life:

I have to have No Game No Life come in second place because it again shows that fun is something that is forgotten. This show nicely put together a nice setting with great animation, great humour, and nice gaming styled music to keep things fun and entertaining. The Beast Race’s foxies being a nice bonus onto something that’s still enjoyable. It shows that having fun is worth more than being tense and upset over things. Constantly striving for the best while having fun doing so. Sure, it was silly, it may have bored those taking things far too seriously, and may have seemed too hyped up for people to enjoy.

When you watch it and have fun with the silliness then you’ll enjoy this show to the max. You’ll once again learn to have fun, learn to be silly, and learn to have that ‘drunken’ fun once again. To me ‘No Game, No Life’ simply shows that fun is few and far inbetween with people being all tensed up in a similar manner to how a kid tenses up their muscles in a tantrum. Simply loosen up as being overly serious is hazardous for the health. If you can’t watch it now then leave it for another time.

– Knights of Sidonia for it’s mecha-space survival seriousness.

Third Place Winner -> Knights of Sidonia:

I just loved this show from beginning to end. The opening section and ending were also highly enjoyable. It was polished enough that it made it stand out from the other Anime in the season with how enjoyable it was. Nice characters to connect to, nice characters to understand, a common enemy to fight, a reason for fighting and surviving, along with how ‘dark-toned’ the music ended up being. It was mostly moody due to it being a space-type show with one ship trying to survive in space which ended up making it awesome.

The whole mecha formations, the way each mecha would be armed, travel, and form up added onto its believability. The various amounts of attention to small and large things made me enjoy it a hell of a lot. The love, hatred, the disrespect, and respect. The tension, suspense, and the amount of blood being shed, to how they had to dig into human DNA/Genes to survive.

This stands out to me as being the third best show of the season for how awesome it was all around.

Other Notable Anime Of The Season:

Shows that I simply could placed in the top three, yet enjoyed a lot that I wish others would find themselves watching.

– Trinity Seven – Ninja Levi being all teaseful and playful.
  • Trinity Seven: I found it to be a highly enjoyable show with great music, comedy, and characters. Was the right amount of silly, dark, and serious. It ended up becoming my favourite show thanks to the humour it had. I just love the soundtrack while also loving how it is was also self aware with where to place comedy cliches. Wish it had a better and bigger budget for the full experience to fill in what could have been two more high-quality episodes to it. Lots of stuff missed from the manga.
  • Noragami: A show I wanted to put in my top three, yet couldn’t due to those three beating it. Show is greatly enjoyable with the dark vibe of things while keeping things both fun in comedy and serious in the supernatural mood. I enjoyed the whole concept and vibe of the show of forced to live a double life of being alive and dead (asleep) at the same time with a cat-like tail. Forced to join a poor deity while being dragged into a deeper mess of the supernatural. The characters were greatly enjoyable, as was the opening, ending, the art style, and soundtrack. An nice greatly polished show that needs to be watched!
  • Golden Time: Wow! This show sure hit the feels so hard that it still messes me up when trying to mentally sum it up. With it being a romantic slice-of-life you’re bound to relate in some way, shape or form by relating your life to the characters within. A great look into someone struggling with a split personality disorder thanks to an accident Tada Bandri faced early on causing him to suffer from beginning to end. Forced to choose from his previous life or his current college life. Constantly struggling to keep his friends within reach, his love-life, and himself. It’s a great anime showing not to take everything for granted. A nice gem of a show that shouldn’t be over-looked.
  • Selector Spread/Infected Wixoss: Both seasons were awesome. Depressing, moody, and troublesome, yet enjoyable as a whole. It nicely filled in the Busou Shinki void of things with girls stucks as LRIG cards forced to make their wish come true, of course with side-effects and catches. I’m pleased that it touched on sensitive issues like incest and yuri love in the way it did, things Americans would throw childish tantrums over. The girls were forced to deal with their harsh situation on hand that went from one episode to the next; One season to the next. I wish I could add this into the top 3.
  • Log Horizon: I just love the way it mixes seriousness and comedy in its gaming environment. The way characters are forced to adapt to their new gaming life-style in both a comical and serious manner. The way it was paced, written, and the vibe it gave off is what I enjoy the most about it. Sadly disappointed the composer had to be the same one who composed for Fairy Tail causing a ‘same-face’ effect of giving Log Horizon a Fairy Tail vibe at times.
  • Inari, KonKon, Koi Iroha!: Something that hits closer to the ‘slice-of-life!” area of things. A nice anchor into real life while adding that nice light heated supernatural fox mix into things. A girl forced to live with her wish that causes situations to spiral into a big mess.
  • Witch Craft Works!: This was a surprising show to watch. May seem generic at a glance, yet greatly enjoyable an rewarding in the end. Great role-reversal in gender, great comical characters, great concept, story, music, and animation. It’s just a nice comical silly gem of an Anime full of witches and great humour.
  • Strike The Blood: Was greatly surprised with this show with how fresh it felt. It used cliches in a nice new fresh manner while adding onto the humourous side of things in what I found to be overly amusing manners. Nice enjoyable characters, interesting settings, with a nice way to go about combat side of things, though with an over-used catch-line. A nice look into the vampire side of things that also turns comically perverted with the over-used nosebleed effect. The best part of the show lying with the characters (obviously) and the comedy.
  • Grisaia no Kaijitsu: As flawed as it was, I greatly enjoyed it for what it had to offer thanks to how polished it was. It managed to entertain me enough thanks to how it presented everything. I enjoyed the seriousness, the silliness, and the comical-serious cinematic vibe to it all. I genuinely enjoyed the majority of the cast characters, even if they’re dated from a dated Visual Novel thanks to each ep or two displaying each girl’s arc of issues.  Wish it followed the VN more, yet still pleased with the end result as it did show and modernize its material. It sure surprised me at times with how serious it went as I never have went through the visual novel, yet stilled enjoyed how silly it was along with how the survival in it was researched carefully to shocking amounts. The ending surprised, nearly going rapey in how it set itself up for another round of viewing.
  • Shingeki no Bahamut: This show surprised me with how well polished it was. Seemed generic, yet unique enough that I found myself greatly anticipating the next episode to arrive. I was expecting something along the lines of Blade & Soul quality to end up with something much higher than “mediocre”. Great characters, great mix of seriousness and comedy, and nice touch of emotions at the very end. This show simply surprised me with how entertaining it was while doing a full circle of a respect with the main characters.
  • Akame Ga Kill!: I did enjoy the show, loving how it took things. Enjoyed the characters, the music, and the fight scenes to the death, the comedy and etc. Death is always lurking around for each and every character. It had nice memorable moments, both serious and comical, that I have to make note of it here. It’s a nice gem of an anime, even if it does have an anime original with a dark tone to it still. I’m also adding this gem of an anime into the ‘wasted potential’ below for missing out on great arcs for a second season that was denied.
  • Kill La Kill: Something I can’t really hype up, yet enjoyed a lot thanks to the amount of 80’s & 90’s retro cloth-pun fun. It was all a great big pun clothing battle from beginning to end while paying its respect to the older generation of Anime. Great music, great characters, and just silly and fun. Not the best show of the season though, yet one that’s been so enjoyable that it should be watched.
  • Aldnoah.Zero: People constantly desire ‘serious’ shows so much that I feel that this show is suitable for them. They constantly tense their muscles in a child-like tantrum that nothing ends up being enjoyable in the end, nor the references hidden within the show to be noticed. The whole Mars vs Earth I found highly entertaining, as with the soundtrack, the character’s, and the whole conflict. It obviously has flaws, yet was still enjoyable to the very end.
  • Sword Art Online 2: As hyped as this show is I greatly enjoyed it in the end. I did start crying at the end due to the amount of respect and how well written it finally was. Both those, and Sachi in S1. When I start crying is a good sign that the author’s attention was genuine and the writing in it was professionally done. All three arcs were done nicely with GGO being the most memorable; Mother’s Rosario being the most emotional. My respect goes to the second season when it comes to SAO.
  • Date A Live 2: I absolutely loved Date A Live, having me enjoy Date A Live 2 equally, or more so. The comedy, the characters jokes and jabs, and the whole main character turning into a trap to tame a spirit. I enjoyed the new characters joining on the fun while seeing a ‘cleaner’ and nicer appearing Kurumi. It was nice and enjoyable all around. I really can’t find any flaws for this.Great music, great opening and endings, as well as the fights that it had. Also love ‘Sweet ARMS’ music tracks for this show.
  • Akuma no Riddle: I found this to be a nice gem of a show. A nice yuri dark assassin side of things while going both with and against the system. Nice use of dark art, animation, mood, and characters. Great tracks used, great female characters, and a nice way of fighting it out. Even with its flaws I found it to be a nice strong show of 2014 to be enjoyed.
  • Black Bullet: Going against the nay-sayers, I found Black Bullet to be an awesome show. Depressing at times with the ‘Cursed Children’ yet greatly enjoyable in the end. Everything flowed nicely enough that I have no real issues with it. If anything, I want to see it continue. I even enjoyed the ED to it. I loved the moody tone of the comedy and seriousness of it more.
  • Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya: Enjoyed the nice spin-off of Illya, Rin, and the gang in a magical girl setting. Was silly, enjoyable, in a nice CardCaptors way of things. It had the right tone for both its comedy and seriousness allowing me to enjoy it all around. The whole round of Kuro Illya added nicely onto the whole mix of things, if slowing things down at time. Enjoyed the silliness and seriousness Kuro brought.
  • One Week Friends: Found this to be a nice innocent way of hitting the sad emotions. A nice innocent sad emotional anime with a lightly animated (possibly water coloured) show hitting on being friends with a girl with memory of a special friend. Innocent, cute, yet sad when things hit their predictable, yet enjoyable, bumps in the road. A must watch.
  • Fate/Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works: This high quality and specially cared for Anime nicely paid respects to the Fate/Stay Night Anime from 2006 and the movie after it. Nice high quality art and animations, beautified characters, and just an nicely polished show. Everything in quality was pushed way up that it made watching this highly enjoyable, even amusing at times when seeing Rin, Sakura, and Saber being greatly beautified to attract the male viewers. Enjoyed it more thanks to F/SN being the anime that nudged me into the Anime scene in full force.
  • Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: A nice way to modernize and merry magic into technology. It took itself way too seriously at times, yet was still enjoyable with school and magic. It had numerous amusing moments that I can still make note of it. Wish it did deviate more often from seriousness into the comical side of things. Loved how it stuck to its lore while also enjoying the soundtrack on the Jormangand (even Noragami and Witch Hunter Robin) composing side of things.


The Worst of 2014:

– Aika’s assassin stare.
  • Fuuun ishin Dai Shogun: Just out-right silliness, perverted, and in very poor taste. It’s just sloppy, perverted, and…..empty. All the combat scenes were empty to show perversion side of things. It was partially enjoyable. It also feels like a giant wasted potential for something better. Something to be watched when drunk.
  • Tokyo ESP: With it propping up Ga-Rei:Zero this show simply left me feeling insulted. It felt like it just didn’t care for anything at the end leaving a sloppy open-ended ending. It was enjoyable, just no real purpose, impact, or reason for it to be around. It’s just….There as a big an incomplete form of media in the “Ga-Rei:Zero time-line.
  • Blade & Soul: I found it great at first to only end up disliking it as the episodes grew in poorer and poorer in art and animation style. NCSoft lost the budget, or just didn’t care by the last few episodes with piss-poor quality by the very end of it all. Great example being the fire in the pillar-like mountains at the very end appearing more like a red blanket than a red fire.
  • SoniAni – Super Sonico Animation: This whole thing put me to sleep. I only found one or two episodes to even be worth watching. I did enjoy what it did have to offer, and it did have its moments, but it was simply a snore-fest with perverted elements to it. The travel episode and last episode concert being the best of what it had to offer for me.
  • Mahou Sensou: This show did have great potential to only fuck it up mostly at the very end. It was highly sloppy, highly whiny, and just pathetic. A few great characters, namely the sword, though shitty. I find Trinity Seven does a much MUCH MUCH better job at what Mahou Sensou tried doing. Trinity Seven gets straight to the point, Mahou Sensou goes around it. It just fucks everything it wanted to do up. If it did have a saving grace then I’d say Towa and Shijou; And two music tracks. Shijou’s hip-hop tracks mixed with the bit of the ED also.


Best Anime with Best Soundtrack:

– Sinon’s dark side exposed.

This season provided us numerous soundtracks to be fully enjoyed.

  • Gundam Build Fighters
  • Gundam Build Fighters Try!
  • Trinity Seven (Including OP & EDs)
  • Noragami (Including OP)
  • Witch Craft Works (Including OP & EDs
  • Buddy Complex
  • Kill La Kill
  • Strike The Blood
  • Aldnoah.Zero (Including the ED)
  • Sword Art Online II
  • Date A Live 2 (Including OP & ED; Nice PSO2 vibe to it)
  • Nobunaga The Fool
  • Knights of Sidonia (Including OP & ED)
  • Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
  • One Week Friends
  • Selector Spread Wixoss (Including the OP & ED)
  • Cross Ange (Including both OPs, and ED2; Ange’s and Sarah’s songs)

(Waiting on Cross Ange OST 2 with Yui Horie’s singing of Sarah’s character; Vanadis OST; And a few forgotten others.)


Wasted Potential of 2014:

– Leone happily drinking away her problems in the after-life. Could have easily had a Season 2.

It’s a shame to see great Anime suffer due to budget, quality errors, or the lack of skill from the author who created it. Whatever the reason, these shows would have been so much better if given the full budget, attention, and skill required to bring the best out of these shows.

  • Tokyo ESP: With Ga-Rei:Zero being used to hype it up this show failed to be great in the end. It ends up being sloppy, lengthy, while rushing the ending to only leave it sloppily unconcluded. It took its time to focus on what it shouldn’t have to then rush everything leaving everything uncluded to leave to your imagination as to what happened after.
  • Blade & Soul: Something that could have been great was ruined by budget, animation, and character issues. Animation suffered in the later episodes.
  • Tokyo Ravens: I find that it simply took too long to get to where it wanted to get leaving the main cast powerless at the very end of it. I can understand why, though still feel it left an opportunity wasted. Was still enjoyable thanks to Kon being a nice foxy character with enjoyable characters.
  • Nobunaga The Fool: As enjoyable as it was, both watching and soundtrack wise, it simply left on a somewhat anti-climactic ending. It failed to give Kaguya D’arc Jeanne any actual fighting roles. Constantly giving Jeanne ‘damsel in destress’ roles that failed to make me connect with her. I preverted Himiko over Jeanne. It even forced a ‘Little Busters’ ending of reincarnation type vibe. It was a confusing semi-sloppy mess.
  • Buddy Complex: As enjoyable as it was, it fell flat to a Gundam scaled conflict. The whole wedding term theme was enjoyable, as were the characters. It simply fell flat on a more global Gundam scale of things. The time-looping even had it loop back to the very beginning which irritated me the most.
  • The Pilot’s Love Song: The budget in this failed the show. It could have been so much better. The soundtrack, the budget…..both fail the show. Even the way scenes were executed at times. I enjoyed this show….The fucking god damn budget! I enjoyed the school-war romance vibe of it. The budget!
  • Z/X Ignition: Even though it did things nice and serious it had a nice serious plot to execute. It failed in that it took things in a more generic route of combat and situations along with teasing action later in the show.It did things nicely, just not so much so that it became another generic show to fade into non-existance. No soundtrack to enjoy, no hype to continue. Just simple memorable moments here and there with a loose ending to possibly return at a later date.
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Too rushed. Many cuts, skips, and trips. It tried to fit too many things into one season in what could have been an honourable anime turned into something I could care less for.
  • Karen Senki: It was too sloppy with the way it was doing things. It simply kept jumping around, added too many characters, and never concluded things in the very end. It was still enjoyable, just not the worst show to add onto the list.
  • Argevollen: Once again, budget! It was too ambitious with its idea that it carried on a bit too long, or the budget failed to deliver what it wanted to its full potential.
  • Akame ga Kill!: So many story arcs missed! It could have easily went into second season making it a much darker show. It would have easily flagged numerous “nice boat’ broadcast moments stirring up American type hypocracy. Nope! It wrapped things up in an Anime original ending forcing things into an anime-original ending. Not the worst, nor the best. Just something you can still greatly enjoy while cursing the fact that it could have easily went into a second season. I praise White Fox, just curse the fact that it rushed things past episode 16.
  • Hitsugi no Chaika: Budget! Always the evil budget issues. You could tell it would suffer when it could have done so much better. The music suffered greatly, the way it was paced, the art, and everything. It was great, it however suffered because of budget. The ending suffered also making things greatly anti-climactic. Not the worst, nor the best. Mediocre show with its moments.
  • Brynhildr in the Darkness: Budget and bad execution of things. Not the worst, just……troubled. It’s here because it still makes sense, just not so much that it failed to be something greater than it could have been. It had its numerous moments, it was enjoyable, and it did make me laugh. It missed its chance to be special.
  • Soul Eater NOT!: Too silly. It did pay its nice respect, it did things well, just that it could have been so much more. It’s staying on the fence because it did have its moments, it was hilarious, just too silly. It simply……missed being something more.
  • Wizard Barristers!: Simply put, “budget”. It would have found itself much higher, just that the budget and the poorly drawn art and animations in later episode brought it down here. I can still praise it, just not so much when it comes to the final episodes of battle scenes. did love what it had, the way it did magic in law form, and the characters. Moyo Tento and Natsuna Hotaru mainly. Canadian pride!
  • Madan no Ou to Vanadis: You get the point now. Budget issues! I really REALY do want to praise this. I just can’t. It rushed, skipped, and jumped so many things that it found itself down here. It has great characters, great music, and moments. Fuck the low budget, fuck the pacing, and fuck how it’s an advertisement to the visual novels. It could have easily been the best of the season. It tears me up with how Anime is treated in Japan when it comes to allocating budget. It makes me suffer, and those that work on it the same.
  • Donten ni Warau: It was great, just not the best. It turned great moments into a cliched, generic moment. It was still fun, just that it could have made itself much more enjoyable. I even viewed the show to be a 25 episode type show which may have also ruined the impression on things. Great, just not the best. Nice memorable quotes I made note of thanks to this show.
  • Psycho-Pass 2: Psycho-Pass put the bar on itself so high up that anything Psycho-Pass 2 did was nearly nullified by the viewers, not so much for myself. It did great, just not when it came to how it wrapped itself up. I guess we both wanted the same impact as the first. It was still highly enjoyable, just simply fell short when compared to season 1. I won’t rate it the worst as it did have its nice moments. Just hard to beat the original, especially with picky viewers who enjoy tensing up their muscles like spoiled children. Mika was also a useless and unnecessary character in the whole thing. Mika being my top rated worst character in an anime.


Favourite Characters of 2014:

– Fredrica from Chaika.

I can’t really choose one so I shall list those that I can remember who left quite a big impression on me. Those characters that left a nice big impression and impact that I’d add them into a nice open-world of my own, if given the chance.

  • La Folia Rihavein – Strike the Blood: I enjoyed her more serious side, playful side, and appearance. She’s just a fun playful, semi-perverted, character to enjoy, especially with the white hair and blue eyes of hers. Especially love that yuri moment she found herself in.
  • Esdese – Akame ga Kill!: That Ice Queen is damn amusing and beautiful when not being sadistic and murderous lady. A mindset of “Only the strong survive”. She has a nice kind side to her that brings out the beauty and lovable side to her. She also nicely reminds me of my nice foxy Varakitsu when both in their serious moods. Love Esdese more when in her casual self when wearing casual clothing.
  • Leone – Akame ga Kill!: How can you not enjoy the teaseful, beastful, and playful Leone. She’s just too awesome with her beauty, playfulness, and the way she can add humour to things. As a Canadian I’d love to drink up with her, or a girl similar to her traits and quality.
  • Fredrica – Chaika: When in her human form, and when serious, she’s an awesome character to enjoy. When fighting seriously, or just thirsting for blood. Equally amusing when she simply molts or has those comical gags.
  • Kon/Hishimaru – Tokyo Raven: When in her ‘Familiar’ child-like form and in her ‘teen’ form is most preferred. When she has her hair down is when I prefer Kon the best. Far too beautiful while wanting Kon/Hishmaru as my own familiar.
  • Hina – Buddy Complex: Damn, is she beautiful and serious. A nice personality, appearance, and beauty to her. Her character is an interesting tomboy who sadly has a tragic time-based backstory to it all, almost on the side of being treated as a possession and possibly pushing it into rape when given the chance.
  • Aila – Gundam Build Fighters: Going to cheat with this one because GBF concluded in 2014. She’s just too damn beautiful with a nice personality and white hair. Personality is fitting for my taste. She’s an awesome character with the best taste in Gunpla style that also adds onto why I enjoy her character.
  • LRIG & Yuki – Selector Spread/Infected Wixoss: Both LRIG and Yuki look awesome with LRIG (S2; Infected) looking awesome in that ninja manner. A nice beauty to her while Yuki (also S2;Spawning from S1) has that nice beauty to her when gaining her own kind personality.
  • Eleonora Viltaria – Madan no Ou to Vanadis: I simply enjoy that happy-go-lucky personality of hers. White hair, playful and mature personality, while being both brave and embarrassed when in a nude moment. Similar to La Folia she has a nice tomboyish personality that attracts my attention to her more playful and serious side of things. Nice way of speaking, behaving, and just teasing.
  • Arata – Trinity Seven: Finally a male character I can add onto the list! Needed a bad-ass male character to relate to for a long time. Seeing Arata just jumping straight to the point, understanding everything on the spot, and being pervertedly bad-ass and honest about being a pervert. Yup! I just love Arata’s personality because we lack those type of main characters and it’s easy to relate to.
  • Sora – Trinity Seven: Arata’s Grimoire in human form is the best. Nice and mischievous (in a fox spirit manner) that I just have to love Sora for the way she teases. Constantly stirring up trouble on a similar level to Arata. Both compliment one another as comrades in arms.
  • Sinon – Sword Art Online: She hit a nice spot in her sniper days. When in the right mood she can also be as mischevious as La Folia and Eleonora, maybe even Sora. Cute when angered; Amusing when mischievous.
  • Himiko – Nobunaga The Fool: I enjoyed Himiko’s personality and character. So much so that I have to make note of it here, especially with the sacrifices and contribution she made in the story. She gets what she wants genuinely. Also because she is more worthwhile and more enjoyable over Jeanne’s character in same show.
  • Moyo Tento – Wizard Barristers: I enjoyed her mischievous side of things. One moment she was your goofy girl with the next with her being all serious. She kept those she loved alive, even if she wanted to do harm. Not sadistic, just…..evil, yet not.


Still Watching:

– A feisty Chihary from Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun.

Thanks to shows having more than 12 episodes things tend to last longer. I can at the very least give you my current thoughts on them with the shows being in the middle of airing.

  • Cross Ange: Starting off on a provoctive note it is now something I want to highly praise, even if it has obviously noticeable faults. Ange’s and Sarah’s singing being the high points. Great character interactions and nice fights.
  • Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: Highly detailed art, great attention to music, while also appopriately allowing the episodes to flow like music it is displaying. Love the characters while enjoying the various musical reference and Charlie Brown quotes.
  • Akatsuki no Yona: Loving the more ‘innocent’ side to Princess-in-distress moments while seeing Yona grow her own strong side. Loving the music and Yona’s strong personality growing and maturing.
  • Gundam Build Fighters Try!: Just loving how it’s continuing the first season. Fills in the Busou Shinki void nicely while referencing back to season 1. It still nicely respectfully makes a nod to everything Gundam, both shows and museum type. Loving the new characters as it adds a nice interesting spin to things.
  • Log Horizon II: Enjoying the first I obviously had to watch the second. Loving the show, even if it is hitting the monologues and seriousness more often. Enjoying how it splits the comedy and seriousness while digging deeper into a world becoming more and more of a reality. Game becoming more real.
  • Gundam Reconguista In G: This is an amazing Gundam show showing its age, yet modernized. Everything has interesting retro-modern art-styles and concepts making it a very strange Gundam show to watch. You need to watch the main Gundam show, Turn A Gundam, with anything else being a bonus. Once you watch those you’ll be able to understand what’s going on in this Gundam show. A show dealing with Earth vs Moon + religion & pirates. Everybody trying desperately to prevent more wars in a futile manner.


– A teaseful La Folia wins this round

That was fun! Waiting for the winter season to now bring a nice mix to things. Waiting for all the fun shows I enjoyed previous seasons to come around this year.

Thanks for viewing and hoping to see what 2015 has to offer!