Site update – Image Galleries

Hello again, this time on something not so Anime and Japanese I have updated my main site (or in the process of trying to).  I have currently finished thumnailing the Figma Gallery, Thousand Island Gallerys (all three), and the new Flight Sim X gallery.

I’m currently in the process of adding my Europe 2008 image galleries onto my site (A year, or a week and 1 day) after the trip.  For those who tracked my blog as far back as August 2008 would have noticed (in a lurking manner) that I traveled to Europe back in 2008 from August 15th to September 20th.  I traveled from Ottawa to Frankfurt Airport, to Vienna, To Slovakia Modra/Bratislava/Pezinok, to Croatia, Tucepi,  an actual look at Vienna itself before returning back to Frankfurt, and back to Ottawa. As of me remembering my flight to Europe and wanting to fly to Japan I played around with my Flight Sim X to remember the hidden memories.

I have posted this before and shall do so again as a reminder to self and others – Previous blog entry, my blog entry dealing with my trip to Europe, and a blog entry telling others I’m leaving for Europe. Then  after that I got two blog entries – Basic summary and Ferrari/Europe.


(Edit: Added Modra, Bratislava, Devin, and Vienna onto the completed gallery list)

Galleries updated and added:

Figma Gallery – Added thumbnails so you can skim it without being forced to view it blindly.
Thousand Islands – Added Thumbnails so you can skim it without being forced to view it blindly.
Flight Sim X – Added Two galleries and thumbnails. Thought it would go well with the Europe and travel theme of my blog :). Sadly this computer can’t run it much better then my other computer but I did at least manage to add AI, slightly more scenery, and better plane selections.
Slovakia, Modra – A little town I used to go to all the time in Europe. 2003 then 2008 I have recorded with images myself.
Slovakia, Bratislava – All 7 galleries (containing 49 images each) show you the beauty hidden within this Little big City.
Slovakia, Devin – View of Devin and the Castle just outside of Bratislava.
Austria, Vienna – View of Vienna Airport and the older city itself.

Needs thumbnails (but are working):

Ottawa and Frankfurt Airport – This is a part of my Europe 2008 image collection. It lacks thumbnails.
Croatia, Tucepi – I only have two of these galleries up (without thumbnails) and working on getting the other three added with thumbnails.


So I have yet to add Bratislava, Vienna, and Montreal into the mix? Oh right.  I need to add the Ferrari Parade (x2), Tulip Festival 2008, Formula 1 – Montreal, and the rest of the Figma/Di:Stage reviews. Still waiting on my Figma Saber to arrive from Tokyo.

I also noticed I get enough guests and lurkers on my site to get feedback so let me know how my site runs for you so I can fix it accordingly, if here or on my forums. I had 1 person from Tokyo, such an honor heh. Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m awaiting your feedback :). Sadly I still don’t have one of those logo’s or banners.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m 24 minutes into my Anime time and am going to watch three episodes to get these gallery pages out of my mind before I dream about them.

edit: Edited the above links as this is still a fresh article.