Fox Spirit Wednesdays – 01

Kon!~ Praised be the fox spirits for you summoned them for monthly editions on my blog! Well, I tried to share some dark and glorious images of fox spirits and fox familiars – kitsunes – to fit with the Halloween vibe. Kon!

NSFW Warning: Contains exposed skin, “eyes”/breasts, and others bits that may or may not get you in trouble. Better safe than sorry! 

(Link – Pixiv)

(All images taken from Safeboooru, Pixiv, and various other sites. I do not claim these fox spirits as my own, only seeking to share the greatness of Japanese fox spirits as known throughout the ages of Japan, Korea, and China.)

More foxy goodness to please your eyes and to make my blog just a bit more foxy!


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(Link – Eshuushuu) – Autumn – A beautifully colorful season to please  your visual senses.
(Link – Safebooru) – Now that is quite an evil-styled playful grin!

(Link – Safebooru) – An ominous presence.

(Link – Safebooru) – Slaying demons a night at a time.

(Link – eshuushuu)

The above image reminds me of a Japanese game called “Kagome” from the Anime “Tactics”.

Kagome kagome, the bird in the cage,
when, when will you come out?
In the evening of the dawn,
the crane and turtle slipped.
Who stands right behind you now?

(Link – Eshuushuu) – Beautiful night for a stroll with your boy/girlfriend  and fox familiar.

(Link – Eshuushuu) – Zakuro and her fellow half-fox pals keeping us safe from demons.

(Link –Eshuushuu)

(Link – Eshuushuu) – Elegant fox spirit Queen worthy of having her own kingdom!
(Link – eshuushuu) – Fox scythe – Slice! Loving the mix of white & blue. Just my style!

(Link – eshuushuu) – Fox spirits having more than one side to them. 

(Link – eshuushuu) – Their beauty? Loved and respected by the Japanese.

(Link – Eshuushuu) – Nine-tailed beauty – Seductive as written in folklore.

(Link – eshuushuu) – Cunning and slyness is their name of the name.

Fox masks are quite a popular object for people to wear. Keep an eye out for them in a Japanese themed festival in our outside of Japan!

(Link – Safebooru)
(Link – Safebooru)

(Link –Safebooru)

(Link – Pixiv)

(Link – Pixiv) – In the future we may have fox girls looking like this.

(Link – Safebooru) – But I still prefer this older, more traditional foxy goodness where we actually treat them with respect!

(Link – Pixiv)

And this is where the NSFW tag comes in, for four images. Don’t want to get you in trouble now, or do I? Whatever happens happens.

(Link – Pixiv)

Europe has it’s own version of the fox spirits as familiars. You know how mages and witches can summon minions? Well, Europe has their own tales with fox familiars being more demonic where it’s tied to the occult.

I prefer to keep an open mind when looking at anything people deem demonic or angelic. It is best to look at both the light and dark side, merging both as one to form the more correct opinion of foxes. What better way to merge the beauty with the mystical?

(Link –Pixiv) – A foxy witch!

As long as it stays tasteful and elegant I’m fine with skin being shown. When you start adding over-sized breasts/oppai, very erotic, and over-the-top nudity then no. Natural and perfectly sized for me.

I hope you guys are mature minded because such beauty needs to be treated with the utmost respect!

(Link – Zombiedogs) – Cute Kitsu Caster (Fate/Extra) exposing herself to her wonderful master as her next lover. 

(Link – Konachan) – A pair which are artistically beautiful and tasteful. 

(Link – Konachan)

I’m not one into bondage, but I did find this quite beautiful.

In Japanese folklore it has been said that fox spirits can shapeshift from foxes into human females. They can shift into either gender, but female ones tend to be what the Japanese recorded them as shapeshifting into the most. Why? To seduce you and to leech on your life-force.

(Link – Konachan) – Chains to take advantage of her? Nah. You’ll be the one taken advantage of!

(Link – Pixiv)

(Link – Safebooru)

(Link – Safebooru)

(Link – Safebooru) – Afraid of heights? I am! Though, I might end up being too mesmerized by the view to notice :P.

(Link – Safebooru) – Nine-tailed Fox spirit holding a soul. Care to entertain her? 😉


Well, thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed this attempt at a Halloween edition. I couldn’t find any halloween ones so I used what I though was high quality images of people’s art. Fox spirits and familiars are not meant to cosplay, they would rather scare the crap out of you instead! They’re tricksters after all so expect to get pranked in a divine manner. If not, then they much rather show off their full nine-tailed social status against those in her path.