PC VR is Allegedly “Dead”

PC VR is allegedly “dead”.

I was recently made aware of this topic by a VRChat gaming buddy sharing a Youtube video by Thrillseeker noting how ‘PC VR is allegedly “dead”. Is it, though? Not even close. It is here to stay, it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Maybe a few headsets may become defective, obsolete, and unusable because of artificial limitations and restrictions placed on them. View Oculus with their ‘Oculus Rift’ headset. VR games? They shall always be here.

I just wanted to freely rant, ramble, and just share my two cents while disappointed game developers would rather complain on Twitter instead of filling gaming voids they could easily fill themselves. They have the skill, the talent, and the openness for passion to see things through to the end. Instead, it is a scream for attention, money, and more money.

People have claimed PC VR is dead, dying, and other idiocy probably because they can’t afford VR, or find they won’t have fun. I always found that to be true. I was thrown under the bus myself for simply having VR while noted ‘VR is dead’ fearmongering nonsense.

PC VR is Dead or Dying:

The Death of PCVR?

I don’t know who exactly started this up again, I will however note ‘Thrillseeker’ (Youtuber) has made me aware of it. I need to thank my VRChat gaming friend for sharing his video for us to be aware of what is happening. Thanks to that video a topic of it trended on Twitter for me to note below at bottom of my blog posting. I could have easily missed it. Seeing such, they’re kidding me, right? Even at a glance I do not agree with this sentiment, I however will do note I’ve seeing far more games than I have ever seen back in 2017, 2019, 2020, and 2021. I no longer have to curate games on a gaming forum, or for myself for a handful of others to check out. You almost have a limitless supply of VR games now. I can simply look on Steam’s VR section to find games to play on a whim.

I however don’t because I am easily distracted by Azur Lane, Genshin Impact, and any other game I’m play-testing at the time out of curiousity. Either that, or it is too humid to play VR, I have high latency preventing me from playing on VRChat (I no longer have my own place), and other issues. 2020 screwed me up. Even without me (nothing revolves arond me) I can see how healthy VR is. I can also see Bandai-Namco still being deadly afraid of making a proper Gundam VR game. I can see Playstation VR has sold 2-5 million copies, and even Oculus is being a beast. I may hate Oculus for their bloatware, their political bigotry (pushing politics into gaming), or even forcing ads into games, among other idiocies. I still have to note how healthy their sales are. They’re outperforming Valve, HTC, and others combines.

Going Mobile – Valve’s Standlone Wireless Headset:

– Valve has been noted patenting wireless standalone headsets with various features and trademarks. (Source: Road to VR Valve Patents).

It has been noted (especially by Thrillseeker) how Valve is looking into making Standalone headsets. Ever since Oculus has announced ‘Oculus Go’, Oculus Quest’, and even ‘Oculus Quest 2’ we seriously needed a more mobile version from competitors. If Oculus is going to be politically morally & corrupt then we need Valve, HTC, and other parties to provide alternate headsets to obtain to enjoy that pure untethered experience. Oculus Quest & Quest 2 may be providing that (for now), Valve’s new headset shall really set the standard with how they have shown they can handle the Valve Index, and potentially the Steam Deck. Quality over quantity. Granted, quantity also matters, though with that quality touch.

– Oculus Quest outdoors, as people desire. Can’t always stay locked up indoors.

It goes without saying people want to be mobile. People love the concept of the Oculus Quest 1 & 2 because it is accessible, portable, and plays VR games on in an untethered manner. It obviously has flaws, some more brutal than others. It can’t play games the way PC VR can, though it can allow you to quench your VR thirst anywhere you desire. Oculus is our main hurdle for political brainwashing, bloatware, and Facebook. The product’s selling points of being mobile is what sells it.

Oculus Quest was noted in failing when it comes to playing various games, especially in VRChat. Certain areas became inaccessible allowing PC VR users to venture where Quest users can’t. Lower poly avatars, limitations. Only basic VR games can be played. PC VR shines in areas where Oculus’s mobile VR fails. Who knows, maybe Steam’s wireless headset shall outperform Oculus’s specifications in a similar manner Steam Deck majorly outperforms the Nintendo Switch. They both do have similar age gaps.

I’ve always desired a wireless VR headset myself because of overly hot and humid Canadian summers here in Ottawa. Temperatures ranging from +20 to +40 Celsius, and worse when humid. A wireless Valve VR headset would also be appealing because I no longer have my place (at the time of writing). It would also potentially be cheaper for others and myself to purchase to still obtain that VR fix. I can VR, just not like I used to between the 2017-2021 era when I had control. My control is more in a mobile sense, hence why I seek out the Steam Deck. People noted it shall be basic VR, though how basic is yet to be seen. Mileage may vary, though VR on a Steam Deck shows promise, even potential to those paying attention to make VR more mobile and accessible.

PC VR is Dead! (Twitter Conversations):

If I hadn’t noted how I watched Thrillseeker’s Youtube videos I would have still been oblivious to various rogue game developers complaining PC VR is dead. They always were there, even on the Playstation VR side, noting how numbers are low. Once we have numbers it may have been longevity excuses. VR has lasted years now, so what is the issue now? Money. So, we went from “too much work”, to “low adoption rates”, to “longevity issues”, to “money/profit” issues. Really?! Being a VR user I have heard almost ALL the excuses.

Even how VR in general shall die a 3D TV type of death. It is still alive and kicking, constantly growing the further away we get from when this argument was originally made. Is PC VR Dead? Not even in the slightest. A slump? Sure. Why? Who knows. Life? Differing priorities? Survey glitches? COVID related stuff? Work? It is all possible.

– Original Tweet & Quip’s response. I agree with Quip here because “no pain, no gain”. You have to put in the effort.

I’ve fought with numerous developers on Steam forums regarding VR. Same with anti-VR trolls, those claiming to be VR developers, and etc. Maybe they allegedly were actual VR developers, they did not speak like one. A wolf in sheep’s clothing? Same people claiming VR shall die a ‘3D TV’ death. It’s like saying the world is going to end every year, especially in 2012, now in 2021.


I’m having none of that nonsense. No disrespect to actual game developers (even Cix), you guys simply need to pull your weight as every other game developer out there. This isn’t like the alleged American education system where everybody obtains a gold star regardless of their results. You have to pull your weight, do actual work, and make games people actually want to play. You can’t claim VR is dead just because you lack the ability to produce results.

If you can’t make VR games then make something in your actual skill set. Make a naval World War 2 game with all the nations (including Canada), or a PVE mecha game, or more flying VR games, or SOMETHING people will actually play. Not cheap mobile games, actual games with actual features and longevity to them.

You have the talent, don’t squander it. Put it to good use.

– Tainting and destroying all the good will and results we’ve spent since Sega VR & 2017 to set a solid foundation. Instead of being positive you chose to be negative. How embarrassing.

Discourging potential would-be PCVR enthusiasts and developers is a genuine dick move. Pardon my vocabulary, it is genuinely a dick move. This is why you’re getting push back, especially from me and other folks. You’ve been confused, puzzled as to why people were pushing back, this is one of the reasons why. You’re setting us back just because you come off as a lazy individual who would rather have something handed to them on a silver/gold platter instead of doing it themselves.

“It’s too hard”, to then claim VR is dead, which in turn causes people to shy away from VR when they’re already hesitant. The price range, etc. Oculus Quest 1 & 2 helped with accessibility, as may Steam Deck in a very basic manner. Steam working on their possible wireless & standalone headset, among other possibilities.

Even the noted ‘Viveport’ allowing all VR headsets to connect through ‘remote rendering’ in a similar manner as how we stream movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime, or even those actual game services onto lower-end PCs. There are services out there. Tap into them.

The Tweets could have instead been used to inspire people to look into VR, to brainstorm a way to make them more accessible, in turn allowing them to be accessible to lower-end (tiered) users who can’t afford a Valve Index. This is what pisses us off because a positive resolution could have been made, not a negative one painting you (Cix) as a tardy individual. You know, “no pain, no gain”. You need pain to gain things.

– Honesty is appreciated, that is however not the problem here. Don’t hide behind it.

Your honesty isn’t the problem here. It is how you’re falsely portraying VR as being allegedly “Dead” . You’re coming off as a game developer who doesn’t want to do any work falsely claiming “PC VR is dead” so you can escape from doing actual real work to improve the space. Compare yourself to the developers at ‘Spice and Wolf VR’ who’ve noted the VR library was low. Barely any games. What did they do? Still made their game for VR regardless. They’ve noted they wanted to contribute in helping the VR market grow. They’ve made themselves known, they gained trust, and they’ve gained the backing from the trust.

The honesty you SHOULD be seeking is similar to ‘Spice and Wolf VR’. Show the VR community you actually care by tapping into their sweet spot by making games they actually care about. Work hard for it, make sure it is supported through-and-through. No ditching, or throwing in the towel.

As for the costs and “breaking even” (provided grants, etc), from what I’m aware that is a risk game developers take. Some are willing to take more risks than others while other simply want money handed to them without effort. Which one are you? Do you want to be respected or disrespected? I’m not implying anything, though you can still turn this around.

What gamers actually want is actual results. No lame excuses, no tardiness. Actual 100% results and feedback to games. Developer logs, feedback. Not fake plastic ones either, actual proper honesty. Similar to how various games added VR support to their games either covertly or openly delayed, they still gain support because they make their userbase feel welcome. Look at Scanner Sombre, Slime Rancher, Cooking Simulator VR, U-boat VR, and countless others. The more passionate a game developer the more they are supported.

As for Alex’s response: Viveport. You can stream your games onto any headset.

Daniel’s Response: Accessibility is key. As is passion when making games. Certain game developers know the risk they’re getting into while seeing returns from their hard work once they’ve reached that niche sweet spot in the area they’re targeting. If you simply seek money people WILL shy away. You have to make something people enjoy. Also, Viveport for further accessibility to play more demanding games. PC shall always be king until certain barriers can be broken down or worked around. Viveport can assist with that.

– Lucifer – VRChat world maker – They sum everything up almost perfectly.

I agree with mostly everything Lucifer MStar noted here. I may rehash certain points trying in vain to add new points, I wish game developers made games for passionate reasonings.

It is fine to make sure you can indeed fund your game, certain game developers take this to the very extreme. ‘She Will Punish Them’ is a classy mature game having been in a bankrupt position allowing two developers to bring it back stronger and better than ever before. Others however, they use it as a shield, or to play as a victim instead of doing their intended roll as game developers. They love playing victims. Similar to Playstation VR situation of how game developers noted “low adoption rate” they are now hated because they did not have passion, nor make gamers feel welcome.

Whatever happened to making games for entertainment? Similar to crypto mining, horrible gacha games, or putting fake Steam Deck listings on Ebay people seek easy money. Easy come, easy go. Doesn’t always work that way in the gaming market. You need to put actual effort to gain equal rewards out of it.

We still have yet to see a proper genuine World War 2 naval game that has been done the Silent Hunter 3 way. All the nations, proper gameplay, replayability, modding support, etc. It had passion behind it, something you rarely see now. I love Silent Hunter 3 because it shows developers how to make games, something they tantrum about doing in the 2021 era. Everything is “too hard” or “requires too much funding”, probably because they desire to clout chase on Twitter or go to parties.

No pain, no gain. I’ve been constantly seeing stunted games, tons of gaming voids easily fillable, and even games with potential for allowing VR support. While certain game developers tantrum others have quietly added VR support where others fail to do so. I hear so many excuses that it is disgusting. Revolting. Game developers becoming high and mighty for all the wrong reasons.

– Part 2 – Highlighting two extra points.

People who say PC VR is dead are only looking at money. True. If not money, then Twitter clout, or something in between. Maybe easy success allowing them to fly to Jamaica, or something. I would much prefer flying to either Europe or Japan. That is beside the point.

I’ve seen numerous games on the Steam VR section, both big and small, allowing players to have fun in almost all situations. Mostly indie game developers with unique elements to them. Others obviously more lewd cash grabs playing into people’s crude taste into ‘porn’. I myself prefer classier ones on the ‘She Will Punish Them’, or even Illusion Studio type games. Again, beside the point, though relevant because they’re games western game developers refuse to make out of necessity and passion. Everything has to be either “sterile” or “money” related when it comes to western game developers. Fuck them. This is why I constantly stick with VRChat, various proper Indie games, or games that actually are unique wanting to be played.

Point #2: I also agree mobile gaming is stunting game developement. As is World of Warships when it comes to naval WW2 gameplay. Everybody copies and pastes instead of doing what is necessary. More money could have been gained from filling in gaming voids doing honest work than scummy copy-paste garbage.

People now desire to play games on Oculus Quest (1 & 2), or now the more recent Steam Deck for their barebones basic VR showing demand for standalone headsets. Hopefully Valve shall deliver on both Steam Deck and wireless headsets.

Gacha mobile games, or anything mobile is easier to access while equally stunting the PC VR scene. It’s a nasty loop.

And the final two images………….

– Risk vs reward, something a developer learns to acknowledge. Again, honesty isn’t the issue here, it is how tardiness is being projected.

Again, it is because of the above response is why I admire developers who push on with making their dream game instead of throwing in the towel prematurely.

Minecraft, for example, turned into a beast of a game while also becoming an odd corporate entity gradually missing out on what made it fun in the first place. Passion is what is needed here, not money. Cooking Simulator, UBOAT, and other games who have pushed through. Even ‘She Will Punish Them’ having gone bankrupt to rise back up better than they ever were.

Simply make a game people will play then you’ll have less to worry about as things progress.

Word of mouth is key. Advertise, do the work, and it’ll all pay off. Spice and Wolf VR, She Will Punish Them, Rising World, UBoat, among numerous others. They all ended up paying off once the desired goals, hoops, and results were reached.

Not trying to disregard developers failing to make the hoop, though there are times where they’ve done this to themselves. Politically driven and corrupted game developers in the western market desiring to push fake BLM, identity politics, and other nonsense where they are not needed. Hence, why Anime, Manga and other Japanese games tend to fair better than western ones in various areas. Fun over stress, passion over money.

PC VR is not profitable anymore because you guys chose to take the easy way out. I may not know all the nitty-gritty, though have enough experience in VR gaming since 2017 to know that certain efforts need to be into play to gain rewards. Make your playerbase feel at home, welcome, and add features that they want to play. Make games they want to play while also filling in various game modes. If you can’t do something now then leave it for when you’re able to while not postponing it.

Do not complain about Twitter when that effort and time could have been spent implementing various features or bugfixing instead.

VR Slump:

PC VR Dead? Nope. It is alive. Headsets themselves die through artificial expiry dates and production phases.

I wish game developers were as passionate as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean ones. I may be generalizing, though best experiences have come from their market.

Also, as noted by Road to VR, VR users simply hit a small slump for unexplained reasons. Nothing more. Life, work, other games, etc. We’ll never know because Steam/Valve never clarified.

– Brief slump before gradually returning for recovery.

Oculus Quest users noted the survey failed to register their headsets so that may also be the cause. Either way, VR is still healthy. Similar to fake game journalists like IGN, Gamespot, and etc we have rogue game developers whining they have to do work. Amazing.

This is why western gaming feels hollow and Japanese games feel special. Similar case to why Anime and Manga is outperforming corrupted Hollywood, Marvel, DC, & Disney media. Anime for the win! With that, everything has been noted. Or mostly everything. I probably may have forgotten a few things here and there.

Pull your fucking weight. Honestly. No wonder western games are falling while Asian ones are increasing in quality and entertainment. Even Indie types.

– VRChat – Allowing us to recall overly fond memories of special happenings. Great VR moments <3

Once you go VR it is hard to go back.