Genshin Impact – Arcticu’s Adventure

– Noelle from Genshin Impact – Nearly at the start of the game at start of release.

There are fewer game I can seem to enjoy now-a-days, Genshin Impact being one of them. Developers keep forgetting how to make games, especially with certain elements and features nudging me toward entertaining games like Azur Lane and Genshin Impact reaching back to the core part of ‘entertainment’ and ‘fun’. Even on it’s own, this game is a blast with pure beauty. The music, the characters, the charm, vibe, and feels; This game knows how to hit it all. Exploration being the fun part of it, especially with the gliding with element having been compared to Zelda: Breath of The Wilds game for Switch. I simply view the gliding as its own thing, not Zelda. I love the pure entertainment value, even if it had me in a hiatus shortly after released. Various real world situation constantly interjecting forcing me to favour other game instead of those I desire to play.

When you’re genuinely able to play the game ends up being a genuine blast of fun and entertainment. The professionally composed orchestra from China, Japan, and London all make these musical tracks stand out all that much more, especially when they cover their own area in game. I love Genshin Impact, though have a few concerns which also caused me to go on a weird hiatus from this game. My PC went through a weird secondary hard drive failure issue preventing me from playing, smartphone doesn’t have enough space to hold Genshin Impact, nor will it allow my tablet to play. I have a Switch, though they haven’t released the game onto it either for how weak that platform is. My next bet is to play on the Steam Deck, something they have to look into. Either way, ever since I came back to Genshin Impact I’ve been hooked. I was confused as to where to go next story wise, eventually figuring it all out the more I played. It gradually made more sense the more I played. It’s a fun great game.

– Noelle waiting and pondering.
– Hmmm…..
– When in combat Noelle makes for a great tank-healer. That is, until Sayu came along. Even then, she is still a worthy companion.
– Fischl relaxing on top of statue. Just as I was lucky with Noelle, as was I with Fischl. Then Barbara after that.
– Fischl scouting out some bosses before I would fight them months later.
– Sucrose get! (Forgot the context behind this image). Maybe co-op friend image.
– Barbara get! My healer, whom I barely used until I got back into Genshin months later.
– Fischl get! (as seen in above images).
– I love the memes and references. Genshin Impact knows how to have fun, why I enjoy playing it.
– Emergency Food Paimon. 🙂

Genshin Impact – The Return (July 26th onward):

It was all thanks to my friend (Maiya) motivating me to get back into Genshin Impact. They were playing it heavily, and I also saw Ayaka in circulation around that time desiring to get back into it myself. I had a long desire to, though with reasons already noted (accessibility issues) I was forced on a hiatus. Seeing Ayaka’s dance scene attracting me strongly to the point I came back in force. Still taking pictures without the ‘Kamera’ feature until I reached Liyue itself.

The journey to Liyue was magical. I still love the adventure of how I ventured into Liyue, then Liyue harbor itself. Great times. And the music. I have to note the music. The music is glorious… Even when I wasn’t able to play I at the very least enjoyed listening to it from the sidelines. Once I personally visited Liyue everything hit a whole new epic level. Magic, charm… Pure beauty.

– Ayaka sure comes across as nicely elegant and dignified. Love her!
– Our favourite pose and meme.
– Adorable <3
– Still admiring her beauty.

Still oblivious to the Kamera feature hiding away in Liyue I still used the default camera taking manner. Struggled slightly to get certain scenes while also seeing I could hide my UID, something it did briefly before forcing it back. I enjoy the Kamera feature from Liyue more.

And once again, I’m still mesmerized by the new BGM/soundtrack. So beautiful.

– Rapid as Wilfire – Puts Mondstadt to shame. Wish they can go back to revamp Monstadt in some way. I love being in Liyue the most, until I’ll eventually conquer Inazuma.
– On a journey to unlock all the teleporter waypoints coming across this beautiful scenery. I love this stairway taking a screen for when I get back into a game called ‘Rising World’.
– Once I reached this point I was mesmerized by half the magic, the other half which this image doesn’t capture. The first time experience, the music, the scale. Recalling videos of the lantern festival.

– Chongyun get! Haven’t used him in combat, though find he plays similar to Noelle. Trying to level him up.
– Yanfei get! She grew on me, and quickly to.
– After a while even Ayaka came. I whaled for her allowing me to obtain Yanfei & Chongyun with her.

(These images may be a tad out of order, though these summons are being used as a break to separate the arrival with a new journey across Liyue. I’m happy I have new characters.)

I’m amazed by how much Yanfei grew on me. At first I ‘may’ have been skeptical, even cursing I hadn’t obtained Ayaka though found out she is a blast to play with. She’s a powerful Pyro character, more so than Amber. Well, at least in my mind. Every character is as good as you make them, though love how I went around a victory lap with both Ayaka and Yanfei. Sadly, Chongyun never obtained a victory lap. Only a quick swing of his sword, expeditions, and leveling. At least I’m leveling him and sending him on expeditions. He’ll eventually be combat worthy.

– Yanfei get! (Before Ayaka)
– Chillin’ at the highest point in the artificial stone forest.
– It’s even thanks to Ayaka I was even able to progress past the story of Mondstadt with her OP attacks. Even under-leveled she helped me greatly.
– This game is so damn gorgeous. I love it <3
– While out questing I obtained the new Liyue ‘Kamera’ invention. WOOO!

The thing I like about constantly updating games is how you eventually obtain necessary new features and items. This new Kamera feature from Liyue is much welcomed, even if I never knew I wanted one. From here on out I would spam trying the capture button until I obtained the desired image. People may hate my images, or they may not, I however love this feature. Yanfei was my first subject in her homeland.

– Pew pew! I love her fire dance.
– Observing a beautiful moment with NPC Amber.
– Cute.
– Hilarious Ayaka found a sitting spot on top of these ruins. I laughed.
– Posing for the camera with a gorgeous Liyue background.
– Constantly jumping back and forth between Mondstadt and Liyue hunting for items and commissions.
– Ayaka’s turn for a memorable photo.
– These caught my attention eventually finding out their wind veins. Such a touristy image.
– Admiring the beauty while we can.
– Examining some artistic historical takes.
– Visual wisdom.
– Amber taking part in one of the most annoying quests in the game. It would be an ongoing thing for around a week. (Trails in Tianqiu)
– Yanfei hunting down various floating mobs. A great asset 🙂
– Having many chill moments with Ayaka turning her opponents into ice sculptures heh.
– Yanfei’s beauty moment in Mondstadt. That “WooooW” sound effect, or at least to me.
– Strolling through Mondstadt.
– Puppy! They actually interact with the character. I’m amused. Shame ours can’t interact with them.
– Well, someone is excited.
– Noelle back in the fight. One of my best healer-tank combo 🙂

Been seeing a lot of silliness from people desiring a lot out of ‘meta’ characters, or even on the opposite angle of constantly trying to cancel everything in and around Genshin Impact. Various Pixiv artists getting cancelled, among other nonsense. I’ve noticed people saying how Noelle “sucks”, and etc while she does what needs to be done on my end. The characters are as good as you make them.

A Youtuber noted how he obtained ‘Bennett’ with a viewer telling them how he sucked. Out of spite this person used and made Bannett the best character out there. Ironically, he was later found out to be the “best” character there, something which is all subjective. The “best” characters are those whom fit your style.

Noelle fits mine while Barbara struggled to stay in my party. That is on me, not the game. People get blinded far too easily with ‘Meta’ that they forget how to play a game purely out of fun. Stupid people.

– Such a powerful strike. She really should be a Knight.
– Twirly Twirl. Always so satisfying seeing this.
– Biri biri~
– Always interesting fighting these Fatui.
– Noelle having none of the Witch’s nonsense. Always bubbling and freezing. Wooooo!~

– Ningguang get! While trying in standard pool I obtained Ningguang, a character I severely needed in my party. Nice!

I’ve always found Ningguang to be overly special, rightfully so. She is one of the most important characters in Liyue with her influence, her floating island, how elegantly she does her spells, and how she attacks. Always admired her character from the background.

– Elegant fiddling of the pipe. I love this XD
– Could stare at this for hours. Adorable, yet elegant, balancing and spinning of the pipe.
– Radiating that proudness. I love it.
– Pew, pew!~ Taking her out on a victory lap (or a test run, as people say).
– One of my favourite shots. I love this sparkly shot.
– Meanwhile, elsewhere….. Yanfei trying to clear out a temple full of over-leveled mobs thanks to my hastiness. She struggled to fight these bastards.
– Looking back at Niangguang, she fought a boss we’ve been trying to defeat for awhile. Appears we have been victories with our very first boss kill. I’m proud.
– Another “meanwhile” later, testing out a character in a story quest for Liyue. As graceful as water.
– As for Ayaka? Waiting in Liyue to arrive in Inazuma to further ascend. Later realized her trial provides enough materials to ascend her, postponing Inazuma trip till later. Found this out later.
– Gotta say, Xiangiang is a cool character. Sure splashed the enemies to death with deadly waves 🙂
– One of those awkward battles where the enemy gets the upper hand. POV of Noelle looking down at her enemy holding her up. They all perished for this insult 🙂
– Spending the time collecting as many collectables as possible. Indiana Ayaka heh.
– Still admiring Yanfei’s fire dance. 🙂
– Yup. Still admiring her dance.
– After beating the boss Niangguang fought I fought others seeking their rewards for ascension. Gimme gimme!~ Became more proficient with slaying these bosses.
– A lot to do. A lot to explore, admire, and to complete.
– Fighting more bosses for their rewards. Never stood a chance 🙂
– Even with Ayaka being under leveled she can still kick ass. I’m amused.
– Always finding myself in hot situations…….
– This caught me off guard. Yanfei and Aether both combo’d spawning a swirling fire-nado. Nice.
– Stories, quests, and such. Just trying to reach Inazuma still gradually feeling the level gap with each completed task.
– Ideal environment to deal with this mini-boss. Froze them to death with a thousand slices. 🙂
– Slice and dice 🙂
– One of my favourite pictures of Yanfei – T-Posing dominance.
– Exploring various temples, landmarks, and etc for everything I need. Turned moody once I reached this region.

Trails in Tianqiu Valley:

This has to be the most stressful quest in Genshin Impact. Painfully so. Maybe even replicated in the ‘Spiral Abyss’ late floors. The first two towers are find, the south one is a pain in the rear. First floor? Fine. Second? Brutal. Barely defeated the mobs with a few seconds to spare. Took me a solid stressful week to beat it while leveling up my characters, seeking ascension items from bosses, artifacts, weapons. This is also the reason why you begin to see Lisa in the below images. That quest just about nearly gave me a stroke from all the suffering and pain I had to go through.

It blocked me from co-op for a week, it prevented me from going into my newly unlocked Teapot feature. It blocked everything because of “specifics”. Basically had to level and improve my characters as far as possible, use Ayaka, Yanfei, Noelle, and Lisa while popping off their bursts one after another; Dodging the frozen effect, and just strafing.

– It’s because of that stupid quest that Lisa ended up becoming my strongest character in one way, though struggling in another. Pros and cons.

I’ve suffered through that stupid quest from ever since you’ve seen Amber shooting temple stuff in far off picture above. Constantly doing on-off sessions of 2-5 hours, struggling. Venting. Didn’t help I also hastfully bumped up my adventure rank after Rank 25 complicating matters even more. Regardless of my issue, that quest has been majorly voted as the worst quest in Genshin Impact. Many Youtube videos, Reddit comments, and even Wiki comments noted it as the worst quest there is in Genshin for how abusive and restrictive it is. You had to thread the needle in an overly precise manner.

It’s for this exact reason I also left KanColle (Kantai Collection) for Azur Lane because of how far more accessible it was. And because I saw potential of Canadians being added.

– Just an example noting how much people hate this quest. Various people however got lucky. There have been people trapped for months, even to the point they quit.
– Curious as to what Lisa is reading….. I wonder.
– Yanfei on the other hand, all the various legalities contained within.
– Another one of my most favourite images. Yanfei wondering how we’re going to beat the stupid quest, or just her usual legalities.
– HUH?! I actually beat this? O_o

We’ve actually won! WOOOOO! Amber’s image is dated to (7, 29, 2021), while the above is dated to (8, 11, 2021). I counted 14 hellish days! Finally free from this hellish stroke & heart-attack inducing quest. I spit on it. *spits*. Whoever designed this quest needs to be slapped with a Tuna. I’m legit not joking with how rage-inducing that quest is. Other people may have been lucky beating it, or may have coincidentally had over-leveled characters. You really 100% have to thread the needle.

I was spamming Ayaka until I noticed I could have timed out seeing ‘Immune’ on the slime. I blanked out, though see Yanfei is my final character. I guess I fireballed the bastards to death. I clearly saw 5 seconds left panicking I would lose. Yanfei clutched my goof-up with 1 second to spare. Right on the dot! Fuck this quest. Pardon my language but FUCK. THIS. QUEST! 🙂


– I’m dreaming, right? I’m dreaming……… Someone pinch me…..


– NO YOU DON’T! YOU’RE NOT STEALING MY THUNDER! I’ll wipe the floor with you scummy bastards! I’ll add you to my celebration party! 🙂 And there is Noelle cleaning up the trashy mess. Ayaka (40), Yanfei, Noelle, and Lisa, all bursts released and with some food boosts. Done!
– You sure you want to mess with Ayaka? She may indeed be a girl, she is however one you do not want to mess with. 🙂 HA!
– FREEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOM! Free as a bird! 🙂

That ends that stupid chapter of a stroke-inducing mess. The relief I felt after was unmeasurable. I hid in the Teapot after checking things out. The developers should clearly know how much I hated it seeing as how I sent them a support ticket, and another bit in their recent Inazuma survey. FREEEDOM!

– Freedom is beautiful 🙂
– Yanfei is always lost in thought.
– Always lost in thought.
– That one time it gets foggy is when I’m trying to aim the farthest for a ‘Geoculus’. Suuuuure. At least it made this moment memorable. Was roaming around trying to obtain as many as possible. Love the weather in this game, even though it hates me at times.
– Another boss fight, this time with Lisa. Can’t recall if she actually did damage, or if this was all photogenic. Still love the beauty of it 🙂

Felt so good finally being able to experiment and fiddle with various game features. I still hate that quest, but I do love the story quest which led up to this one. How mystical and supernatural it felt. I finally have a place to call my own. Nice! Placing things in an experimental fashion before I move things around again.

– Teapot Feature, at last! I can finally relax in the teapot! WOOOOO! Noelle placed outside briefly before being placed indoors.

Noelle being the first companion added to my Teapot for being that special. Without her I wouldn’t have gotten that far. Then it was Yanfei, then Ayaka. Eventually, Fischl joined in because she also had a part to play. She doesn’t as much, though she shall once again when the time is right. I blocked myself at Adventure Rank 35 just to allow time to both level and ascend my companions to fighting range required once the world level goes up again. Not going to make the same mistake, part of which also screwed me over in that stupid quest ‘Trails in Tianqiu Valley’. Pacing myself.

(More so after I’ve finally reached Inazuma. I can slow down now.)

– Yanfei chillin in the outdoor section of the Teapot. Still in its infancy.
– Even though I had enough lumber, had to go out to hunt for more to build other various items. Noelle helping farm in Mondstadt. Hence, why she is the first companion in my Teapot 🙂
– Yanfei and Ayaka having a moment, reflecting and conversing.
– Noelle hanging out at back with a pet cat up front. Area changed greatly since then. Wish our characters could pet animals.
– Lisa and Ayaka seem a bit “stand-offish”. Wonder why.
– Another angle of Yanfei’s “office”.
– Can finally co-op! Friend showed off their Venti.
– Their Mona and my Sayu. Still under leveled Sayu while farming for specific ores in Liyue.
– Hunting for bounties.
– Xinyan get!
– Aiming for Yoimiya, obtained Xinyang instead. Still a good get. Saw people hyping her up.
– Amusing to see she is fearful of frogs.
– Another day, another commission. Lisa scanning her surroundings.
– Chill
– Rarely used Lisa. This is a perfect opportunity for her to shine, almost like Palpatine from Star Wars.
– Ayaka seeking and destroying enemy targets. BOOM! Sabotage quests heh.
– Well, that is a spooky expression. High? Sleepy? Allergies? Get some rest.
– Another “one of the best” images I have. I love this one for how proud Yanfei is of herself. Graceful with her fire dance.
– Gorgeous sunset (or rise) while questing.
– Lisa having more spotlight time. Enemy decided to go around. Love Lisa’s pose though.
– One thing we don’t tend to admire is Noelle’s twirls. Love how she combat-dances around.
– Had a few problems during story quests, still managed to light these bastards on fire (Mages, and all). 🙂
– Fun mini-boss. He gets a spotlight here because of how fun he was to fight each time.

A few things I do regret is steaming through all the quests not taking my time to savour the floating island. I know how to get it back, though wish I posed for it to have shared it in the first batch of images. The second batch shall contain images of my mistake. Hopefully.

Inazuma, At last!:

Better late than ever. Everybody I know is here, now I am also. I have a lot of work ahead of me to try to enjoy, savouring each quest and story mission. Obtaining all the Electroculus, chests, etc. I reached Inazuma, I however had to do a few more story quests to reach Inazuma proper.

– Fighting the Oceanid for Barbara & friends. For their ascension.
– Lisa voicing her….. concerns? How tedious this fight was. It’s an easy boss to battle, just a few mishaps here and there.
– Smugness of realization? Possibly.
– Having to use the freezing effect to slow down these pesky enemies. They’re far too mobile. Barbara managed to ascend 1 or 2 steps further.
– Slashity-slash.
– An enemy people dislike (as do I), though Lisa is willing to take it on.

– Around this point in time I obtained a cute Diona while aiming for Yoimiya.
– Not sure when, though Diluc dropped for me. Most likely when I was doing a summoning spam obtaining other companions. He is not in batch of Diona and Qiqi. Those two came in on their own on different days.
– Qiqi obtained while in Inazuma proper. Placing her here for easier transition. Still leveling her up for combat 🙂

(I’m amused I obtained Qiqi while in a Discord call with my friend while we were talking about life, among other things. She appeared in the wrong pool, though thankful I have her now.)

– Visiting the local fox shrine because 1) Something special around here, 2) I’m a big kitsune fan 🙂
– The locals gave me a warm welcome.
– Ayaka Hoi-Hoi’ing at Konda Village. Nice place.
– Such a gorgeous view. Great music, everything.
– Image is special because this cat reminds me of a cat of the same colour being overly assertive (aggressive) when going for food. This cat (to me) is in memory of that cat. RIP my coworker’s cat. I’ve tweeted about this cat a while ago.
– Boats! I’m happy we now have boats. Made it easier reaching various places.
– Friend helping me out with Inazuma commissions, something I’m shying away from currently. Keeping Commissions in Liyue.
– Hunting resources for Sayu and friends with friend.
– Another lit situation. Always find myself in these sorts of situations.
– Hunting for various missed treasure chests. Needed EXP books to level my companions.
– Hunting for Crystal Marrow. Managed to obtain a nice batch of them.
– Friend idle-showing his Moona. Saw a Rabbit Zodiac which caught my attention seeing how I’m both an Aries and a Rabbit.
– Fischl moved into the Teapot house, though seems unamused by Sayu. Always the cold shoulder.
– Hoi! Sayu finally makes her combat-worthy appearance! She can actually hold her own at pre-AR 35 mobs heh. And yes, she has that clockbell weapon because I’m still low on weapons. I don’t spreadsheet game, I play for fun.
– Hoi!
– Hoi! Such a satisfying hit. These Witches have caused me so much grief it is always fun to knock them out.
– I love it! I love how smooth Sayu feels in combat.
– Friend helping me with finding more EXP books. Ruins, among other collectables.
– Adorable. Like a little thief.
– Angelic Sayu. Can’t wait to re-take this shot with her Liyue wings 🙂
– Friend doing some heavy lifting while using Albedo.
– Cleared! And scenic. I love Liyue so much <3
– Hoi! Hoi hoi!
– Sayu looking in confusion. I died laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Stupid arrogant Witch trapped their own XD HA!
– As strong as Sayu is, certain situations still called for Yanfei and Ayaka.

– Yoimiya get! WOOO! At last!

I have to note this for blog posting reasons:

People have been whining and moaning how people should go for Yoimiya because of the upcoming Baal release. Let the people decide. The game is however fun you make it, same with the characters. I’m happy to have aimed for Yoimiya, now that I actually finally have her. Saving my gems for Baal next. People always trying to dictate how others shall play….. Play however you want to. I hate certain Youtubers because they try to follow ‘meta’ instead of ‘entertainment’. Play for fun, not spreadsheet game 🙂

I’m happy she finally decided to drop for me. WOO! I even whaled for her twice, now happy I don’t have to anymore.

– Yoimiya get! Now can have tons of fun with fireworks and sparklers. WOOOO!~
– Adorable, and charming.
– Adorable.
– Took her out for her ‘victory lap’ to see her fun spinning-dance move. If she can handle slime then she is perfect. Even under leveled she performs well.
– I love her twirling dance, and how she lands to then sheath her bow like a samurai sword. Adorable.
– Worth it!

Remember! Play the way YOU want, not how other people want you to play. Don’t let weird people tell you who to pick or not, they’re not playing your game, YOU are. I ignored the so called “knowledgeable” or “talking heads” Youtubers/Twitter folks players to play my own way, all the more happier for it. Making my own progress, making my own fun, and making nice progress playing my way. As it should be. Then you have the fake Twitter SJW weirdos constantly whining and moaning about Genshin Impact being offensive all around. Sucks to be them. It’s no wonder they want to cancel Genshin Impact, it’s so much fun.

Though, on a proper note, one thing that has me curious is how Mihoyo is able to professionally produce high quality theatrical type music, yet can’t hire actual professional voice actors and actresses. The English dubbing sounds ear-bleeding painfully bad, and it is not just my bias. I had to switch back to Japanese dubbing. It appears they simply pull anybody off the street to English dub the game in garbage quality yet know how precious Japanese dubbing is. It also doesn’t help North Americans have low standards when it comes to art and quality when we have stupid wars against dubbing and subbing. I’m on the subbing side until English voice actors/actresses can up their voicing game. Gundam & Dragonball Z were the only good ones, as with Yu-Gi-Oh. Everything else is trash.

-A serious critique of Genshin Impact (2 hour long video):

– A must watch to understand why Genshin is the way it is; Why it’s popular.

Look at how much fun I had in Genshin. 160 images in this blog posting; 280 images in my gaming folder. This game is a blast. Now, if only I didn’t struggle playing it over the months I would have been much further with other characters. It is what it is. I shall still continue ascending my characters, leveling them, progressing, and even listening to the professionally composed music. Life willing. I simply love how awesome Mondstadt’s music sounds, Liyue being above that, and then Inazuma being further ahead above that. It’s going up in steps. I personally (for now) love hanging around Liyue more because of how much memories I have behind it. I go back to Mondstadt for farming while eventually doing more in Inazuma once I’m done in Mondstadt and Liyue. This game knows how to give you memories.

Here is to hoping we can play a properly optimized Steam Deck version.