Let’s Get Baited | “No Fun Allowed!” Baity & Sour Journalistic Sites

Let’s get baited by Polygon, Gamespot, IGN, & other fake game journalistic site turning our interests into a baiting guilt trip. You’re not allowed to enjoy what you enjoy, it’s a sin; It’s taboo!

– Best girl Raphtalia finally done with nonsense.

Let’s get baited! Polygon, Anime News Network, Kotaku, among others are going bat-shit insane constantly baiting and throwing out trashy news articles turning the whole Anime sphere into a chaotic mess. They want to drag other people down into the abyss with them for how highly irrelevant & abusive they are. They are stirring people up to the point they’re generating further traffic to their irrelevant sites while insulting the hobbies and entertainment we love and enjoy. In all honestly, these sites should just fade out because they can’t even handle how “realistic” ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ is to the point they keep shaking in fear, releasing bricks in fear, among other things. They’re so irrelevant they’re constantly grasping at straws trying to stay relevant, thus feeling the need to rile up Anime fans, whom they knowingly expect to bite back for more site viewership. Myself included in that….. I made this blog posting in response to them after-all…..

Best course of action is to simply ignore their attempts at baiting. That is indeed a sound advice. The problem is, people get baited easily (I’m a good example of that), though need to call out this idiocy while I can still do so. We might as well be rabbits constantly getting riled up by these various fake journalist’s attempts at baiting to then get caught up in their rabbit traps to be used as mockery……

When it comes to anime and games, you’re not allowed to have fun. “No fun allowed!” REEEEEEEEE!~ 

Disclaimer: There may be many cases where I may have misspoken. Errors may have been made. Once aware, I’ll edit those out. 

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I honestly love anime. I grew up with Anime in late 1990’s with Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and even Gundam Wing. I loved Gundam Wing! I still do. I miss the Christmas feeling it gave off. I came back to Anime thanks to Fate/Stay Night (2006), among other anime releasing around that time. I know all the nitty-gritty of Anime (to a degree), I know how fun it can be, how emotional; How serious and comical it can be. You can even feel the author’s feelings, memories, and pride in the show, if done right. You can see why a show was done the way it was, how others in the industry influenced it. Anime is awesome because of how honestly true to itself, unlike other forms of media out there. It does what needs to be done, and it’s now shy doing so. It may be partially censored at times, though not shy.

To find proper shows equal to anime you basically need to seek out movies done by “indie” movie directors. Basically those not tied with Hollywood, or at least a good distance away from them. Basically movies outside of the mainstream to seek out movies like ‘Das Boot’ (movie) and ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’. Yes, I know I mentioned ‘Rogue One’, whom are tied with Disney, when saying “indie” movie makers…. What I mean here is when you don’t have the “big dogs” watching over the movie as closely as any other. Basically when you’re free to do as you wish with your movie to just make & enjoy it for what it is….

‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ is awesome for a reason. There are other good movies out there (hiding) needing you to seek them out with a microscope. They’re being hidden away by Hollywood’s nonsense movies to the point you’ll even struggle to find them on Netflix, among other movie streaming sites. You need to seek them out. It’s just easier to also watch Anime because it’s still true to itself. 

Star Wars: Rogue One‘ – ‘ Das Boot‘ – ‘Danger Close‘ – ‘Chernobyl‘ – ‘Hyena Road‘ 
(These are just loose examples; Haven’t made a pre-made list to check out.)

– Das Boot (Movie) – The BEST of the BEST Submarine movie showing the very gritty side of Submarine warfare. No fluff, just war and survival.  “ALARM!” 

I also loved ‘Top Gear’ before it was sacked by BBC. It was true to itself, the three spoke their mind, and it was just genuine. It was like listening to a podcaster, a Twitch streamer, or even a Youtuber without it sounding as sterile as a school environment. They spoke their mind, and it was fun to watch. We’re not in high-school, for crying out loud. I also love the new ‘Grand Tour’, if bit downgraded because of BBC’s whiny decisions stunting various portions of Grand Tour. It had to fix Amazon Prime’s standards toning down on the more “controversial” side of the show, though even with that, ‘Grand Tour’ still has its many glorious moments. I love the crazy things they still do there. The fun of that show was how the trio (Jeremy, Richard, and James) would just do random things, being wacky, yet still professional. They knew how to have fun! They had something called “fun”, something which is “taboo” in this day and age because everything is a sensitive landmine…… Sure, Jeremy punched someone….. Even so, that doesn’t mean you should punish other people for removing their element of fun. Everything becomes sterile that way. 

What people don’t understand, or can’t seem to comprehend, is that you’re not only punishing Jeremy, but the countless fans and viewers who genuinely love the show. We can still watch ‘Grand Tour’, just not the way ‘Top Gear’ used to be. People only see one side of the coin, not both. It shows.


– Grand Tour – Driving through rough, yet scenic, French mountains while in a heavy set of fog, rain, and hail. 

To the Point – Polygon Baits with Attack on Titan:

– Goblin Slayer – Goblin Slayer noting his reasoning for being the way he is.

Honestly, it amazes me what trash people write about Anime & games, something “they” claim they enjoy constantly being triggered, sensitive, among other crazy reaction. They’re always offended about something, calling out something for ‘faux outrage’ so they can gain viewership to their sites. They can’t handle ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ because it’s “too realistic”. They then feel the need to bash Anime constantly, guilt trip anime fans, create faux-outrage, among other nonsense. I’m currently facepalming at what ‘Tom Speelman’ wrote for Polygon about Attack on Titan. It’s highly inaccurate, and highly reaching for things. I mean, I could see an alien invasion and reptile government relations with the real world if I look hard at what Attack on Titan has……

So, let’s check what nonsense Tom Speelman wrote. 

– So, you’re going to ignore the likes of Pokemon, Digimon, Sailormoon, Gundam, Macross, Dragonball Z, among MANY other anime out there. You’re going to ignore the countless other anime, eh? What about Sailor Moon, Fate anime, among others? Some fan also noted Britney Spears single-handedly invented Anime thanks to her one music video. Highly misinformed. The FIRST sentence is trash. Instantly voided. 
– Are you sure about this? What pause? If you been suspense between issues & episodes each week, don’t count that. That’s natural.  

As for the “global anti-Semitism” and “far-right” stuff, you’re genuinely allowed to base your anime (or any media) off of real world events to make it feel more relatable, believable, more structured, and engaging. Also, just because it has something doesn’t mean it equates to that fully. One doesn’t equate to the other in terms of “fascist” ideas and propaganda. Just because it has world influences doesn’t suddenly mean it’s a ‘Mein Kampf‘ book written by Hitler, nor the Holy Bible…..

American cartoons always focus on American point-of-views which gets overlooked because you live in America. When someone else does it, it makes it taboo, eh? Americans always have Americans fighting some form of Soviet enemy, Vietnamese, Chinese, terrorist, or something like that… Some are tame, some are spicy…. It’s American culture. It however doesn’t mean one equates to the other, unless it’s a highly propaganda piece of a movie. 

Anime is a Japanese thing so they tend to add things Japanese tend to understand; Americans tend to add things only Americans tend to view. Media is influenced natively by where they’re based at. What part of that is difficult to comprehend? Maybe my poor wording, even still…….

Anime is more ‘Asian’ now so I guess Anime being ‘Japanese’ is a loose point. It was inspired by Disney, turned Japanese, then everybody tried their hand at it because when something goes successful everybody has to get their hands into it. 

– This next part is a doozy….. Grasping at straws trying to make things fit a false-narrative. Need another try there, Tom Speelman.

If you couldn’t get into ‘Attack on Titan’ then allow someone who was genuinely able to get into it. Just because you’re salty, whiny, and moany doesn’t mean you should let loose that article grasping at straws. Don’t throw darts at a wall to make a point stick. You’re indeed allowed your opinion, we’ve viewed it, we however disagree with it because it’s highly flawed like Swiss-cheese….. Get someone who actually enjoys ‘Attack on Titan’, or someone more “neutral”. 

You however spoke true about Isayama  being passionate about his Anime. It is indeed his creation, his project, his “baby”, thus showing “pure energy” in his ink to bring their creation to life. If you’ve seen ‘Re:Creators‘ anime then you’ll know how invested authors tend to be. When you watch an anime you not only see what they’re trying to show you, you also get to take a peak into the author’s soul by seeing their emotions, their spirit, among other cool perspectives. Even how they view their own Japanese life-style trying to get a scene portrayed. 

What you however seem to not be able to comprehend is the political side of things….. Just because you see “fascist” elements doesn’t mean one equates to the other. It has elements to make it believable, not make it a propaganda show. It’s discussing why “such-and-such” is the way it is without blindly accepting it. It’s critiquing everything. It’s constantly asking questions within itself. 

– Dot Pixis is an inspiration, not an equal to the real-life equivalent. You need to make a character believable, thus using references and sources to make them come to life. They even noted they were hesitant in making this comparison because it would bring about this exact situation, one you’re taking advantage of for click-bating reasons…… Pixis isn’t a 1:1 replica of whom he was based off of; There’s creative influences making Pixis him his very own character.

It honestly is highly disturbing that you would take someone’s wording to then twist and turn it into something that it is not……. You’re honestly allowed to base your characters and locations off real world locations, but that’s somehow a sin; A Taboo. According to Tom Speelman, you’re apparently not allowed to have people inspired by real-world counterparts in an attempt to make them believable and relatable….

Say, if we base someone off Wayne Gretsky would that be rude to the Canadian? Would you call that being “too Liberal” or “too Conservative?” in Canadian politics type meaning? Maybe I’m twisting your words, even though you’ve done it here. Point however still stands that apparently you’re not allowed to inspire from real-world elements because there’s always some political motivation behind everything.

As for any social media backlash, consider me ignorant here. I’m only replying to Tom Speelman, even though I’m loosely aware there was “some” heated comments here. If they’re genuine is hard to tell with how Kotaku & various other media sites tends to spin outrage into their favour, thus this blog posting noting that. The constant baiting for clicks.

– “But Why Now?” – I don’t know? Maybe click baiting and attention? That’s what you do, after all. 

People indeed do see parallels, though they’re more inspirational and cultural than any political agenda. Sure, there may be “some” because that’s how they raised. People behave in the way their surroundings dictated them to, thus you’ll see their cultural influences influencing their actions. That’s how Anime tends to work also, and why it’s always based in Japan. You’ll always see Japan things in Japan…. That’s how it works.

As for parallels to anything “fascist”, that’s only (again) using real world influneces to flesh out a world. Just because you have one doesn’t mean it equates to the other. It’s just a story; It’s fictional. 

As for why people are bringing up the “fascist” side of Attack on Titan? Maybe because Tom Speelman brought it up trying to gain more traffic for Polygon, Vox, Kotaku, among other similar sites. Only Polygon, as of right now, brought it up because that’s just how things works. If people were generally talking about Attack on Titan having “fascist” undertones then they would clearly note this on Twitter, something I haven’t seen. If it was genuine then it would have popped up on my Twitter because I follow many Japanese and Otaku type people. The only people I’ve seen outraged by this is Tom Speelman, and only him.  Maybe the occassional one on MyAnimeList, or Reddit, though those are minor. People whine about people being fat wondering why people get fat when they’re bullied…. Defense fat, you hide away, less motivated, and etc….

You also mention GATE anime, as if it was a bad thing? Japan should be able to defend itself.  They see Otakus sitting in their room, wasting away their lives, not befriending a significant others while killing themselves in a room so it “may” be better to try and coax them into doing something more worthwhile. It’s not pretty, but at least they’re then out there in the military doing “something”. Japan has a big social problem where people tend to shut themselves in so if GATE anime allowed them to do something other, then why not. If you honestly know of a better way to get shut-ins to be accepted in a Japanese society shunning mental illness then help them out. It’s why there was a meme of ‘virgin killer sweater’ trying to get male Japanese to be attracted to woman wearing it. Japan has a high suicide rate for a reason…. If you know of a way to get them to stop suicide then help them out…… They’re also being a victim to Japanese police’s “Justice” to be arrested to then be tortured to accept something they haven’t done to keep the status-quo intact. 

Darling in the FranXX was also attacked for the ending because of how “unique” it was. People are naturally going to hate it because of how off-beat it was compared to the other major portion of the show. The show was paying tribute to the 1980’s era of anime, thus why it was so “wonky” and “surreal” to people. It’s anime, from the 1980s. Japan is facing a birth decline so Japan “may” be trying to fix that through telling people to simply copulate with one another. Nothing wrong with that? Japan problems, Japanese solutions. It isn’t perfect, though they’re doing things in their own Japanese manner. 

People were also baffled why Japanese were purchasing both military naval & sword books when Kantai Collection, and it’s ‘Toukan Ranbou‘ variant made its round around Japan. Various bookstores found their collection going out-of-stock, baffled at the sudden surge of people seeking books about swords & worships. The JSDF saw how KanColle influenced them, thus they sought them out. They saw how popular Kantai Collection was that the JSDF actively targeted KanColle fans to join their ranks by putting shipgirl cardboard cutout counterparts on their ship, application sheets, among others. You can even see genuine naval military crew playing KanColle Arcade. If Japan sees an opportunity they WILL take it. This bit also loosely in response to the whole ‘GATE’ anime recruitment thing. Japan is allowed to do “Japan things”. The American military also loosely tried it with Pokemon GO by trying to recruit people to travel the world, though that sourcing may be questionable.

Anime like these are easy to use as scapegoats because they always tend to tackle sensentive issues which American media is always afraid to tackle, thus why you get Ghostbusters 2016 calling all guys “sexist”, or pissing off your unified gendered fanbase with Batwoman (2019) show by shouting “I’m a woman!”. Simply be honest with yourself and things shall be fine. 

Americans are afraid to do what they need to do, yet they’ll constantly tell other countries what they need to do. Look at yourself first! Fix your own issues, then tell other people what to do. 

– WHO?! on Who’s mind is it on? Show me! Show me! MAL? Reddit? Twitter? I’ve seen nothing! Only this article from Tom Speelman.

Why these outrages happen in cycles? Maybe because they’re seasonally released with the seasonal anime. People are hyped, they talk about it, and it goes…. Rinse and repeat. People are passionate about anime. Anime is free, North American media isn’t, or barely is. Anime is always attacked because it tends to deal with overly sensitive topics and situations which Americans are afraid to tackle. Everything happens in “cycles” because anime releases in “cycles”, something Polygon, Kotaku, and ‘Anime News Network’ tend to hijack for their own agenda and narratives. 

Everything happened in the 90’s in American cartoons. You had ‘Spawn’, Spiderman, Batman, Jonny Bravo, Spintales, among others. Countless of awesome cartoons. Now? Just reboots and rehashes. You have Hollywood movies, sure. Just not as powerful as Japanese anime. If there are genuine forms of media, they’re hidden. I know nothing of them, unless I go to a local comic book shop. I don’t have cable so I no longer see what’s new and trending unless I see what other people are consuming. 

Thankfully, Americans have something called ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’. That show was awesome; Loved it! It was written so well that it’s often times mixed in with Anime because of how well it’s written, how deep it is, and it gets fairly political in a fairly respectful way. It critiques things respectfully, not abusively like Ghostbusters 2016, nor Batwoman (2019). Woman can fight just as hard as male counterparts, they are also on proper footing (no handicaps of any kind), and everybody does what needs to be done. Korra was also a nice show, something I still need to continue watching. I stalled out, though respect Korra as well. America needs more ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ show. They tried with Game of Thrones, heard that flopped hard last season. It was awesome till the end for various “weird” reasons. 

Tom Speelman is now on my watchlist to see what other nonsense he’ll write to gain clickbaits & views. I could have easily ignored this, and I probably should, though these things need to be called out. 


*Update: (August 3rd, 2019):
Tom Speelman is seeking a job. ANY job… It could be retail, garbage man job. Anything! He says it himself. ANYTHING. 

– Tom Speelman is seeking a new job! Any job! After twisting and corrupting Attack on Titan’s POV for clicks & views karma has finally hit him. You can be 100% certain he hates the taste of his own medicine, thus being pouty about it.

Tom Speelman was whining and moaning briefly on Twitter about how ‘Anime fans’ had the “gull” to stand up to him. If you’re going to spew nonsense then expect pushback. If you can’t stand the fire then get out of the damn kitchen! With an overly arrogant & SJW-oriented perspective and attitude he tends to harbour we could assume Tom Speelman would enjoy a woman who doesn’t fight back, thus violating them happily? He doesn’t want people criticizing him, something which is valid to do. REPORT IT! It’s abusive! You’re that kind of person? Look at how you twisted Attack on Titan to be this false perspective on “fascist undertones” in Anime missing the whole part where tones are used for fluff & world building. Just because something has that tone doesn’t mean its exactly that thing. 

He honestly doesn’t like karma hitting him back because he wants free reign to abuse things. How he tried to rally people to report anything making note of his horrible actions. With his behaviour he needs parental supervision while also having the perfect skillset to be a retail worker. You’re constantly under surveillance in retail, thus being a perfect spot for him. People also view retail as the easiest thing in the world (which it isn’t; Hardest & most stressful), but don’t tell him that. Smooth sailing for Tom Speelman in the retail setting. Easy money, easy life 🙂

Anime News Network – ‘Anime Sucks’ Mentality

– Shield Hero Anime – BURN IT! Someone forced me to watch this; I hate it! It talks about rape! REEEEE!~ 

It honestly amazes me how Anime News Network even exists. People know ANN to be a highly vile, and trashy site, yet it constantly handles and trashes anime it supposedly “enjoys”. It’s like watching a parent (or guardian) constantly kicking their child in the leg with how they constantly whine and moan how every anime is “boring”, “trashy”, or just “not fun” in the slightest. Why cover anime if you hate it? Why cover something you dislike? Honestly, be honest with yourselves so you can cover things you actually like doing, unless you like trashing anime 24/7.

Every time I went to check out thoughts and opinions on any anime someone was always whining how ‘X’ show sucks, bored them, “monotones”, or etc. Basically a string of – “it sucks! It sucks! It sucks! It’s boring! It sucks! It’s too controversial! ANIME SUCKS!!! It sucks! It doesn’t have trans! It sucks!” – which then begs the question: “What do you enjoy? Share what you love”. 

They went off on Goblin Slayer for being “too rapey”, and similar with Shield Hero with false rape accusations. They saw an opportunity, they took it, and they ran with it whining to hell and back about why both Anime shows suck. Not only them, others also. Every anime they touch “sucks”…. Too boring….. Again, Anime touches real world situations and happenings. It has a lot of feels, emotions, and scenarios. Don’t watch ‘Death Parade’, ‘Gundam’, or any Anime because you’ll constantly be in a state of being “triggered”.

Even on episode 24 Shield Hero has proved to be a highly fun & entertaining show. Handled itself with grace and professionalism. Similar could be said with Goblin Slayer, even if it’s viewed as a more “generic” anime. Music is still brilliant for Shield Hero, it’s still engaging, and it’s still fun. For those constantly triggered? It sucks to be you. Honestly. 

Don’t like it Anime? Get a new job. Get someone who is more passionate about anime, though not blindly. You still need to see what is in front of you.

Kirk McKeand – Guilt Tripping Genuine Respect To Yakuza Game Developer (Niche Gamer to Yakuza game):

– Was this comment honestly necessary? 
– Not allowed to praise a game developer for genuinely respecting it? 

It honestly amazes me how you’re not allowed to genuinely respect a game developer (nor an interview) which shows genuine amounts of  admiration and love to the developers. Niche Gamer genuinely showed proper respect (Polygon & Anime News Network having trouble doing so) to then gain flack for just being just a hyped up as we would be from both Kirk & Jason Schreier both attack Niche Gamer for doing their job of simply being neutral. You’re apparently supposed to trash game developers while shunning people who genuinely admire anime and games they respect.

There’s no actual outrage for ‘Attack on Titan’ being “fascist”; Fake outrage over Tifa’s breasts; Trashing on Cyberpunk 2077 by the so-called game journalists; Attacking Shield Hero because of “false rape accusations”, among other nonsense….. What Niche Gamer has done & said was genuine love and respect in an interview being genuine. What’s wrong with that?

What were Niche gamers supposed to say? Let’s try a few questions for more of a ANN/Nick/Polygon/Kotaku side of things:

  1. Why are you guys so lazy? Why can’t you work harder to release this sooner? 
  2. Will you ever consider doing the opposite of what the developers of Animal Crossing: New Horizon by pushing your employees by constantly crunching?
  3. Will Yakuza have rape option in a DLC?
  4. Have you ever considered adding Nazis into Yakuza so we can shoot them, throw milkshakes, and just punch them?
  5. When can we expect Tifa to appear in Yakuza; Can we have breast sliders for Tifa in Yakuza? 

I guess that works? Too on the nose? Too exaggerated? You tell me. Maybe Nick here shall whine about Yakuza having too ‘dull’ of a box art needing to be more “SJW’d”, or something….. Box art is box art, it’s nothing special either.


– Bait, bait, bait… Trigger, trigger, trigger XD Ben Barrett also speaks the truth. Just be honest with yourself, then there won’t be any issues. 

Seeing Kirk McKeand getting all salty about someone being hyped up about Yakuza reminds me of something relating to ‘Rising World’…..

– This person couldn’t patiently wait for an coming update for Rising World so they threw tantrums. They were answered many times, then they noted how we shouldn’t “fawn & butt-kiss”……. Alright. Cool. Getting overly salty while shunning those respecting Rising World. Have patience……

Cyberpunk 2077 Cover-art Nonsense – Jumping onto the hate bandwagon:

– *Yawns* – A ‘game developer’ jumping onto the bandwagon to whine about trivial things.  They then go on about mentioning the cover art needing to be more “asian”, and etc. Faux outrage. 
– Oh! So THAT is why you mentioned it…. You wanted to fight Nazi…. Go play a WW2 game then! If you’re mixing up reality and gaming then you have an issue. Go seek medical help so you can comprehend the differences between digital and reality. Nazi is also a highly overused word….. Seek out a new word, something which isn’t “sexist”, “racist”, “incel”…….

Just sharing these next two images because a “game developer” is abusing his status to trash on Cyberpunk 2077 for attention. When people go trans they always feel the need to become far more hostile going on some weird crusade. I’m indeed aware of those being far tamer in the VRchat community, yet have seen my fair share of hostile trans on Twitter ruining it for other trans people. Those trans people in VRchat I can respect because they’re being themselves, not vulgar or hostile. They may have personality issues, though they’re still themselves.  As for Olivia here,…. Not so much. Simply jumping onto a bandwagon for the sake of it. Easy come, easy go. It’s fine to critique, and give feedback, but common…. To fight ‘Nazi’….. That’s highly delusional. You have a game developer profession and you’re tainting it with these nonsense issues……

Also, if you want to fight ‘Nazi’ then gain a time-machine, play a WW2 game, or go to Germany to fight the Neo-Nazi there. Oh, right…. You won’t. It’s all an illusion. All I’m doing is pointing this out…..

IGN/Crunchyroll Writer – ‘Praising Fire Force Anime makes you “Sexist”, because “reasons”. 

– Fire Force Anime – Liking this makes you “sexist”. Same vibe as Soul Eater.
– Praising the Fire Force anime shall label you as “sexist”, or “misogynistic” because you can’t enjoy anime the way you want them to. You’re not allowed to enjoy anything in life.
– Source: https://archive.fo/YK6oH

With any new anime that comes out there’ll always be that one “special person” trying to weaponize it for weird narratives. They’ll be seeking attention, click-baits, views, and everything. Even pushing naughty SJW narratives (view North American comic book situation) causing obvious pushbacks to such tactics. You’re not allowed to enjoy, nor praise ‘Fire Force’ anime because the woman in Fire Force are “sexy”. They’re used in various gags (as are the man), while missing many points of equal happenings to both genders.

Sure, there’s a gag where Tamaki Kotatsu (neko girl) is used in a few lewd situations. Breasets & crotch are grabbed, yet that’s all done in a lighthearted manner. It’s of course a bit cringe, yet nothing world ending. To balance this out, episode 4 has ‘Princess’ walk on man, sit on man in a throne chair formation, and just treat man like posessions. It goes both ways, thus the issue here is null. It’s moot, and the Crunchyroll/IGN writer is off their rocker. They’re losing it.

Anime is made for fun and entertainment, view it as such. The earth isn’t flat, so stop seeking weird conspiracy theories within anime :).

– Play Asia having none of your nonsense. They constantly defended their stance showing no signs of relenting to SJWs. 
– Do we? is it REALLY that important? Breasts are breasts….. If they’re censoring breasts THEN we talk;…. This is not an issue……. Is this why you view Polygon, Gamespot, IGN, & etc? *yawns*

I honestly feel bad to those who check out Kotaku, Polygon, IGN, and Gamespot, Anime News Network, among others….. They’re so vile, baity, and trashy, and they hate everything. They’re afraid of ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ like it’s the plague…… Why?! I know this isn’t any better,… When I want to seek something out I go onto Twitter, rarely on Reddit, and just see it on Tumblr…. I simply talk to my friend more than I even do those…… I find my ways to talk about anime without getting all ‘click baity’.

Also, Kallie Plagge has been known for stirring up trouble with her shitty reviews. A Pokemon Water world game had “too much water”, and a zombie game was “too white” when it came to zombies, even though it was explained why they were white in the story. Now Kallie Plagge goes on about Tifa’s breasts because it’s easy money, easy score……

Yeah……. Faux outrage *yawns*

Let’s Just Be Honest – Still Enjoying Anime:

– Gundam Build Fighters – Sara behaving like a Busou Shinki and/or Frame Arms Girl

Even with the nonsense you see above, I still love anime. I still love my games. I’ll always love Anime because it always calms me down the right way, it explores things which other forms of media struggle with, while also tackling fun topics and subjects making things quite entertaining. Gundam Build Fighters has a fun perspective on AR/VR, and it also dabbles into the realm of Busou Shinki, Frame Arms Girl, and Angelic Layer with Sara being turned into a Gunpla type figure. She has full AI, she behaves on her own, and that’s fun! Gundam Build Fighters also shows elements of VRchat and what makes it fun because you can enjoy the lovely scenery within the VR world, as noted in one episode of this show. People love the environment, the interaction, and being able to do what you can’t in reality within their Gundam VR space. 

The music is always glorious in any anime, the characters are fun and unique; Always engaging. Anime shall always be fun. Same with gaming…….. Anime still has my strong respect.

It’s a shame the fake gaming jouranlistic sites are croaking too hard to the point they feel the desire to shun everything we enjoy on their way out. Everything is a “sin”, everything is “taboo” to them… Suck to be them. Sucks to be Nick, Tom Speelman, among others. They’re trying to drag everything to their death as they fall under. I’m still happily an anime fan because it’s still proving to be highly entertaining. 


– Senko Fox Anime – Enjoying Anime how it was meant to be enjoyed. Just chill, stare at the beauty, and enjoy. No need to be wound up and triggered 24/7! Let loose 🙂

I expect only a small handful of people to honestly read this because negativity shouldn’t be our focus. We should be focusing on things we enjoy, respecting it, not these click-baits or call-backs to fake journalists on a power trip. Shall focus back on Anime, yet felt the need to call various things out because of how silly they were. Thanks for reading, hope to see you in a more positive article from here on out.