Arcticu Blog Updates & Car spotting [June 30th, 2019]

A few changes were made to the blog while also desiring to share a few backlog images failing to have made it out in a blog posting of any sort.

– Canada Day celebrations nearing (This is a very old image).

A few changes happened with the blog needing to be noted. For one, the url has been changed from – ‘ghostlysubstance’ to ‘’ – to make things easier. The domain name ‘ghostlysubstance’ is a name inspired by Yu-Gi-Oh!’s Dark Magician character, and also how silently depressive I was from the Ottawa educational system constantly bullying me from both teacher & student side up until loosely 2007. Felt I wasn’t allowed to express myself until I obtained a blog to eventually talk about Anime, and etc around the 2006 timeframe. A simple change, yet one which takes forever because I’m not the one hosting the blog. Better late than ever, yet here I am to stick around for a while longer. 

Also, to make this blog posting more appealing to be viewed I shall also share a nice batch of car spotted images from over the years… Basically 2017ish till now. I love car spotting in Ottawa, it’s however a shame Ottawa doesn’t know how to drive…. Say this on Ottawa Reddit you’ll get downvoted so fast because people assume they’re professionals *laughs*

Keep in mind that these are smartphone images so quality may vary. 

– That lovely green car on the left there heh.
– Looky what I found hiding away in a parking garage 🙂 Sneaky, sneaky.
– Lovely sports bike-car. Forgot the name, yet also seen it in Montreal during one of the F1 races in Montreal way-back-when. Awesome stuff to spot. Even spot this at Prince of Wales meets Baseline; Next to the Experimental Farm. This image was at the far East end of Ottawa.
– Lovely beautiful vintage beauty. Love the front. The way I filtered the image semi-makes it appear 70’ish. BMW photobomb.
– Ooo, a lovely Ferrari. Would this be a Ferrari California convertible?
– Love seeing these retro beauties driving around. A nice change of sight from all the modern vehicles.
– Tried for two images…. This is the uncropped one.
– These cars catch your eyes nicely. I love it!
– Ferrari F430 eh? Fancy. Love seeing this.
– Closer look. Such a rushed shot because I didn’t want to miss this beauty. Shame the reflection of the dash ruins the image. Still a nice catch though 🙂
– Ooo!~ Lookie what I found! This is near Kirkwood.
– Oh! I loved going by this 1930’s vehicle because it has a nice characteristic to it. Always looked forward to it when being driven nearby it. Used to be found near Carlingwood & Maitland, right before the highway ramp heading to Kanata. I’ll miss seeing this beauty. This beauty was sold off to some new owner.
– Oh?! Is this a Dodge Charger or Challenger? 1950’s era Dodge Charger? The one in red. This is near the Experimental Farm 🙂
– Shame this is blurry, yet still a nice gorgeous catch! Love the black vintage car from the 1920-1930 era. Who knows, maybe it’s even an 1940’s car restored to modern specifications.
– Dodge Challenger, retro? Chevvy? I don’t know…. Something around there 🙂
– I nearly lost this one! Frustrated me I didn’t take an image in time until fate allowed me to take this screenshot. Again, fuzzy because of timing, yet loving the visual catch.

I honestly love Ottawa in the summer when it comes to nature and technology. You see the most beautiful cars, the best natural scenery, though the people are always the ones to ruin everything when it comes to driving in traffic, or something silly like that. I love the scenic Ottawa, yet hate the people so damn much because they don’t know how to drive. They always pick fights, treat people in various workplace uniforms like trash, and they just do vile things. Canadians are indeed polite, just not to your Canadian stereotypical degree. 

I always nerd out when I see these cars, see specific vehicles, specific trees/plants, among other beauties. Car shows, festivals, and etc…. They’re the best. People? They are not. I enjoy talking to singular people because they’re not influenced by their friends at that very moment. When there’s one or two people, that is perfect. Once you get a group, or more, then that’s where trouble tends to kick in. You get the most out of people when they’re cut off from the “borg collective” (Star Trek). A singular person is smart, a people (plural) aren’t because the Star Trek Borg mentality kicks in. Tribal mentality.  And just to be clear: Even I’m one of those “Dumb, panicky animals”. Nobody is immune to this. All of human kind falls into these, even the elites of the elites. Nobody is perfect.

– Quality over quantity. Slow down, take things slowly and things shall be more specific. You can’t rush art so take things at a slower pace. Be more chill. Also, if you haven’t watched this scene in Man in Black, please do.

I also found it interesting to see what sort of buses OC Transpo uses. I’m highly certain I’ve seen this bus type before. They seem newer than the previous models used a decade earlier; New paint scheme & etc. They seem focused more on the downtown area, or even the east-end. I haven’t seen them elsewhere making me assume they’re brand spanking new.

I nerd out when it comes to seeing what buses, trains, planes, and ships we Canadians & Ottawaians have. It’s always fun comparing what we have to other places in the world also, such as with Bratislava with their trams. 

– At Red Lobster having enjoyed shrimpy food while next to the OC Transpo HQ.
– I love these so much! Fresh, hot, and tasty! (Red Lobster)
– Mmmm!~ Shrimpy!~ (Both food images taken before the bus image)
– LRT Project (Image taken a year ago). I’m actually looking forward to this because Ottawa needed to keep their tram network intact from the olden-days. LRT viewed from East End St. Laurent.

I’m actually in favour of the LRT because of how I was influenced by trams in Bratislava, Slovakia. They were quite neat, quite handy, and awesome to look at. Ottawa had trams, they however got rid of them, then want them back again because “reasons”. North America wanted to switch to buses back in the 1950’s, something they’re regretting have done. Many cities want to switch back, something you’re seeing with Ottawa doing with the LRT program. Even if I may be the ‘odd one out’, I still support the LRT because when done right, it’s the best move you can make.

They should have ignored the residence on the west end (those who along the Ottawa Parkway) to just add in LRT lines. People complained it would “ruin their view”, something which is absolute nonsense. Buses and traffic already do that so I just don’t get the point there. One doesn’t equate to the other here. Once the LRT line extends fully to the west end (and where planned) it shall see its full use again. The problem with the project however is “timing”… Timing is key.

Mental Health Call-out:

Lastly, I know nobody wants to hear this because of how everybody is raised differently….. Mental health issues are genuine. I’ve experienced them, your neighbors have, and as have you. Everybody faces mental health issues needing a helping hand every now and again… If you see someone struggling do your best in at least acknowledging they’re alive, or else they’ll consider suicide. Etika (a Youtuber) had mental health issues causing him to flip out and kill himself…. If you see someone in distress, HELP THEM OUT! Never EVER call them “toxic” and “vile”…. I’ve seen people claim they support people with depression, then when push comes to shove people abandon them. They cast them aside treating them as some sort of ‘token’ person before they had their episodes.

NEVER tell people to “man up” because that’s just gas-lighting their troubles. You’re voiding their experiences, implying they’re worthless….. Even if meant in good intentions you’re simply being counter-productive. Match their speed in life and help them out. Find what they’re interested in to then find a way to boost their interest. Focus on their good sides. 

If you see someone struggling then do your best to connect with them. Try encouraging them through their hobbies, try giving them coffee or hot chocolate, or something which you know shall ease their pain. Hug them, shake their hands (if given permission). If necessary, nudge them to see a therapist… I’ve seen time and again people abandoning those in need because they’re “unpure’ in a weird religious sense, or some nonsense like that. 

The amount of self-harm and suicides is insane…..

This blog posting was simply meant to note the new url change, dump some images, and let off some loose thoughts. If you viewed anything as ‘hostile’ and ‘negative’ that wasn’t intended. Just letting some thoughts loose neutrally. Just loose thoughts. 

Happy Canada Day!