Frame Arms Girl – Hresvelgr

A belated review finally checking out the heavily armoured and equipped Hresvelgr. She’s the heavy guns of the grouping while also being able to glide on her giant sword, if you customize her to be that way. Hresvelgr is armed to the teeth, yet the bulkiness can be felt with this one that I jokingly nicknamed her a ‘Flying Fortress’.

– Jinrai & Renge checking out the Hresvelgr package that has been sitting there for a few months.

Phew!~ Finally found the time to check out and review the lovely Hresvelgr. She’s quite something with all that blue trim on a main purple colour scheme. She also wears a swimsuit wear, and all those weaponry to blasts others to bits. Yeah, took a bit in finding the appropriate time and patience to allow me to finally crack open the box to finally check out this heavily armoured Frame Arms Girl. I was unable to do so earlier because of many distractions being: 1) KanColle Submarine event, 2) being sick, 3) workplace related mental break down, 4) Morale improvement via Nier: Automata & Wurm Unlimited, & etc. It’s been a rough time that I’ve even seen people unfollowing me, and I don’t blame them. It’s been madness that I, at the least, hope that people understand that mental breakdowns are normal when coming from a workplace environment. I just hope that people understand that stress exists in the world that you need some outlet (Tumblr was mine; Anime as a mental reset buttom) to keep ones’ self normal.

Anyways, with that little ‘note’ aside I’m glad to have finally considering myself sane again that I finally opened up Hresvelgr. Just checking her out while being somewhat shocked by how many part runners she has when compared to Jinrai and Materia. Both Jinrai & Renge checking it out all the parts to assemble her in curiousity. Makes sense for the type she is that she took 13 hours to build with me hitting the stop watch on that timer. Can’t really dedicate all that time that I now have to post & move on.

– Jinrai being a bit of a ninja by hiding behind the box.
– A bit hard to see that Jinrai is using her knife/blade to cut the wrapping off the box. Maybe I should have filtered the image for it to be seen?
– That lovely box containing the mighty Frame Arms Girl: Hresvelgr! I love the example showing how heavily she is equipped.
– A bit blurry, yet couldn’t resist showing Jinrai & Renge examining all the parts still in their runner + plastic.
– Renge in a mocking pose that we should get straight to building while Jinrai poses with the booklet. Loving the styling and examples in here.
– Hresvelgr in both equipped and unequipped form. You do not want to mess with Hresvelgr, nor Jinrai (left).
– Back head portion assembled.
– “Moshi mosh?”
– The blue visor and trim on her head sure is one of her charms. A bit of a struggle to put on, yet once on it makes her look quite flashy and special. I love the blank face so you could treat her as if she’s still inactive. It’s used to apply decals on so you can customize the face. She needs happier emotions.
– Yup! I love the blue trim at the back as it adds to Hresvelgr’s grand appearance.
– Her arm socket pieces threw me for a loop for a bit until I discovered that they were in a bag containing her other face plates.
– What’s amusing is that Hresvelgr has a swimsuit themed outfit in a fetish type manner. There’s flashy pantsu, and then there’s school swimsuit tease. Something more casual because Hresvelgr is a heavier armed Frame Arms.
– You know, you could easily customize a submarine kanmusu from KanColle using this body type. Just alter parts here & there to gain I-8, i- 26, among other Kanmusu. “Iku, Iku no!~”
– Loving the high heels for Hresvelgr. Nice style, yet they hinder her stability in poses.
– A lifeless doll. The faceplate makes this mostly completed body quite ‘lifeless’, but in a good way. We finally have a nice body for her to be posed around with while Jinrai assists her up for a quick pose.
– Did you know you could even fancify her chest unit with a more….armoured form? This is her battle armor chest piece that you may swap with her swimsuit chest piece.

She lives! She lives! She’s finally active!

– She’s quite a serious beauty in her plain form. A shame she doesn’t come with a more calmer, neutral, or happier face plate.
– And her back end being more….’meaty’, most likely because she’s a heavier equipped Frame Arms. There’s a peg hole on the back for her stand, and two more on her thighs for her armour pieces.
– Just a little ‘dance’ to show a slight articulation range. Was trying to go for something fancy while keeping a pose.
– Her front-word posing is something to be desired, yet I did manage a few posing ranges. She is able to sit, but with something higher. May require more fiddling to gain a flat sitting pose.
– Interesting range of pose-ability. A shame her swimwear limits her leg posing by just a tad bit.
– Interesting articulation. Loving the heels, as with the clear blue trim.
– Easily enjoying that blue trim. A shame the way I pieces her together that her neck joint keeps popping off with ease.
– She’s able to sit nicely. Was testing out her posing range at a glance being amused by it. She’s however quite fragile that joins pop off and such when you articulate too hastefully.
– Some fancy blue battle arm armour attachments. Appearing fancy, even as if may be pulling a card from a deck in a Yu-Gi-Oh! style.
– Quite an interesting appearance. For the blue on her arms you have to glue to the ring support, or else it’ll pop off. It even makes note of such in the booklet.
– Alternate posing of the above giving off that ‘lady-like’ vibe, if at least faintly.
– Renge checking out what I’m building containing Hresvelgr’s dagger knee armour set. Quite a bulky thing, that.
– With how her armour set is appearing to be a serpant-like design in an aviation design manner I have to assume this is front-side thrusters assisting to keep her airborne. Dagger-armed front thrusters.
– Cheerful flight sensation. Not where the instructions mention it to be, yet it’s amusing as to where I’ve placed the rear thigh guard and support.
– Fly high into the sky? Well, you technically could seeing as how you have engines on your bulky armour set. I also need to replicate this shot in an outdoor setting.
– Thigh & leg armour ready to be worn. Quite fancy.
– A bit of a fancy ‘chicken legs’, yet one aimed to keep her stable with her bulky armour set. Fancier, heavier, and more damaging.
– Her battle armour already on the arms while awaiting to be attached with the lower leg versions.
– For the first time wearing such armour it’s actually quite neat. Reminds me of ‘Big Zam’ from the Gundam Universe at times.
– Some rockets allowing her to become airborne in some manner. Reminds me of German V1 rocket, yet modern & for civilian use. Had to make two of these.
– Some attachment to her rear armour unit which reminds me of the first original Macross base in the Macross anime universe. The head of such.
– A fancy blue blade I had to piece into one another that I love how ‘exotic’ it feels. Clear blue, two in one, as well as reminding me of Renge’s fox sword.
– Then we attach the fancy sword into the ‘Macross head’ portion which gradually shifts into what I see as a serpent-like shape.
– This sure is something…. Two rocket engines, twin blades….This….A vague ‘Vic Viper’ vibe here from the Busou Shinki realm.
– Interesting. Would this be able to be formed into some aircraft related vehicle?
– One thing is for sure: Her pack piece can stand on its own that it may be its own entity, if desired. It has multiple points of attack that you truly do not want to mess with Hresvelgr.
– It could even be (in theory) remotely controlled by Hresvelgr to harass enemies in pincer tactics, or related. The possibilities.
– I was extremely fatigued at this point that I just wanted to end it at these pair of blades. 13 hrs, and stop. Love how they’re twin-blades….If not mistaken, it may also be a light rifle type. A sword & a gun.
– Over-kill at this point, yet something for her to wield in both armour & non-armoured form.


Phew! Done building. Now for some quick posings.

– Fully armoured.
– Side blades which may be used as both flight support, as with a way to attack hostiles on a fly-past.
– The rear view of the back-pack/flight unit portion. When you gain a closer view it’s like a serpent….An aviation serpent.
– Two bottom blades down as standing support while also struggling to pose her in her fragility of parts letting loose.
– The chicken legs (the blue pointing up) may be articulated outward. You can also see how I’m supporting Hresvelgr with the two side blades.
– The dual blade-gun hybridge that Hresvelgr wields. There’s two making her an extremely deadly foe.
– Twin gun-blades for the ultimate ranged & close-combat superiority. Makes me glad that I gained her for that sort of role, if she was sentient & real.
– Jinrai & Hresvelgr in a mock fight. It’s fairly difficult to pose that I may have to find appropriate time just for capturing a proper fight scene.
– Jinrai, Hresvelgr, and Renge all stand-posing in scale. Both Jinrai & Renge vs Hresvelgr might be an interesting duel. Renge in full combat gear, of course.
– The pointy knee blades poking out for any managing to get close enough. Just about as prickly as a cactus.
– Twin knee blades in an actual pose.
– Casual face-plate comparisons (if a bit blurry). Two angry-neutral + one shouty.
– HEY!


  • Frame Arms Girl – Anime OP & ED appearance:
– Preparing for a long-range blast. Can see her flight engines & other accessories.
– Charging, ready to blast from her ‘blade-gun’ hybrid.
– Gun-sword hybrid. (Unsure of actual name)
– Chibi version in the ED credits.
– Not a fan of the OP & ED music, yet loving the little chibi version. The Hresvelgr fly-by + Jinrai appearing beforehand. Woosh!~


Final Thoughts:

At last! Done building. If there was any more I’m skipping it because that’s just draining for how many parts there were to get things done. Yeah, I’m done when making note from an instruction manual type manner, and I wanted to make sure I assembled all the pieces before calling it completed. I’m going to have to keep in mind in how long it takes for a future note if another ‘heavy’ type appears so I can genuinely time my free-time just for another heavy type for around 13+ hours. If one is truly worth my prolonged attention then I’ll consider obtaining another heavy type, and if not I’ll most likely ignore. Thankfully, Hresvelgr is indeed a lovely figure with beautiful detailing in her shiny clear blue trim while also wearing a swimsuit outfit. She just so happened to be worthy from a haste-purchase from being neat from preview images when first previewed that it was actually rewarding in the end, if exhausting when having to cram all that time into her. No pantsu teases here, just a swimsuit tease fetish because of Strike Witches influences on this FA: Girl.

Yeah, I love her casual form. It’s simple, neat, and fancy. The simple swimsuit to keep her modest (& meaty at the back), while also having the ability to custromize her into a submarine Kanmusu from the KanColle universe. Could use her body to customize I-8, I-26, or whichever. You can mix and match a ton of stuff, even swapping the chest plate from swimsuit to a battle type (stuck with the shiny trim blue). There’ll be noticable issues in places where over-encumbrance shall be be an issue when you attach all the parts, yet if you can manage it shall be rewarding. When one has true patience one can gain all the rewards from her in the end. There’s also a few parts you may be required to glue into place, such as the blue bit for the battle armor on her arm. I do find her fully armoured set to be neat, yet she’s way too fragile & tricky to keep as is. Something to be feared in her realm, as with posing anywhere one would be fearful of losing parts. When you put too much on her figure she’ll start to begin retaliating in the form of parts falling off constantly in places. Even tipping over, at the risk of even losing parts in both indoor & outdoor settings. The satisfaction of seeing her fully armoured in the end: Priceless.

I love all the forms of weaponry she has. The twinblades (both blade & gun behaviour), the side blades on her backpack, and even a smaller blade that has another piece within it. I need to figure out how to grab a handle to be able to wield it, something similar to Renge’s red (or blue) fox tail blade. She has a nice range of weaponry to ruin a Frame Arms Girl’s day in combat. One would really have to focus & strategies seriously to knock her off her feet, or out of the sky…Whichever it is. That is, if she was real you would really have to think cleverly to damage her.

She’s a nice figure, yet she’s a multi-day project for people in a school and workplace setting; Mine being latter. Just way too much to do to complete her fully in a vanilla instruction manual manner that I simply was lucky to have two days off in a row. If you plan to obtain her then make sure you have both the time & patience. Maybe even a helping hand. I’m relieved to be done with her (instruction wise), even proud with how she appears in various forms. Now that she’s build I’m free to pose her, use her accessories, and others freely. It’s a bit like having to put your fill in before you can see things in return. As the saying goes: “No pain, no gain”. Even pleased with how cute she is with the facial expressions that I can’t help but see both Charlotte & even Tatenashi Sarashiki from the Infinite Stratos anime. She’s an awesome FA: Girl.

Average build time for her being 13 hours her; 5-8 for Materia, Jinrai, & Innocentia. Well, she’s worth it. I now have more accessories to mix-and-match with other Frame Arms Girls. That’s the whole beauty of this¬† is that you can mix-and-match to have them appear as you desire, something that was Busou Shinki’s original selling point. Even on their own they have ways for you to customize them as to not get bored of them. It’s a bit of a ‘customization inception’, type thing.

If I was to rate Hresvelgr¬† I’d give her a nice solid 9/10 for how detailed she is. You can do so much with her, even move her from casual to battle mode, or casualize her battle armour, as I have.



  • A lovely clear-blue trim on her head, and other parts of her body. A nice blue colour to make everything appear beautiful and futuristic. Clean.
  • Swimsuit to alternate between Strike Witches designed pantsu design.
  • Love the clean ‘A11’ part face plate allowing for a ‘dummy/doll’, or empty body type feel.
  • Comes with the standard types of pair of hands for various posing styles.
  • Lovely range of melee weapons, even strongly implying she can fly as a flying fortress of the Frame Arms Girl kind. Anime also backs this up in both the opening & ending sequence of episode 1 (shown above).
  • Loving the blue clear plastic parts that make her appear far fancier. The head visor, the blades, the blade in a blade, and even a see-through wall to what could be a ‘revolver’ in her back armour piece.
  • The different between casual & combat being vast that if you dislike her in high heels that you can swap with battle ‘chicken legs’ type legging for her to deal with trickier terrain. She could handle snow, yet fear losing parts in snow.
  • A large enough posing range that she can enter any sort of combat & casual pose. She can be sniping, or what have you.
  • The blue blade in her thigh/knee armour is an interesting defensive choice. It may slide in and out of that bulky armour set.
  • The front toe of her armour feet may be articulated around for various reasons. There’s parts that may articulate more for various poses, transformation types, and etc.
  • She simply seems stunning in her casual form. Her main battle form is also something impressive to note.


  • Neck piece on my Hresvelgr keeps popping off during posing. That little peg doesn’t stay on the other peg because of the grey neck piece for decoration.
  • Limiting face plates that one should have contained happier emotions. A smile, or a sleeping face. Something other. Even in decal form.
  • Hresvelgr & other Frame Arms have standing issues with tiny feet. The high heels of Hres’ makes her have difficulties standing in places that those ‘chicken feet’ are required to allow her to balance. Her & other Frame Arms have that small feed issue.
  • Issues pulling out the hand peg to put into other arm pieces. May have to look at runners for spares.
  • Being a model type figure she may easily lose parts outdoors & in various areas that one has to be extremely cautious to not lose parts.
  • No parts container, even for this heavier type girl. Way too many spare parts that one has to go out and buy containers to hold parts.
  • Some limiting factors in posing in both casual and combat manner that causes parts to fly off in reaction.
  • When fully equipped in her full armour gear she has this habit of tipping over easily that a stand is required at times. A poor pose causes her to topple easily. Being a plastic model this becomes a much more serious issue. If owning duplicates one can remedy this problem for a while.
  • 13 hours exhaustion. Just keeps going, and going, and going…..*yawns heavily* Whatever is left I left undone until a later date for another article.

I also acquired Frame Arms Girl: Innocentia after an awkward Canada Post occurance. Depend on when I have time I’ll post that story, as with the beauty of Innocentia. Something to look forward to when paired up with episode 2 of FA: Girl anime.

– That cute kemonomimi/nekomimi pink aura to have fun with next week, or so. Seeking next free time.

See you in the next Frame Arms Girl posting!