Frame Arms Girl – Innocentia

I simply love how I constantly am discovering more lovely Frame Arms Girls to join my collection. One such lovely to join me as my fourth is the lovely ‘kemonomimi’ type FA Girl named Innocentia, a playful type.

– Renge sitting on top of the package while Hresvelgr leans back onto Innocentia in that ‘punky’ manner.

I have to say that I actually quite love the aura radiating off of this box in that pinkish reddish aura. Similar to how you would see fog tinted in colour, one would see a lovely shade of pinkish red emanating from the box. Because I wear glasses my eyes tend to pick up light a bit oddly, thus the ‘aura’ mention. It’s nothing odd, as witty comments tend to be made, yet if one is familiar with how glass behaves that’s how you see tend to see auras reflecting off objects at times.

Innocentia also had a weird little mishap that was tracked on the postal EMS tracking. One morning some Canada Post driver (probably still half asleep, or illiterate) mistakenly brought the package to another home at an earlier hour than I’m used to. It claimed I gave a different address (false) which then forced this delivery person to head to my place to leave a package notice, yet never buzzed to notify me my package is there. Canada Post has this habit of not doing such. Thank god I track all my packages because it’s a painful dramatic hassle otherwise. Not even out of the box and she already had a tale to tell. Lovely heh.

Yeah, she’s one of my favourites of her simplified cuteness.

– Hresvelger & Renge both pulling the part runners out of the box while also examining the contents within.
– I always love these default examples in model kits because they’re always so shiny, helpful, and lovely to look at. Appreciating the beauty within.
– At the other end you have some lovely examples of what you ‘may’ accomplish, if you were dedicated in doing so. The snake sword, twin guns, and affiliations with other merchandise lines.


  • The Actual Assembly of Innocentia:

One thing that’s obvious is that she rivals Materia in simplicity, yet has just that much more to allow her to stand out further than Materia. Materia is a starter type, while Innocentia is more of your ‘kemonomimi’ (Animal attributed humanoid) with the choice of cat, fox, dog, and etc. Just missing some tail accessories.

– Two heads are better than one. What about twin tails?
– One could leave the ear slots unoccupied, or you may place any ears as your choice…Which ones? Scroll up at the manual image, or skim below.
– I love these cat ears, yet those reminds me of a certain trap character from Re:Zero. I believe it starts with an F?
– How about a mechanized kemonomimi type attachment? A nice red & white fitting for both Japanese & Canadian pride. Also that PSO2 vibe to it.
– Now THESE are my favourite mecha ears reminding me of fox spirits/kitsunemimi.
– Renge assisting with assembling the naked Innocentia torso into a lovely mix of red, black, and white.
– Much better. Reminds me a bit of Kohiru…..The more I think about it, the more I see Kohiru in Innocentia…..
4 sets of ears, upper & lower torso, two sets of hair, a head…She’s a bit more complex than I may have expected. Surprising customization range.
– The ‘pantsu’ rear makes a teaseful return in this one. Hresvelgr decided to go swimsuit fetish route while Innocentia returned the pantsu route.
– The torso now assembled, if as touchy as Materia’s torso thanks to the ball joint. They all seem to have various issues where the upper torso meets with the lower.
– That’s one ‘casual’ leg done. Articulating toe section, and such. Once again, reminding me of Busou Shinki: Kohiru. This may or may not be a loose homage to Kohiru…..Coincidence, probably.
– Well, that may or may not be creepy depending on your perspective. That’s two ‘casual’ legs for the lovely Innocentia.
– That’s the majority of the parts that Materia comes with. The head, torso, 4 pairs of ear types, two hair types, two pairs of legs, two pairs of arms, two pairs of legs, and two pairs of hands. Three sets of face plates, torso…… Yeah.

A storm rolled in with only the edge that it rained, rumbled, and darkened the area that it caused my lighting to be all over the place.  A pair of rumbles with it mostly being dark, windy, and a bit rainy from the edge. Tried to keep the images as bright as possible. As for Materia, she was a fun build. She took me around 5 hours to assemble and have fun posing with. Quite rewarding.


  • The Posing:

She has a nice range of posing that the first thing had me make her point. The second thing was to get her into that lovely ‘nyaa’ pose as a kitty, something I’ll keep expanding on once I feel I can photoshoot her (and others) safely without losing parts in the vast outdoors. Also have to wait for nature to go green because Canada is mostly a white snowy winter wonderland.

– shhhh~

– Insert finger calibration test “Report: No damage detected”
– The back portion sure is interesting. Lots of places to place accessories that you’re able to customize her any way you desire.
– “…All the better to hear you with.”
– Nyaa?~
– Nyaa? (Note the tippy-toes how they articulate. Surprising balancing act.)
– Little nudge of the head so she may look towards us a bit more
– Appears the faceplate I gave her is a default expression type. What bothers me is how she doesn’t have a sleepy face plate….common….
– Innocentia deciding to knee her pose next, still looking adorable…Well, in person at the least.
– Is a standing ‘nyaa” still as adorable? I sense there’s some, yet may need outdoors to fully pull it off.
– Slightly better lighting angle thanks to the storm having darkened everything.
– Something I desired my other FA: Girls to do was to wield Hresvelgr’s giant gun-blade. Relieved, and glad, that Innocentia is able to handle the giant gun-blade with ease. A bit tricky, yet she took it all in stride.
– Not being as armoured as Hresvelgr was she’s able to be far more agile. I could see them both working as a team.
– For Innocentia, it also works as a shield. Able to do three things with this by slashing, firing, and blocking.
– Now that’s more like an ‘angry sheep’ or ‘chipmunk’ type expression. Stupid lighting, yet awesome pose. That smugness is awesome.
–  Insert 08th Team Gundam shield propping scene here.
– Nyaa Pose, this time with twin-tails & black trimming.
– “Nyaa?~ What was that?” (The low & loud rumble of thunder)
– Nyaa
– (Cleaning ear cat gesture)
– Little ‘nyaa’ tease.
– ???
– The cat pose now being an over-kill? Well, she was given cat accessories, plus some (one)  foxy pointy ones. Might as well heh.
– Seems like Hresvelgr had just about enough of that pose. Amazing how light they are when compared to Busou Shinkis.
– Having startled the Innocentia-kitty Hresvelgr chose to apology-pet her in return after having put her back down onto solid ground.
– *Pet pet*….. Something I realized is that I should have placed Innocentia’s arms pointing towards her chin. Too late now.
– Hresvelgr & the sassy Innocentia. When you pose her properly she can really become quite a sassy kitty, and that’s something I may have to be worried about….. All that figure drama to be had.


  • Final Thoughts:

I’m mostly pleased with Innocentia, even having expected her to be a quicker build. Less parts, more accessories to customize, plus more posing range when compared to Hresvelgr. She’s close to Jinrai’s medium range variety that she could, in theory, be considered a beginner type kit. Her, and Materia types for those just beginning to get into the line. Hresvelgr is for those with more patience, and I guess further into the series. I love the red, white, and black mix to her theme, even with how she only has skin exposed leggings, arms, and legs for the very casual appearance. She even has a second pair to such of having black on the hands, arms, and legs for a more ‘combat’ role, or even outdoors. You can switch & swap between the two skin & black sets.

If one had to compare her to Busou Shinki, I guess Kohiru & Renge would both be appropriate because of their style. The kemonomimi stuff towards Renge, while the ‘skin’ limbs more towards Kohiru. I love that mix. A shame there’s no simple weaponry, yet she can always borrow from others (i.e Jinrai & Hresvelgr).

I also love how she comes with 4 sets of kemonomimi ears, three being PSO2 styled mecha, and one being cat ears. Also makes sense when there’s a collab going with PSO2 with Kotobukiya using Frame Arms Girl. The head parts can easily appear in PSO2 (the red & white parts) that hype tends to reach further. You can even choose to go with twin-tails, or not. I experimented with going without as you’re given two sets of hair parts to customize the head. Not sure which I prefer, maybe even having to allow each grow on me. Another thing to note is that she appears a bit too smug, even appearing as Felix from Re: Zero. That’s slightly concerning in a way. One can easily make a Felix FA: Girl custom, as you could with turning Hresvelgr’s swimsuit body into a submarine Kanmusu custom on her side.

The negative parts to Innocentia being a typical Frame Arms Girl issue, yet also a relieve as to what they are. one of the issues is the hip ball join connecting the lower legging to the upper body that it tends to pop out. Another issue being how I built the black shoe that the pegging won’t really stay in the hole having the shoe slip off. May have to put a piece of tape to keep it attached. The bigger issue to me actually being that you’re given all these faceplates, yet Kotobukiya failing to realize two things about FA: Girls is that 1) sleeping faceplate, & 2) parts containers. Sure, I could paint one on, yet I don’t have that skill. Secondly, I could just go out to a supply store to get some parts divider container, something I’ll have to do now by keeping them in Frame Arms Girl boxes.

Overall, she’s a fun FA Girl that I love her style. I’m planning to take more images of her outdoors, even recommending her to others to purchase. A nice high 8/10. Shall quench my desire for a fox designed FA Girl as I seek out to find a fluffy tail fitting for Innocentia, among other accessories. She’s a fun one.



  • Quite a lovely simplified figure with a lovely blue, white, and black colour theme.
  • Three sets of faceplates (minus a sleeping face). Comes with decals so you can customize blank face plates.
  • 4 sets of kemonomimi attachments: 1) cat ears – 2) mecha cat ears – 3) Mecha fox ears – 4) Mecha rabbit/dog ears(?)
  • Twin-tails option, or no twin-tails option. Two sets of hair pieces to decide what type of head style you desire.
  • Two types of limbs for casual skin exposure, or black appearing sleeve + thigh sock. You can decide if you want Innocentia to be casual by exposing her skin-limbs while also seeing the details in her toes, something that can articulate at once also.
  • Comes with a ‘nyaa’ cat hand gesture. Close fisted hands to allow for ‘nyaa’ posing.
  • Great range of posing that her feet articulate as whole. You can have her tip toe, make her ‘nyaa’, or whichever on both the ‘skin’ & ‘black limbed’ attachments.
  • Given pegged grove accessories, plus a smoother version of the same parts to customize or casualize Innocentia to your desires.
  • Great range of simplified customization with the hair, limbs, kemonomimi (ears), and even the armour attachments on limbs. Same with the armour swapping for her ass guard skirt.
  • Innocentia is a very playful type FA: Girl that I’m planning to do much more with her by seeking out more accessories for her. I enjoy her character, plus desiring to get her a snake sword, as well as more weaponry aimed at her ‘cat-like’ & ‘fox-like’ personality. Shall quench my desire for a ‘fox type’ FA Girl for a bit.


  • No sleeping face plate; Decals contain default three expressions, yet no sleeping face.
  • No parts container of any sort to keep your parts neat and tidy.
  • Hip joint tends to pop up freely when articulating the body.
  • Loose heel peg joint when connecting into the black shoe. Maybe I attached it poorly, yet it’s loose. Need to add tape, or something.

Thanks for viewing, and see you in Frame Arms Ep 2 review!