[Anime] Frame Arms Girl – Episode 2

I’m genuinely 100% loving these episodes. I’m glad they’re around with episode 2 focusing on both Stylet’s and Baselard’s personality and character.

A comically sleepy Ao doing a toilet run while breaking something of ‘Sty-ko’ when enroute. Note the chargers for the FA: GIrls.

(Spoilers contained within.)

I’m quite pleased with this second episode also, even more so when it’s so well comically done. It’s a nice mix of ‘slice-of-life’, combat, as well as robotic mayhem as they to quench their curiousity. I found myself genuinely laughing that Kotobukiya did well with giving these Frame Arms Girl an anime. This episode focuses on Stylet, now nicknamed ‘Sty-ko’ for the first half, and then Baselard (nicknamed ‘Base’, as in Bass-eh. Or Bazzeh) with the cleaning robot half of the episode. We end up learning more about their character, even how crazy they all tend to be as they try to co-exist with both Gourai & Ao’s world.

First half of the episode is tending to Sty’ko’s ‘trauma’ as she’s found to end up freezing in place like a statue. They try to cure her, yet things……become far more teaseful as trying to tend to Sty-ko’s problems becomes more of a slap-stick comedy.

– Like with the Busou Shinkis, Gourai can cook rice. It’s simple, yet a lovely start to things. Gourai as a fine cook.

I find it amusing that Kotobukiya would announce a charger model kit of this ‘Charger’ on Twitter after this episode had aired. This is the answer to Busou Shinki’s charging cradle [example here] that allows these little ones to keep so active in both combat & casual life-styles. The new charger can be adjusted accordingly, even used to send parts into the ‘Session Base’ hologram world, as well as being its own sentient entity.

– Baselard snoozing away as a lazy genuine. Sty-ko also tending to her accessories making sure they’re in tip-top shape.
– Gourai having riced Sty-ko’s head as Ao observes in surprise. The hilarity.
– Sty-ko obviously not amused she’s being left out during a conversation as she also produces frustration bubbles before snapping. Adorable.
– Gourai discovering Sty-ko’s frozen traumatized state when picking off rice from Sty-ko’s hair. All this from a one-hit KO.
– Baselard, a cheeky witty smartass of a FA: Girl never absent from a serious tease of another that it even wakes her up from a heavy snooze. What an expression.

Thanks to Baselard being more of a witty & intelligent character I’m finding myself favouring the idea of purchasing both the Charger + Baselard version that release in September. Quite an interesting character with that touch of mysteriousness to her.

– Smart? Baselard being a smart character? You sure about that? Maybe.
– One thing we do know is that Sty-ko is traumatized by Gourai’s powerful persona. That, and that Baselard is a massive prankful tease. A bit on the foxy side….A kitsune jestful type personality.

Oh, the hilarity in teasing Sty-ko is what makes the first arc. How all the actions and expressions adds onto the satsifaction of respectfully teasing her is quite amusing. Even look at all the Baselard expressions, as well as how we end up loving Ao more as a human character.

– Sty-ko can’t fly?! Oh now! She should still be able to, unless a missing part means the whole thing becomes…..useless?
– Baselard once again gaining that duo rotation scene between her & Sty-ko as she hilariously gains a funky and funny chopstick banging scene. The animation here is what makes it.
– The plan? Nudge both Sty-ko & Gourai together to see at what range Sty-ko ends up freezing.
– Ao & Baselard being one in the same as they both have their comical hilarity with the situation attempting to cure Sty-ko’s trauma.
– The next step? Unknown…..Oh, Shock treatment!
– *insert traumatized shy wiggle done in a cute way*

– Baselard, you sassy parrot……
– Robo-yuri! Well, that’s one way to do a ‘shock-and-awe’ trauma shock therapy treatment….Sure is shocking, more so when it’s in a seductive lengthy manner causing Sty-ko to fry her machinery. Also scores as a cheap attempt at gaining cheap points with a horny fanbase. Yeah…..
– It was however shocking to Ao as it also turned Ao on quite a bit. Baselard is loving every moment of it, that prankster. Quite a steamy moment that was.
– Ao feeling the regret as she came upon the realization that Gourai may have mistook Ao’s ‘advice’. More appropriately, having fried Sty-ko’s circuity during a steam ‘surprise attack’ making the trauma worse.

I find it refreshing how human Ao is. One moment she’s just a ‘casual’ self, another she’s highly energetic. Quite lively & wise for a character in this genre, and quite self-aware at times. I’m loving Ao as a lively character.

– Charger! Even holding one of Stylet’s flight piece that Ao stepped on in the first image above when heading to the toilet. It’s also….sentient. Wow.
– Gourai mentioning downward pressure cracking it; Ao apologizing for a nightly accident, swiftly mending the issue.
– Woosh! Sty-ko wooshing about in pure joy! Yatta!~ Lovely sight to behold heh.
– A short-lived experience of hype of wanting to challenge Gourai until her ‘trauma’ scaled up to pure…. embarrassment & shock heh.
– ‘Frozen embarassment’ – Sty-ko
– As Sty-ko’s trauma upscales, as does the desire to tease her enlarges. Quite an easy personality to pick on and tease heh.
– Ni-shi-shi-shi~ This is entertaining! I just love this teaseful expression filled with pure prankful thoughts. The hilarity. Two of a kind heh.

I just loved this as I was able to be rewarded by glorious facial expressions by both Ao & Baselard. Their teasing and expressions is what makes the show, as does the Frame Arm line. Maybe I could have also cut down on the images, yet this simply shows how much I love the show.

First half done! Now onto the Room Cleaner bit!

– New Robo-cleaner get! Perfect for your Busou Shinki & Frame Arms Girl sized robos.
– Heh. Ao, you’re so amusingly cruel that even Sty-ko has to question if it’s fine to leave emotional teaching to Ao Yes Ao, yes.
– Moshi mosh~. ……No answer.
– Life is indeed a journey, even when you’re either a ‘peaceful’ or ‘toxic’ person. Life is what what you make of it. Also, that poem was hilarity indeed. Base, you big hilarious troll you…..
– Feeling a bit bad & exhausted about the whole thing that they’re now relaxing. The calm before the storm moment, heh. Karma.
– It moves! It moves! It lives!……..And it mocks you in return via recorded voice overs.
– Gourai!! Kotobukiya!! What’s your mental damage with ‘Charger-kun charger punishment’ by pushing the cable in and out of the charger slot. *facepalms hard*. Why……Just why……The only real odd scene in here, plus need to take Gourai to a robotic medical clinic….Holy hell.

Sorry, but what? Everything else is awesome, but this…. Sexualizing girl-bots….. Not even that, it’s just random, and now a running joke. Think of eating sushi, but with every fish type sushi you eat it moans in horror. Yeah.

Also, having mocked Ao behind her back the cleaning robot recorded it all, jumbling it to mock the FA: Girls in return. They now have to catch it at the risk of being thrown out, or assuming they would. Some sort of punishment, or similar. The whole conversation recorded, yet played back to mock the girls.

– The chase is on to capture the mocking & rogue robo-cleaner!
– It’s a rodeo!~ Hold on to the bull~ Weeeeeeeeeee!~
– Smash! Crash! Bang! Ao’s underwear thrown all over the place with Baselard offering to battle Gourai, yet that causes a slight confusion heh. Smoooooosh. Baselard plays it smoooooooth. Not even a scolding.
– Does this explain why you and Stylet keep being 1-shot KO’d each & every time? How exactly strong are you compared to the norm? The average? How strong would a witty tease be?
– While Baselard sits on Ao as a parrot, we find that Sty-ko stands with pride next to her. One in a casual effect, the other with pride, yet both claiming air superiority.
– Gives off a nice Gundam vibe in both the POV, as well as a ‘Journey to Jaburo’ type scene. I can’t help but pick ‘Journey to Jaburo’ from this. Maybe even Kemono Friends, if I think more recently.
– Gourai targetted at full strength. Will she survive?

Yup! Baselard’s Gundam Seed styled Freedom Gundam type laser attacks failed to reach Gourai because of ‘chaff’ from the cleaning robot. I’d say that makes sense and shall allow it to pass.

One thing to seriously note is that Gourai’s weaponry is dangerous that it truly KO’s opponents in 1 hit. A 1 hit KO that it makes you wonder what Gourai really is. She’s an all-terrain type from my POV. Makes one curious.

– A KO shocking faint for Base.
– Underwear still laying about, yet Baselard enjoyed the fight to the fullest. She had her fun, as did Gourai. Both wanting to fight once another round.
– How’s this for a job? Being sent a test sentient FA: Girl to then have another do battle to obtain data to allow you to be paid per battle that’s more than a crappy & highly abusive minimum wage job.
– Frame Arms Girl: Ao | While Ao has the charging robo being fixed she now has a more ‘weapon-like’ vacuum cleaner to use as a weapon. Pew Pew!~

I may have over-done it via the image count, yet I just love this show. I genuinely find it worthwhile, even with and without the hype. It’s that genuinely fun that I’m finding myself laughing at the silliness of BOTH the FA: Girls and Ao. The FA: Girls feel like Busou Shinki types carrying off of what Konami brainlessly killed causing Kotobukiya to pick up a similar line to fill in the void caused by Konami. This show, the line…..It’s all fun and rewarding that I’m highly amused to be laughing at teaseing Sty-ko, both Ao & Base’s smug prankful face, as well as seeing Baselard being more of a ‘kitsune’ type prankster in that intelligent manner……..This actually goes deep, and I love it.

This makes me want to see more. I want more! I want to see what they’ll do when they max out the FA Girls being personfications of the mecha line. Maybe through the SOL line, or something. Once the FA Line is capped they could go through their SOL, and various other lines. This anime is great, and obviously a funny grand commercial for the model kit figure line. If I was to rate this episode I’d give it an 8/10. Not the best, yet it did make me laugh while having hilarious worthwhile moments. It’s not even average, yet above average. Worthwhile! I now want that plain-white Baselard model kit!

See you in Episode 3 review! I have no other FA: Girl to post so it’ll be another episode review.