Happy Shinki-FA:G-Bismarck Easter!

Happy Easter! It may be belated by the time I uploaded this article, yet Happy Easter to anybody whom celebrates this festivity!

– Happy Easter from both Bismarck & Mizuki MK. II! They’re still both hanging around.

Happy Easter! Been meaning to have uploaded this posting on April 18th, yet just fell too ill to do so. Too much anxiety, stress, and fatigue that I was just the right out of it. I could barely watch ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’, something I enjoyed greatly while baffled as to how people consider something so great to be so ‘average’ or ‘generic’. It had a nice serious story, if with a very sad ending. It must be the ancient mentality of viewing woman as inferior beings that I looked past that, admiring the movie through-and-through respecting every moment, even Jyn Erso. Every moment of that movie was glorious, even glad I finally caught up in watching it. I’m glad how it paid tribute and homage to the other Star Wars movie while being its own ‘nitty-gritty’ movie. It felt more in tune to the Star Wars world than the ‘Force Awakens’ movie. It felt it spoke to us more. I felt it spoke to me as a happy Star Wars fan. Was a fun movie.

Been itching to take some images that it frustrated the hell out of me. Wanted to simply take more images that my only wish & desire is that it brings a smile to someone. I hope people enjoy this. I enjoy taking them, yet waiting on Ottawa nature to catch up to start blooming, something which shall be mid-to-late May. I have to wait a long time for proper figure photography.

– Materia having fun with an already opened Oreo’s chocolate egg.

Materia has been an odd one that her joints simply loosen up over time, with or without posing use. It makes me believe it’s either the humidity, or that they’re actually alive in that half-serious & half-comical joking manner. The peg in her right hand broke somehow. Not sure how, yet it broke.

– Delicious lovely eggs heh.
– My proud Bismarck waifu playing with some choco-egg shells, if in a proud defiant type pose. I love Bismarck, yet wish her hands weren’t the type they gave her. More like pegs, or something.
– What’s a simple photoshoot without Renge? She’ll always be around having fun. She’ll always have fun being a curious little fox.
I mean, look at how happy Renge is to play around with these choco-eggs heh.
– It’s her egg. Nobody shall take her egg! Will it hatch another egg?
– Alright, now you’re too attached to that egg. It better hatch a little foxy.
– Oh? It appears Hresvelgr took a liking to the Kinderegg surprise from the Kinder-bunny.
– Too adorable as she peaks from the side of the Kinder-bunny.
– Oh, now that’s mischievous styled expression. It appears Innocentia & Renge shall have a rivalry going on. What an evil expression.
– Hresvelgr & Innocentia making an interesting pairing. Can you also sense the aura divide between the two? Unintentional, yet it happened. A coincidence.
– An interesting pairing, divide, and themed aura.
– Messing about with some saturation filters as my FA: Girls mess about with choco-egg shells.
– I have to say that Innocentia would make an interesting witch when seeing that egg shell. It appears I have to now look into doing such.

Fun Fact: Real world witches wore witch hats to stand out from the crowd so they could sell surplus of home-cooked meals. They wore the long pointy hats to stand out in market places, and even a witch broom hanging from a door frame to note to those unable to read that they were selling surplus of food, bear, beverages, and etc. Cats were also welcomed into their dwellings to rid the place of rats which would have otherwise snacked on the food supply, surplus, and etc. Cats domesticating themselves.

The whole superstition about witches using magic was at the height of people fearing the unknown, and even used to other ‘witches’ advantage to rid the area of competition. Real world witches aren’t scary, yet more of your family oriented individuals simply selling surplus of goods.

It puts things into an interesting perspective when one views witches that when you see ‘real world’ witches using herbs and such it turns everything into a silly ‘lost in translation’ practice.

– Jinrai appears as innocent as the anime version of Gourai here.
– To shake things up a tad we had Jinrai attempt to slice an egg in half. Didn’t quite work out. The packaging is split, yet the egg is still quite intact.
– “???” – Jinrai

Well, that made things awkward. Jinrai sure had an adorable reaction to that which makes me quite amused and happy. I’d bet Renge would agree. Been wondering if I should have cracked open the rabbit, if I should have left it for a ‘plausible’ part 2, or if I should just leave it as is.

  • Bonus Thoughts:

Well, cursing just a slightly bit that it had to rain again when I took the images. Was sunny yesterday making it perfect for photography. Well, when one feels ill one should relax & chill, or as I was told to do. I’m constantly on edge, more so when I’m also hearing the word “toxic” used directly & in an implied manner that it tears a person apart. That, and just through normal work stress, and others. Glad to have had a chance to take this image though.

Oh, I’m so glad I managed to watch the ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ movie. Again, wanting to mention that it’s a great movie that it paid high respect to the lore while also rewarding those that have watched it with a great time. Ghostbusters 2016, you piece of shit offensive movie, this is how you do a movie. You do not instigate fights, you respect the lore the way ‘Rogue One’ has done it! You do not pick fights on and off screen with your audience. I loved how it was grittier, more personal, as well as allowing other movies to flow into it by even connecting to it. If you have watched the other movies you would recognize the other movies. All those references. It sucks to be those that see ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ as some bland movie when they should have been more intune with the movie, not stuck on something political, as Ghostbusters 2016 has had people do. Rogue One is a true tribute to the Star Wars series.

I simply loved the various scenes. One such scene was how Jyn Erso was trying to rally the Rebellion to steal the Death Star plans from Scarif that she decided to go at it alone. Everybody else wimped out that she went with a select few brave souls to do the job that the cowardly Rebellion wouldn’t. I have to respect the Calamari, specifically ‘Admiral Raddus’, for having the fishy balls to fight a Rebellion fight; For wanting to take the fight to the Empire! K-2SO, I respect you so much that I loved how sassy and lethal you were. You were an aging droid that the Imperials stood no match for. That instant blaster draw to snipe an Imperial trooper from the side, as well as even hitting people on the head to knock them out. That sass of yours was well worthy. Bodhi Rook also stands as someone requiring high praise and command of respect for the bravery on the flight pad of Scarif. I wish you were able to throw the grenade back because you were really becoming a nicely fleshed out character being mischievous & sassy. I’ll miss you guys. There’s just so much to this movie that I’m struggling to sum it all up. The space gate, the AT-ATC attack, and etc. How the AT-ATCs came out of the mist….EVERYTHING! . /Salutes

– Nier: Automata showing how AAA games SHOULD be made. They should be made with love, care, and true passion to make games.

I’m still loving ‘Nier: Automata’ that I believe it’s the best game of 2017. I still want to play it, yet have to divide my time accordingly to each and everything. You should play it! It has an awesome cinematic story and play style that you shall enjoy every bit of it. You’ll love how it slips from classic ‘bullet hell’ to 3D, top down, and various other forms. It’s a truly awesome game that it makes you feel welcomed, respecting you, even while having its fun on the side. Such high quality that I’m loving this game through-and-through. It’s an open world game built in a stage type manner, even hinting towards it that each location is open, yet connected to one another in a stage show manner. Each area reveals a stage play type story-telling, something that’s grand and rewarding. Adam & Eve even make note of this. This game is true art, and worth the $80 CAD price. While other games fail in simple greed & lacking passion by tainting people’s gaming experience, this game is glorious! The music is also one of its high-points. Everything is!

– 2B has a beautiful facial structure. Her eyes make her far more beautiful as her personality softened.

I happily bought Pokemon Moon, finally. Happy bought it because it kept irritating me how I was lagging behind with how Lillie also was being shown on Danbooru in various ways. Wanted to be familiar with this that I had my fun reaching the second island by now. Even happy that Euro Truck Simulator 2 shall receive an ‘oversized cargo’ [link] to expand the fun in that world. Happy that I’ll be having fun hauling oversized cargo to spice things up once it releases soonish.

Even playing KanColle still while hanging back a bit. Leveled Suzuya up to her first new Kai Ni that I love her modernized appearance. Now focusing on Zara with her at level 75/88. Need to keep nudging her.

Well, to wrap up the blog I’ll make note that I’ll have another blog posting to do with a Frame Arms: Girl Small Canon turret coming in. The way they were released gives off the vibe that it’s inspiring from KanColle that you could easily make a KanColle musume using such.  I also pre-ordered Anime Version Baselard with the anime blu-ray because I prefer that Baselard over anything else. I also want to up the next Frame Arms Girl episode review yet had to hold off on that because I’m just not myself. My health took a nasty hit that everything constantly has to be postponed by a bit.

See you in the next article! Frame Arms Girl ep 3, most likely. Happy Easter! If on a belated note.