[Anime] Frame Arms Girl – Episode 3

I’m loving this Frame Arms Girl so much that I just couldn’t wait for episode 3 to pop around. This episode being based around Baselard’s school adventure, and with the two sadistic Materia sisters.

– Baselard, wake up! Oh, wait….she went with Ao, didn’t she….

I’m quite loving this show that it’s a real shame to see people writing this show off as something boring and generic. I’m loving each moment of it, more so because it’s in my line of interest. For those that skipped out on this show you’re truly missing out on a lot! No joke!  I’m loving how silly Baselard is with how she’s like a bird seeking out shiny things, or with how silly the sadistic Materia twins are.

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I found it amusing how Sty-ko assumed that humans have a built in charger to wake up exactly at the right time. I mean, we do and it’s called a ‘body clock’, but that only triggers when all sorts of conditions are met. You would have to be well rested, be in a strict schedule, as well as not having daylights savings time thrown into the mix. That, or Ao really needs an alarm clock. I’m going to assume that what is being implied is that Ao simply wakes up when she desires to.

– Why is Baselard sleeping so much? Oh, there’s a message written on the ghost that she went to school with Ao. Oh, the horror!
– Oh, Baselard….you’re quite a curious handful…..That child-like expression sure is something……
– Yeah, sure you do. This scene, wow…..The irony.
– I’m curious if any Japanese locals or gaijins are familiar with this landscape. Maybe they could pinpoint where it actually is located. That, and Sty-Ko having to carry Gourai around heh.

I’m happy with the above scene because it once again shows that Frame Arm Girls can fly about freely, similar to how Busou Shinki are able to do. Various types that are meant to fly, that is. Gourai is also heavy for Sty-ko.

– Jiiiiii~
– Adventure time! Adventure time! Yay!~ Yay!~ Funny how she is also fully equipped.
– Woosh~
– Finding it way too adorable how her hands are pressed up onto the window as she peaks at a shiny water faucet below.
– Baselard, go home! You do not belong at school!
– Baselard sure is one troublesome FA: Girl…The water just spraying everywhere, something I highly doubt is possible. Found it neat how the water distorts the FA: Girls when they’re behind the water.
– Smart, yet highly childish hmm. Baselard is quite a handful….
– Our resident crow scaring the life out of Sty-ko. Running Crow gag?
– And dropped from high heights they were. A shame Sty-ko failed to realize she could fly……
– That precision sure is something, on a MIkasa basketball. Ao just observing things in a neutral manner. Just a neutral expression before she asks that they also came.

Of course, being at school has issues when you have troublesome Frame Arms Girls roaming about, ones you can’t really show to the public. Sentient FA: Girls whom entered the school on their own stirring up various sorts of trouble thanks to Baselard…..

Having to tell your classmates that something came up, yet not normal enough as something is noticed. Something suspicious by one of her friends.

– “Gotta go, my tummy hurts”
– Scares all about, yet Bukiko’s instincts were correct that she was indeed hiding Frame Arms Girl at school. Quite a nice school at that with nice scenery. I’m jealous. It’s great for figure photography!
– Shall we say that Bukiko is every single one of us, eh? I’d be in that boat trying to make the most of my Shinki or FA: Girl. She’s quite a knowledgeable girl.

A shame Baselard has to be an overly curious & troublesome girl when she’s also smart, at times.

– Many shiny things went missing, including mirrors, spoons, and anything from the archery club.
– Oh, geez….What a…..situation. Sty-ko also flying about in her gear as both Ao & Bukiko observe the situation with Gourai.
– Are you missing anything shiny? Baselard may have stolen it.

It’s quite amusing to see, yet silly at the same time, with how Sty-ko struggled to capture Baselard. She’s just to fast for Sty-ko, even loving to play a game of chase. What a handful, wow.

– Gourai, in the mean time, winning extra covert bonus points for standing on Ao’s head as Bukiko summons three nippers to capture Baselard with.
– Silly situations calls for silly solutions. Baselard, time to join the Shiny Nipper Religion!
– All hail the mighty shiny nippers!
– All hail the mighty shiny nippers!~
– YATTA!~ FA: Girl GO! You can now play FA: Girl GO on the go! Caught a Baselard! Just throw nippers and you’ll catch Baselard heh.
– Oh, geez….Grabbing the image just because it captures Baselard’s personality, yet it can also be used for something suggestive. Gourai’s 1-hit wonder! Bah.
– Adorable! Something I wanted to do with my Busou Shinkis, yet FA: Girls are also doing it. Something I should do eventually when the time comes.

It was a nice enjoyable, if silly, arc filled with Baselard going crazy over shiny objects. You even become aware of how Ao’s school is like, even being introduced to Bukiko in proper. Nice arc, I approve.

  • Here Comes the Materia Sisters

The sadistic, nearly incest like, Materia sisters now make their interesting appearance as they stir up more trouble for the gang. I have one of the Materia girls (White version named ‘Kuro’), making this a tiny bit more ‘personal’ in places.

– Ao starting off with a stinky mishap with goats. Playing with goats, then probably getting peed on in some manner….
– New package with Baselard being highly excited to receive and open it. Typical Baselard, especially after the problem from last arc.
– New package! What could it be? Any guesses?
– Materia twins having their sister-love styled sleep in an ‘elegant’ manner.
– First impressions shows they’re quite nice lovely sisters, yet that tends to be deceptive.
– Inspiring from European styled elegance & kissing greetings, they even decide to elegantly bow in greetings. They’re sure quite something.
– A lovely bath for Ao to then stumble across two sisters named ‘Materia’. It indeed does become troublesome, thus Kuro & Shiro as their new nicknames.
– The masks crack, revealing a more sadistic side to them as they pleasure from sadistic enjoyments. The screams of their tortured victims.
– They continuously insist in striking various forms of elegant posings, such as this combat pose. Do love the sword, desiring such.
– I do love me snake swords. Would love to obtain such to be of use for my FA: Girls. She’s quite wild with her use of that sword.
– Now, THIS is something I can get behind, but if it’s a PC game only. It has a nice interface to read Gourai, Materia WH, Materia BK, & even Stylet. Curious as to why she’s not named Sty-ko here.

I would actually love this sort of game, but on PC. Yes, it may be easiest to do on a Smartphone & some console, yet releasing it on PC would be the best choice as one could mod the game to keep up with the times. Would be awesome to take advantage of this idea to digitally quick-build an FA: Girl, modify & customize, then battle to grow with time.

I also favour the PC because one could mod this to also include Busou Shinki because Konami is useless, and we can continue paying respects via this idea. Shall be sweet if it can be realized somehow.

– With the Materia twins proving too skilled and powerful, a new weapon from Bukiko named: “Prototype Heavy Weapon Unit 17 Revolving Buster Canon”.

I find it amusing how it’s crossing back into Gundam Build Fighter territory to make note of how one can make custom weapons to use in holograms. Bukiko made this that it works better than what Ao can make by slapping things together.

– Interesting to note how you can just place a weapon onto the base to then activate it via the phone by dragging it onto Gourai. I’ll also assume that Bukiko took a screenshot that is stored somewhere in the part so the phone could read it as an image. Or maybe the base itself takes a screenshot.
– New super-weapon added! Gourai now has a chance of winning thanks to Bukiko’s expertise in the building side of things.
– Fire! It’s not even a projectile, but a laser. A big energy canon. That sure is something, yet reminds me of the ground Gundams from ’08th Team Gundam’ with how they fire.
– A job well done, and some friendship bonding points were gained between Gourai & Sty-ko! No more freezing in place. Do note the 1 hit KO by Gourai also. It simply continues! She’ll have to face defeat eventually.

With that loss the Materia sisters were too embarassed to return back to base, thus choosing to stay. Well, after bribing Ao via battle pay that allowed them to stay to bully Sty-ko from then on forward. Gourai & Baselard both approving of the situation also, only for Baselard’s silly trolling gain, and for Gourai’s naivety.

– Kuro & Shiro both teasing Sty-ko in that creepy yandere type manner. Chivers. All those shivers.
– That mischevious expression of Baselard…..Oh, you already done enough damage as it is…. She nudges Gourai to comment Ao’s decision and to mute Sty-ko’s protest via majority vote on Materia sisters staying.

Yup! I have to echo the thoughts that just because some people chose to see this as something generic they missed a lot of hilarity here. They missed a lot of fun caused by Baselard, some nice battles, and even some concepts of games done for the anime that could be turned into a game in some manner. Either fan-made, or even real. Would be sweet. I quite love this episode that I can’t wait to see episode 4 with Jinrai, an FA: Girl I already have. Shall be sweet seeing Jinrai in all her anime glory, and then Hresvelgr at some point.

I’m just loving this as it simply improves on the Busou Shinki TV anime concept, even going a few steps further from people’s complaints of desiring more battles in the show. We have those battles in the second half thanks to Materia sisters. All that whining & moaning about the TV anime of Busou Shinki sucking, yet being added into this show by Kotobukiya. I also have no complaints this episode because thankfully there’s no charger punishment gag added in. Only Baselard, Materia, and a game concept.


See you in the next blog posting! Let’s have fun with Jinrai in episode 4!