[Anime] Frame Arms Girl – Episode 4

The Frame Arms Girl episode oriented around Jinrai has finally arrived! Nice! The episode consisting of Jinrai desiring a battle for data and then some apartment homes for the FA: Girls.

– Anybody up for some spring shopping?

This ‘review’ into episode 4 is a week late because of how busy I was. Got myself into some workplace drama with other accusing me of things I haven’t done, something I won’t get into details of . Basically stuff that needed to be sorted out. Finally managed the time to ‘review’ ep 4, so let’s do that! Now that it’s out I do hope you enjoy the look into what I desired to be an entertaining episode. A nice episode 4 of Jinrai because I also have a kit of her ‘here‘.

I’ll be honest and say that this Jinrai wasn’t what I was expecting. Not a Fubuki type, but more of a parody type Jinrai with an eyepatch used to call out Konami’s takle on the Busou Shinki personality/persona types of ‘kitsune’ or ‘hellhound’ in a FA: Girl. A more playful and parody way of doing things of a comedy call out. I’m still amused by the Jinrai in certain ways with the eyepatch. It’s either coincidence, or I’m looking into it too deeply, yet feel that’s what Jinrai’s introduction scene plays out as.

– Poke! Poke!
– Jinrai shreds her way into Ao’s room as she immediately stirs up a parody styled battle.
– A nice attachment to older figures in Japan’s history as one passionately reveals a personal attachment to their themed style. A ninja styled FA: Girl with a samurai touch. Kept the subs to make note of the importance.

I find that red ‘Charger-kun’ silly also with how he or she tried to dress up as someone mysterious & secretive by wearing that trench coat. Nice stuff. Even that Twitter sound effect after the battle.

– If coincidental, this is what I meant by Kotobukiya jabbing Konami for Renge & Gabrine’s personality traits of acting as old spirits of fox spirits or hellhounds. That, or it could actually be as simple and carefree as Ao is of a happening.
– Ever wondered how it was like to be attacked by either Busou SHinki or an FA: Girl? This is how! Just a little irritation. Jinrai throwing ninja stars at Ao.

Having attacked Ao, Gourai now charged in on the defense by hopping cutely on Ao’s legs then her shielding pose arm. I find it amusing, yet Gourai could have been a few seconds quicker, yet probably taken off guard by Jinrai’s sudden acts of hostilities. That, and the throwing stars having no real effect on humans.

What I also find amusing is how Ao is also aware that she’s the ‘chosen one’, and that Jinrai is also a 1-hit killing machine, as if parodying other anime for having the ‘chosen one’ types, yet in a more carefree manner.

Ao is like – “yeah, who cares. I just want to live life my child-like way without being bounded to cliched anime rules of law” – type deals heh.

– Jinrai sure has a dark aura around her in theme. A traditional Japanese setting during the Edo Period, if one makes note of Jinrai’s connection to Date Masamune.
– Loving how these fights end up. Jinrai attacks seriously, Gourai counter-attacks seriously. Not just defense, but counter-attacks also.
– What’s a ninja without duplicates? A shadow version of themselves to attack their foes. Even though it’s CG, I quite like how it was pulled off as Jinrai’s ran past Gourai in a circular attack formation.
– Oh? Ao just made a weapon based off of Bukiko’s weaponry. An interesting way to attack a quicker target by using an over-powered weapon. I also feel that this is a jab (a parody) into special weapons killing enemies in other anime. Probably over-analyzing this.
– As stubborn as every other FA: Girl is has Jinrai desiring to stay to try and win against the unstoppable Gourai. Let’s do sumo!
– Ao having her doubts about out-of-arena battles that Baselard happily jumps in to reassure Ao. The difference is “THIIIIIIIIS big”.
– Sumo! Sumo! FA: Girls going Sumo!~ Baselard loving her judge role YAY!~
– A self-aware anime making note of Gourai’s unbeatable record while also gifting us this deadly gorgeous smile from Gourai. That’s a killer smile!

This next one baffles me because I just do not know what ‘tap sumo’ is. The…what. I’m happy for these FA: Girls having their fun, but I’m with Ao that I just do not know what to do with these girls going happy crazy with their activities.

  • FA: Girls Make a room!

I find this second half of the episode hilarious and worthwhile because I can also relate to it. I can relate in trying to give my Busou Shinkis a room to ‘idle’ at in between photoshoots. I’m glad we see this from the opening sequence added into the anime because we actually see them moving in for real now, not just on a table, or a chair, or something. They now have a place of their own.

If you’re going to create a mess of ‘borrowing’ things without cleaning up, as Ao discovered, things become a great big mess.

– Gourai & Jinrai impromptu dueling.

After turning the whole apartment upside down (as the saying goes) the FA: Girls had to learn more about property and respect. You have to learn to keep things tidy by not destroying other people’s property.

– Who should get what room? I love how diplomatic these FA: Girls are without fighting again. They’re very mature in that regard, and I love that.
– Nin! Jinrai’s room is your typical traditional Medieval Japanese appearance themed to also being a ninja. I love her expression here of how proud she is.
– Aww, poor Baselard getting thrashed on by the Materia sisters thanks to their sadistic behaviour. Roomba making its appearance again as a big troll. The whole thing about respect being in focus here.

The below image I find curious. Look at how the rooms are laid out with the hinges, the tape, the placement of the objects, and such. Took inspiration from make-shift dollhouses to make it believable that FA: Girls made this, and I’m sure they could. I love how you can see who lives where, and what their personality comes off as.

– Each FA: Girl with their room as they tour around.

Those Materia twins are evil. Instead of feeling the pride in doing things for themselves they behave as special snowflakes because their nails would get damaged. Having liked one Materia sister (Kuro) I find that this show just ruined their feel and vibe for me. They have a room flown in while also charging Ao’s full account to make their room appear ‘elegant’ in their own sadistic manner.

It’s interesting how this show makes you like and hate certain FA: Girls, yet thankfully with the power of photography certain feelings and emotions can be restored.

– Materia sisters version of a room after having charged Ao to then have it flown in on the same day.
– I’m not going to lie….I find this creepy. The only adorable one here is Gourai, and maybe a stretch on Baselard, yet the rest is creepy.

These girls………Having taken advantage of Materia sister’s evil deeds all the FA: Girls now enjoy the thought of battling to earn more profit for Ao, now furious her account has been drained empty. Ah, the pain.

– Insert your 1950’s American cartoon anime gag here of Ao flipping around as Bugs bunny and gang as they’re chased around a table. A nice homage to Bugs Bunny styled animation. Nice bonus points here!

‘Th…tha..tha…that’s all folks!~” – Porky Pig

Yup. Not a bad episode. It didn’t hit be as anything special, while also downplaying why Jinrai is so awesome for more of a comical effect. I’d give this episode a 7/10, yet did enjoy the various bits and humour in places. The nice Jinrai vs Gourai battle, the clones of Jinrai during battle, as well as the various homages. The Twitter noise for Jinrai’s Charger-kun, as with the room building responsibility. It hit interesting notes.


See you for episode 5 & Twin-canon review of FA: Girls sometimes this week. That is if KanColle’s 2017 event shall allow me with things being far more delayed once more.