Metal Gear Portable Ops (PSP) & PSP’s Remote Play

Well I haven’t updated this blog in awhile because I didn’t know what the hell to put into it. Oh I know Metal Gear Portable Ops which is now an old game is a fun stealth game. You go around the map recruiting other people to join your team to defeat your enemies. You can have up to 4 people (including Snake) to go around the maps during the Snake Eater Period (Metal Gear Solid 3). I own the 2nd game “Substance” with extra features. Anyways in this game you put troops to sleep then you put them in a truck to me interigated then they will help your team out. After that you can use them in your squad or keep them in your base to specialize in a task. If your bored of the single player you can go online and send your squads out against other squads risking losing or gaining others. Its a fun game however its more for the go kind of game. If I had the PSP slim I would just hook it up to the TV and play it that way or on the go.

Secondly I tried out the Remote Play feature of the PS3 and it kicks ass. I can just turn on my PS3 and PSP clicking clicking remote play on both (with the Ad-hoc switched on) and go around the house instead of sitting in the room. However it does have its limits since you can’t play the games nor can you go far but you can display the Folding@Home (Scientific cell crunching application). I can go on the internet with the PSP while in Remote play and also having access to the media such as Pictures, music and videos. Hope theres more PS3 and PSP co-operation down the road.