A Merry Foxy Christmas! (2014)

Merry Christmas! Hope you are having, or had a lovely Merry Christmas or the 2014 season. Varakitsu, Renge, and Kohiru wanted to also wish you a very strong Merry Christmas in a happy manner. As do they,  I as well would love to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

– Varakitsu: “I wish you a happy Merry Christmas. May you have a joyous Christmas.”

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

Once again, Merry Christmas! Myself, Varakitsu, Renge, Kohiru, and the rest of my Busou Shinkis love to wish you a Happy Merry Christmas!

Hopefully you didn’t get ‘snow-blinded’ by the bright images above and below as I struggled to make them viewable and sharable for posting. I was simply wanting to take a handful of images for swiftly celebrating before shifting it onto an outdoor festive image-set, especially after seeing numerous festive images on my Flickr, Twitter, and Tumblr. Those festive images on Twitter nudged me to do this article posting, and I’m glad it did.

I love this European Christmas table cover from Modra, in Slovakia long ago. I guess from 2003 or 2008 trip. It was gifted so I was able to happily use it for this Christmas’s festivities. It does indeed hurt the contract and white-balancing, which indeed does annoy me, yet still feel that it brings out the festive season and vibe. Well, after brightening the images up, even after the strong lamp shone heavily on Vara & the ‘set’. I still enjoy these batches hoping you shall enjoy the images as well.

A Merry Foxy Christmas to you!

(At the risk of having this pulled for Youtube’s retarted copyright practice, let’s enjoy some Anime & Macross Frontier festive music.)



Something extra I wanted to share for a couple days now, or a few weeks. I wanted to share my Kohiru and Fubuki both examining and enjoying a favourite snack/treat of mine called – Pagaciky. Both this, and ‘palacinky‘ (or crepes; Rolled up, like in that image with jam inside) both being my most favourite treats from Slovakia, both best eaten on a special occasion. This year I was however ‘robbed’ of these ‘pagaciky’ goodness due to December madness…..Bah.

There’s also another alternate website you can check the recipe for, yet it’s in Czech. The link is this: http://palacinky.org/ – Unsure if there is, or will be an English option to it.

As of me typing up this article….I’m happily enjoying a nice hefty chunk of chicken, rice, potatoes, and chicken stuffing. Chocolate milk as my side drink as well. Awesome stuff.

No festive gaming pictures because…..PSO2 locked me out and I’m still not in the mood to mess around with it. Minecraft still has that dark aura on it with personal, friend ‘disinterest’, and just depressing. Everything else just doesn’t come across as appealing and interesting, especially with the game industry simply seeking profit over entertainment.

I sadly couldn’t take images outdoors as well because of a warm ‘Santa-bomb’ that brought freezing rain and rain. A ‘green Christmas’ basically. Was wanting to take festive images downtown to only be denied in an Ottawa manner. Frustrating. Still aiming to take those outdoor images.

I also had my fun listening to Cross Ange soundtrack. I find that it’s 80-90% awesome; 10-20% disappointing because it’s missing Sarah’s singing on Ange’s level. Even a mix of the battle music. Even so, I’m pleased with the soundtrack with how nicely the tracks are composed, mostly the Ange’s ‘Endless Song’ track. I’m now hoping strongly that the bonus CD, or a second OST, shall release Sarah’s (Yui Horie) singing. I know her best from Busou Shinki’s Ach and Dog Day’s Millihiore. Such a shame.

(Edit: I’m amused that Ottawa had a little thunderstorm showing on December 24th at around 12 am-1am. Late 12 am with the lightning being bright, loud, and odd. It’s very foggy, clouds are low, it’s raining like crazy, and a small thunderstorm passed through thanks to this ‘Santa-bomb’ bringing in warm weather. Merry Thundering Christmas!)

Even so, Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! And hope you have a happy time!