Azur Lane – Kashino Drama | KanColle vs Azur Lane Sentiments

– Azur Lane – Kashino – Munition Ship

The latest drama alert happened on Twitter/X when “Anime-tourists” attacked Anime over something they could have easily ignored. They could have went on about their way, but no… They had to be fake-offended. When Twitter/X gets mad, they really become pointlessly mad. They become so mad about the stupidest things relating to Azur Lane, Anime, and etc, yet they’re perfectly fine when people go homeless in North American (and Europe). They’ll whine day and night about 2D Anime characters; How Anime offends them, yet won’t bat an eye when males are suiciding at alarming rates, or how the media is playing the ‘Anime-tourists’ like a fiddle (or a puppet). They simply do they care when large amounts of people go homeless in the Western World thanks to corrupted governmental over-reach, yet care about some 2D Anime girl with oversized bouncy breasts.

Not only that, it also opened up the flood gates for some Anti-Azur Lane sentiments, some of which are also coming from potential false-flag instigation, or people who are mentally in the deep end of their hobby unable to see the light of common sense.

[Note: “Anime-Tourist” means someone whom travels from topic-to-topic, Anime-to-Anime without any real knowledge about what they’re consuming, nor talking about. They’re there as a traveler, as a tourist, hence the term. They’re simply visiting for the attention, nothing more. They refuse to consume any media in their intended form, criticizing because that is all they’re good for.)

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The Kashino Incident – Robust Floral Strings (Outfit):

First off, let us look into who Kashino is before we jump into the dramatic nonsense of the Western world.

Kashino was a World War 2 auxiliary ship for the ‘Japanese Imperial Navy’ tasked with carrying Yamato (Yamato Battleship) giant main guns from Kure to her Yamato’s building site. Because of her role of carrying Yamato’s giant main battery’s (her main guns) she was most likely given her oversized (exaggerated) bust possibly thanks to her auxiliary role, one given to her in aiding Yamato in her construction. Funnily enough, a shipgirl’s bust is often a note of her real-world displacement, hence the giant breasts she has, ones which has given her flack from what we call “Anime-Tourist”, people who simply visit to hate on something before attacking something else. Kashino’s bust would also fit Kantai Collection (KanColle) various lore-depictions of shipgirls breasts/bust, especially on the ship displacement in water.

The genuine main issue (even if it’s genuinely trivial, and a non-issue) is related to Kashino’s breasts, and mainly her breasts. They’re “exaggerated”, yet they’re something people desire, hence the oversized mousepads (1:1 scale) have sold out at exaggerated joke prices in Asia. Kashino’s oversized bust size had her had her bust sized mousepad sell out forcing a scramble for materials, regardless of the hundreds of dollars tagged onto her mousepad. Keep in mind her mousepad retailed for roughly $500 USD, or 50,000 in Japanese Yen.

[Kashino’s Mousepad sells out causing material shortage – News Post]

(Embedded below is the Tweet/X relating to Kashino’s L2D – Robust Floral Strings skin.)

– Kashino’s lewd skin setting off a shit-storm of drama from Anime-tourists and various folks simply “passing by”.

Naturally, one would laugh at the concept of World War 2 military warships turning into shipgirls at a glance, though not when full context is given. It’s only natural when we view ships, cars, planes all in feminine viewpoints. You take good care of your ship, your plane, or car, and she’ll take good care of you back…. The better you take care of something it becomes highly sentimental to you, hence why we tend to treat vehicles with respect. Sometimes it’s out of genuine “love”, other times it’s in respect in keeping one alive. You’re both companions on a journey.

Sadly, the same can’t be said about many women in the real world, hence why these shipgirl concepts (both KanColle & Azur Lane) are as popular as they are; Why they resonate with so many people around the world. Real world women tend to break your heart over pettiness, accuse you of false rape, utter fake politics, or are a part of morally corrupted movements. Fake Feminism movements, “All males must die” sentiments, accuse guys of something they haven’t done, and all that fake political garbage. Guys (and girls) simply desire their escapism, even being naturally attracted to these concepts.

– Part of her event dialogue. Her breasts are getting in her way of playing an instrument. Clumsy, innocent…. Makes you want to protect her.
– I’m not into big breasts, yet Kashino herself needs to be protected as a wholesome shipgirl as she is.

(If her breast bust is really an issue then maybe a sports bra could possibly solve this issue. Just give Kashino a festive, yet still suggestive, sports bra, or something similar.)

I’ll be honest, I’m not into over-sized, nor overly-exaggerated breast size. It’s more to do with her character style, her personality, and how her innocent (and oblivious nature) makes you want to assist her, to protect her without hurting her precious feelings. The backlash Kashino had received simply made me desire to protect her more. Yes, she’s 2D and fictional, also something the ‘Anime-tourists’ fail to take into account, yet that’s also part of Kashino’s charm. We can escape, nor does she intentionally break our hearts over pettiness and fake politics.

I’m attracted to both Azur Lane & KanColle character designs, among various Anime girls as well. Real world women hurt us, Anime girls do not, yet I still loosely try to seek out real-world women. They want nothing to do with us guys, though am aware proper sane girls are now genuinely harder to find now more than ever. Society taught real-world women it’s perfectly fine to be an undignified slut, shunning any morality and dignity from women as we move from year-to-year. With all the negativity people simply desire cute and positive stimulation and sights, not abusive and harassment-filled nonsense, and that’s what Kashino gives us. Kashino allows people to escape a harsh reality, hence why her L2D is highly desired. Kashino allows us to spoil her, to feel loved, and without a heart ever being broken.

Sure, she’s fictional, yet at least you can take care of her, unlike genuinely toxic and abusive real-world women who are ungrateful with every movement and fiber in their being. They’re just not into guys/males either, only guys who can up her sexual “body count”. Basically, an unloyal and uncaring slut with no self-respect to herself, nor to others. Real-world women simply desire to up their sexual body count (bedding as many males as they can) without any dignity; They enjoy cheating, and being as unwomanly as they possibly can. It’s off-putting which simply boosts Kashino’s desirability in this area.

Various Twitter/X Comments:

Allegedly claiming you “love” Azur lane while also spewing “ugly women” is genuinely disingenuous. It’s like saying “No offense” while being absolutely offensive. Sorry for raping you, but I meant to rape you, kind of thing. It basically contradicts itself. Simply label them an “Anime-tourist” and move on because this fall under how Tumblr, Reddit, and other internet trolls attack things by allegedly claiming they enjoy something which they genuinely don’t.

Anime tourist!

It’s been said Westerners are not honest when it comes to fake political movements spreading around the Western World (NA, EU, Australia, etc), I can see why. This falls under body-shaming when Liberals preached and screamed about “fat-shaming”. The fatter you are the more likely you are to obtain a heart-attack, yet people who work out are allegedly “White Supremist”, “Nazi”, among other false labels. Once you see the term “Cis men” you know this is fake to the fullest of its meaning. Genuinely fake.

You know, it wouldn’t hurt for you to be a genuine person instead of preaching what the mainstream news media outlet has brainwashed you with. You’ll be a better person if you actually follow the natural flow of the world, not go against it like the moron that you seem to be.

If we’re throwing “Cis men” labels out at random, I’ll fully label you as an “Anime-tourist” knowing jack shit about what you’re tweeting about.

– Anime tourist!

Simply hating for the sake of hating, eh? Then people wonder why “Anime-tourist” was coined. Stop being fake and actually enjoy something in your life, for once. 😉

It’s amazing how people don’t know how to block, nor ignore things they find offensive.

– Kashino Hate #3

Truth! Azur Lane has been around since 2017, or even 2018. Started off with a low-tiered generation 1 designs, something we’re now sadly stuck with. Azur Lane was supposed to be a throw-away game, surprisingly lasting longer than expecting, and even filling voids KanColle itself produced from self sabotage. It’s also thanks to Japan & Western desires for keeping both games alive, even supporting Azur Lane as much as they had. Illustrious started her teaseful classy lewdness, gradually escalating it from one generation to the next. People saw the wrong opening to take pot-shots at Azur Lane as the bunch of cowards that they are.

They can’t even attack it head on, only when others attack do they proceed to attack themselves. Cowardly attacking Azur Lane via Kashino’s lewd L2D showing how inept they are in life. Kashino is cute and wholesome, something these “Anime-tourists” shall never be. 😉

Azur Lane is being true and honest with itself, unlike you. Be honest with yourself.

Context has been lost, yet some context has been retained. Yes, Azur Lane is simply being true to itself while giving players what THEY themselves desire (for the most part). People desire lewdness, people have recieved. Sadly, still missing various other nationalities, such as Canadians, Australians, Dutch, Swedish-Finnish, among others.

On the topic of “being smarter”, Azur Lane has been partaking in various philosophical avenues in various events and character influences. Casablanca’s meaning (movie reference), Bismarck & U-556 and their heartfelt connection/bond, philosophical title screens, among others. Sure, some of it may be messy, yet Azur Lane still pays respect to the past, and on philosophical notes. What does it mean to be a shipgirl? What are they fighting for?

That message basically sums up the definition of “Anime-tourist”. Simply passing by giving their opinion which everybody has, yet means nothing. It’s like a fart, it’s just not worth it. Just because you “barely seen” Azur Lane means nothing here.

Ironic body shaming comment when Western Liberal values shame normal people and entities in the world. Her breasts are “whack”? Maybe. There are women out there with those breasts, yet Kashino’s are among the more visually pleasing in comparison to the vulgarly disgusting real-world types found in overly generic JAV & porn videos. Disgusting stuff. Kashino’s is on a more wholesome and sweet level, especially with her personality. Granted, there are Japanese cosplayers able to pull off their overly busty profile making it overly classy and elegant. Genuine respect to them.

Passing off this tweet as a worthless “Anime-tourist” comment complaining for the sake of complaining.

– Kashino Hate #4

Azur Lane is honest, and you’re not allowed to be honest in this era. Everthing is offensive, even when you drink water. Your water and food has to be Trans, you have to salute activist groups with a “Hail Hilter!” salute, and you must sabotage statues in the name of “diversity & Inclusion”. It’s why nothing gets done in this world.

But yes, having lewd characters and skins is somehow the upset of the world. That explains why taking a shower and a bath is now a sin in the Western World amongst activists. One isn’t allowed to be natural in the world, nor escape into their fantasy world with their fantasy characters in their fantasy outfits.

True. Many games and movies have gone woke dying from that cause. Westerners have hijacked Gundam Mercury, turned Valve/Steam into a proxy Reddit/ResetEra child porn recruiting side (with the aid of Steam Support), and with horribly made Hollywood/Disney movies making women as ugly as a turd in a toilet. Women aren’t allowed to be women, man aren’t allowed to be man (or be alive), and everything we do is offensive. Ironically, Azur Lane (from China) is our saviour, and our escapism, as weird as that is.

Being true to yourself is a sin in this Western world.

Truth! Character caters to all sorts of tastes, styles, character styles, preferences, and bust types. Thankfully there are no Trans shipgirls, and I hope it stays that way. Shipgirls are shipgirls, not shiptards. Imagine a shiptard going around recruiting little kids to sexually violate them, that won’t do…. That just won’t do.

Shameless? They simply know what sells, and what people desire. People desired busty girls, we get busty girls. People desire bunny girls outfit? We get Bunny Girl outfit in Azur Lane, and in vast quantity. Mihoyo removed bunny girl costumes from Honkai Impact because it was allegedly “inappropriate & out of character” which is a bunch of bull. I’m not in to the Trans stuff either for the overwhelming amounts of assaults on women and children.

[Honkai Impact removes Bunny Girl costumes.]

Also, “Anime-tourist”. Why feel the need to chime in? Worthless opinion. Is it because you’re Fake Trans? Google up Azur Lane, see what it actually is about, and THEN chime in.

– Japan desires Azur Lane, hence why Azur Lane is popular in Japan.

According to the graph provided Azur Lane (Anime & game) have both been popular with it’s audience, especially of the Japanese kind. Japan prefers Azur Lane, for it’s gameplay, it’s outfits, and for the content it provides. In the stagnation of Kantai Collection people simply jump ship onto Azur Lane, or are playing in parallel.

As noted by Azur Lane Japan’s 6th Anniversary it was highly and well received. Japan loves their Azur Lane and naval history. As long as you respect their Japanese naval history everything shall be well respected in return. Japan loves their gatcha games, it’s their go-to medium for entertainment in their over-worked and sexually-struggling lives. Japan is being overworked to death….. You work hard, you play hard.

Wiser words couldn’t have been spoken. AK4ZUK1_ speaks the truth here. Westerners enjoy barking at other people, especially about topics they know little or nothing about. They love preaching, lecturing, and giving their fart-worth of an opinion of things they know nothing about to other people. All bark, bark, bark, and no bite. They listen to the mainstream news outlet 24/7 telling them “males must die” and “women are opressed”, yet mock the skyrocketing male suicides. They have the idiotic nerve to harp on Azur Lane, on Kashino, a 2D character with a lewd skin for “being offensive”.

There are genuinely bigger issues in the world to cry about!
– Canada turning into a Dictatorship (Trudeau turning Canada into a dictatorship)
– Canadians going on the street from low wages and high food & housing costs.
– Tent cities popping up across Canada in contrast to the intentionally damaged situation caused by both Liberals and Trudeau. This isn’t “Right Wing Conspiracy theories”, GO LOOK OUTSIDE! Both Vancouver and Toronto suffer greatly from this.
– Fake Politics corrupting social structure and cohesion. Taught to “Go Trans, or go die!”
– Canadian Education system grooming kids into sexual situations; To become Trans, especially against their will. Kids being sexually violated, even directly preyed upon by predatory teachers.

Now, view America! View Japan! America has it just as bad, and even Japan in regards to a sexually-struggling society. Overworked, underpaid, and even worked to death. People becoming homeless.

All this, yet Kashino’s L2D outfit is outraged. Get your priorities straight! All these idiotic “Anime-tourists” need to get their head on straight again. Snap out of your politically corrupted idiocies.

THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN SAYING SINCE 2000! Or even earlier! Then we’re allegedly all these fake terms people keep watering down into nothingness.

Racist, sexist, transphobic, Nazi, Pedophiles, White supremist, among other over-used terms. Not only are they brainless, they’re as others have noted, a bunch of useless ‘Anime-tourists’, something I genuinely agree on.

They’re not honest with themselves, hence the hypocrisy on their end. They allege accepting all, yet are against whites and certain body types. Whites, males, and certain chubby/fluffy people must perish. The irony in their genuine racist and offensive nature.

I wouldn’t even say half, it appears to be 80% of Westerners (those that are online) have been taught by the media to alienate their fellow neighbors. Male suicides have been skyrocketing, and women are happy about that. They desire to see males all depressed, oblivious they’ve been taken advantage of by the mainstream news media outlets. Shame.

It shows people are a bunch of lemmings with their overly abusive tribal mentality. The world governments have done well turning people against one another. Look at Canada’s Freedom Convoy, for example. The majority of the world was freed from the overly draconian and abusive COVID nonsense, yet Canada and Japan were the only two idiotic nations pressuring their citizens into keeping it in place. We saw Trudeau for what he is (a drama teacher as a dictator), and saw the level of media-related abuse turning Canadians against truckers. People hating on truckers while spewing fake copy-paste messages against them.

If the media told Canadians to kill a certain race, they would. If the media told Canadians to rape people, they would. It’s that bad.

Fake outrage, simple as that. Anime-Tourists being vulgar for the sake of it. Azur Lane has your preferences covered.

– Youtube Comments relating to Kashino (Rev Says Desu)

Azur Lane is simply more wholesome, acknowledges their commander as actual humans, something Western women (and certain Japanese girls) refuse to do. Granted, KanColle has some of the best designs, yet so does Azur Lane in various styles. Sure, Gen 1 Azur Lane suffers, though the rest can’t be ignored. It’s why I play Azur Lane. The designs keep improving.

It’s because Kashino isn’t real which makes her more wholesome, more kind, and more attractive. Kashino won’t break anybody’s heart, something real world women tend to do a lot more these days. Real-world women forgot their place as loyal, dignified, and helpful partners to a man. Women forgot how to be friends, yet care more about sexual “body counts” than they do about loyalty, dignity, and respect.

All hail Kashino, and her overly-exaggerated breasts!

Anti-Azur Lane Sentiments | KanColle vs Azur Lane:

– Azur Lane vs KanColle

All this stupid virtual signaling brought Azur Lane and KanColle to attack one another, a fight which shouldn’t of happened in the first place. A needless civil war and dramatic fight spawned from Kashino’s L2D Twitter/X nonsense.

KanColle is Japan’s pride and joy, if a relic of the past. It’s deeply rooted in the Japanese culture, in Japan’s Naval military in reference to their past and present accomplishments. KanColle signifies Japan’s proud naval might, yet sadly is often intentionally self-sabotaged and held back by their own pride and arrogance. It’s great to see their genuine pride in Yokosuka, Maizuru, Kure, Yura, and other places. Sadly, it’s not what it could be. KanColle genuinely set the standard, set a high bar for character designs, and even hosting proud KanColle events across the nation. It’s Japan’s pride and joy. I genuinely respect that.

Azur Lane is a Chinese game inspired by KanColle (one of many “inspirations”) taking elements from KanColle, making them more accessible to a wider audience. Shipgirls, dorm feature, expeditions/commissions, among other elements, yet doing its own thing. For a 1-year throw-away game it surprisingly took hold, and stuck with us for this long. A generic game at first, turning into a more eventful and lewder game as time progressed.

KanColle does what Azur Lane can’t, and vice-versa. They both have their pros and cons, yet both are highly admired. KanColle having better character design? Sure. However! The game is region-locked into Japan only. Azur Lane allows you to play globally. KanColle has KanColle Kai, and even KanColle Arcade, yet Azur Lane only has Azur Lane: Crosswave. More needs to be done on the gaming front. Both Azur Lane and KanColle need to fully embrace the PC Steam/DLSite market.

Azur Lane a porn game? Lewd, sure. Every hatred is undeserved, and only shows how moronic they are. Tribal mentality kills, which has been proven time and again on numerous occasions.

Look! I genuinely admire KanColle, it however needs to come out of its shell. Become a ‘Global’ game again. Reach out to the Western world, even if we’re a bunch of brainless morons. Yes, we foreigners have abused Japan, yet reward those who respect both KanColle and Azur Lane by providing your game to us. KanColle’s major flaws are its abusive gameplay, restrictive access (to the world), and how painfully patriotic it is to the point it indirectly suffocates itself. The [KanColle] developer’s own pride is killings its own game to the point of lower participation rate. Lower turn-up rates from its fanbase causing people to migrate to Azur Lane.

DeepL Translation:

“Shareholder: ‘KanColle’s animation is terrible and it’s the lowest rating. The difficulty of the game is crazy, and it’s more dependent on luck than skill. Let the staff of your favorite child make an anime about KanColle.’
“Kadokawa: ‘We want to deliver something that meets expectations.'”

– Twitter Quote/Translation

Truth. The second season of the second season (3 episodes in) was overly depressive to me, yet I genuinely do desire to watch more, for science. I’ve enjoyed the first season, yet the second (belated) season was far too depressive. Shipgirls dying like flies, too high-strung, and just….. Hollow. The previous season of the Anime was better.

The difficulty of KanColle (the game) is indeed too abusive. Too toxic, too salty, too difficult. I played KanColle from 2015-2017-ish, leaving the game thanks to how repetitive, abusive, and unplayable the game was. I left after Gangut, especially being unable to obtain Suzutsuki. I failed to obtain Suzutsuki causing me to rage-quit there and then. KanColle’s gameplay (even in 2023) relied more on RNG and luck than it does with skill. I failed to obtain a shipgirl named ‘Matsu’ from Summer 2023 E-1, someone who shouldn’t be as difficult to obtain as she should be. Horribly bad RNG. I burned through my 2,800,000 fuel down to 1,200,000 fuel. Once I briefly sidelined KanColle (once again) my mental healthy improved. KanColle damages your mental health severely.

Azur Lane welcomed me with open arms on Chinese server, Japanese, and then Global version, all around the Neptunia collab era. I saw hints of Azur Lane adding Canadians, they sadly haven’t. Neither had KanColle. Canadians are allegedly trash/garbage to both sides, hence my constant added depression. HMAS Perth was added in KanColle, just no Canadians.

I know I’m simply one voice, I however wish both Azur Lane and KanColle to embrace the PC Steam/DLSite market. Make a free-roaming game on the lines of Silent Hunter 3, yet more arcade and modernized. You can do it! KanColle, you need to do this more than Azur Lane! Listen to me, for once.

I’m not into this arrogant Pro-KanColle, nor Pro-Azur Lane camp nonsense. Azur Lane brought me more fun, hence why I’m there more than KanColle. Once KanColle adapts and survives then I shall respect KanColle to its fullest. If I didn’t admire KanColle I wouldn’t have visited Yokosuka, Kure, Maizuru, nor Yura.

KanColle, simply “do better”. Grow out of your over-protective shell and do more!

– KanColle – Johnston get! (GIF)

Once again, I admire KanColle’s design. That is a fact, and shall never change. KanColle simply needs to adapt to the times by making their gameplay less “heart-attack inducing”, and make games actually be fun. Lay off the depression, yet keep the Japanese Naval pride. Pride yourself on having made a proper free-roaming KanColle game. Remake KanColle Kai, or something more open-ended and more fun.

Have a friendly rivalry between Azur Lane, or have a surprise collaboration. Do something worthwhile and “stop fucking around” so much with your high-valued ‘Intellectual Property’ (IP).

– People prefer Warspite’s KanColle design over Azur Lane.

I genuinely do agree with PanzerIVAusfE, yet also disagree at the same time. I genuinely admire KanColle’s Warspite take, and even Saratoga, yet dislike their addition in Azur Lane for having been an Gen-1 addition. Azur Lane was supposed to be a short-lived 1 year throw-away game, yet here we are with Azur Lane having stuck with us for 6-8 years. Yes, KanColle is great, it’s however being ‘gate-kept’ and overprotected by both Japan and the developers for KanColle.

Thankfully, the shipgirl designs in Azur Lane from Generation 3 onwards have become progressively better and better with time.

I genuinely, 100%, prefer Saratoga & Warspite’s design in KanColle than I do with the Azur Lane variations. ‘Blue Oath’ (a now dead game) had a better Saratoga than even Azur Lane.

Food For Thought:

Some extra content to share about KanColle and Azur Lane.

– Azur Lane’s Concept Art.
– Azur Lane’s Concept art.

Azur Lane can be both lewd and wholesome as necessary. Same goes with KanColle. Both Saratoga and Hamakaze (among other seasonal art) can be fairly suggestive and lewd for public viewing. KanColle isn’t as innocent as people portay, though it does have fairly high quality character designs. Azur Lane isn’t one to ignore either, it’s popular for a reason. Sure, it’s lewd, yet it’s also overly fun and honest with itself. It’s highly accessible, something KanColle refuses to be. KanColle is an “Japan Only” experience.

KanColle Developers have a high amount of self-sabotaging pride in relation to their own property. Allow it to be more accessible. Have a healthy competition with Azur Lane, even jokingly having a collaboration with it. Acknowledge one another respectfully.

Noted, I shall dislike both Azur Lane’s Warspite and Saratoga, yet shall hold their KanColle variants in high regard.

– KanColle – Saratoga’s “lewd” damaged art.
– KanColle – Hamakaze’s Lewd Damaged art.
– Saratoga – KanColle & Azur Lane variations. I prefer KanColle’s version.
– Warspite – KanColle & Azur Lane variation.
– Kure, Japan – Yamato Museum.

KanColle is strong in Japan, sadly dwindling with each year. The game is stuck in the past, refusing to adapt and survive. The game is being gatekept further and further; Harder and harder every year. Turtling instead of being accessible, as Azur Lane. Region blocked, revoked access to VISA payment since March 2022, and other harmful defensive tactics limiting the scope and reach of KanColle. Japanese locals are dividing, some even quitting KanColle to play ‘Ume Musume’, Azur Lane, among other games. Maybe even generic mobile games such as Bejeweled (as I’ve seen on JR train line), and others. Locals reluctantly agreed the game was too difficult and salty, yet I should have kept playing to obtain the shipgirls. They agreed how the developers of KanColle are morons, yet still are fans of KanColle. Others simply parted ways.

As noted, even shareholders are upset with KanColle. More needs to be done. It’s a great concept, yet more care and proper attention needs to be placed onto KanColle. I’m happy for the various collaborations with Hokkaido, Maizuru, Sasebo, among others. People are genuinely prideful of KanColle, sadly KanColle isn’t as respectful in return.

Game desires to be needlessly difficult, depressive, and heart-attack inducing. Azur Lane is the opposite, if with obvious criticism for being “too generic” and “lewd”. KanColle needs major overhauling to regain Japan’s vast attention to play it properly once more.

In Conclusion:

“Anime-Tourists’ (people hating for the sake of hating) are attacking Azur Lane & Kashino in a cowardly, and pointless manner. A brainless hivemind falsely offended attacking people who are simply enjoying themselves feeling the need to destroy every bit of fun on people enjoying Azur Lane. Granted, even KanColle Fanboys (hardcore weirdoes) felt the need to disrupt the peace, as shown in one image with ‘Anti-Azur Lane’ sentiments. Normal KanColle fans were fine (at a glance), it’s the hardcore ones always ruining it for people. The “zealots” of either side.

People simply desire positive, wholesome, and cute escapism. They admire escapism acknowledging guys as a human, not as media-driven puppet, as women have now become. Kashino is whole, and she genuinely won’t break your heart. Simple.

As for the whole Azur Lane vs KanColle nonsense, it’s just that. It’s a cowardly attack using Kashino as a diversion to hate on Azur Lane out of blind rage while hyping up KanColle blindly. Take a step back and touch grass. Go take a walk, do more positive things. Come back and play games in a sound mind. Don’t be a mindless drone, even blindly hyping up what you enjoy. Also, do not be one of those cowardly “Anime-tourist” browsing around for the latest things to hate like a nomadic parasite. Be human, be yourself. Be true to yourself. Both games are great, yet it’s genuinely true KanColle needs a major kick in the ass to be a proper game again. The whole KanColle IP needs to be a Global experience once more, like Azur Lane.

I like both games while respecting both on the naval front of things. I’m here for the Canadian navy and the shipgirls, yet not allowed to connect with Canadians. I admire Kashino, now desiring her L2D outfit in response to the cowardly assault on Azur Lane and Kashino herself.

For anybody uttering the word ‘CIS’ or ‘Incel’ (or any buzzword) shall be immediately voided. Be human, not a puppet to the mainstream news media labeling humans as terrorists. We need to work together, not against one another.

All Hail KanColle AND Azur Lane! Naval Pride!

– Kure, Japan – Kantai Collection Focus with a gifted stamp book.

P.S: Please let us be nice together. Let us play both games peacefully.

o7 (Salute)