Awakening of a Fox Spirit – Busou Shinki

Similar to Benio’s and Kohiru’s “outdoor adventure”, I thought I’d do something slightly more “story-like”. I rarely added dialogue to my Figma/Grail War or other types of articles so I hope you would pardon any newbie like errors in this one. Also, treat this article as a “prologue” to the review (previous article).


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(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)


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Benio and Kohiru quickly slipped out of my room to explore the vast world around them. Curiosity swiftly takes over Kohiru as Benio reluctantly follows behind to protect Kohiru.

Above image:

Kohiru – “Hurry! Quickly, this way! Lets check out those giant birds over there!
Benio – *sighs* “Just don’t head to far as we need to be back before our Master arrives. Plus, I can’t protect you from those giant bird, IF they decide to attack us.
Kohiru – “Everything shall be fine! Lets go! Quickly!

Below image:

Something attracts Kohiru’s attention through the corner of her eye. A pair of fresh looking, yet foreign, leaves seem to be covering something suspicious looking. Kohiru’s curiosity gets the better of her which causes her to moves the pair of leaves off to the side.

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Benio – “Don’t do anything silly now as I can’t protect you from any native wildlife within this territory.
Kohiru – “You worry too much, let me have my fun!~ Geez~, I can’t do anything with you around!

*Moment of silence* – unknown object cracks open –

Kohiru – “Look, Look! I found something valuable! I’m going to take this home with us to please our master with!

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*Benio gets nervous*

Kohiru: “What? This looks valuable, this should please our Master, right?
Benio: “Put that back, this looks awefully suspicious. It looks out of place and new, compared to the dullness of the territory we are in.

*Kohiru stares back in confusion*

Kohiru: “But? May I take this to please master?
Benio: “No! Lets go! We need to go back!”

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*snowflakes float past Kohiru and Benio*

Kohiru: “Snow again? Huh? Canada sure is weird because we had snow on something called…..Halloween? A white Halloween?
Benio: “Look up my dear spoiled ‘princess‘” *facepalms*
Kohiru: “AH!~ So that’s who caused it to snow on the night before Halloween! But why is the object here?
Benio: *sighs* “Such a noisy little girl, let me deal with this foe.

*snores could be heard from the unknown entity*

Benio: “HEY! Wake up and surrender!

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Left image:

*Unknown entity gets startled*

Unknown entity: “Who?! What?! Who are you?! ” *grabs onto a sword from her tail*
Unknown entity: “What are you doing on my land?! Shoo!

Right image:

*Benio jumps infront of Kohiru as Kohiru would grab her Saii.*

Unknown entity: “Ah! Stealing my secondary power source?! Hand it over as I need it to recharge my power source! – *growls viciously*

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*Kohiru snatches the ‘relic’ causing the unknown entity to combat with Benio.*

Kohiru: “Hehe!~ Master shall be pleased when I bring him this gift!

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Left image:

*Benio gets caught and damaged (she’s a bot) by the unknown entity’s fang like blades.*

Uknown entity: “ Hand over that object I shall spare you, and her.
Benio: “AH!……Ug..

*Benio struggles to push the unknown entity off using her spear.*

Right image:

*Kohiru notices the situation and starts crying, quickly dropping the ‘relic’ as a result of her actions.*

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*A strong hiss-like-growl comes from the unknown entity.*

Unknown entity: “Now then, now that you have fallen I shall go after your partner in crime.

*Benio attempts to delay her by wrapping her arm around her leg in a futile manner.*

*Kohiru quickly knocks the unknown entity in slight anger and annoyance.*

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*Though, the unknown entity pushes her off to the side. Kohiru’s actions gave Benio a bit of time to allow her to regain some of her proud posture.*

Unknown entity: “off! Off! OFF! You stole something that belongs to me, now give it back before I destroy you!” *absolute frustration*
Benio: “I won’t let you, nor are you strong enough for that!

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Kohiru: “It’s somewhere in that direction, now go fetch ^_^!

*Unknown entity fumes with frustration and rage as she storms off to find her ‘relic’.*

Benio: “Absolutely reckless! I still don’t know why Master won’t punish you! You never learn!
Kohiru: “But! But! I wanted to please my Master for the problems I have done for him!
Benio: “Then don’t cause them in the first place! I can’t always protect you, same with him!

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– Five minutes pass, along with the arguement. –

Benio: “Stop! This time I won’t hesitate to attack you.
Unknown entity: “I mean no harm! Put down your weapon before I destroy you for your carelessness! I’m only protecting my assets!”

*Strong whitish-blue smoke pour out of the unknown entity’s mouth as a strong hiss-like growl could be heard.*

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Left image:

*Benio takes off mask*

Benio: “I apologize for my partner’s selfishness. We wish you no harm as well as we both only acted upon instinct. I hope our matters may be overlooked?”
Unknown Entity: “Ulike you ungrateful barbarians who keep stealing from others, even when granted with freedom that other entities would only dream of having, I respect the limited amount of freedom I have. You should do the same! I won’t hesitate to eliminate you if dare to steal my assets once more.
Kohiru: “And you spent 10 minutes scolding me?! She has a rude tongue!” *glares at Benio*
Benio: *Sends back a death glare towards Kohiru*
Kohiru: *Looks down in shame with slight shivers of fear*

Benio: “Warning accepted. We shall respect your territory from now on. Shall we know your name? Due to the myths dealing with fox spirits I shall only state mine if you mention yours, nod in agreement.
Unknown entity: *nods*
Benio: “Name is Benio, or Benios in combat. I’m a Samurai warrior type and my partner is Kohiru – Chopsticks type.
Unknown Entity: “I shall remember that. Name is Renge – Ninetailed fox type.
Renge: “As you seem trustworthy I shall overlook this matter JUST once.

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*Renge stares at an impulsive Kohiru.*

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*Kohiru hugs Renge in surprise catching Renge off-guard. Benio pats Kohiru’s shoulder in respect of giving Renge some space.*

Benio: “Now, now. Let’s  give her some space.”
Kohiru: “Since we now know each other shall we go and introduce you to our Master? He shall take great care of you after we explain our situation to him!”

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Renge: “I possibly can’t! I just arrived here just this morning from ‘The Land of the Rising Sun”. I’m absolutely exhausted!
Kohiru: “In that shrine?
Renge: “Yes….”
Benio: “Ha ha ha! I shall carry your alter for you, no need to worry! Our little spoiled princess here won’t trouble you anymore~.
Kohiru: “Hey! How rude! :(”
Renge: “Just tap the tip of the orange triangle and portable shrine shall become portable.

*Benio taps the tip causing the shrine to become portable.*

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Renge: “So what is this Master and how is he?
Benios: “Our Master is our owner and he takes great care of us. When we feel down he takes us out. When we need to recharge he charges our batteries. He even gave us a place to live within his room.
Renge: “Ah! Sounds like someone who respects his situation and his surroundings. Now I’m highly curious in meeting this ‘Master’ of yours.

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To be continued?……

(Continued here) – Continued after the “unboxing” portion of the article.


Not 100%, but favorable photo-shoot results. I shall be treating this as a prequel to Renge’s back-story on how I acquired her in a Battle Rondo like manner.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the photo-shoot and the mini-story behind Renge ^^. All my ideas are used up, same goes with my savings towards figures. I shall try to head out to Naru2u next so maybe see you around November 12-15th? Or, maybe when it snows featuring Renge? Whenever I do post, do have fun with whatever you’re doing and hope you’re enjoying the contents on my blog/forum/site!