Renge’s Icy Winter

Ah, what a lovely snowstorm that was from the weekend! I love the sounds of crunchy snow. Ended up getting freezing rain, ice pellets, and snow dumped on the city from a massive low-pressure cold front from the south. To add to that, it’s snowing once more during Monday night.

I also forgot to add this on the “same day posting”, whoops. Ah, distractions, distractions.

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(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

Well, more snow meant more photo-shooting with Renge. It was a bit of a mistake due to the risk of rusting her metalic joints and my camera. Big flat ice blobs were hitting both the figure and my camera causing both to soak. Either way, both appear fine and I’m mostly pleased with how the images turned out when rushed.


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Had Renge in mostly full battle gear, minus the broken 9 tailed head piece that broke in a fall. Had it temperately fixed for a few images but it decided to break again; Half-assed fixes = half-assed breaks.

Renge armored enough to protect herself from any hostile Squirrels or…possibly crows.  Oh, now there’s some neat photo-shoot ideas.

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– I wanted to show off the hair piece (before it broke) to show her full Shinki glory. Also liking how one eye is exposed and how one foot is sunk into the icy snow. Too much force when trekking on the snow? ^^

– And the image to the bottom right – Her eyes! The evil glare from this perspective is lovely. I love the expression that’s coming from her.

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Renge up for a slippery slide on some ice, naturally.

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Though, she gets bored from being stuck on the ground and climbs up to some slippery branch….Guess you can see how messy the weather was on Sunday ^^. If only her armor allowed her to grasp onto the umbrella with ease.

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Renge saluting fellow comrades and Shinkie owners.

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Both the locals and Shinki’s nightmare! Ice and messy ice rain to ruin a day. As mentioned: Shinki’s metallic joints can rust from water (as shown in image). I see my image is also taunting us for some Christmas decorations heh. I’ll try for some within the next few days.

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Even Renge is having trouble with the slippery branches. Also, I wish I could of show an animated .gif, or similar, of how Renge was  bouncing up and down on an icy branch.

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Renge felt like posing for more images with her newly acquired ribbon. From a wet and messy world to a warm and cozy one.

What’s this? *stares*….Ah, it’s Renge and her new ribbon *phew*. Thought I had somehow acquired a new ‘guest’. 😛

– Renge: “Mastah, you like my new Ribbon?
– Me: “Sure, looks nice on you.
– Renge: *stares happily into her own little world*

(Link – MySite)                                                       (Link – MySite) – O-Chan wanted in on the attention.

Me: “Do you want anything for Christmas?”
– Renge: “Mastah…….just a lovely bed to sleep in ^_^.
– Me: “A bed? Really now? Nothing more elaborate? Once a battle bot, always a battle bot :P.
– Renge:  *Bites hand*
– Me: “ACK!….Bad fox spirit!
– Renge: “Evil mastah!” *storms off*

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And an image lurkers in the northern hemisphere can relate to in colder climate :P.

Ah! It’s good to be home, and in a warm bed“, – whoever reads this and knows the cold.

*Loud snores could be heard from a ticked off Renge. O-Chan adds insult to injury through his presence and smirk.*

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Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed viewing the images! Hope you’re having a lovely winter season and being nice during the holiday festivities! Merry Christmas!

I’ll also leave you off on a peaceful note by letting you listen to -“5 centimeters per second – End Theme

(I love this theme. Every nightly snowfall brings up calming emotions.)