Sinterklaas, Shinki and snow

Hello! Sinterklaas? What or who is that? Well, he’s a Dutchy and German version of Santa Claus, argued to be the original.

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(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

Every December 5th, Dutchies and those related to Germans have some form of celebration on that day. Those celebrating such would place a pair of footwear next to the living room window or a chimney and wait it out the next day. Though, if they’re inpatient, they could wait it out till midnight and start opening up their small-to-large gifts earlier. The gifts you would normally get would be small in size;  bigger ones on Christmas day.

– Side note: Depending on your faith, and who you might believe, you might be gifted by either your family members, friends, or Sinterklaas himself.

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Q – What would one normally get?

A – Small things like:
Boxes of candy, chocolate, or maybe a bottle of sports drinks, liquor, or some rum? It’s all up to the individual gifting and possible presence of an actual Sinterklaas. Though, you can end up getting shavers, cell phones, and maybe a PSP. It’s all up to how kind you and the other individuals are.

Q – Canadians celebrate this?! I thought only Dutch and Germans did?

A – I have European family members so I know of it and celebrate it for “tradition sakes”. It makes December that much more interesting by celebrating it. I  would bet that a few other European-Canadians celebrate this as well but aren’t as vocal about it due to their location. Everything is aimed for Christmas so December 5th gets ignored in media.

For those that lurked and followed my blog would know of me traveling to Slovakia many times, that is where I picked it up from.

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And before this whole gifting thing:

– Renge gets surprised by the sudden flurry snowfall.

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– Renge: “So what? Whats the fuss about? This is just snow; harmless!”

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Well, I wish you guys/gals a Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas. Also planning out a new photo-shoot with Renge in the new pile of snow.

– Have a nice peaceful December! Don’t do anything silly to end up on the news!