Figma Aya Kagura: School Uniform ver.

Whoa? Back onto the Figma line? Been hanging around Shinki’s since Summer. Well, I obtained her and O-Chan around the same time but decided to split them up for review and photoshoot reasons. I also thought I might be needing her accessories sooner or later. And If you must know, I acquired her at my local Anime Stop.

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(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

Where to start? I know absolutely nothing about her (same with when I obtained Figma Meiya), her background, or how she behaves. Time to do some swift research while I type this up! Why did I purchase her if I don’t know nothing about her? Well….her accessories really.


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Aya comes from a dating simulator adventure game “Sekirara”, or “se.kirara” on box/youtube.

(How amusing! Video thumbnail directly at Aya’s intro in that OP ha!)

Box Design:

Always have to add the box design into reviews because they are apart of the figure design! Well, as you can see above, the box looks nicely designed with visual novel-esque designs. Aya looks ready to brush her teeth, to play violin, or to mess with her fellow cats.

Oh, and the toothbrush wanted to escape the packaging on many occassions.Saw another box with the toothbrush trying to flee to some other locations…wonder why it’s trying to run? O.o

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One side showing a lovely Aya, while the other shows the figma name.

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Oh? Lovely design on the top of the box :).

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Now to unbox our cute Aya before she suffocates in that plastic coffin :/

She has a nice yellow-ish di:stage base design. I do have one and may make an article of all the bases I got in a later article. Back to Aya, she has two plastic layers – One containing her, her violin, violin bow, violin case, an extra face plate, toothbrush (escaping), toothpaste (no-name), two cups, stand + base, 10 hand pieces, and instructions. The second layer contains 5 cast.

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Now I got to take care of cats?! Amongst a crazy fox (Renge), a spoiled chopsticks girl (Kohiru), and around 23 other Figmas? I indirectly asked for it, but……this is getting insane haha! The next few months and years should be……..interesting :P.

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The basic Figma needs – parts bag, stand, base, hands and etc. What surprised me the most was seeing the cats and the extra two pair of hands.

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Aya, and her main accessories. Watch out for the toothbrush! It loves to flee in every single Aya box! I nearly lost that thing three times.

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What about Aya? She’s wrapped up in a ton of plastic. I’m still poking fun as to how much plastic these figures tend to have to protect them. It’s truly insane when compared to North American standards heh.

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Mini instruction paper with how to hold a cat, the violin, and how to pack up the violin.

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Me showing you what the instructions told me to do with the violin bow.

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How cute, Aya is holding the cat in the way were the cat looks like it’s flying heh. *woooosh*

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Oh? Her moe-level (cuteness) keeps rising! She even has a hair band! It even comes off. Though, when you do take it off the peg looks white.

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Note the star on her front hair piece (below) and the band on her leg (above).

If you look carefully, you can see her long hair piece containing a new styled Figma hair piece. The whole hair bit is all one piece. I like this idea, but only if they added some concepts from Figma Kanu with how the hair comes off.

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Shall we listen to Aya playing the violin? I think we should 🙂 Whoops! Guess I shouldn’t of said anything. Now she looks embarrassed. Ok, I lied and I didn’t say anything. Keep playing?

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And from an unrelated Anime – “ef – a tale of melodies (instrumental) – A moon filled sky

Whoops! Time flies. She’s gotta run, until next time!

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– Pssst: I think she’s actually embarassed about her violin playing :P. Also pondering about adding her and Renge together.

So what do I think of Aya? I have to admit that she is cute, has great accessories, and is a bit …..manly in her sculpting. Everything feels rigid, similar to Figma Emiya‘s articulation and sculpt.  Plastic isn’t as soft as other female figures tend to be. I’d recommend getting her, but only if you really want her and the accessories, or a fan of her/the VN.


– Great design and appears to be accurate to it’s visual novel counterpart.
– Decent articulation and can pose in various cute manners.
– Nice additions of various ribbons and stars on her person.
– Nice Violin, violin carry case, cats, and extra washroom accessories.


– Arm articulation is a bit stiff.
– Violin lacks strings.
– Violin carry case has a bit of trouble closing with loose violin bow.

– The pink toothbrush keeps trying to run away on me! And in every other box out there.

If you click back one article at the top back you’ll discover a lazy-sleeping Renge and the O-Chan part :).

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Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed these reviews, as with many others ^^.

– Peace!