Anime Withdrawal and Fever Symptoms

Anime withdrawal, it happens. What its official community known name isn’t known to me. I do call it a Anime Withdrawal. There is also Anime fever for short term obsessions.

Well, when we like something a lot we tend to dwell in it deep and try to explore every corner of it right? We dwell so much in a single area of our liking that we tend to get “withdrawal” symptoms  when we’re done with the certain something. It’s something were you can’t keep your mind off such an area for an extended period of time. I have felt the symptoms of Anime Withdrawal were I wanted to watch anime but couldn’t due to traveling, cultural, “real-life situations” and various other scenarios. All I could do was talk and think about Anime (even in non-anime areas), or just adapt to the new scenario/location.

Disclaimer: Everything I said is generalized or simplified so it can be listed with ease. Some things may not even be accurate because we each experience these symptoms differently and some things maybe confused or forgotten. Sources? Myself, other people, various sites and you guys/gals. I listed everything with what I experienced.


Anime Withdrawl Symptoms: – Over-time symptoms.

1) You get the feeling of missing Anime, think of a certain site, or might getting edgy/moody.
2) Wanting to continue watching Anime at the specified time you always do (or any time of your choosing), but can’t due to location or scenario.
3) Watching a show on tv and trying to channel surf to a kids channel, or a channel that looks like it would air anime after a few days or a few weeks.
4) Staying awake after watching anime and wanting to continue watching that same anime after you finished it all. You know there won’t be another season (or it will take time) and start exploring other known sources for similar content.
5) When you watch a series as a whole and finish it in a marathon you’ll get short term Anime withdrawal.  You will continue to search media sites for images and video snippets of what you just watched. This may stay as a short term condition, or may be prolonged by a few hours, days, weeks, or months….
6) Random ringing caused by Anime marathoning may stop stop when marathoning more Anime. Though, theres a catch, the ringing in the head may turn into a headache from the radiation coming from the screen or the headphones.

If theres anything more I’ll edit more in.


Anime Fever: – Short-term and often isolated.

Anime Fever is more of a short-term symptom and is often isolated. But, then again, there are cases were such interests go long term (i.e Star Wars). The symptoms of such are as follows:

1) Constantly bringing up Anime related material to a non-anime related discussion or topic. If someone talks about travel in Slovakia then expect someone to bring out similar events that unfolded within an Anime.

2)  Constantly raving about one show, buying the same character in various forms, purchasing what they can, and even to the point of even cosplaying as their favorite character.

3) Mindlessly following one show to the point of being insanely obsessed. The individual may even get hostile if you decide to “negatively” bring down the show or series in any shape, meaning, or form. One main noticeable way to tell someone has a deep reaching case of “Anime Fever” is if you’re called an idiot, or similar.

4) Choices of music and hobbies may gradually slide over to the animated or Asian realm. If at a prom, event, or similar you or someone you know may choose something “foreign” that others may not even think of choosing

(Carmelldansen is often a popular choice.)

5) People’s rooms are filled  Anime related posters, figures, model kits, mousepads, ita-desktop/laptop (ita- = customized), and etc.
6) if you watched too much and are emotionally attached to the a certain series you may end up getting stomach cramps. Your mind would basically be filled of various sad or emotional memories that would carry over into your sleep and into the next day. It may also negatively effect your sleeping patterns were you gain stomach cramps, lack of sleep, get moody, and feel the same way the characters have a day (or a few) ago.

Anime Otaku impersonators: – Just simple boredom.
(Added this within an edit.)

Not really a symptom, just people being bored of their given freedom.  With anything that gets an insane amount of attention often attracts individuals wanting to bash it out. Often enough, such negativity may often be traced back to the individual’s unhappy situations in life.  I’ve come across many, and they often expressed some form of traumatic stress they need to relieve their daily stress – Them being left by their boyfriend/girlfriend, not being accepted in social groups, being divorced, being picked on at school, attention seeker, and etc.

1) They fake their kindness  saying that they watched Anime. They later say how much it sucks halfway or near the end of a conversation. They go on mentioning what aspects they hate without a sign of  positivity from such. They hate Anime, the style, the people collecting figures, how people waste their money, how crappy people cosplay, and etc. They’re just….negative.

2) When in a conversation they often be seen talking about WoW, Starcraft (2), or  even Halo. They love linking bad paint-jobs of model kits, figures,  or bringing up negative topics. If they don’t see you liking any of the games that they “like” then they poke fun at you by bringing up kiddy related Anime or games for you to play instead. They can be highly sarcastic to the point where it may be considered trolling. They can also be spotted bashing people who are still learning how to speak English, learning how to paint, or trying to simply hold a simple conversation.

3) When someone adds  “nya”, “uguu!”, or “desu” after what they say are often picked on by being called “weeaboos” (pretending to be Japanese when they really aren’t). Sometimes these “victims” are being harmless (non-addicted type “-desu!” or “nya”) to the point it just irritates the other individual that is attacking the person (look below).

4) Or something as simple as saying Anime sucks by offending countless numbers of highly talented minds.  They like Anime yet they call it crap. Xenophobia of the Japanese culture basically.  It might of been caused with all the people pretending to like Anime  Otaku’s en-mass. Anime has been used as a social status to boost one’s image of being “superior” or to show that they’re unique. People were unique, up until attention seekers came onto the scene.

If you readers/lurkers experienced this (Anime Withdrawal or Fever) or have other symptoms to label, may you let me know?


Edit: Monday, September 13, 2010

I had to update this ancient article after coming across newer ways to describe both Anime Withdrawal and Anime Fever. I made “Anime Fever” more informative and even added in Anime Otaku impersonators as I see them popping up on sites to disable various features on such sites.

I also removed a “bonus-topic” that deals with people’s cold shoulder of Japanese nationality in a foreign land or those assisting the Japanese pavilions in events. Maybe it’s just stress built up in events?