More snow in Ottawa!

Well now I really can get images worthy since its a real snow fall this time.� No Animeness this time (unless I find something clever). Its been snowing since 5 pm (eastern time) and its still snowing at 2:51 am. I’m making this a place holder post for images to come but couldn’t resist posting a snow post entry.

—More pictures later—


Here are a few images that turned up well but not really about snow. The snow turned from fine powder into slushy snow which just ruined it.

(Link – My Site)

I know that image is blurry but you can compare it with this image: (Link – Deviantart.)

The next Image was supposed to show snow falling with the help of the lampost showing the flakes.

(Link – MySite)

I took a picture of my shadow after seeing it on the sidewalk, I was walking the dog after all.

Then I messed around with my camera and took a picture of the trees in the snowy weather.

(Link – MySite)

And with that, you got night time images. Though not the best I know I could of taken better ones (*Blames perfect world MMO*) so I will take more as time goes by. Hope this edit gets seen :).