Skyrim – Anime mods of interest

Hello! Skyrim is such an awesome game by itself, and even better when you can customize the hell out of it with various mods. Wanted to share some worthy Anime mods that would be of interest, and within my tastes.

(All images taken from PC version of Skyrim and mods from I did not make or own these mods, simply sharing them for your gaming pleasure.)


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(Article Last Updated: Tuesday, August 21, 2012)
Added Follower Saber, Fox Cafe, Saber Lily Armor, and Eisen Platte Armor.

I’m probably going to get chewed out by the American Skyrim gamers for this, but I’m here to share what I like. I don’t care if those American Skyrim gamers got traumatized by rabid & rogue Anime fans or if the models don’t fit.

I wanted to share these Anime mods to make it both easier for me to access them in the future and so others may enjoy these mods as well. If you see a good mod I haven’t tried then feel free to leave comments for me to check. Just note that I won’t check out Final Fantasy, DBZ, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, or Death Note mods, only those I find fitting for my Skyrim play-style. However, I might….but it has to be worth both our time.

I’m not here to bash, I’m here to share so moving on….I shall be updating this article whenever I find an easily shareable J-Mod worthy of interest, that is if they don’t get biasly reported and removed from skynexus and similar.

Well, now to share!


(I’ll update and re-update the following sections whenever mods release or updated. Right-click on any small images and open them in new window to view them.)


– 1) Saber’s Swords – Excalibur and Caliburn:

(Link – MySite) – Excalibur given to me by the Lady of the Lake.

(Link – MySite) – Caliburn and Excalibur displayed in Breezehome.

A nice way to start by showing off my favorite Anime first – Fate/Stay Night.

The following mod adds famous swords from the Fate/Stay Night anime into Skyrim. The swords you can obtain are Caliburn (left) and Excalibur (right) behind Whiterun and Roriksted. Excalibur is given to you by the Lady of the Lake while Caliburn may be obtained by pulling it from a rock pile further away.  Go find it! Don’t spoil it for yourself and don’t be rude by giving the location! The other swords – Saber Altair’s blade & Avalon sheath – are probably craft-able or gained through command prompt.

The King Arthur references were there already, the modder simply felt the need to insert these swords into those two appropriate places.

I also feel that Fate/Stay Night fits the time-frame of Skyrim due to the Servants being pulled from similar eras. Sure, some models may look “shiny”, but that can be easily fixed. Actually, it has but we haven’t received the updates yet.

Excalibur is a two-handed sword “enchanted” with a fire-like burst when fully charged. Caliburn is a one-handed sword that you may sheath when not in use.

– 2) Kannshou & Bakuya – Archer’s/Emiya’s blades:

(Link – MySite) – Archer’s weapons.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Bakuya sheathed.

Quite a simple little addition. This mod adds Bakuya & Kannshou blades which Arche wields from Fate/Stay Night into Skyrim. No feather form, just this. Both blades do 22 damages, 44 damage both.

To add the blades into the game type “player.additem 1202 1″ and player.additem.1203 1” in your console command.

– 3) Miku Hatsune Mod & Luka: 

(Link – MySite) – Miku!

(Link – MySite) – Used the “replacer” version with basic Imperial armor.

(Link – MySite) – Miku and her back-pack.

(Link – MySite)

(Below was edited with Luka.)

Miku? Luka? In Skyrim? Didn’t see that coming but I’m not all that surprised. Amusing in a very awkward way. Luka was a tougher one to summon through console commands because the read-me was all gibberish (symbols), and I didn’t know of the ID code.

There are (or were) two version – replacer & non-replacer. The replacer replaces textures on basic Imperial armor and the wooden mask. The non-replacer uses such, but adds it without replacing things so all you need to do is command prompt it in. Miku can dual wield her leeks which do 64 damage each per hit. Powerful.

Luka? I could only summon her dress. If you know of her weapons and such then feel free to notify me and I’ll edit in into here.

So why Miku? For fun really. Sure, she doesn’t fit the lore nor with the game textures but she is fun to use. The Japanese also use her because they know Miku over the characters Americans made.

Her flaws are:
– Pantsu not “stretching” when she sneak-runs” and the mask is only a mask. Her eyes don’t blink, nor does she have any alternate facial expressions. Also too shiny in the day

How to add?
Use Nexus Mod Manager and add it and in game’s command prompt (~) type “player.additem xx390100 1” (101, 102, 103) and “xx390070”

*Note: xx means index on first tab. I.e – 4th  so 04390100.

– 4) TERA online – Elin – Fox face:
(Download link lost and re-linked in a better 4.5 link below this one.)

(Link – MySite)

Nice video:

(Link – MySite) – Sneaky sneaky fox~.

(Link – MySite) – Looking good smithing.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Nice back detailing as well.

Elin are a 200 year old Fox race from a Korean MMO – TERA online. They have fox ears, are tiny, and look fitting for the world of Skyrim. Her existence is actually suited for Skyrim life with the armor style and the character design. Nothing overly shines, everything is dark.

Good mod, but still lacking when released before the “creation kit”. You need to spawn in or use the Ebony armor kit for you to either roleplay or “cosplay” as the Elin.

In the command line (~) type in “player.additem 00013960” to “00013963”. In the armor menu area simply choose the Ebony armor and you’re set.

Going to wait for a Non-replacer version to use this. I like it, but I might hold back.

4.5)  – Elin Armor+:

Elin Armor+ is an surprisingly detailed armor set for Skyrim which comes with a custom installer. Using the Nexus Mod manager you would insert it via file or url to simply activate the installer, from there customizing your Elin armor set accordingly. You would choose armor color, hair color, eye color, and probably even the class…Unsure what the selectable was.

I prefer this over the first Elin mod I had which added the same, but was less customizable. Unsure if this is a replacer or not, seems to not be. The quality of this one, as I said, is quite impressive. Make sure to look at the forum I linked above to see how to summon the items – noting the load order of course with the first digits in command console.

Have fun roaming around Skyrim if you can’t play with the Elin in Tera!

5) – Dynasty Armor (Non-replacer):

(Link – MySite) – Focus is on the armor, not the face.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Nice and shiny. Bakuya is sheathed nicely on the waist.

(Link – MySite) – Also a covered version.

(Link – MySite) – Rear view of covered portions.

(Link – MySite)

This armor a stand-alone version import using armor from Lineage 2. This armor is the “Dynasty” armor set which adds four new part – bracelet, two torso pieces, and boots. One of the torso pieces exposes skin while the other covers it up to suit your taste. Do you want exposed sexy skin or covered up and protected? Your choice.

I actually like this because it looks “royal”, shiny, beautiful, and actually worth getting instead of the “dull” end-game armors. I mean, I don’t dislike the gritty Deadric or Dragon armor…..they’re just……..bland? Just want something more “royal-like”, this feels like it.

You can insert this via console command at your own discretion, or you could attempt to gain it naturally…if possible. You can also gain it from a shop in Whiterun.

*Doesn’t fit with game? Pretend you came from Asia checking out Skyrim. 😛

6) – Type-Moon weapons (Non-replacers):

(Link – MySite) – Hmm? Unsure where this and the sword before it came from.

(Link – MySite) – One of two feathery-swords of Archer’s once upgraded.

(Link – MySite) – Alt Saber’s sword (May also be found in first mod linked in this article).

(Link – MySite) – Lancer’s lance.

(Link – MySite) – Saber Extra’s blade.

(Link – MySite) – Air-concealed Excalibur.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Nananya Knife – Tsukihime.

(Link – MySite) – Ryougi Knife – Kara no Kyoukai.

If you need more blades, especially Anime ones, then this add-on is for those seeking more. This mod adds many Type-Moon weaponry found from all of the Anime, including Fate/Extra PSP game with Saber’s red sword. There are various types of weaponry to choose from – knives, blades, lances, katanas, and even quite a few swords of Saber’s. I would share all the images but there are just too many.

How to obtain? Just insert into your Mod manager and boot the game up and find steel, turning that into steel ingots and crafting them at a furnace. Ya, simple as that. Just get steel ingots and craft whatever you want.

Good luck fitting it all in a display case. You may need to obtain a bigger home with numerous display cases.

7) – Neo’s Oriental Dress:

(Link – MySite)

This oriental dress is quite sexy and visually appealing that I couldn’t resist not adding it. Since the Hana dress was MIA I chose this instead because of the beauty, elegance, and because it has been seen in numerous Anime shows countless times (Xiao Mei wears something similar in Shining Hearts). Tons of variety and even choices for legging – with or without stockings.

What is awesome about this is mod is that there is a chest near the mill filled with various kinds of dresses to choose from. No console commands needed. You can loot from it and even store stuff within it, making that house in Whiterun all that more bearable when rolling new characters.

I will agree that you will look out of place within Skyrim, but you’ll please your own eyes instead of feeling “realistically poor” :P.

8) – Kaw’s Cat Disguise:

Nekomimi (cat ears) – as known by the Anime fans is both craftable at the smelter, spawnable via console command, and may be worn by female characters. This mod allows you to give your female character some fake cat ears and a tail to freely waltz around within your world. Looks quite nice and amusing when added into the Skyrim world. Even fits the world at times thanks to the Mithra stalking the lands. You may waltz around the world pretending to be a cat person, or at least pretend you’re pissing off the Mitha; cosplaying as them.

The ears and tail are treated like necklaces and such.

You get the option of wearing a light, normal, or heavy cat ears with different armor and weight setting. The tail? Make sure you have vanilla or cat-ears enambled mods to view the tail because it doesn’t really show through some dresses.

Cat girls are nearly everywhere within the Anime realm. Nya~. I would love a fox ears & tail addition set though, foxes are more my thing.

9) – Temptress Dress:

Just as the name says, and with the amount of images I shared, I surely was tempted into trying this mod out. This outfit is the bikini kind – two variants and 7 versions from both – coming from the Korean Vindictus Online – Temptress dress. Just something to visually tease yourself with as you play the game, and to brighten it up.

I find that it does fit into Skyrim, but just barely though. It is the type of outfit your character could wear within “luxurious” towns, at a campsite, at the Thalmor Embassy, or at a custom map. Quite visually pleasing.

I seem to be constantly reminded of Tear from Tales of The Abyss anime with the Temptress Dress V1.

There is two sets – One that covers the torso and arms while the other is simply a bikini. Both of them each have about 6 versions, each removing one piece per version. Don’t forget that your outfit also comes with a necklace.

– 10) – Saber Dress – Semi-casual:

Saber! At last! My Fate/Stay Night fanboyism is finally quenched with this outfit. Sure, it might not have Saber herself, but this outfit is fitting for those that want to cosplay/role-play in-game.

Detail is quite nice actually, both visually and graphically. Sadly, the outfit is like the oriental outfit (above) with it only displaying default Skyrim icons. Not a bother though so do be careful where you store it.

Lore friendly? Mostly. Not sure how much, but it does, especially with the Lady of the lake holding various swords. You may craft this at the smithing place of your chosing.

– 11) – Saber’s Armor:

Second variant of the Saber armor made by the same person – Hentai – made for actual combat. You can surprisingly feel the weight on this one, or was just me when testing this.

Quite nicely detailed and it looks fitting for Skyrim. The boots, bottom of the skirt to the top all looks nicely detailed – impressive. Now go make sure to build up a kingdom somewhere – creation kit – so Saber may actually fit within Skyrim’s lore somehow when you role-play.

This one actually does have menu icons to help you find it so that is a relief. This armor set is also available at a smithing place, have fun! Enjoy role-playing as Saber!

– 12) Saber’s Gifted Armor:

Whoa! Stunningly detailed and highly impressive! If anybody is going to use Saber’s armor then I would recommend this “realistic” & unique armor. You can feel the weight, you can see the detailing, and it still feels like Saber when using it on another character. I’m blown away. All that is missing now is a a district ruling feature where you can rule the throne and the commoners – Just like King Arthur him or herself.

The maker of this said that he wanted to make a unique and realistic armor befitting of Skyrim’s setting, I can see it does. Perfect!

– 13) Project Sekirei – Sexy Clothes:

This mod is made by Nikitaa using the Anime Sekirei as its inspiration. It adds an onsen near the Thalmor embassy (east of it) with a Sekirei skinned chest filled with clothing from said Anime series. The chest contains 7 clothing and one sword for training purposes. Just….roleplay.

Sadly, my chest didn’t contain the Sekirei art with the Nikitaa watermark, nor can you enter the building to keep out of the blizzard. Maybe I did something wrong or she simply decided the chest wasn’t worth sharing? As for the home, looks like the players will need to attach a private room for themselves because of some content permission issues.

I like this, but I wish you could enter the house. The outfits are too my taste, you’re given a sword, and the onsen was a nice touch. I can tell that Nikitaa cared. I recommend it, or else it wouldn’t be in my list. Does it fit Skyrim? No, but you can make it fit if you keep it to the onsen or stick near the forest area. Maybe even add an oriental region somewhere with the creation kit.

Enjoy the relaxing dip in the onsen after dungeon raids!

– 14) Saber Arthuria – Fate/Stay Night Companion:

King Arthur – Saber from the Fate/Stay Night & Fate/Zero anime now a follower. Saber has been added into Skyrim as your own Servant, companion, or follower depending on how you want to view or name it. You can find her in the Whiterun keep on the second floor sitting in her throne, as you should expect her to.

Directions: Whiterun – If you need help then just go to the Jarl’s throne, take the stairs to the right and do a 90* left at the second floor, look at the Jarl’s door and turn another 90*C left to see her staring back oddly at you.

When you first see her she will be in her typical blue outfit which you normally would see in the Fate/Stay Night series. When turned follower her armor would change to a more “lore-friendly” set leaving you to obtain her other wears through other mods. They work, just as long as they fit normal and CBBE type bodies!

Her voice has been nicely pitched to be low and soft. No vocal irritations and her wordings don’t irritate like Lydia’s. She only has one command of being able to follow you which is both expected and a little bit disappointing. Let’s not be greedy here! This is more than enough! She is also armed with her Excalibur, three types of armor (chest, legs, and arm) as well as a bow. I highly recommend this but use extreme caution for glitches! Put her on some sort of leash!

I’m unsure if it’s because of her or the Fox Cafe (look under) mod I added, but the Companions and Saber enjoy brawling one another. Saber just goes darting away at the Companions with-out consulting me, killing the companions.

I ask of you, are you my Master?” – Saber to Emiya.

– 15) – Fox Cafe:

Wanted a foxy restaurant in Skyrim in very unsettled areas of Skyrim? Fox Cafe is one of them! Feel free to stop by to “destress” with the girl’s help. They’ll make sure you feel welcomed!

I really should note that this Fox Cafe is quite NSFW with the paintings, the bunny-fox suits, and a suggestive item placed in a few places. There are three floors – Main, sleeping quarters with photoshoot, and a pool in the second basement. The main waitress gives you the black bunny outfit and a pink bikini.

The Fox Cafe has also been suggesting that with the right follower mods you can place them in very suggestive poses for your NSFW desires. Whatever floats your boat.

The gals can also become your companions if you so desire. Just before my game crashed-to-desktop one of the gals activated a spell showing they’re useful in combat…How? I don’t know exactly. Surprise yourself!

I don’t really expect you guys to believe me but I chose this place because of the “fox” part in the name. They look more like cats to me. It impressed me enough that I’m sharing it here, even if it is rough around the edges. Its a nice little spot to visit when passing by. With a few updates this mod should be nicely polish by naming the gals & objects properly.

– 16) Saber Lily Armor – CBBE (Lily GaGa):

Saber Lily armor from Fate/Unlimited Codes (PSP & PS2) – Saber Follower not included (Look @ Mod 14).

Saber Lily Armor comes in three parts and is listed under the “Misc” section of smithing. You need to create the arms, legging, and main body. Quite a semi-tricky armor set to make, probably for late-game with the high armor rating and ingredients needed. Still worth it I think, especially for the detail and to place on the new Saber follower that has been released. Quite bright at night though which irks me all so slightly.

If you want one with more details or can’t use the CBBE then download the UNP body and “this” Saber Lily armor. I tried it out and it looked impressive enough to try if you can’t use this CBBE version. You can choose full-chest or ecchi chest-plate if that floats your boat.

– 16) Eisen Platte Armor:

Eisen Plate Armor for CBBE & UNP bodies. Eisen Platte Armor comes from Final Fantasy 11 and has been around for quite some time now that most Skyrimers might be familiar with such. This armor comes in two version – color & skirt attachment; Black & White and with or without skirt attachment. This armor piece also comes in 3-4 pieces – Arms, torso, legging and sometimes the helmet (no helmet in menu for me). Quite a simple and beautiful looking piece of armor.

It is quite easy to make using resources looted from the world near the beginning. This armor set also has quite a few variants made by other modders that may interest you. Even though I don’t really follow the hype-bandwagon of FF, DBZ, Naruto, or Bleach, I do however approve of this due to the quality and variety it has.

I had my Varkitsu character wear it for a lengthy period of time, still satisfied with the quality and design. I approve!

-> More coming soon!

Berserker, Berserk, Claymore sword, and a few others will find their way onto here eventually. I’m also hoping people will dig deeper to find more “lore” or “game-friendly” mods. If not, may I at least have a fox-ear & tail mod based on Ahri? A Wolf one on Holo the Wise wolf? I can dream so I shall :P.


This article will be forever incomplete up until another Elder Scroll appears on store shelves. I shall continue adding my favorite mods here for both myself and others to enjoy.

Enjoy! Article Publish on: Jan 5, 2012.Last Updated: Tuesday, August 21, 2012.