Ottawa Doll Meet – 2013

Hello folks! Went to a local doll gathering, bringing Varakitsu with me to join up and to get her eyes swapped. Wasn’t expecting to get two gifts from Salica (from Was a neat doll meet and improve on Varakitsu.

– Varakitsu being the third from the left; Kodama’s gal and Salica’s DD were my most favorite there.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

Now that I obtained a Dollfie – Varakitsu – I was invited to a doll meet within Ottawa. A nice simple doll gathering with a few other people at the other side. I’m actually glad I went because Varakitsu got “upgraded”. I got to see her go from an ecchi type girl to something more elegant or even beautiful. Also pleased I managed to see a few nice dolls with overly elegant clothing.

Hope I can can influence a vote to take images of nature blooming at the garden of the Experimental Farm as the next doll meet. I would so love to see her among nature, as well as getting some nice “desktop” or “good quality” type images.

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DD Miko – (Re-)Birth of Varakitsu:

After some quick inspection I posed her up with the other gals. Seeing as how she is new I didn’t really have anything more appropriate for her to wear. Well, not until Salica gifted me a nice white wig and a kimono (correct me here if wrong) to make her more beautiful and appealing. So happy and thankful! 🙂

I of course have her playing with a katana mail opener I got from J-List a long while ago. She will need to brush up on her swordsmanship when she obtains her “Fox’s Fang” sword. I can’t forget Renge because I did bring her along. She got a nice warm welcome :).

I took a liking to the doll that looks like Sakura (from Fate/Stay Night), or at the very least looks like her. Her Korean outfit, the slippers, and the decoration. It’s something I’ll have to try matching, or surpassing with Varakitsu. So beautiful, and I ended up being bias of her by thinking of her being the best Dollfie of her there.

Kodama’s Dollfies were also amazing, the ones he took to the meet. His vampire girl (the one with purple hair and black outfit) has the most beautiful outfit that seems to match the same complexity that I’m seeking in Varakitsu, with obvious differences.

– Examining Kodama’s Dollfies (middle and right) while taking note of their beautiful flowing hair.

– Below – She has to be the most adorable/cuttest girl at the meet, from what I saw at least. Her shy, yet innocent appearance attracted my attention when not at Salica’s nor at Kodama’s girls.

Varakitsu’s transformation begins!

And damn! She looks beautiful! I also feel bad for ruining the hair, having her fall during attempted poses when Salica went through the trouble of making her looks so gorgeous. Sorry Varakitsu….I failed you there as a fox spirit tamer. Time to brush up on my fox-taming traits. With that aside – She is gorgeous; Going to get more beautiful as time goes on.

Here is the part where she fell, with all the grooming being undone. I feel so bad for doing such. I mean, she would stand perfectly fine on her own; no movement. Once I grab my camera she would lean one way or another. Her wig even popped off! OI! Your wig was on firmly at that point!….Varakitsu, stop mocking me and behave as well! I feel bad while she was all mischievous. I ended up shouting a few times for her misbehaving with the sudden falls and that sudden loose wig – “So close! Almost had it!

I pointed something similar about the messy hair while getting a response saying that she had “more character” or that it gave her “aura” or an “atmosphere”. Something like that. Guess I can agree with that *shrugs*.

– First thing that pops in my mind – Don’t Say Lazy.


Eye-swapping time!

– Jiiiii!~
– Eye swapping fun; Horsing around off-image.

Ninja-turtle & Japanese horror movie reference in below image.

– Looking good!

– Varakitsu having fun! Practice with that Katana!

– Guess this image would of worked if she had a spear or longer sword.

Letting her hair loose to see which I would prefer more – ‘wild’ fox spirit or tidy-groomed appearance.

– I think I enjoy her “loose-yet-groomed” state. With the fox ears she might look much more amazing.

That was fun! Sadly, I had to take-off soon after the eyes were in place. I did however make enough time to do a photoshoot after the eyes were placed in so I’m pleased with that, and also thankful for the two gifts from Salica. Thanks! It moves along my plans quicker because I can now focus on getting the parts I need as well for her.  Can’t wait to get the fox ears, Fox’s Fang, while also concepting her main outfit.

Also thanks to the Doll meet – I was made aware of certain items to acquire and it somewhat motivated me more to go hunting for DD-esque materials at Dollar Stores.

Until next time!