Varakitsu’s New Shoes

Heyo! After missing the postal delivery on Friday, and a chance to show them off on Saturday’s Doll Show, Varakitsu can now wear her shoes proudly.

– Renge playing around wish Vara’s new pair of shoes.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

I have been looking around for a pair of shoes for Vara, mostly at the Ottawa tourist shops in the downtown area, only to end up finding such at Dollmore. I wanted something along the lines of white Native American moccasins. I contacted one store locally by e-mail, only to end up being completely ignored.  What’s the point of having e-mails if businesses won’t use them?

I will also quickly (re)-note that I wanted to show Varakitsu off with her shoes  and the stockings for the Saturday’s Doll Show. The shoes arriving nicely on Friday but I somehow ended up missing it and having to pick it up on Monday. The stockings to compliment those shoes now after leaving it in storage for a while. What’s done is done; This article being 5% of what she should have looked like and 95% me enjoying the new lootage.

Now let’s have some fun!


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Dollmore to the rescue! Was worried the shoes wouldn’t fit that I felt like taking a bit of a gamble just to see if it would or not. I’m still new to whole Dollfie scene so takes some getting used to with what fits and doesn’t. Constantly pestering people on the side as well. When I picked the box up this Monday I was a bit bothered, yet later relieved that everything managed to fit and look nice on her. Got used to the material which I disliked at first.

– Shoes & Advertisement bookmark.

Dollmore’s packaging style left me in a bit of a “wtf?” moment. The smallish box had about roughly 80% empty space with no stuffings to keep it safe. Came in safe so no problem there.

It’s a lovely pair of shoes. I’m pleased that I got what I paid for, and that Varakitsu can now walk around without staining her feet on various materials. Glad the previous stains came off nicely. She even looks awesome when standing up with the clean white top and bright clean black on the bottom. Sadly no scenic images of her standing, need to wait for when I take her outdoors.

Reminder: Varakitsu is a humanoid Arctic fox spirit – Kitsune – based on both Japanese and Canadian folklore and themes.  White fox = white theme.


Fun Photoshoot:

Wanted to show off the shoes along with the stockings. Looks so much more awesome, and if any respect was lost has now been regained or boosted. Getting prouder with  more pieces that she obtains. So happy! I believe it even shows in the brightness of the images.

Having a bit of an issue with the wig, constantly getting roughed up with the slightest of movement or wind breeze. Constant combing.

– Vara observing the beautiful clear sky; Renge checking out other things.

– Renge handing Vara a shoe to examine.

– From Dollmore, if you’re curious 😛

Now I can’t wait to take her out for some scenic images, standing this time around with lovely pair of shoes. Can’t wait on the next package and the tail I had ordered up in a proxy way, with the help of a comrade. Hope I receive that tail in time for the next meet-up.

Also wanted to note that Varakitsu’s leg and knee joints scared me again. Probably the heat, or the way I’m transporting her around, but her knees keep loosening. Her right leg being the loosest because I tried seeing what exactly was loose. I need to now look into getting a transport bag for her. Price-tag keeps rising and I can see first-hand with what Haku said about Dollfies being an expensive hobby. Cha-ching!~ $$$

Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed these images!