Shara’s Flowery Wander

Heyo! I’ve been both patiently and impatiently waiting for nature to fully bloom for photography purposes. It has been painfully slow, yet quick at times…just not enough for what I’m needing for my type of images. Brought Sharatang out to have fun with the blooming Crab Apple trees within the area.

-  “Pluck though my flower, my dear.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake Lens.)

Nature sure is slow when you’re waiting impatiently for it to bloom. Even late by what I seen when checking YouTube videos and article around the same time of years past. Seeing the tree I’ve been waiting for to bloom, I just had to run over and take images of it. Odd stares? Naturally. That’s a given by now.

Also took Sharatang along because well…..She hasn’t been given her own outdoor article yet and she needs to enjoy herself. Flowers also seems appropriate for her elegance with her ecchi flower poem on her light-up armor piece.

And yes, I tried too hard with the title. Wasn’t sure what to name the article so I went with what you see above – Shara’s Flowery Wander. Think of that flower poem and her simply wandering about. Ya, me trying to hard indeed with naming.

– One of the few blooming normally with others not at all.


One person chuckled and asked who she was, even dropping the – “whatever that is” – line. Amused and curious with him being I told him she was Japanese with being based on a violin, even showing him the parts. I’m assuming he nodded and even said she even looks Japanese haha! Amusing quick conversation.

– Sharatang hiding behind some flowers; Focus would have been helpful here.

– Shara peacefully taking in the scenery with a nice nap. Shhh!~
– Couldn’t leave her there forever so I gently packed her up ^^. Parts saying otherwise.

Was some nice quick fun while also waiting for the thunderstorm to pop around. It never did, but you could see the dark clouds both north and south. A nice divide. Tried to also take images of a giant bee, failed. It was too quick for me while even startling me a bit when flying widely from side-to-side.

Also got to love those double deckers roaming Ottawa. Be nice if I could actually get on one soon for the whole “novelty” of it. Where’s Renge? Accompanying Vara while also fox’ing around. Asked her to give Sharatang a break to allow others to have their fun. Both Var and Renge shall both come out again, just wanted someone else to hog the spotlight. Ach shall be the next as well. Even Eila who has yet to be taken outdoors. Had some photography skill challenging plans for her. Can’t wait to finally take Ach out since I couldn’t during the winter.

I need to wait just a bit longer for nature to bloom. So slow! Hope you enjoyed the images and looking forward to sharing more :).