[E2046] – KOS-MOS & T-elos

Heyo! E2046 now has both KOS-MOS and T-elos both up for pre-order, both from the Xenosaga series.

(All images provided by E2046.)



KOS-MOS – A gynoid – is one of the main characters from the Xenosaga series, both anime and game. She is armed with a pair of trio Gatling guns, one one on the figure.

I’m actually quite impressed with the figure, with the tiny detailing and all. The lacing on the thighs, the miniature text, and etc. Simple in some areas yet nicer in others. The base itself is decent. I approve of it breaking the basic stand base, and that it looks awesome from a far, just not up close. I’d recommend this figure due to the detailing. I’d even get her if I had room.


Similar to KOS-MOS, she is also a gynoid meant for a similar role.

Not all that familiar with T-elos, but I do remember viewing PV’s of the PS2 versions on my PSP back in the day. Also approve of her character design and her figure form. Found her to be just as awesome as KOS-MOS.

The stand itself seems more simplified when compared to KOS-MOS’s, yet fitting for T-elos. More focus on the figure than the stand itself. Quite a nicely detailed figure. Not one of my favorite T-elos figure, still a lovely one none-the-less. I’d recommend her if you love the shiny fine detailing.


Hope these were fitting to your interest!

*I only seen the Xenosaga Anime and watched the PVs for the game. I actually like the series yet never dug deep into it.