Bismarck’s Victory Drink

Happy to have taken a few screenshots of Bismarck while also having fun in KanColle’s mini-event Winter 2017. Wanted to share a few images of Bismarck while also having fun with KanColle Winter 2017 victory.

– Bismarck somewhat impatiently waiting for us to toast as she assisted me in E-3 victory. My drink of choice.

I had to re-upload this article because it was deleted during a server move I was unaware of. I will try and repeat what I mentioned previously with a few different wordings, yet still the same.

I’ll first go through the bad so you can then enjoy the good at the end of the article that the end of January was a rough time for me health wise that it snowballed into idiocy into February, and still somewhat is coasting. The whole thing with how brutal Canadian winter harms the human body through ‘cabin fever’, winter blues, colds, flus, the constant cold-hot climate changes (snow & rain), and me catching other people’s illnesses. Even the whole thing with stress that it gives me shortness of breath, chest pains (muscles), great fatigue, exhaustion, and then I had to deal with comrade drama of one (two, or a few) leaving me labeling me as vile. It sucks being sick that it was a whole new level of stress and illness that it weakened me to the point I was vulnerable to the elements snapping at everything. Also an interesting learning point. Being sick weakens you to the point everything attacks you that all the barriers are gone that you really aren’t you. You can believe I was me, yet I wasn’t. When you’re sick you’re not you (insert Snickers commercial here). Yeah, what happened ended up being a vicious cycle of being sick > angry > sick > angry > sick > offended> sick…..I’m trying to break the cycle by posting anime & trying to have actual genuine fun with anime or games. Just things that makes you happy. You also have to wonder & see why both Sweden & Japan added blue lights to combat winter depression & related so people wouldn’t snap as I have. People stray heavily during the winter because humans are tuned more towards the sun.

I also had to deal with food poisoning mixed with winter illnesses that woke me up one night at 4:15 am with severe fatigue, insanely weak muscles, severe chills, and such that I had to be under THREE ‘heavy’ winter blankets. I was shivering, cold as fucking ice. Even writing this right now I’m having a very very light cold cough through workplace exhaustion & winter elements. I also can’t stop thinking of how people label me vile instead of telling jokes. If you wondered why I behaved like a vile jackass then that was why (above; Me being sick).

The important things being: 1) I used Tumblr the way it was advertised for venting purposes while taking it for granted also- 2) I simply copied other peoples’ venting behavior that I was punished, yet others came out ‘clean’ from it. They have yet to punish themselves – 3) I was sick that everything got to me all at once that I just broke, now piecing myself back together. Think of that analog pirate game by inserting swords until it pops. – 4) Trying to apologies yet not feeling fully satisfied because effort not being made by other parties to complete the apology circle.  I’m the only one made out to be a vile piece of shit. – 5) When sick I should have simply went MIA, yet feeling I simply gave reason to something that would have happened regardless. What happened was bound to happen regardless.

That shall be the last I speak of me being sick as this is the main posting I wanted to post & be done with it. Back to anime and say “fuck it” to any winter illnesses.

With stupid drama aside & onto the TRUE topic of the article: let’s get back into the positivity of (re)sharing Bismarck’s fun because of a server transfer eating up this post. Only two images, yet also KanColle game fun.

– She is quite difficult to pose that it’s being kept to simplicity. Her hands fall off at the slightest touch, yet pleased I could pose her with the sake bottle 🙂
– A salute of Bismarck’s hat as she is given an MVP treatment of a victory drink with myself.

Bismarck is my ringed waifu in KanColle that I love her in both the game and in figure form. It’s just a shame that she doesn’t have a Busou Shinki articulation range, yet she is quite nice to be prided with.  For being a $300 CAD she is a nice figure, yet her hand swapping is her weakest link. You have to be EXTREMELY careful of any outdoor photoshooting making sure the hands don’t go flying into a brutal spot.

Would love to share more images, and I’ll try to. Even one where she even drinks to her victories in the future, just like this one with Winter 2017 as flagship in E-3 map.

KanColle Winter 2017 Victory:

Even though it was a short one, I’m still going to gloat & be loud at celebrating this because of the troubles it gave me. I beat E-1 on Normal, I beat E-2 on Easy, and same with E-3 on easy. I wanted to do E-2 on Normal, yet RNG was a pain, and sadistic on E-3 by being purely RNG luck based. Nice unique fun though. It had a nice theme of transporting submarine related equipment that you gained I-13 & I-14 out of it.

– I-13 & I-14 models gained from E-1 with event being Submarine themed.
– Matsukaze gained from E-2 easy while also reminding me of Mio from K-On in that ‘family’ manner, or even friend influences. That hat.
– A lovely V-Day login celebration with Kanmusu also dressed up & offering treats to their admiral.

Maruyu happened to be flagship with her leveling in the absence of I-13 & I-14’s rescue. Bismarck & Warspite being my waifu material, and even a serious Yuudachi. I guess all, yet they stand out. Yuudachi did assist me in clearing the event with her ‘Nightmare of Solomon’ cut-ins <3. Yuudachi gained the final kill of the event while also being the most important to acquire I-14. YATTA!~

– I loved the whole new mechanic of scrapping planes to turn them into disassembled parts to send through maps. That’s an awesome idea that it made E-3 fun in the Transport phase, yet RNG bullshit in the boss phase.
– Aviation Battleship Princess twins not forgiving me for my advances. Quite an interesting pair, and also odd choice of attire with that skirt riding up her oddly smooth stern.
– I truly wasn’t expecting Teruzuki to join me, and she has through the numerous attempts at trying to clear E-3 on Easy at L Node. Welcome! I was genuinely surprised, and now proud & boastful 🙂
– Yamagumo joining me at the U Node Boss node through the numerous attempts. Surprisingly neat.
– YATTA!~ The god damn irony in this one that gaining I-13 was easier than rescuing I-14 from the event. When I got her I cheered for joy. YATTA!~
– YATTA!~ E-3 clear thanks to Sendai, Hatsuharu, and Yuudachi torpedo cut-in the boss. Sendai & Hatsuharu drop FS to 5 HP then Yuudachi over-kills the flagship to the depths. YATTA!~ Bismarck also being flaghip.
– I-14 gained! YATTA!~ She was harder to get than I-13. The damn irony in that one is mind-boggling, yet proud to be done with the event.

With how E-3’s RNG treated me it’s only natural that I drink the sake that was gifted to me during V-day. I was unable to touch it on V-day, or after, because of me being sick on various levels (my severe stomach pains, the severe chills, food poisoning), yet was able to on the 17th with Bismarck during the post victory festivities. If you’re not going to celebrate simple victories than what shall you celebrate? I want to pride myself in beating simple & complex stuff, thus the boastful personality heh. Every little victory counts, and you see this more when you’re sick to death. Fujinami? We’ll see if I even bother to gain her. I ‘may’ edit her in. We’ll see. Not a major priority currently.

I drank the whole bottle of Sake that night, and I’m glad I did. It made me feel so good and proud of my accomplishments within KanColle. This was a simple blog posting to simply share three images of Bismarck + KanColle game images. The rest can be ignored, if you so desire to ignore it………

Side note:

I’m thankful to Vara’s presence that she influenced me to take pictures during V-Day. Just something simple, yet still quite encouraging that I’m proud of my simple images. Also, simple week ahead that I shall get to finally reviewing Frame Arms Girl: Hresvelgr; Going back to decal Jinrai in places. Itching to get another Frame Arms Girl posting out + the belated Busou Shinki doujinshi I haven’t shared.

I was also keeping an eye out on Wonfes seeing that Figma Yuudachi is coming out. Going to grab her, grab Nendo Warspite, Nendo Scathach, and even ‘Frame Arms Girl: Nidy’.  Where the hellis my ringed waifu (Bismarck) in Nendo form?! This should be fine though. I’m happy with this selection.