[Anime] Frame Arms Girl – Episode 6

Another lovely episode of Frame Arms Girl being quite a blast, a tease, and even a bit spooky for us all.

– It’s a surprise! Don’t spoil it! (Architect’s new room, or maybe some NSFW goodness?)

This one sure was interesting on many levels. The main one is that this episode really touches on happenings that you wouldn’t have really expected, or if you have that it was quite silly. Was quite strange seeing Jinrai being quite blunt and assertive over Ao wearing panties during a fireworks festival, having Ao changing before hand, and just going into fanservice in that odd manner. There’s also many references and marketing material to make note of during the second half of the arc that it’s a highly eventful and noteworthy episode.

– Architect’s new room mixed in with Ao’s fanservice of changing into a yukata for a fireworks festival.
– Lovely new (basic) room for Architect designed by the other FA: Girls in Ao’s FA:Girl harem.
– Lovely yukata with the additional cute FA:Girl as ‘decoration. Adorable.

The very weird part being how….. ‘aggressive’ Jinrai was by insisting that Ao should go fireworks watching without her panties, even convincing others to de-panty her for that ‘sacred’ fireworks festival feeling. That rush a girl would gain for feeling the wind, or so Jinrai insists. This isn’t the first anime to mention and tease how girls go to fireworks festivals without panties. An anime called ‘Blast of Temptest‘ had a tease where the question was asked if ‘she’ was wearing one or not.

If a girl wants to wear one or not, up to them. But hey, it brought some interesting odd value into the mix that Ao managed to watch the fireworks festival without pantsu.

– Jinrai crawling up Ao’s ‘skirt’ like a little bug/rodent.
– Ao now “ready for the battlefield” as Jinrai preaches the glory of pantsu-less yukata.
– That dignity & pride of Ao’s shattered. The eventual knowledge that her other panties have been…..glued in. OTL
– Glued and nailed wardrobe by Materia sisters & Baselard OTL. OTL.

Because the spring festivity, and errand race was a mess Ao wanted to bring something happy for the FA: Girls to enjoy. A lovely fireworks festival, yet that’s now a serious issue. Fireworks viewed indoors are not fireworks. One must smell the gun powder, the smell of nature, the food, the atmosphere, and etc.

– Fireworks viewed indoors are not fireworks.
– “Learning Mode” Yakisoba noodles”
– This reaction being a bit odd, yet also somehow adorable. That cute confused reaction as one soul-searches the feeling of fireworks enjoyment.
– Even the lovely Gourai can connect with the beauty of the fireworks festival. Highly adorable.
– For that added fanservice bonus: Materia sisters teaseing Ao for being panty-less as they rub her bottom. That tease.

  • Let’s Go to School 2:

I actually quite love this second arc because it plays with so many things at once, and in a fun way. The whole bit of playing nice while Ao’s not at home, of the whole ‘school is haunted’ cliche, and tons of references.

– Well, there’s something familiar on that model shelf, yet doing homework/studying does tend to make you short circuit.

With Bukiko being an Otaku that setup does indeed make sense. The whole bit of having anime figures, model kits, being able to build, and repair things. Bukiko is awesome. I also see Mirai is in there in a ‘hidden’ manner. Not in your face. Nice. Yeah, it makes sense when you make note of there being a Frame Arms Girl ‘Smartdoll’ version, yet not of the version I desire. If there was a Jinrai, Innocentia, or Hresvelger then I’d be more tempted to shell out for such.

[SmartDoll Frame Arms Girl Found hereHere, & here!]

[PSO2 version here with Stylet ‘costume’ in both FA: Girl & mecha form.]

– The hilarity of Sty-ko being scared of ghosts & school at night time.

I do have to wonder if it’s because of that Crow that was a short running gag, or if it’s something entirely different. I knew the answer, yet when typing this ‘review’ out I’m oddly drawing a blank. Probably just a simple little charm to Sty-ko so she would appear more ‘adorable’ also.

– The original three troublemakers from the panty-raid return to stir up chaos in a school setting. Spooky!~
– GHOST! Oh, it’s just a fire waterbucket. I have to laugh at Jinrai throwing her plastic throwing knives at the bucket. Cute.
– Let’s use Sty-ko as a weapon! (She solidifies when broken or traumatized). Very-effected against books!

“You used ‘Frozen Sty-ko”!
“She was super-effective!”

Oh, no! I’m scared! A horror story is being told by Bukiko, and I’m terrified! She tells the scariest of stories! NOOO!~

– A girl inexperienced with model kit building set about a curse of nipper satisfaction to cut pegs/gates from parts.
– Karma reaction.
– “You activated my trap card” nipper gesture.
– AH! The nipper ghost is angry! It’s furious! It wants to nip your gate!

Gourai’s logic made me laugh that she saw flying school equipment that she tried to negate the ghost-nipper’s ‘exotic’ type specialness. Awkward, yet you can’t  deny Gourai’s logic.

– *SNIP!* ……..Gourai!!! Are you okay?! Are you alright?! We’ll repair you!
– Bukiko breaking the 4th wall to explain what a gate is, something I called a ‘peg’, or similar from what I heard others call it. Ao wondering who Bukiko is talking to.

I have some slight issues with this Mirai Smartdoll scene because I feel it hijacks something I enjoy.  I guess that’s just me on this as I feel as it feels quite forced from my POV, yet it also may be viewed as highly trivial as it’s only my thoughts on this. I just feel it’s forced, out of place, and just…..saps certain entertainment out of the place by injecting some other gag that’s somewhat ‘difficult’ to handle. First cameo was fine, the second one not so much. I could be wrong when viewing this, and I’m certain my views on this shall change as time moves on. Congrats to Danny Choo for having Mirai appear in Frame Arms Girl ep 6, also because that’s special feeling of seeing something you hold dear appearing in anything. More of that ‘commanding respect’ feelings going around. Congrats!

But yeah, I guess it may be just me. Maybe. I do however have to thank Danny Choo for inspiring me to take figure photography images to allow me to be have familiarized myself with Busou Shinki to then relocate to ‘Frame Arms Girl’ fun because Konami didn’t know how to handle their IP’s in an intelligent manner. Konami discarded a concept that Kotobukiya & Danny Choo seem to be reaping with great success with what Konami refused to handle respectfully.

– More great adventures! More great fun!
– Ultimate Nipanko made a spiritual appearance in this episode by freeing Gourai of a ‘gate’ issue. God Hand’s Nipper mascot may rest proudly in Ao’s hands.

With that, I heard Metal Gear Solid background music (or just a coincidence) being played. Same one heard when battling Architect in episode 5 so I may be wrong, or it’s probably intentional in some manner. We also had a Mirai cameo twice in her Mirai form, as well as the Nipper mascot appearing in this episode. Quite a flashy & marketted episode. Nice!

Again, I actually quite like the mood set with the fireworks festival, Ao being teased with her pantsu, Sty-ko being spooked, Mirai being viewed, as well as the whole adventure of it all. It was fun, it was enjoyable, and I’m happy to have watched it! Nice! I have some slight issues with the show, yet they may be viewed as trivial as they only seem to be my complaints with the show. Give respect where it is needed, and thus I’m doing such.

See you in the next blog posting! Episode 7. Lovely Tempesta to be enjoyed in that episode!