[Anime] Frame Arms Girl – Episode 8

Session start! Another lovely episode of Frame Arms was released, in a more animation re-worked manner. The opening has been touched up to hold more 2D styles to stare at in a more enjoyable manner.

– Sty-ko coming off as a more expressive, if in that ‘angry-psycho’ manner.

The first thing you’ll notice when you start watching this show is that the opening sequence has been touched up. All the 3D animation has been switched out with a more softer touch of 2D, something you’ll have to experience for yourself by watching, or even looking at animated gifs of them. Gourai gains a new pantsu touch, Sty-ko comes off as more happily aggressive in battle, while Materia sisters & Jinrai also gain a nice touch. Everything 3D has been switched over to 2D for a softer touch.

– Baselard comes off as more fluffy & cheerful, something that makes her even more comical. I love how her hair flutters about.
– Materia sisters dance with joy.

Was difficult gaining shots of others that I would recommend viewing gifs instead. They do this more justice.


  • Gourai Kai!

It’s awesome seeing Gourai being new and improved as a ‘Gourai Kai’ touch. It has that Gundam gunpla & KanColle naming sense to it with that ‘Kai’. Maybe it’s standard in the Japanese language, yet I know of it only through Gundam & KanColle. Gourai is now shiny white that you also run the risk of becoming snow blinded as she even duels a mock Hresvelgr in hope of reclaiming lost pride.

This episode drops us right in the middle of a fight between a mock Hresvelgr vs Gourai Kai that we are given a measurement of just how strong and improved Gourai actually is. A nice sign of growth.

– Gourai Kai – New and improved!
– Baselard’s animation being one of the hilarious sort with how her animation skips during comedy scenes. Remember the chopstick scene from many episodes back? Finding it hilarious how she cheers.

Poor Ao gaining no recognition for having pieces together Gourai-Kai’s new accessory sets.

– Coming, once again, full circle to knock air superiority out of the air. Gourai calmly knocking out Hresvelgr out of the sky.
– A serious ‘Char kick’ to the noggin’.
– Battle concluded, with both Architect & Gourai safe and sound. Finding it amusing how Gourai Kai runs in that style making sure that Architect is safe & sound. Glad she’s unhurt.

In a happy celebration of Gourai’s victory, Ao prompts the FA: Girls to hold a pep rally for morale boost. A talent show to boost & cement Goura’s new found confidence in victory against Hresvelgr.

– Baselard being your host of the day!
– Jinrai first up with the apple on the head trick. Will her stars hit true? A shame that they did not, for someone so proud.
– Baselard’s cute little hum as she entered the box, cheery as always. Is Baselard’s body intact after all those swords?

Oh! Architect! What a surprise! I’m surprised they gave her that sort of treatment for someone so beautiful. As weird as she may be (if at all), I do love how grounded & neutral she is when compared to others.

– She logically decided to sing opera for Gourai, something I actually find awesome. What a nice thought!

A tweet about her voice actress may be found [here].

– D’awww! That smile is so rare & adorable. So rewarding and awesome! Look at how warm that smile is! Even respectfully complimenting Gourai’s 100% win rate.

Materia sisters also leaving their mark, but in a more ‘dull’ mind games manner. They’re too serious with their logic & puns that it fails to deliver. Too ‘sadistic’ for their own good.

As for Ao, she’s too greedy for money by sweet-talking Gourai into earning her more cash. Ao, you……you greedy girl, you.

– I used to play a trumpet, yet I had to sell my trumpet….Ao, you should also sell your trumpet if you’re that…..’tense’. My ears X.X

Yeah, I used to have a trumpet that the above is a little personal connection type scene, even making note of how much I suck at trumpeting also. It’s also why I was stupidly worked up when watching ‘Hibike! Euphonium’ with how that went. I stupidly got caught up with the moment that I should have basically ignored it. I enjoy the show, as with ‘Your Lie in April’…….I do have anything nostalgic music related out of my system because I vented so hard on Tumblr & such so it should be fine. I should be neutral, but it may be “better late than ever” that it may be too late with who knows where people stand on things.

If I see a trumpet then that shouts “ME!”, yet I suck at it. I wouldn’t be able to play. I’d be at Ao’s level of horridness.


  • Autumn Beckons:

Funny how the show skips from spring, to summer, then to autumn. Makes you want to feel a bit of emotions for the time progression. The whole situation of progression of how long these FA: Girls have been with Ao that it makes one wonder about many things.

– Keeping the subs to explain that Ao is excited about “that thing”. Gourai also being adorable on Ao’s shoulders. How I wish……….
– Dango tastes better when eaten outside because of the whole ‘atmosphere’. The whole smell, breeze, the sun, and etc. The whole chemical reaction within your body.
– Chipmunk Gourai? Funny how the whole topic of “house” came up. Kids playing house.

I find it hilarious how the whole child game of house seems to be universal that I remember playing such in both in Ottawa in the Billings Bridge area as a kid, and in Kanata relating to that Billings Bridge area. Latter may be off, yet memories are there. Yeah, Ao playing house is legit (real). Being outdoors is the best when it comes to enjoying one’s self for nature & how Ao mentioned being the ‘only child’.

Ao’s parents being working on a cruise liner traveling the world as she’s gifted with strange exotic souviners from around the globe. Her parents behaving strange due to all the oddities and experiences found from all the travels, or they’re that’s their natural trait.

– Ao’s doll ‘Guriko’ making an appearance in ghost form to play house with both Ao & Gourai, something Ao recalls from her past experiences at the park years ago.
– Guriko: ‘Over here! Over here!” | Something that’s a bit creepy is how a ghost of a doll beckoning you over towards a time-capsule.

Yeah, time-capsules are (or were) popular in Japan that nearly every school has partaken in some form of it. Students would leave something important to them to bring back up at a later date for them to enjoy for nostalgic memories. Something to ‘reminiscence’ about, indeed. I could be wrong about “all”, yet from the documentary I watched noted such, thus me stating it in such a way.

It is, or was, a popular thing to do.

– A popular form of burial of a tea biscuit container. If it doesn’t hold sewing containers from your mother or grandmother, then it’s an alternate use for a time capsule. Your standard nostalgic time-capsule.
– Ah! It’s Guriko, the doll Ao used to play with. I see it’s that ghost that’s become a side mascot to the show. Acorns, among other things. Even a little mask from a past travel far far away gifted to Ao.
– Oh, the nightmare! The Zebra sisters are still at it with their prolonged nightly talkshow. Other than Jinrai, nobody is amused. Not even the childish Base.

I have to say that this episode was close to sparking actual pulls on feelings and emotions. It may be forshadowing because the thought of memories, nostalgia, reminiscing about the past is being brought up. Even the thought of how the seasons passed from spring, summer, to then autumn. Something just might happen, and with this show it just might.

I quite enjoyed the nice touches to the OP animation, as well as the two neat arcs progressing Gourai’s character growth. Architect’s opera singing was a nice touch, something I’m expecting to hear in the OST, or something. The full version of the singing on the actual OST.

It’s been a great episode. Makes me curious as to what episode 9 shall be. If Kotobukiya is crafty enough they may even insert some kitsune, or kitsunemimi. Doubtful, yet not unlikely.

Thanks for reading, and hope to seeing you in the next review!