[Anime] Frame Arms Girl – Episode 9

Another session has started, this time with Ao and the gang becoming ill with the season.

– Ao being down & out. Everything hurts her, including her joints.

Falling a tiny bit behind with these reviews because of work & other ‘rough’ situations. My bad, yet trying to keep up with this as much as I can. If you’re sick/ill  watching this you’re going to be so lost because of how random this is. You’ll be as lost as this episode was, yet was still highly enjoyable.

Ao somehow became sick, probably running around all the time, that she fell ill. Her FA: Girl buddies curious, tried to understand how Ao felt to only view her as themselves by cracking jokes about using putty, and such. Just trying to mend Ao’s cold via putty, replacing her joints, and etc the FA: Girl model mechanical manner. Quite hilarious, yet that stress build up wasn’t what Ao desired.

– “Huh? Let’s see here….” – Ao being all dazed & confused.

Architect, she’s the best in this show.You always learn new things from how she downloads new information into her system.

– Ja-Jan!~ All the ingredients needed to make Ao’s cold go away!
– Even loving Gourai’s lovely facial expression here. So much softer than the 3D CG they had going on, something that makes her all the more precious.
– The outrageous hilarity with this. The shocker that makes you wonder how naive these FA: Girls also are haha!~
*Cluck cluck* – The egg won’t hatch faster if you keep staring at it. Do note the chicken pose of Sty-ko.
– Stuff it in! Stuff it all in! I’m amazed Ao didn’t puke this all out gaining a stomach flu with her cold.

After all that stress & abuse Ao had to suffer from over-excited FA: Girls Ao simply shut down. Her body gave up that she had a ‘near-faint’ experience. She just wants to rest & sleep. The FA: Girls notice this, semi-pouting in a circle on the table. Architect even stuffed a portable external hard-drive into Ao’s mouth!

– A more adorable scene spawned with Gourai at a loss as to help Ao out. Shredded apples seems to help.

Funny how we always stick to what we know helps make us feel better. Ao has memories of her parents nursing her back to health with apples, cut, & shredded apples. I remember rice & shredded carrots with ham to help nurse me back to health. Warm tea, and the like.

I also have to note that what happened in this first half of an arc is what we all desired in the Busou SHinki realm. The whole concept that Busou Shinki girls would be curious, even aiding us with every day life by simply co-existing. They would try, to the best of their ability, to nurse you back to health. Ao even mentioning how it’s best having someone with you when you’re sick or else you’ll feel depressed. You’d feel so depressed that you’d hallucinate imaginary beings of demons, dream of nightmares, and such. Having someone company helps a lot.

Also, I have to laugh at the roomba having an emergency vehicle siren to it. That’s hilarious, and genius! Fitting for the situation. Even doubling as an air freshener by applying de-humidifying the air, or similar.

– Aww, how cute. Materia sisters applying a hot wet towel onto Ao’s forehead.
– Great having an FA: Girl feeding you when you’re unable. A Busou Shink’s fan’s lost dream.

Glad to see Ao finally being able to relax after that unintentional stressful, if helpful, scenario. Ao finally finding some peace and quiet knowing that she’ll feel better.

This episode also differs because it’s a half-arc that it simply continues on from the first ‘Ao being sick’ arc. When you’re sick you tend to hallucinate, even have very strange dreams. What could it be? FA: Girls taking on even more of a human form.

– Sty-ko & Base both jump-scaring Ao to death, in a fun way. Adorable bunny, Base makes.

Honestly, I’m struggling to come up with the right wordings, even though I’m familiar with these sort of ‘fantasies’ of seeing your Busou Shinki, ‘Angel’ (Angelic Layer), or even FA: Girl taking human appearances by being actual humans. These FA: Girls took actual form, but can you guess why? Ao is sick, that’s why. It’s a fun deviation, something I enjoyed.

– Typical Base being a teaseful, prankster, of a shorty. Her childish nature even reflecting appropriately in her child-like appearance.

Base recieving the brunt of all the ‘elementary school’ appearing jokes that she gained most of the human related jokes.

– Happily enjoying food, something neither FA: Girls nor Busou Shinki girls are able to do.

Funny part with how dreams work is how ‘common sense’ tends to leak in at times when things don’t go the way they should. With how Ao is used to Sty-ko & Baselard flying she dreamed of them being able to fly, something that this dream world refused to do. Maybe for that ‘cold’ lore, or just for the reality they were in, yet they can’t fly that Ao made a bit of a fool of herself. It’s odd though how they took it literally without turning it into a joke.

Normally when you say something silly people tend to be politely sarcastically witty about what you’ve said that you simply go with the flow. A dream is a dream…….

Funny how she also mentions how they can finally eat in a school setting, once again causing an odd awkward situation to occur.

– Ao gesturing a flying motion in regards to Sty-ko & Base not being able to fly in the ‘real’ dream world by turning it into a joke.

Thankfully Kotobukiya was wise that they simply fast-forwarded through this as it was simply too……….. ‘funky’ for an already funky episode. All those still-image montages of the FA: Girls enjoying their school, something fitting for each of them.

– Jinrai practicing archery, something I wish I could try. Something I wish my schools would have had as an option. I bit jealous of Japanese schools, yet finding it elegantly appropriate for Jinrai.
– Ignoring how I’m being distracted by Architect’s fine body, they finally had a lovely summer enjoyment at the beach! Something they couldn’t enjoy previously, yet were able to in a dream. Strangely adorable.
– Naturally, the Materia sisters having to tease their bodies for the persona they have.
– Hilarious beach fun with various funny emotions to be had. Very energetic, this image. A lot going on at once, such as disappointed expressions, as well as pleasure, and simply ‘enjoyment’ of the situation.
– Merry Christmas! I love Japan’s take on Christmas because it’s always full of energy. Gourai is a chicken leg (KFC), or a steak. I lean on chicken. Ao is a snowman, Base is a tree, Styko & Architect both Santa’s. Jinrai also being a reindeer Lovely!
– Naturally, Materia sisters have to be their seductive teaseful selves by wearing that ribbon costume girls for that. I dig that, yet it’s just…awkward knowing they’re FA: Girl’s. 15 cm robotic entities.

Well, now we finally know what’s truly happening once we see the graduation. Whole 3 years of school life summed up (odd that it’s not years) celebrating a nostalgic life with FA: Girls in their human form. Three happy fun and eventful, years coming to a close making one aware this was just a very chemically imbalanced cold influenced dream activating a high levels of nostalgia to make one emotionally in-balanced. Something I had a few times when recalling watching Power Rangers on Saturdays, or even very rough emotional anime making you ‘nostalgic’ for more, or similar. Just…..It’s somewhat hard to word. I hope you understand what I mean.

We find out that Ao spent three fractured years in school with human formed FA: Girls to then graduate with them. That nostalgic feeling is highly familiar with me, and it feels like when you’re in tune with proper sounding (soft) Trance music  which allows you feel like you’re floating in a blue sky. That ‘bliss’ feeling, yet nostalgic of the good memories of the past. Probably something you may be able to accomplish via meditation on a clear sunny day somewhere with a nice breeze remembering the fun times in your life.

– Ao & the FA Girls waking up from a unified ‘strange dream’ that they find out FA: Girls can apparently catch colds, as strange as that is. Architect even noting they do not have the capacity to catch ‘colds’.

Yeah, not sure how to put logic into FA: Girls being sick in a unified manner with Ao. Even that dream…..Being sick I could probably pass off as software emulation, but a shared dream? I’ll probably have to vaguely lean on the thought of being on the same electromagnetic frequency. Our body is still electric in ways (brain signals) that I’m assuming FA: Girls may probably, even unknowingly, have tuned into Ao’s body frequency to tap into her subconscious from when they were worrying to much.

Yeah, I’m probably digging a bit too deep into this, yet that’s the thought I had for this.

– Something I wish I could do with my own Busou Shinki/FA: Girl living entity of any sort. Also, “Hakuna Matata!~” A Lion King reference! What a wonderful phrase! It means no worries!

Curious what the research department would think upon receiving Ao’s report that FA: Girls can become ill from recieving a cold. Software emulation, or just Ao is silly.

A fun crazy episode. Always happy to see Kotobukiya having fun with various concepts and appropriately executed arcs.

Thanks for reading! Sorry for being late, yet trying to catch up! See you in episode 10 review & other reviews! Hakuna Matata!~