[Anime] Frame Arms Girl – Episode 10

Another delicious session is to be had as these FA: Girls make a meal to battle for. Some hot pot fun, as well as battling it out in a real drain of a battle.

– A lovely adorable way to cook some hot pots with Baselard on top.

In this delicious session we observe Ao cooking up some ‘hot pot’ with the FA: Girls, something that’s both awesome yet awkward at the same time. It’s fitting for the season (or so I find), yet it also touches upon something within the Busou Shinki realm as well by showing how FA: Girls can’t eat food. It’s a common theme in figure photography where one displays food with Busou Shinkis that it’s interesting to see hwo FA: Girls takes it where Ao, once again, realizes that FA: Girls can’t eat.

– Yanagawa hot pot to tickle your taste buds.

It’s also amusing to see Ao’s bad poem writing being admired in this with the manager’s poem. I can see how Ao and the manager can relate, even if the manager is shown to be a ‘mystery’ type person. The mysterious part being shown a bit after also.

– That’s adorable! Baselard, you’re adorable!

The irony also showing up with how Ao asks each and every FA: Girl what they desire in their hot pot, something Baselard & Gourai complicate a tad bit. All to make you more familiar, educating you with various food types. Kotobukiya sure knows how make something very simplistic into an educational tool. Something Japanese know how to do well via KanColle & Kemono Friends.

– The manager had everything the FA: Girls ever desired in a hot pot. Instead of going shopping, the Manger gifted Ao each ingredient in a mysterious manner.
– Architect is among the best characters in FA: Girl. Her, and Baselard. When Baselard is being stupid I do enjoy Architect’s personality far more. Look at that lightbulb!
– *Dies laughing* – Architect’s near dead-pan styled smirk. That smirk! That smirk of Architect’s is golden!

Poor Sty-ko always being at the end of every joke because of her character type. It just works, and I have to praise Kotobukiya for each and every joke well delivered.

An issue however arises in which only Ao has to eat all of the hot pot  in which was cooked. her FA: Girls are mechanical, unable to consume the food that was cooked up, thus somewhat forcing Ao to eat her own dish. Another slip was Ao using the ‘Session base’ as a bowl rest as to not burn the table. She roasted the base to the point of being damaged.

– Red Charger-kun seeking out the red ‘Session base’.
– Gourai connecting with an object lacking a certain quality.

Another important emotional lesson for Gourai being in which she realizes she relates to objects lacking something others have. Others having emotion, something Gourai lacks as she grows as an FA: Girl. She envious what others have, but in an innocent positive manner of simple curiousity to know more. Be a whole, even with a missing piece.

– Ao observing hilarity on both fronts as she eats her hot pot while watching both a comedy show, and FA: Girls being their silly selves.

Materia sisters being provocative towards Jinrai forcing Architect to mussel the Materia sisters, as well as Sty-ko to hold back Jinrai. Baselard simply observing from behind of both Sty-ko & Jinrai. This all also coming about thanks to Ao’s carelessness of using a session base as a bowl stand for the hot pot, something Charger-kun retrieved (as seen in above image).

– A connection between Gourai & the damaged/chipped bowl. Highly adorable.

Was a very carefree arc setting up the next one. Loved how something so simple was used as an educational arc as well for food, something the past episodes were as well. Highly enjoyable, informative, as well as hilarious. Kotobukiya have a careful hand with this, something I praise them for.


  • Battle! Battle! Battle!

The next arc carrying on from the previous with the FA: Girls accessing the damage of the ‘Session Base’ from the hot pot. Trying to see if they could fix the over-heated base, yet reluctantly indirectly invited an obnoxious Hresvelgr into the mix.

– This is an all too familiar sight with the manual. Having to piece together, or repair something. The FA: Girls desperately trying to get the ‘Session Base’ to be functional.
– How does it look? Can it be repaired?
– An uninvited guest appears as Ao casually munches on some snacks. Similar to how one eats popcorn during movies. Just enjoy the show.

It’s a real shame that Hresvelgr really had to be the most obnoxious & irritating FA: Girl in the bunch. Again, I find it a ‘wasted chance’, or similar, that she had to be turned into someone so provocative. Always itching for a battle in the most ‘hitting a nerve’ manner.  Always open to insult Sty-ko, others, even provoking Ao during a battle by openly “dissing” her, as the subtitles put it.

– Hresvelgr itching for a battle so badly that she semi-seriously (in a joking manner) took Ao hostage with a broken chopstick. Gourai being over-protective of Ao even retaliating in anger towards Hresvelgr.

I’m surprised with that scene because it boiled over quickly so seriously. It became too serious that I even noticed the BGM (background music) kicking in seriously. The soundtrack is something I’m curious about now thanks to this one scene, the one where Hresvelgr turned something other into a more serious situation.

– Gourai really done with Hresvelgr’s provocations that she wants to rid Ao & herself of the Hresvelgr problem.

The thing is, provocaters really do need to be cautious with who & how they provoke people because it can be a death wish for the provocater. There’s many people on the web that choose to provoke people that they really should be more in tune with their envrionment, even less of a prick to anybody. Even for seeking attention, and etc. It’s not wise.

– Something to note is how Charger-kun is able to wear Hresvelgr’s gear. Something all of them are able to do, even Gourai’s green Charger-kun.
– Oh, not this again. Thankfully, it’s actually in a proper context for me to praise it in how Materia sisters tried to assist Sty-ko, yet in a teaseful manner.
– That expression is thankfully not CGI, yet highly adorable! That’s way too adorable that even I would love to tease Sty-ko (100% more if she was human). That expression is more natural in soft ‘drawn’ style. I love it!’
– The much-desired battle between Hresvelgr & Gourai Kai

For a battle which was denied in the first arc, this one cleverly made up for it in an obvious manner. They were itching for it during the hot pot session for being ‘bored’ of unable to eat the hot pot, yet Gourai hogging all that fun and energy to herself. A learning battle to control one’s anger in your favour to use against your opponent.

– Hresvelgr vs Gourai Kai as they fiercely fight. Gourai also being in a serious state of anger, thankfully not raging.

The battle hangs on a serious balance with everything leaning on the 1-hit KO Gourai to battle an overly provocative Hresvelgr, one where all FA: Girl’s “lives” are at stake. Gourai having to win this battle to keep the FA: Girl family together, or risk them going back to ‘Factory Advise’ for being recalled.

The fight further escalates thanks to Gourai’s anger, one which forces Hresvelgr to summon her ‘Beryl Smasher’ weaponry, and Gourai’s heavy weapon. Both go at one another in a serious manner. A final battle type intensity.

– Like a mage, Hresvelgr summons up a wind-styled blast towards Grourai Kai with her ‘Beryl Blaster’ weaponry, something which was noted in being ‘massive’.
– Like the field they truly themed the setting, the music, Gourai’s mood, and even her energy to molten lava. Gourai is furious! You’ve angered the gods! She looks visually pleasing, as well as ‘epicly serious’ in this.
– Gourai’s really done with your smack-talk. She;’s so serious that she’s epicly awesome. I love it!
– A battle between two titans with their fierce energy blast. The battle is truly fierce thanks to Hresvelgr’s provocations, as well as Ao & other FA: Girls from not being recalled.
– !!! Breaker broke! Too much power & anger causing the power to short. Wireless energy of the future!

The battle was forced into a draw thanks to the power outtage of a breaker blowing. Thankfully it blew to allow Gourai to seriously regroup to fight properly another day, one where she wasn’t forced into a provoked angered state. A calm mind prevails, something Gourai should realize. Something I’m also contentiously being forced to realize.

The battle a draw, Gourai stuck with the future of 6 FA: Girls to be united with AO, as well as regaining her winning streak. Battles been taken for granted that Ao must learn to fight for something seriously on her own terms.

– An adorable Ao, something that’s now typical of the warm spring & summer periods. An eventful battle for a fun snooze.
– Baselard sleeping in her cute manner.
– Architect (in my opinion) 1-ups Baselard in the sleeping cute category thanks to the ‘zzzz’s’ radiating out from Architect’s body. Adorable.

Everybody is sleeping, except for Gourai. She has a lot to process. A lot of weight & responsibility forced onto her little shoulders forcing her to stay up the night.

– Processing one’s future actions & mindset. Nice touch with the moonlight reflection. Makes me think of ‘Busou Shinki – Moonlight Princess OVA’. Similar touches in some ways.

I’m finding it interesting how these episodes are structured in a way to go from comical to something serious. When an episode starts off goofy, it’ll be serious at the end. Sometimes not, sometimes yes. It all depends on what’s being portrayed. This one with an informative hot pot silly arc tying into a damaged session base to indirectly invite Hresvelgr into a ‘high responsibility’ Final battle of a situation. You must win, or everybody gets recalled.

The music is something to seriously note also. It may not be ‘ground breaking’, yet it is something worthy of our attention with how serious everything escalated on all fronts.

Thanks for reading! Trying to get the blog fixed to allow for comments, to catch up on episode 11 to bring in episode 12 review on Monday, as well as to review the Frame Arms Girl accessories. Even with Nendo Yuudachi, Figma Caster Fox, and Nendo Kiso. I have quite a backlog, yet with how busy I’ve been it’s been a struggle. Things haven’t really been in my favour since January onward that it has me depressed, yet trying to keep pushing forward in a positive tone. Even some other backlog articles I’m wanting to post, such as Royal Canadian Navy (WW2) KanCollefied posting, as well as Nier: Automata still awaiting to be played & reviewd.