[Anime] Frame Arms Girl – Episode 11

With a new session upon us we’re presented with a few new options to wrap our brains around. How do we raise our Frame Arms Girl, do we treat them kindly, and how should they do battle. Even how to give them the pleasure of an hot bath when they’re simply robotic.

– Hresvelgr thirsting for actual strong opponents as she toys with a data version of Gourai Kai.

This episode left quite an impression on me with how it was interestingly executed. I really have to give Kotobukiya my full praise and acknowledgement with how seriously they implemented each scene. Mostly the Hresvelgr portion in the first arc, yet it was very seriously portrayed. It caught me off guard with how goofy the show has been known to be to then ask very serious questions, something I’m going to assume people shall pass off freely. Maybe not, maybe yes. It’s hard to tell. Even so, The first arc & the aditional ending left quite an impression me that I must give Kotobukiya the full praise for the execution of episode 11.

– Hresvelgr (passionately) loves her tough battles. She loves her battles so much she even comes off as being oblivious of her crude rudeness to her opponents. Just seeking & desiring battle, something they were designed for. Both FA: Girls & Busou Shinki girls.
– Hresvelgr desires a serious battle between Gourai Kai to the point she replayed her ‘data battle’ 93,753 times. Obsessive, lonely, & contradictory to one’s self.
– Surprise, surprise! Hresvelgr gets to have some fun! A random Ao appeared.
– An interesting set-up we have going on. All in the name of FA: Girl science & technology. Ao attempting to converse with a semi-reluctant Hresvelgr.

This is the part where I truly find this arc becoming far more interesting when Ao was able to talk to Hresvelgr more personally. Not fully, yet enough just to gain a grasp of how lonely Hresvelgr actually is while following her original designs of being crafted for battle, something that’s been done & done over again in Angelic Layer, Busou Shinki, Gundam Build Fighters, and in Frame Arms Girl. Thirsting for battle because one was designed to do so. Even Kongo in ‘Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova’ where the FOG were baffled by how other FOG were siding with humans. Why they seek ‘meaningless’ interactions, among other things.

The whole concept of what it is to be human, to enjoy, and to live. That’s the basic philospohy being asked & loosely answered over time. With how Ao raised Gourai to be an over-protective ‘worrywart’ that she herself raised. Raising Gourai to have emotions. This concept also being present in ‘Busou Shinki – Battle Rondo’ MMO with how you raised your Busou Shinki would show how effective she was in battle overtime. She would note your patterns, fighting in that style over time. The habits, behaviour, and personality being what defines each and every ‘entity’ of any kind.

– Gourai seeking out Ao in fear of losing both her, and others. One simple trip causing the whole room to be flipped upside down in hopes of finding Ao.

Gourai is fearful of losing Ao, and others. Fearful of losing everything dear they had that everything in the past 10 episodes would have been for naught. Having to be recalled, unable to have more fun memories, and to battle in the fun way that they have. Not being able to even go into their ‘doll house’ rooms, among other fun moments. No Ni-taro riding either.

– Materia sisters posing a serious philosphical question to Ao saying Gourai is simply behaving in the way that Ao raised Gourai to be. The ’cause’ & ‘effect’ of an action.
– “Why are you rude to others?” – “why do you say such cruel things”? – and other various question. Hresvelgr simply desires a good serious battle, oblivious that she’s lonely in seeking a matching partner in battle. Seeking a good thrill of unexpected battle conditions.

Yeah, this Hresvelgr questioning arc left an interestingly odd vibe to make note of. If you watched this episode seriously you would have felt that aura/vibe as well. It’s something out of the norm, and one where it catches you off guard with how you talk to an “evil villain” right before a battle. Getting onto their level, conversing….Getting to know them before they go off into the horizon to then fight to save the world. It’s not a bad vibe, it’s just done more seriously, unique, and in a way that it’s fresh. I find it fresh, thus why I’m making note of it.

I even loved the thought of how Hresvelgr was polite enough to ask Ao to go up to the top floor as to fly freely in the air. Just zooming about, sitting on a bench, sitting on her shoulder, and just being carefree. Carefree, unintentionally rude, yet proud of desiring to battle. Her desire & pride to battle over-rides any other emotions, and that now is something to admire. Something I could not before because it simply came off as obnoxious, yet now that I know more I can now ‘relate’ more to Hresvelgr. It’s such a pure simple emotion Hresvelgr has, yet also so complex.

The problem however…. Gourai is an issue with what ‘Factory Advance’ (not Advice), as well as Hresvelgr’s meddling caused. Taking Ao hostage, threatening to battle……It caused Gourai to go ‘mentally insane’ by being over-protective of the one she loves.

– Bukiko even being caught off guard by Gourai’s over-protectiveness that she simply lets off a “that’s quite a serious illness she has”.

The hilarity in this being that Bukiko, being the genius that she is, was left dumbfounded by Gourai’s action. Speechless. How do you really cure this?

The only answer being a typical trip to the hot springs, or an onsen for both Ao & the FA: Girls, yet in a nice clever twist to things.

– Gourai unamused by Materia sister’s fantasy of going to an onsen desiring to tease Ao’s 100% nude body. Just laying there, to be teased. Unamused Gourai is unamused.
– FA: Girl ghost & Mirai Smart Doll

I must say that I 100% respect Danny Choo for having her Mirai Smart Doll appearing in Frame Arms Girl. That awesome feeling seeing your own beauties in other forms of media, and etc. Even having two cameos in a few episodes back. I understand that he had a part with Frame Arms Girl Doll [here] that Mirai is making more appearances, and that part I can 100% respect.

I’m not sure what this feeling I feel is, yet it feels loosely like ‘frustration’, and ‘alienation’ that I can’t really cheer & praise as others have. I would really love an Innocentia or Jinrai Smart Doll, yet see neither so I can’t be all that happy & proud. Disconnection that I’m not all that happy. Congratulations to Danny Choo, yet that disconnected feeling.

– FA: Girl: Power Rangers! (Sentai Rangers)

Oh! Clever. I did say that there was a nice clever way for the FA: Girls to enjoy the onsen, and it’s in a way that’s being half-implied & half mentioned in how they can enjoy it. It’s all digitial, yet it’s tweaked in a way they can enjoy things via digital space. Similar to how we have nerves, they can do such via their own version of such. There’s the physical body, then there’s the subconscious way of doing it.

It’s actually clever, and properly executed in both a serious & comical tone to it at the same time that it’s easy to miss if you’re just ‘relaxing-wathcing’ by not taking it in. Architect brought up the thought that there’s a stage (a randomly selected stage) where an onsen appears with Baselard doing tweaks to make it appear for them at the actual onsen place. Architect & Baselard both made it possible to allow all of them to enjoy the pleasures Ao & Bukiko are able to do.

The issue was (as noted again) that Frame Arms Girls can’t eat food, nor can they be in water.They just can’t eat, nor can they be dipped into water all because they’re electronic entities. To get around this, both Baselard & Architect modified the ‘Session Base’ & the battle stage to be more of a recreational area to feel the warmth of the water. The soothing effects while also taking on a more ‘human’ appearance, yet in their dream form a few episodes back.

I tried to be somewhat selective as to what NSFW images would appear, yet it’s so ‘tame’ (normal) that I’m simply posting it without filtering anything. It’s simply beautiful, if a bit of a tease.

– Ah, the joys of being in an onsen. The mandatory onsen episode, yet done cleverly & seriously.
– The beauty of washing one’s more ‘human’ formed back. The curves, the smoothness. The more ‘feminine’ style.
– That innocent tease of a breast-grab to tease the shy victim of a Sty-ko, something they can only do in the digital ‘hologram’ of a world. Similar to Star Trek’s hologram in TNG & Voyager. Just girls being girls, and fanservice for guys.

I admit that these onsen clips are a major tease, yet well manipulated for the full effect. Kotobukiya truly know how to get the most out of something so simplistic that I fell for the fan-service bait. It’s just so well done of a tease that I even admired the beauty of both Ao’s & Bukiko’s feminine form. No matter how I word this it’ll sound creepy, yet the female body is just so gorgeous. Proudly flaunt it without feeling ashamed of your body, thus these FA: Girls have done in a their ‘Session base’ dream human form.

Granted, my type of feminine body being the ‘slimmer’ ones (not paper thin), yet there are those that desire ‘chubbier’ ones. There’s something for everybody, and the above just happens to be in my zone that I was ‘suckered’ into enjoying it. Thankfully not in a ‘guilty pleasure’ manner.  It’s a partial ‘guilty pleasure’ with them being anime & robotic girls, yet in digital form.

– NO! Not Architect! Not the onsen heat stroke! Well, honestly…..These FA: Girls are so gorgeous in their human form (so soft) that I’d bet half the viewers also ended up as Architect from all the fan-service.

I love how Jinrai appears in both figure form, as well as her human form. She’s just so soft and adorable in her human form that you’d just want to tease her with a feather, or something. That leaf on her head making her adorable, making want to tease her with that. As for Architect, she’s slightly ‘chubbier’ than the rest, something that’s cute. A shame she roasted in the pool. Poor girl.

– A shame that Gourai’s frustration wasn’t washed away here that every (mostly Baselard & Ao) nudged Gourai to speak her thoughts. Let her feelings loose.

Gourai was more precious. Softer appearing, more human, and more emotional that we were able to see a softer side to her in this onsen world. She’s just a child learning about the world, and she needs guidance. That nice mix of seriousness and ‘comedy’….Even that fan-service. It was all done right that this episode came out in proper, unlike with how other anime just rush the content out.

– Gourai being all ‘soft’ & ‘precious’, simply needing to let her true thoughts out.
– Baselard & Jinrai both applauding Gourai’s raw emotions. Gourai being true to herself. That, and Jinrai…..You’re just too damn cute.

I’m surprised with how tame and fun the ‘hot spring’ portion was. Yes, it showed nudity, yet not to the point it was over done. It allowed everybody to unwind, to allow Gourai to let loose, and to show another side of FA: Girl technology for even FA: Girls to unwind. Everybody was on edge by Hresvelgr that this all makes sense to allow one to loosen up.

I do have to say, with how gorgeous these FA: Girls appear in their human forms is something to respect and admire. They’re actually a genuine tease, and they look adorable and cute at the same time. A shame Architect roasted, yet awesome that they all look gorgeous. I genuinely hope nobody is offended by the ‘tame’ nudity. This is what makes anime art, unlike the other shows that just simply shoves it in your face for the sake of profit. Maybe Kotobukiya did shove it in our face, yet it’s in a way I can defend & respect it. If you are offended by the ‘tame’ nudity then you’re fragile, and I’m not being ‘toxic’ about that.

– Adorable. The ‘milk’ moment after the bathing. Drinking milk after a bath being highly refreshing, yet they can’t drink, thus they simply gathered around. A shame Gourai is as restless as can be. She’s just in the center, huddled up. She needs the Sty-ko & Architect Charger treatment.


  • Post Ending Scene:

This is a bit odd from the standard format, yet makes sense when one takes into account with how serious this is. Hresvelgr is the final boss, and one that bridges the gap between episode 11 & 12. An interesting turn of events happened, something that has to be noted with how it progressed. The interesting portion was noted from earlier in the episode with how Ao noted how Hresvelgr should be more ‘polite’, something Hresvelgr managed to do in her altered state.

Hresvelgr rung the doorbell of Ao’s apartment, allowing a darkened ‘Charger-kun’ to waltz in with Hresvelgr’s charger. She then politely asked to do battle, even noting how if what she was doing was ‘polite’, if skewed in her alter state. Her form, her personlity, and even her mannerisms altered (if one noted the scene with the TV phone call with the red screen) causing her to be of a different personality. She’s more robotic, more focus on battling…. Just ‘brainwashed’ in that ‘tunnel vision’ manner, but with that slight noting of Ao’s request to be more ‘polite’.

– Gourai Kai struggling with a modified battle-focused Hresvelgr ‘Ater’. Struggling to get through her more emotional side of Hresvelgr.

Something we should have seen coming from that summoning of the red screen moniter in the first arc, Hresvelgr Ater has been motified to the point she seeks battle. Her original personality being shut off to the point she screams out “shut up!” to anything Gourai says. Showing no mercy, no hesitation, all the while refusing to listen to Gourai Kai wishing for a more ‘true formed’ battle on a more ‘samurai’ level of things. Actual honour in battle, yet not noted in such a way. A more ’emotional’ battle where one may actually enjoy battle for the thrill, something Hresvelgr desired. An actual equal in battle on her level yet not for the punishment and degradation of greed & competition.

– Hresvelgr’s buffer overlfowing to the point of further corruption. Her chip malfunctioning to the point of going rogue.
– I’m pretty sure that form is of a virus. That form is of a ‘common virus’ body showing signs that her program was infected, or similar.

Yup, thankfully we’re taught science & biology to know the basics. If Architect was in her teaching mood she’s tell you all about the ‘common virus’ form right now, and how a virus ‘might’ be in Hresvelgr’s body right now in a more digital sense. Let’s pretend that Architect actually went on her usual informative teachings by [clicking here] to the Virus wiki. That the big portion is her head. Or you can [click here] for an alternate reading.

– I’ll be honest and say that Hresvelgr Ater in her ‘virus’ form looks scary in her more demonic form. Those eyes… She genuinely appears freaky to me.

Well, this episode sure was a unique ‘food for thought’ episodes exploring things in a fresh manner. Actually talking to Hresvelgr in person before her modification, as well as taking a serious (yet fun & believable) route into the onsen enjoyment. It’s been both serious and comically fun at the same time, as well as a major ‘tame’ tease on the fan-service side. Even glad we’ve learned more about Hresvelgr, as well as her more emotional side of things.

Poor Architect though. She roasted in the digital hot springs. Poor girl.

Thanks for reading! Just one more episode (ep 12), then I can start tackling my figure backlog and such. Even the comments were fixed so if you had any thoughts you can post them again. One plugin was not supported that it was purged. This was a fun episode with an interesting ‘vibe’ to it. Was enjoyable, if a late view at it.