[Anime] Frame Arms Girl – Episode 12

A continued session from the past bringing us a raging mad Hresvelgr, one which refusing to listen to reason. A few surprises in this session as some weaponry being interjected into the session, as well as some season festivities, and some ‘live show’ moment. Even a lovely tease at the very end.

– Hresvelgr Ater suffering from an ‘overflow’ issue. Still going rogue, and not herself.

No opening sequence, just straight into the title card and into battle where episode 11 left off. Basically the continuation of Hresvelgr suffering from an energy overflow causing her to further enter an enraged state from being unable to buffer the energy of the AS system, or something along those lines. Just raging mad, not even allowing the other FA: Girls to join through electromagnetic interference. The session base refusing to connect as the bases go flying resulting in an alternative strategy to be formed.

– That cute head tilt assuming that Hresvelgr Ater regained control.
– “I’m apologies,…..that I didn’t finish you further.
– Weapons being chosen to merge with Gourai to beat an enraged Hresvelgr. Choosing the weapons cautiously.
– Ah, Hresvelgr appears more demonic in this, a scheme fitting for her ‘overflow’ state. Most likely more contained, yet still….rogue.
– Gourai, for once, gaining the higher ground thanks to Baselard, and the other FA: Girl’s shared parts. Gives off that ‘Gundam vibe’ once again.
– There was a Gundam GP-03 refernece previously. Is this Gundam 00 in Trans-Am mode, or even Strike Gundam? GP-01? Or no references this time with it just being pure ‘Gourai Kai Ni Combined’ type deal heh.
– A typical cliched scene of sword swipes where the final strike decides the victory. Quote cliched that it hits a double cliche in an attempt to throw one off.

Yeah, I’m not a big fan of this ‘final attack’ scene because it’s overused. It’s overused to the point it comes off lazy, yet it’s just a ‘basic’ show after all so some forgiveness can be had. Even so, wish something more ‘complex’ was considered as a scene. It should have gone for something other where one of Hresvelgr’s accessories would have hit the chip, or something. An attack on a chip in a semi-dramatic manner could have worked.

Victory to Gourai Kai as Ao also celebrates the victory…Alone. Near-instantly the breaker also short-circuited. Poor Ao, and the breaker. These battles are too intense.

Have to give credit to Gourai being able to open the door, yet something ominous was waiting on the other side of that door. A recall droid having sent a warning via text to warn Ao of such a happening to pick up Gourai for a recall.

– No! Gourai is being recalled! Even though she won! The horror!
– Not even the weakened (fatigued) Hresvelgr Ater could help.
– Gourai crying. FA: Girls are little androids?!

I’m now genuinely 100% curious how one could make FA: Girls cry. I’ve seen androids in Nier: Automata cry in the first ending (2B & 9S), but now Gourai. I guess even RyuZu & AnchoR in ‘Clockwork Planet’ also that it truly makes me wonder how one would emulate crying with what substance. Even ‘Factory Advance’ made note of the crying effect.

It also seems Kotobukiya tried to catch any viewer not paying attention offguard, and it ‘half’ worked. They made it happen so fast that it’s like getting your tires on a car fixed the Formula 1 way. It happened, Gourai is out, they ‘cry’ a bit, then Gourai is back all sparkly clean.

Well, I would agree with anybody that said that this final episode was jammed with everything to conclude it. Something that may have required an ep 13, or something.

– Gourai is back, and she was repaired from all the battles! Also note Hresvelgr Ater with the group. A nice family!

Gourai was simply recalled to do maintenance on her just so they could have her back at tip-top shape. They [Factory Advance] also apologized for any inconveniences caused by Hresvelgr, and that they see the errors of their ways for focusing mainly on battle capabilities overloading the AS-System. From then on, that they’ll focus more on the stability of the AS System as to not allow another Frame Arms Girl to go rogue.

They found Gourai crying quite surprising, as with the whole tears. Something even I have to note when Androids cry in Nier: Automata. 2B crying over 9S. They also note that there’s also more untapped potential with AS-fitted Frame Arms Girl that they’d love to discover more.

“Please continue to look after Gourai”


– That pat is adorable. Gourai can now rest easy knowing she can be with Ao for as long as she functions.
– It’s quite fun being with Ao that Hresvelgr even breaks character. Even hilarious seeing the furniture on on the ‘top floor’ of their mini apartment.

This is hilarious because I actually tried decorating my figure shelving units to do just this. To have the Shinkis & FA: Girls to pose appropriately, wishing there was an actual FA: Girl or Shinki scaled 1:1 to interact with. Ah, one can dream.

Merry Christmas!

Well, for the FA: Girls at least. They’re being gifted a mini Christmas Tree, something I’ve also done to mine. Ah, figure photography is fun, as is being with living FA: Girls. Kotobukiya seems to have a thing for Christmas, probably having desired it being a December viewed anime. Christmas upon Christmas festivities that it comes off as a Christmas themed anime for viewing in December. One could rewatch this whole in December again, as with the Busou SHinki TV anime and OVA.

– minature Christmas tree to celebrate Christmas! The way they say Merry Christmas as “Merry Cree”, or so I heard.
– Ao is like a mother wanting to make her child happy, or so Bukiko believes. All happy for Ao, snickering.  (All I can hear is a “Ni-shi-shi-shi” from Bukiko.
– Materia Sisters once again being major teases. Lovely though, more so without their accessories attached onto them. They’re always a bundle of tease.
– Architect! Too gorgeous! Majestic! Angelic! Wish we could have heard her sing in this scene.
Hresvelgr & Jinrai! Best combo! Hresvelgr making me think of Bismarck & Prinz Eugen from KanColle, and I have anime in general to ‘blame’ for that general appearance of blondies. Such an interesting style. Jinrai makes for a gorgeous girl with how ‘smooth’ she appears.
– Little Base roaming free again! Sty-ko having her fun as a snowman heh.
– The Merry Christmas fun! The joy! The party! Such is the life!
– And a cute casual scene for a simple fun Gourai. Celebrate that Christmas! XD
– It’s always a fun time when Ao’s around to enable you to party! Something I bet all of us would, or those into figure photography. Such festive fun!
– Gorgeous! Glad I also have an apartment sized tree. A small table version also my Busou Shinki & FA: Girls can have fun with.

Ao wanted to gift Gourai a proper present, asking Gourai what she really would desire for Christmas as a present. It’s actually quite simple, and not really physical, while also coming off as a great surprise. It’s the surname of Ao to be called ‘Gourai Gennei’ because they’re more than friends. They’re family. It’s a neat concept, something I doubt any figure photographer came up with. It’s awesome, and I actually found this very touching. I would actually do the same IF I had a living & speaking Busou Shinki or FA: Girl.

Gourai sparked an interesting topic where the rest  eavesdropped onto their nightly conversation. They also desired to seek their own ‘master’ (Busou Shinki concept) similar to Ao where they would be able to bond with them, as Gourai and Ao have. They desired a human partner which would treat them in a similar fashion as Ao has with Gourai. The whole ‘becoming a family’ part, something I find awesome. That’s something figure photographers have done, even customizing them to not be standard market models.

If Renge was real, and Innocentia, I’d happily do the same as Ao has with Gourai. Gourai was sad to hear the girls were parting ways, yet wanted to leave on a happy festive note by putting on a FA: Girl live show! A live show where they sung in a grouping to leave on a happy musical note, not a sad crying moment. Sty-ko herself had to stop Gourai from crying, thus proposing this set-up. Sure, it’s advertising their song, yet it’s also justified via singing to lift one’s mood. A ‘bitter sweet’ ending.

– “It’s a Frame Arms Girl Live Show!”
– I honestly can actually see this happening. Being able to tap into a hologram (or a game) with a VR. The game could be on the PC & the VR could be another separate thing. A bit gimmicky, yet in this situation it do well.

This is awesome how Ao can tap into seeing the ‘live show’ via the Session Base as a performance. The ‘Session Base’ sure can be modified in an interesting fashion.

First performance! Jinrai & Architect with ‘Girl Mind!’

– A beautifully calm, yet serious type song fitting of Jinrai & Architect.

This has me curious if Kotobukiya is trying to fill in a void similar to Konami’s Busou Shinki character song, or if they tried to do their own thing. That, or if it’s a mix of both so they can be proud of something also. This instantly reminded me of all the character songs that were left behind with each Busou Shinki, yet now being done for each Frame Arms Girl. Just tapping into what Konami sadistically neglected in favour for a more idiotic route of gaming and marketing.

– Architect coded the program while the others compiled their data to write the song.

Next up! Hresvelgr & Materia sisters with ‘Isayoi no Mangetsu’.

– Hresvelgr singing her emotions, while the Materia sisters dance ‘elegantly’ as backup dancers and vocals. Interesting mix.

I’m actually quite surprised with how well and proud Hresvelgr Ater can sing. Not to doubt her, or anything, just that this was highly unexpected. Even a serious ‘beauty’ song (Materia sisters themed) with the way she sings. Proud, happy, yet serious in that ‘elegant’ fashion.  I’m glad I have a Hresvelgr, just not an Ater version.

And last up!  Gourai, Styko, and Baseleard with “Aogeba Itoshi FuruFuru Days!”

– Cheerful happy Base loves having fun!
– Gourai Kai, Baselard, & Stylet at ‘peace’ with Ao having enabled them to have fun.

It’s all thanks to Ao that they were able to have fun, to sing, to fight, and to go on all sorts of adventures. This performance to give thanks to Ao, and one another, for all the fun memories. All in memory of all the fun they had, and could further have.

Also, they truly should have made note that Busou Shinki girls is what truly allowed them to do what they’re able to do now, yet can’t because of Konami and licensing barriers. We can’t deny that Busou Shinki also enabled them to sing the way they’ve done, and almost in that Macross manner also. They truly broke out into a song in a Macross manner, even with Architect in an opera manner many episodes back. As much as people shall find this advertising (that’s the whole purpose), it still was nice on its own that I respect this whole mini-concert thing. The whole ‘Miku miku Dance’ (MMD) type format it has going on.

Plot wise, Ao has been given a live show tribute and special thanks, and that’s how it was portrayed. Ao, you’re awesome! They’re more than friends, they’re family, and even more than that. They’re highly thankful for what Ao has done for them! Sure, she came off as lazy, and greedy for cash, yet she did care for them in the very end. It sunk in, and she cared for them.

I loved that jazzy part at the end giving off that ‘bitter sweet’ ending to the whole show as each FA: Girl parted ways. All the FA: Girls parting (except for Gourai) to find their new beginnings with a human partner.

A new Mysterious FA: Girl appears!……..

– A mysterious new FA: Girl appears! her name is ‘Innocentia’, one of my favourite FA: Girls. How she’ll behave, and if she’ll have kemonomimi ears is to be seen.
– Innocentia has awakened!

I’m so glad Innocentia has been shown at the end because she’s one of my favourite characters in FA: Girls line-up. As was Hresvelgr, and she ended up alright in the end. Jinrai also, but not the type I have.

The show concluded on what may be a second season tease, or even simply an ‘open ending’ to conclude, yet left open to allow itself the possibility to continue. I do hope it continues onto the second to be graced by the beauty of Innocentia!

– A lovely fun end card.

I actually loved the show, yet struggled to review it each week that I feel behind. I hope you enjoyed me struggling to keep up, even enjoying the reviews. I can’t really tell if people enjoyed it, or were off put by my reviews, yet hoping that you guys truly enjoyed this. I loved the show so much to actually struggle to keep up with it, even taking time away from other backlogs to tackle the fun that’s FA: Girl anime.

I would also rate the show a good 8/10. Kotobukiya knew what they were doing that everything followed a ‘common sense’ running. Sure, it was normal, yet it was all well executed. Informative. Fun. It was worthwhile that I’m glad it exists.

The music is nothing ground breaking, yet as I noted elsewhere, it is something to keep an eye on. The soundtrack is something you could enjoy casually, yet it sounds more like gaming background music of the lower kind. The strength of the music seems to be in their singing, and I prefer the covers. Not the OP or ED, but with how Architect sung in her Opera voice, as with this FA: Girl Live Show portion. It spoke more, and it’s something I’ll keep my eye out for.

– “Thanks for watching!” <—- And I say, ‘It’s been a pleasure, and you’re welcome!”

I do hope people aren’t cruel that they would allow and enable Kotobukiya to do a second season. Please do not be close minded! I want to see my Innocentia animated! My Innocentia, one I still have yet to figure photograph.

Thanks for reading, and it’s been fun! I enjoyed the fun run, if now bitter sweet ending, of the show. Sorry that I struggled to keep up, yet glad to have partook in reviewing the series. I’m however releived because I can now catch up on my backlog of various stuff. I can’t wait for a season 2, or whatever they’ll do.