VRChat – Real Nostalgic Past Memories

– Checking out a Japanese train world being a nice chill ride.

Been awhile since I’ve shared a VRChat blog posting. I wanted to keep posting my monthly images, though with how brutal 2020 was to me making me lose my father, my home, and etc everything simply backlogged to the point I’ve become unable to do anything. Paralyzed, slowly figuratively shoveling my way through my situations as if my problems were snow. I can still VRChat here and there, and I’m always happy when I do. Though, people have learned not to expect me on VRChat as much as I had previously in 2017, 2018, and etc. Frustrating, though it is what it is. Even so, I still have fun admiring people’s awesome worlds and various atmosphere and hanging out with friends when able. When we do hang out VRchat becomes more magical, why I keep going back to it. I still want to share what I love and admire about VR, VRChat, and etc. 

VRChat may not be as fun as it used to be with how times change. More so with various vile mobs hijacking VRChat whining about VRChat+, political identities, 2020 negativity, people throwing others under the bus, and etc. VRChat is supposed to be a form of escapism, not a form of stress, so that is where I want to be. I want VRChat to be a medium of possitivity, similar to how Azur Lane is for me. I can still have various fun when I simply focus on VRChat itself. I’ve seen people hijack VRChat turning VRC into a desert, and I’d blame them over anybody else in the VRChat studio.  That is not what I’m here for though, I’m here to share past nostalgia relating to the real world, something VRChat shared through their own nostalgia. 

I may end up rambling, though hope you can understand what I’m trying to express in the short window I am able to blog.

– Amused by advertisements
– Admiring the simple, if beautiful scenery. With how stress I was that day I could have easily fallen asleep in this world.
– After about roughly 30 minutes finally reached the end. It made its way back soon after.

I always check out train worlds in VRchat because they always end up being awesome in one way or another. Could be scenic, could be actually timed. I find the Japanese world makers to be the best when it comes to setting up trains in their world. I genuinely admire them.

Trains, trams, and planes… I love admiring them. As for boats, that is a more recent thing thanks to Silent Hunter 3, Bismarck, and then KanColle, Azur Lane; In that order.

World: Cuenca Bridge 

I tend to be attracted to these random 3D scanned worlds because you tend to see things you normally won’t see. It may be rough, though you get to see certain beauties you otherwise wouldn’t. Its genuinely awesome in VR. They’re of real world places so you become curious to see how people live, how places appear, and etc. The finer details only found in VR.

I’ve been doing some quick research finding out you can do this with an iphone & ipad, something I can’t do with android. There is a quick and easy way to do it IF you have iphone/ipad. I’m sure there are other ways, though they’re methods I can’t explore yet until I settle myself properly. 

– Hanging out with Maiya in Spain as they use various public avatars. Reminds me of my time in Europe.
– Being here reminded me of my time in Slovakia, Croatia, Germany, and various places. I simply love this style because it falls under artistic beauty. Its genuinely pleasing to the eyes.
– Beautiful sitting area.
– One of the few detailed spots in the world reminding me of various hidden locations in Europe. For how things are compact you tend to find neat oddities such as these.
– Viewing this part reminded me of Bratislava’s castle. Even the Old Town area in Bratislava with these walls, structures, and gates.
– This beauty may be lost on others, I’ll however continue admiring this sort of beauty.
– Garden area.

Soglio Village:

After visiting the above world (Cuenca), and being reminded of a Tweet from Spicytails (shown below) I wanted to venture into this world to see every nook and cranny of this world. I wanted to see all, learn all. Its awesome.

Apparently, this world is made up of 10,400 images of DSLR & Drone shots. Its insane. 

– Weeeee!~ I’m genuinely legit happy here having spent a good lengthy hour or two here exploring every street.
– OI! Come join me!
– Jiiiiiiiiii~ | This frame reminds me of the various ones I’ve seen personally in my various stays in Europe. I love these older styles. There is just this beauty you can’t get otherwise in modern times, unless you’re a rich greedy person.
– One wouldn’t normally randomly and aimlessly explore sidestreets. I say, as I have at times.
– One thing I miss about my previous area in Ottawa, as well as in Europe, are those ‘hidden’ pathways leading you to grander areas. I admire them because they’re always unique. I love these ‘mystery’ trails.
– The view is stunning. I wouldn’t mind visiting here. It genuinely makes me miss my time in Modra, Slovakia.

I wouldn’t mind either 3D Scanning, or spending my time taking thousands, upon, thousands of images. I would gladly do so myself for Modra, though….. There is one specific place which would prevent me from 100% completing my project by voiding my grandparents place. I’m sure I can do it, at a heavy emotional cost of nightmares and personal reasons. I had so many genuinely severe nightmares based in my grandparent’s apartment in Modra which genuinely gives me fears. It was homely, though something spooky about it. It be far easier to do so in Pezinok, Stupava, and Bratislava. Even familiar areas in Vienna, Tucepi, or even Havana & Varadero in Cuba. 

I’d even do one for HMCS Haida in Hamilton. If I knew what I was doing I would genuinely make a proper world myself using these same techniques. 

Locally, sure. In Ottawa I could most likely capture areas of familiar places, as well as scenic ones for VRChat. I wouldn’t mind doing so. 

– Damn gorgeous. I genuinely love this natural beauty.
– I take it this is the ‘main area’.
– We laughed when we saw it has actual water materials. Hilarious.
– Just playing with water.
– Maiya playing around with water.
– Maiya and myself simply goofing off seeing water. Maiya hiding away in fun and amusement.
– If you haven’t know this was Swiss, you do now.
– Me trying to reach a sign while Maiya views various worlds in the menu. Maiya was having a visual problem refusing to change to another avatar.
– The hilarity of finding another water spot. I’m familiar with these olden fountains.
– I guess its the way I was raised that I simply love these old structural styles. The old wooden touch.

The funny thing is….. I love these olden structures for their artistic style. Old style is best style. Though have experienced my fair share of possible paranormal experiences in these older building. I genuinely dislike old North American structures in the ways of 1950’s onward, though European structures have this appealing longterm style to them which I admire. If they’re European style they have this visual appealing properties to them.

I’ve genuinely had various nightmares and spooks in European settings. Maybe stress, maybe poor sleep. Something didn’t sit well in old European settings, though they had their own odd charm. One major one in Ottawa where I genuinely saw a shadow person scaring me to hide under the sheets of my blanket. One night (maybe around Christmas) I wanted to see my mother who was sleeping in the livingroom to see a shadow person standing in front of me in the hallway. I was so scared I ran back to my room and hid. I can’t remember anything about it after, though may have gained courage to go back to the living room. Been so long, and am certain it was not a dream. I was a kid. 

The irony of a love-hate with European art style while also being old enough to carry paranormal activity with them. Its strange.

– Love these artistic pathways. Europe is indeed filled with them, there is just something about them I prefer over paved roads. Granted, it be bumpy and rough for cars though that is beside the point.

After assuming I’ve explored everything, it was time to move onto another world. The Tweet which however influenced me to go here can be found below.

Spicytails noted how they desired to make a game in this similar style, hence why they tweeted about it. They desired to make it an open world game where you could interact with Holo and friends. Its a great idea. I hope they do manage to do that.

– Zelda: Ocarina of Time – I wish this game was on the Switch so I could attempt to play it. I wish both it, and Perfect Dark could find their way on the Switch, or at least have Perfect Dark on the PC. Stupid Microsoft. Nintendo can freely port it to Switch whenever they desire for Ocarina of Time. I love how shiny the relics are, something which I admired in N64. VRChat captures the shiniest ‘the best’.

– Gion Street – A world I wanted to visit for New Years, though wasn’t visitable when I desired to visit it.
– Fireworks really brings the best out of things. Renge at her native area, though not a foxy ‘Kitsune’ shrine.
– Boom!

– A visually appealing world, though one that seems to be tied to weddings. Its gorgeous.

– Gamestop! Money! I’m rich!
– My childhood!

The original Nintendo is my actual childhood with how I would play the Super Mario Bros 3, Duck Hunt, Ninja Turtles and etc. The first three games being what made me love it the most. It sadly gained a stupid habit of needing to blow on the cartridge to the point it wouldn’t work anymore. I still have it, though sadly without games. 

I remember when my cousins played Mario Bros 3 making it to the end with a big lengthy battle tank, or ship. Or when I used to play to the late hours of the night with my dad just playing Mario Bros 3 in 2 player mode. We would troll one another, same in Ninja Turtles. We had a blast, though my dad is no longer with us so I can’t bring it up with him anymore. I can however note it here. 

I genuinely miss those times……

– Super Mario Bros – Switch – I bought the collection for the Switch so I can connect with the past again. I remember when that staff was the shiniest thing on the screen. Everything was special.
– Super Mario Bros 3 – Everything to me in this game was special. Even this screen.

It almost makes me want to cry. I also remember the house I was in giving me nightmares. I guess as I kid I had nightmares anywhere I went. Paranormal ones. I must have been overly sensitive, probably explains why I fear it, yet am oddly attracted to it, and why I oddly admire the ‘kitsune’ side in Anime. I had my fair share of spooks, though these games helped keep me safe.

– Maiya took this image. This was my legit childhood.
– Gameboy – I remember when the Gameboy was the newest and best thing on the block.

I genuinely remember when I saw various advertisements in Kanata (Ottawa) with stickers advertising the Gameboy. I know what the stickers appeared as, though can’t recall enough to replicate the images. I know the style. I grew up on Nintendo, on Sega Genesis, N64, and the like. I heavily played Super Mario with the 6 coins, Ninja Turtles, and etc. 

I remember playing Dr. Mario like crazy trying to get the best light when driving down dark streets near the area I’m even typing from. I live in the general area of my childhood. I can recall what streets I went down, and etc. I even had my Gameboy stolen by bullies, and a sister of the bully, who stole the Gameboy out of my bag. I had Pokemon, something they took to a Highschool I would have went to a few years later. I know who stole it, though nothing was legally done to punish them. I then played my Pokemon game on the N64 adapter on the Pokemon Stadium version. 

Another spooky moment to note (when I gained my copy back) was how the Pokemon Stadium shrieked loudly at me when I turned it on. It was painfully loud and scary to where I fled the living room to come back shaken. I can still recall how loud and scary that was. Even my N64 spooked me. 

– Clocktower Prison – Cool visually pleasing world. Would lead to a portal with a 360 preview globe before the portal. Love it.
– Flying around with Tie Interceptors in VR. Cool world. We do have a VR game for Star Wars, though desire one on the level of Star Wars Galaxies. That would be the best game ever. I still need to play Star Wars Squadrons.

VRChat holds a special place in my heart because of similar nostalgic memories we all hold. It may contain weird people with weird political standings, and even those wanting to hijack it for their own means. VRChat is supposed to be an escapism. Most likely explains why nobody wants to hang with others, and etc and why you see various tweets of constant social distancing, even in VRC. When people do hang out it becomes one of the best things ever, and I love that. I admire that, cherish that, blog about it. The magic I felt seeing an Anime friend now streaming in my place, having fun in VRChat…. I admire that VRChat magic.

I however still admire VRchat with what gorgeous worlds we’re getting, all the cool moments I’ve experienced, and how I’m able to connect to the past while also looking forward. VRChat has shown what we’re capable of while also allowing us to relax. I’ve even noticed Twitter is no longer the ‘Go-to’ platform when it comes to connecting. I feel like I’m once again tweeting toi to a brick wall, or even the void. I’ve even come across old friends who are now VRChat ‘Elites’ in a much shorter period knowing more people while I simply have 800+ hours because of my struggle with life. Twitter is dying on me, thus genuinely disappointed with Twitter. Others disapprove of Twitter. People are migrating, also for life related things. Even though people see me focused on followers I simply desire engagement, something others and myself are struggling. As noted before I’m genuinely pissed off with Twitter for throwing others and myself under the bus, even when relating to VRChat and anime. VRChat is my escapism, even if I do hop on fairly rarely. I’m not allowed to game as much. Either life or something other yells at me, punishes me. Though, when I do VRchat, I love it.

I’m sure someone is going to yell at me again saying I care about followers when I simply see Twitter dying. I used to, back in 2010. Now? I see it as a popularity contest.

VRChat allows us to open ourselves, for better or worse. People do take advantage of that, such as how people wanted to justify me being bullied even though I know how inferior those individuals are. The envy, greed, and etc. I however love when the Japanese & European people fill in voids others are unable to by showing scanned worlds in VRChat, interactive maps, and etc. That is what I admire, and have admired for various Anime mods for various games, and even the Busou Shinki realm when that was at its height. Japanese Otakus are something else with their passion. When people care it honestly amazes me. 

I thank those for acknowledging my presence in VRChat, and hope those also acknowledged by me are in a happier place because of it. VRChat is awesome. Not trying to be popular, just…. “there”. I’m simply just trying to be there, trying to have fun. Hope to catch whoever I can in VRChat whenever our paths cross and aligns.