Arcticu’s Blog Anniversary | VDay | Bismarck B-Day

– Azur Lane: Slow Ahead (ep 6) – Bismarck’s elegant moment. <3

Happy Valentines Day! Even though I don’t really celebrate it. What I do however find amusing is how I coincidentally started my blog on February 14, 2017 by having to constantly change and edit the first posting over and over again with little edits. A day late, that is however life because of work, watching movies, and just doing what I want to do. I used to vent purely out of frustration, now blogging because of Anime, hobbies, and etc. I only blog when I have something highly special to share, if with a touch of venting still. I love what I love. 

What do I have to share? Azur Lane hype! Real-world Bismarck’s launch day birthday, and sadly some cancel culture nonsense attacking a beloved hobby I grew up in. The end half of this posting may be sour, though Star Wars is under siege by Twitter SJW weirdos trying to hijack, ruin, and burn everything like a bunch of vile pillaging bandits that they are. Star Wars needs to be defended, Gina needs to be respected. I’ve even watched Fury & Interstellar movie, something I highly want to talk about. They were both awesome movies. I’ve even finally watched ‘Dred’ (based on Judge Dredd), though won’t share that. I enjoyed it.

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Azur Lane – Valentines Day:

– Happy Valentines Day from Tirptiz 🙂
– Not hiding anything, just bluring for focus on two Tirpitz V-day cards. If I knew, I would have chosen Kasumi next to give me her V-day card. I want Kasumi’s V-day gift! She’s so cute and foxy <3

I’m having so much fun with Azur Lane, even if I’m finding odd things to be annoyed or disappointed by. Once again, I have Tirpitz’s V-day gift having misread a tweet claiming ALL secretaries would get gifts. Assuming such, I stupidly left Tirpitz there missing out on what Kasumi had to say. I assumed all my unlocked secretaries would gift gifts, sadly not. I still am respectful towards Tirpitz because she was the one whom got me interested in WW2 stuff, naval stuff on the History Channel. Seeing her mighty aura I could relate to it myself in my personal life. Her and Bismarck always spoke to me, something which carried over into KanColle, and then into Azur Lane. I’m still thankful for  Tirpitz’s gift because she’s a lonely ‘Queen of the North’ (why she has white hair and blue eyes). 

Bismarck should also be giving me her V-Day gift as I had ringed her in both Azur Lane games, and even KanColle. If I had more interaction options I would be poking all my favourite shipgirls for a gift. I screwed up, though happy Tirpitz is remembered once again. 

Bismarck, Tirpitz, Friedrich Der Grosse, and even Kasumi up there as my favourite. I need to hype up Kasumi for her foxy nature, for how cute she is, and how I instantly fell in love with her cute charm. Not romantically, though simply visual charm in an admiration manner. She also reminded me of a well respected VRchat person named ‘Blue’ (not full name) who made me love VRChat all that much more. What makes me even happier is I even maxed Kasumi out in Azur Lane by making her reach level 120; Maxed skills. She is in my main fleet, regardless of her stats. 

– I have her maxed out, though probably not equipment wise. I however love Kasumi’s visual charm. She holds up nicely wherever I take her, always staying alive in the vanguard fleet in any challenge. Similar to Foxhound (though not always), I find Kasumi’s fighting spirit charming.

I hope the PIXIV author don’t mind me sharing a Kasumi image to show my respect for her. I love Kasumi’s original art. I wish there was more neat art of her on Pixiv, or at least shared on Danbooru, and etc. 

If I was ever Isekai’d, for whatever reason, I wouldn’t mind being in another world with Kasumi. Or Tirpitz, Bismarck, or Monarch. I would however probably Isekai first to even see them in the first place, though wouldn’t force the issue myself. What I mean by that? ‘Isekai’ means death by visiting another world as another life. Tempting, though something I wouldn’t force the issue of. If there is a way without ‘self deletion’ I’d take it. A portal, or something even as basic as a proper Azur Lane VR game done to its fullest. 

– Kasumi (Azur Lane) – [Pixiv Source]
– Kasumi (Azur Lane) – [Pixiv Art]

Kasumi’s charm is entrancing. Similar to how I could “smell” Warspite’s aura in KanColle when I used to play it years back. I became entranced by Kasumi’s foxy cute charm. It might come off as creepy, though I hope it doesn’t. I’m simply admiring the character’s cute charm. 

Bismarck – Launch Anniversary | Azur Lane: Slow Ahead:

My blog’s anniversary (Feb 14, 2007) coincidentally lines up with that of Bismarck’s launch date (Feb 14, 1939). Same with Azur Lane’s Slow Ahead episode 6 featuring both Bismarck & Tirpitz in their show. I may be oversharing my images below, though that is how much I admire Bismarck & Tirpitz in any media, anime & etc. I just love their design in KanColle & Azur Lane, even if KanColle failed to take the proper route by still not adding in Tirpitz. KanColle can still redeem itself by releasing an updatable game on Steam. That is up to them though, I’m here for Bismarck, even Tirpitz’s charms 🙂

– Bismarck (Azur Lane) – Preview for Ep 6.
– Tirpitz & Bismarck in their luxurious dress.
– Shy Bismarck at a ‘high class’ party.
– Shy and undecisive Bismarck
– Opportunity missed 🙁
– Cute shyness. Adorable <3 (Bismarck’s ‘neutral’ face).
– Cute.
– Come! Lets get you changed into your formal wear to be able to talk to Tirpitz 🙂
– <3
– Pst pst pst pst~
– *cute cough*
– The German pride. >Sabaton’s Bismarck intensifies<
From the mist, a shape, a ship, is taking form
And the silence of the sea is about to drift into a storm
Sign of power, show of force

Azur Lane – Slow Ahead – Episode 6 airing in time for Bismarck’s anniversary. Not quite, as it was a day or two late, though lined up with Bismarck’s launch. The episode dwelled on Bismarck’s shyness, her Scherzo event shyness with Tirpitz, and her gaining her added courage in her ‘private’ or ‘personal’ life. Social life? It was adorable. Bismarck’s adorable stiff/stern voice fits her nicely for her role as a German flagship; pride of the German fleet. 

With how shy Bismarck was is probably why I can relate to her because I was like that during my school days, and still partially am in my workplace. She is shown her human side which myself and others can grab onto and relate to, then made stronger by giving that push to talk to Tirpitz. For us this is where VRChat, and other mediums are used to bounce up higher. Its similar to how I could relate to Scathach’s moody side during my highschool years for how abusive people were (Ghostly Magician) type nickname taken from Yu-Gi-Oh!. That’s beside the point though. 

On a side note: I genuinely laughed at Formidable’s various punchlines. Complex about her weight (for not being heavy), though has a very fearsome side to her. Elegant, ladylike. Something I probably missed in her history needing to check up on her past. I feel familiar with this episode after having played two of their past events dealing with Bismarck, Italians, and Formidable stealing the show in the Italian event.  

Bismarck’s quotes lines up in this Sherzo event PV and vice-versa.

I love Azur Lane for focusing on the small things like these. Love how they pay attention to historical side of things, their own lore, among other details. It makes me want to learn more about history, about WW1, WW2, about the ships, and everything in the world. I love how they portrayed Kasumi as a kitsune, and how they gave Bismarck that social shyness to make her more relatable. Humanity. 

Its thanks to Anime, KanColle, and Azur Lane I even learned Canadians even had a respectable navy in WW2, as well as noteworthy WW2 pilots and etc. 

With that noted, time to make note of Fury & Interstellar. Even Star Wars with Gina Carano. 


Constantly saw Fury advertised, shown on TV, and even seeing people I know watching it. I haven’t been able to watch it until recently, glad that I have. Its one of the best movies (if it can remove that weirdly cringe romance scenes) showing the brutalities of war. As for everything else it seems quite accurate to real world events in a loose manner. Doesn’t have to be 1:1, though shows the brutality of war, the attrition, the lengths people go, and how it changes people. How people grow a bond with one another in various ways. War isn’t beautiful, I’m well aware of it. It has its own charming beauties though.

Even though I play Azur Lane and these various ‘anime’ games I’m well aware of the brutalities. I can still however admire and respect various parts of history; Respecting the worth of various forms of technology. I can respect the ships, tanks, planes, and etc, the skill needed.

– Fury – Battling to the last.

Similar to Das Boot, Enemy at the Gates, & Greyhound, I respect this movie for showing the brutality of war. Germans hiding in sheep clothing, citizens scavenging what they can, revenge, anger, attrition. Its all there. Almost everything in a war is there. The crudeness when eating among people, the ‘vulgar’ and ‘crude’ way of speaking when discussing the horrors of war.

– Few Germans vs many American planes.

The most haunting part of the movie came in three parts
1) The music
2) The sound of planes coming overhead seeing their enormous formation
3) The ending; Battling it to the last.

I respect this movie a lot on that front. It isn’t perfect, it however shows war for what it is. Corny with the romance, though it happened. Sexual assaults and etc, though those weren’t shown. The bomber airstrike scene strikes me the hardest because of how brutal that is. The sound, something you’d only hear around airshows. Your mind is programmed to fear it for obvious reasons.


This movie is something I’ve wanted to watch for the longest time (with Fury). I always assumed the movie was focused solely on Brad Pitt, thankfully it wasn’t. I admire it for its space exploration side, for its way of paying respect to older space movies, and how it portrays things in realistic manners. Survival. Humans want to survive, doing anything they can to do it in both rational and irrational manners. This movie had so much going for it making it feel like three movies in three hours. I genuinely assumed (by the trailers) the movie was going to be solely about Brad Pitt. I thought it was only going to be about him doing various things. He did have a role, it was a scummy one. It was for the better. 

I honestly kept thinking to space anime like Macross, Gundam, and even to America’s Star Trek before that became corrupted to weird ‘political correctness’ nonsense. I love this movie because its not corrupted by nonsense in the 2021 timeframe. Its a movie from the past with genuine quality, slowness, tranquility, and harsh environmental beauty to it. Peaceful. Its ‘space’. 

For the times anything does build up it becomes genuinely haunting. Anything with a clock ticking causes people to panic in fear, such as the ticking on the wave planet. 

– Passing by Saturn – Showing the scale, the dangers, and the beauty of space.

Interstellar has done well displaying various characteristics of space. The harsh hostile beauty, though silent and quiet. Interstellar and Macross would go well together showing hopes of keeping the human race alive by any means. Sperm banks, colonies, space stations, and etc…. Branching out.

The Saturn scene reminded me of the early Star Trek days with Kirk, Voyager, Enterprise, and the prequel Enterprise venturing into space. Vyger, Borg trying to mess with Earth,….. This reminds me of humanity’s attempt at space travel leading to Star Trek vessels, if not more. Macross anime universe of giant city space colonies. 

The constant scientific explanations (similar to Star Trek) noting using planet’s gravity to slingshot, naming various planets in various scientific ways. Everything is believable, plausible… Beautiful. The wave planet, the time differences, the black hole. 

– People doing whatever they can to survive dust storms, crop failures, diseases, and etc. Fight for survival.
– Saving your only home in space. Fighting to the last….

Imagine yourself drifting further and further away from the safety of Earth. Your supplies gradually dwindling, everything becoming harder. Having to take more and more risks (also for science) just to receive data. What became scientific becomes a fight for survival. You start going into overdrive trying to do everything you can to fight. If not that, imagine yourself slowly walking away from your home into a forest with basic supplies to last a short while. Its calm, though shows signs its going to storm with no shelter around. You get hurt, thirstier, and even attacked with growing desires going home. You try, and try, though keep having to deviate trying to home. That fear….

I’ve been through this in various survival video games. Starbound, Star Trek, No Man’s Sky, and etc. The further you go away from home the worse things get. This movie is great for that with type of mood and atmosphere.

And on a humour note: 
I almost died laughing when the school scene happened. The moment ‘they’ mentioned they had to reiterate the history books to note the moon landing was faked causing the Soviet Russians to go bankcrupt as a nation is something that happens today, more so on the internet and etc. All these lies and fibs. You see it in anti-Star Wars movments also, Anti-Anime movements. Fake BLM, and other movements allowed to rape and violate people; Burn buildings while calling, viewing themselves Saints. Its amazing. History is written by the victors. As cringy as that scene was, I had a laugh because I’m seeing it in the real world. It was called out, even if coincidentally. 

This movie is a great food-for-thought. I love it. Its not in my top, though the more I consider it the more I love it. Its no wonder the music is remixed, why worlds are found in VRchat, and why its loved so much by people. 

Star Wars | Mandalorian | SJW’s Cancel Culture Wins Battle, Not War:

Not to end my blog posting in a negative note, though have to note this because we now live in an era where we have to fight for what we enjoy. People had to constantly do this, though now more than ever we have to fight to the tooth to keep our hobbies and entertainment from falling into genuine vile individuals claiming everything is “vile”, “phobic” and “racist” just because they can’t neither comprehend, nor enjoy things in life. That constant need to take others with them down to the grave. I’ve genuinely grown up with Star Wars loving the original three, the prequels, and Clone Wars (both), and even the ‘Rogue One’. I even played various N64 games, PC games. Star Wars is my childhood and a part of my life, similar to Anime.

We’re just not allowed to enjoy Anime, video games, or any media in the western world because everything is allegedly “offensive” while being forced with fake diversity. Similar to how Nazi Germany burned books is  similar to how SJWs & BLM are burning everything because its fun and entertaining. Fake people are genuinely 100% harassing Gina Carano because she stood up to genuine bullying and harassment with a little harmless humour. Gina gave actual history lesson, something which was poorly used against her. These people hate history, desiring to ban history in various schools in UK and elsewhere. They spun her own tweet against her similar to how people could be fired from their job by watching any history movie such as ‘Fury’, ‘Enemy At the Gates’, ‘Das Boot’, or anything along those lines. The hypocrisy, the double-standards……And on the other side you have the ‘High Republic’ openly attacking its fans by blaming white people for everything, defending abusive black people, and just generally being trash to people. This is not how I grew up to Star Wars. This is not my Star Wars…….. Star Wars is entertainment, not political trash.

In all honestly I blame North American media (and even European) media for turning people into abusive sheep by labeling normal daily things as ‘Alt-Right’, or phobic of any sort. Now people assume they’re doing the “right thing” causing them to corrupt every hobby in the world. They’re calling normal things in every day life “fascist” because the media told them this. If you read the news paper then you’re a “Fascist”. Everything is allegedly “abusive” and “offensive”……Nah. For someone who has been bullied for simply existing, sitting in a chair not saying a word, people are gullible individuals because of ‘tribal mentality’. Our survival trait is being used against us as if we were some mindless ants. Maybe at this point we are mindless ants……. The media is trash for mind controlling people. I’m not happy, and I even see people being moronic in retail settings, even during a COVID pandemic. People genuinely love being abusive. 

Gina was never Transphobic. The ‘Beep/Boop/Bop’ is only in response to genuine harassment over pronouns. People harassed her hourly, daily, monthly until she jokingly added her fake pronouns over constant moronic assaults. Fake Star Wars fans then cried wolf (a river) claiming the is allegedly “transphobic” when the phobic ones are those doing the genuine insults.

– Fake Diversity

North Americans have lost their way, hence why Anime & Manga is outperforming American comics, any North American media, and even Sony for jumping ship into SJW territory while also censoring anime. Its why corrupted news outlets constantly slander instead of staying neutral. Everything is offensive to the media news outlets. Star Wars official Twitter account claiming fake diversity, yet forgetting the fact Finn was censored over in China, how Gina Carano was assaulted off Mandalorian, yet supported Pedro Pascal was able to keep his status doing far more political nonsense than Gina Carano. Double standards, irony, and etc. There was ironically no respect for James Earl Jones, a black guy who voiced Darth Vader. No recognition, thus false diversity.

Star Wars is genuinely fucked now thanks to these SJW morons. Pardon my language, though Star Wars needs saving. Japan needs to grow a pair by yanking the Star Wars IP from North American then handling it themselves, somewhere far away from Sony, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. Someone genuinely competent needs to handle Star Wars.  Something genuinely needs to be done for Star Wars.

SJWs and fakers then constantly wonder why Anime does so well. People want their form of escapism, hence why Anime does so well. Why fake news outlets like ‘AnimeNewsNetwork’ constantly slanders great anime such as ‘Shield Hero’, ‘Goblin Slayer’ and etc because it doesn’t fit their propaganda type narrative. They can’t handle good anime. Star Wars needs to be genuinely rescued. You may view me as overexaggerating, and etc…. Star Wars has been genuinely hijacked, weaponized, now spewing propaganda political nonsense while attacking those who genuinely grew up with Star Wars. 

(Disney’s stock taking a dip after firing Gina Carano & Disney Plus refunded.)

The Mandalorian, something which revived Star Wars, respected Star Wars was also the weapon to collapse any good will Disney built up. Everything now destroyed thanks to the harassment against Gina Carano and the weaponization of ‘High Republic’. Disney’s stocks genuinely plummeted while those in Disney were ‘shocked’ and ‘surprised to find out people actually went through with their ‘Disney Plus’ cancelations. People DO NOT WANT GARBAGE. They’re not going to blindly watch trash, nor stand for it. Pedro Pascal is now also rumoured to have quit Mandalorian causing the house of cards to fall. Disney & Star Wars has been genuinely damaged. Disney’s stocks are obviously going to rebound, they’re that big. This however sent a message people won’t stand up to SJW trash.

They even corrupted the ‘This is the way’ for their idiotic movements. This just may end up being the death of Star Wars unless Disney does genuine damage control. 

If there is ever a third season 3 I would totally be fine not having Pedro Pascal as a main character.  He’s been abusive, narcistic, and too whiny to respect Star Wars as a hole. He constantly wanted his face shown so its time to focus on a new Mandalorian. A new Foundling, or someone other who shall carry the torch. I’d be fine knowing how abusive and gaslighting both Disney and Lucasfilms both are. Have to sadly tie that in with the new lore though….. 

– X-men – Magneto’s Prison – This is apparently the world SJWs want us to live in when it comes to Anime, Manga, entertainment. We’re only allowed to live in a sterile bubble because everything is “transphobic”, “racist”, and every other insult and label.

I do not want to live in their fake plastic bubble. I am not going to become Magneto in a cage, thus why I’m constantly fighting against them in Anime & gaming realms. I guess I might as well become a villain if it means staying true to myself. I’m now forced to hold the line in Star Wars because they hijacked it and ruined it, a franchise I grew up with. Its why I point out hypocrisy when it comes to Sony’s moronic censorship because it takes away from the media. I may deviate here and there accidentally becoming corrupted (2017; Calling people Nazi), I however try to correct my stance. I deserve half the hate I got in 2017, though the other half was undeserved. People love throwing other people into the trash bin showing why hobbies die prematurely. 

Fight for what you love, and love what you enjoy. I love my Anime, I love Star Wars, gaming, and etc. I’ll proudly display my love for what I enjoy, its why I have this blog. I want to share my love for Anime, games, Azur Lane, for Bismarck, Kasumi; Fury; Interstellar, and etc.

To these weirdos you’re not allowed to think, nor converse because that turns you into a ‘Nazi’. Such words were posted on Tumblr as to not enter conversation with people because it may “corrupt” people into joining the “wrong side”. You’re not allowed to debate. Nothing. These people are pathetic. No freedom of speech, no freedom of creativity……. Genuinely sucks to be them.

I genuinely admire Japanese otaku culture because their passion tends to radiate high and true. Sometimes corrupted, though mostly true. I love looking at dedicated Japanese figure photography sites, PIXIV, and other hobby sites because they tend to push things to the fullest. When they care they push things to the fullest while I’ve seen Westerners share things for popularity which causes me to become turned off.  Every hobby I’ve enjoyed always gets killed by westerns because we always fight over moronic things. We can’t handle anything fun…… We won’t allow ourselves to. Granted, I was also at the source of this because we simply can’t co-exist. Everything becomes a popularity contest, not about having fun. Who can get the most thumbs up instead of having fun? 

Japan, you may think I’m crazy. Maybe I am…. I’ve dealt with too many abusive people, corrupted people, and those desiring harm to others. You’re bound to have screws loose when you deal with abusive people. You become your surroundings. You guys are our last hope so don’t allow yourselves to become corrupted by westerns. I may have lost my way a few times. You guys need to hold the fort or else you won’t have anything to enjoy in life spawning more and more suicides in your nation. Hold the line.

– HMCS Haida desire (Image added after I’ve posted.)

When it comes to Azur Lane & naval WW2 games I genuinely want to see Canadians added onto the roster in their full pride. If Silent Hunter 3 can add Canadians back in 2006, so can YoStar and any other WW2 developer out there. I’m just done. I’m just done with all these lame excuses various people make about refusing to add Canadian vessels into any WW2 game. It makes these game developers come off as lazy and moronic. Again, if Silent Hunter 3 can add them, so can anybody else. I’m still going to push for them. I’m still holding out hope YoStar is given the green light to enable ‘Maple Monarchy’ to be active in Azur Lane.

[Edit: Above Azur Lane Canadian image was added after the publishing blog posting when checking Twitter that we have people genuinely wanting to see Canadians in Azur Lane. I had a nice chuckle because I’m not the only one. I’m not crazy, nor any other of the voiding tactics people have done to me. I simply want to connect with my Canadian side. I want to see HMCS Haida (her sisters), HMCS Ontario & HMCS Uganda (light cruisers), among others. Even their aircraft carriers, and maybe pre-ww1 battleships. It genuinely needs to be done.]

– VRChat – Maiya and myself exploring an abandoned ‘Alone’ world appearing like Hong Kong. Gives off the Nier Automata vibes.

I don’t really celebrate Valentines Day because of how trivial I view it, though its nice when it comes from the Anime side. I’ve always felt at peace watching Anime which shows why I love it; Why I gravitate to Anime. Thanks for reading, hope you guys have an awesome March.