Trip to Japan – Day 2 (2023)

– Good morning from Japan! Tennozu Isle at around 4-6 am in the morning. Jetlag is fun.

This blogpost covers the day of March 22st, 2023 while in Tokyo, Japan.

Continuing off from the day previous, I was painfully jetlagged needing to do my errands to allow me to stay and travel within Japan. I checked up on Twitter, I obtained my travel insurance via my bank (I cheated it a bit), and I even loosely secured my route as to what to do for the day. My morning wasn’t immediate, it was a slow morning aimed at acclimating to Japan, and with my jetlag. While waiting for the breakfast I also took images of Arnval, that’s what I noted before I left Canada I would be doing. I noted on Twitter I would be using Japan as my figure photography studio, something I’ve stayed true to declaring. I’ve desired my one month of freedom to also allowing me to do whatever I desired, especially Busou Shinki figure photography.

I need to thank ‘The Year of The Rabbit’ for allowing me to visit Japan. It was either “now or never”, and I’m happy I was finally allowed to travel to Japan. Thank you!

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The birthday present to myself (March 28th & Year of the Rabbit) for myself. A few days off, yet this whole trip was a special birthday present to myself. At last!

– Arnval, in a court yard.
– Hotel shuttle bus too and from airport. If I knew I would have taken advantage of this. Granted, my timing was off. I needed to use the JR Rail Airport Xpress line. The monorail, basically.
– Feeling of being in Japan was overly surreal. I couldn’t believe I was there, especially after many years of desiring to be here.

I was in conflict within my mind of believing I was in Japan. It was a constant 20 years of waiting, desiring, and wanting to be in Japan for more reasons than one.Other people have gone before me, laughing, mocking, and taunting; Boasting how they made it there, especially before me. At last, I finally made it to Japan proper! I can basically say Anime is what influenced me in going, yet it wasn’t solely about that. As noted previously on Twitter, Day 1 blog post, and vocally, it’s “MANY” factors as to why I desired to go, yet can only sum it up as “Anime”.

It’s the people, the food, the scenery, the hobby folks, the professionalism of Japanese people, the J-Vloggers (TkyoSam, Rogerswan, TokyoCooney; Danny Choo, before Danny Choo went rogue). It’s basically the hobbies (Busou Shinki, among others), KanColle/Azur Lane, the various landmarks in of itself and related to anime, and many MANY more areas. Mental Health was another reason, and to experience another culture while finally being allowed in the Year of the Rabbit.

Also, because I was on a hunt for a girlfriend I knew I wouldn’t obtain that easily. Why should I have one, especially that easily. I’m a tourist, not a resident of Japan. I’m supposed to be punished, after all. I’m not allowed to have certain things in life, it’s a curse of some sort which people always want to blame on me. I’m always depressed because of this, and for everything always being my fault. I’m always moody. Everything is always my fault, hence why I also wanted to escape that negative notion from people. I needed Japan my escapism. Same with Vancouver prior to that, and to visit my friend when after the whole draconian Covid-19 nonsense. Mental health was at an all time low.

I’m not allowed to be myself, yet in Japan I was allowed to do just that. Not to the fullest, yet mostly. I’m happy, and this was the start of a beautiful journey of feeling properly human once again.

– This courtyard Park-like area caught my attention I admired it so much. Something so simple being highly attractive.
– I wouldn’t be aware of this at the time, these pigeons are devious. They have this certain charm to them having me laugh at them in their silliness across Japan.
– The line-up was insanely long, yet the selection of food was delicious. Unlike Vancouver, I was able to eat the next morning over. I was able to eat dumplings, fish, among other goodies. I enjoyed my meal.

It genuinely surprised me with how brutal the line ups were for the breakfast. You had to time it perfectly well, or else you would have to wait, and wait, and wait. It was this experience which nudged me from going away from in hotel food to favour conbini food, favouring their selection of foods over hotel types.

I wish I took pictures of myself at a Family Mart. I was trying to seek out a 7/11, or something along those lines, I however stumbled across a very admirable Family Mart which I would grow overly fond of. For something simple for the Japanese is something highly exotic for me thanks to them having an overly wide selection of go-to (take-out) snacks and drinks you would be hard-pressed to find locally in Ottawa, or even Canada. I needed to obtain more Yen bills, even an umbrella, which I purchased there.

– My adventure now begins in earnest. Lovely yatch, lovely scenery, lovely everything.
– RIP Sakura blossoms. I feared the worst fearing I missed the cherry blossoms 🙁 .
– As noted by Danny Choo (when he was still awesome) I started making note of these man-hole covers. They’re actually the emblem of the location (Districts/Prefectures), ones you can get stamps on for stamp books. I would learn this later at my trip to Kure, Japan.
– Video – Tokyo Monorail Airport Xpress heading for Tokyo Station for my JR Rail pass. Note the bird sounds for better morale, or so I assume.
– From Tennozu Isle > Hamamatsucho Station > Tokyo Station.

If my memory serves me correctly, I genuinely dislike Hamamatsucho Station when attached to other stations. Both it, Daimon Station next to it, and how everything is thrown off with construction work. I had to keep asking where to go, even one time ending up going in circles. People even looked at me in confusion a few days later. Staff had to help free me when my card refused to let me go. (A note for another blog post).

– Video – Finally experiencing the elegance of JR Trains, something I would occasionally fumble with, yet admire highly. Still making my way to Tokyo Station through various stops.
– Experiencing the JR Rail experience.
– Video – A simple video, yet it shows the very fabric of Japanese society. The announcement (chimes), the vibe, the tourists from the locals, and the advertisement at the end assuming it’s Azur Lane. It’s a different game from Yostar.

I’ve shown the above video to my coworker(s), this video is now overly special for many reasons. It’s now an overly sentimental video with high nostalgic factors attached to it. For one, it’s how the trains go by. The announcement is another, something I’ve grown used to hearing while over in Japan. The announcement and chimes are a great way of knowing what station you’re at and when the train is about to depart on you. Once you hear that you’re technically screwed. You’re not supposed to run after a train, hence why I even waited a while for other trains. I even stared at a train unknowing it was the one I needed to go to my desired location.

In the above video you can also see a tourist (guy in yellow-ish brown jacket) walking in front of my camera, not around me. Now, note the Japanese business man in black going up the escalator, he goes around me. Real Japanese folks go around you, unless unavoidable. They pause, go around… If unavoidable they do go in front of you. I accidentally caused trouble this way a few days later while trying to take pictures of locations of interests without realizing I was causing trouble. I hope I apologized.

Another meaning to the video above holds a Yostar meaning, something I first assumed was related to Azur Lane. It’s instead related to Mahjong, a dice type game. I’m highly unfamiliar with it, yet know the basics of how it’s played, just not how you actually play it.

When I see JR Rail it symbolizes “Freedom” to me. Freedom of movement, of self dignity, and professionalism. It allowed me to venture in most areas I desired to go, hence why I view it overly fondly. We aren’t allowed this sort of freedom in Canada, it goes against the Canadian ideal on a corportate level. Canadian greed and laziness. We do have trains, they’re not as professionally or passionately incorporated. It’s a greedy car-based society. I admire Japan for giving my freedom and independence back, even if it was on a tourist level.

– For something I assumed was related to Azur Lane is instead a sister game of Yostar. Mahjong.

Tokyo Station is crazy massive. I managed to navigate to my JR Rail pass destination with barely anybody there in the office The station was obviously packed, yet the JR Rail help area was unpopulated. Helpful staff, helpful foreign receptionist with a Japanese old man native behind her. She barely spoke English from Europe (Nordic region? Dutch? Something like that) helping me process my JR Rail pass, what dates it would be active from March 31st to April 20th. I was to head to Osaka/Hiroshima on March 31st.

I stumbled a bit, yet managed to verbally note my plans. I had to re-affirm my desires were from March 31st to April 20th. They nearly fumbled on that part.

– Tokyo Station.

What an overly lovely station (Tokyo Station). My only regret was I was tunnel-visioned on heading for Wadakura-mon Gate to take 360 camera & video shots. I failed to go into detail with my images and videos at Tokyo Station. My jetlag prevented me from exploring this area further clouding my mind. It is an insanely bustling place, even struggled to navigate past a few people with my lack of sleep. I’m sorry.

360 Camera view at Wadakura-mon Gate area. At least, nearby. Tokyo’s various parks are glorious; Highly admirable.

– Panorama view around Wadakura-mon Gate.
– (360 picture) – Follow image to Flickr to view photosphere properly.
(360 picture) – Follow image to Flickr to view photosphere properly. Taken at Wadakura-mon Fountain Park
– Arnval having her fun.

I say, those images came out decently well of Arnval. If you dislike any of the images or poses then do take it up with the jetlag. Find easier ways for me to travel to Japan without the pain and suffering from jetlag. 😉

I take my images for the fun of it, not for professionalism. I however do aim to have some “professionalism” attach to it. If you’re constantly uptight you never end up having fun in the long run.


– (360 picture) – Follow image to Flickr to view photosphere properly. Trying to figure out how to use my 360 camera properly again; Trying to get used to its functions.
– Wadakura Fountain Park
– Panorama of Wadakura Fountain Park.

With my experiment of the 360 camera I own, and pictures taken, I decided to travel towards the ‘The East Gardens of The Imperial Palace’, or wherever I was openly allowed to venture towards. Simply aimlessly exploring trying to take things easily as I could.

My secondary mission for the day was visiting Tokyo Tower.

– Venturing further I became aware this was a touristy area.
– (360 picture) – Follow image to Flickr to view photosphere properly.
– (360 picture) – Follow image to Flickr to view photosphere properly.

This area could easily be placed into VRChat making it a lovely hangout. Sure, maybe you won’t be able to do much interactivity wide. That however depends on how far the world reaches. This main area could easily fit into VRChat as a hangout.

– Onward to another location, I guess. Following the pathways and walls towards Tokyo Tower, or a place for drinks.
– Viewing Seimon Ishibashi.

I was hoping to have visited the area without paying, still acclimating to Japan. I was hoping to casually tour it, something I would do with other attractions days later.

– Japan genuinely has overly admirable sidewalk designs and craftmanship. Love it!
– On a mission for a conbini & Tokyo Tower.
– Debating which route to take to get to a 7/11, and even Tokyo Tower. I’m glad I stopped at Hibiya Park.

Hibiya Park:

This park has unknowingly became my most preferred park without being aware of it at first. The longer I stayed in this park (to take pictures) the more I admired this place. From the elevated hill (Misaka Mountain) with a pathway, to people looking at me taking pictures, to helicopters seen buzzing about, to even funky landmarks and cherry blossoms around the area. It’s an overly gorgeous spot.

Having entered through Iwaiada Gate I would gravitate towards Mikasa Mountain, unknowing of its name at the time. Think of Mikasa, the museum ship in Yokosuka. Possibly unrelated in this case, yet the name itself holds significance to me for that very reason.

– Simplistic elegance. I love it!
– Yup! You guessed it. Arnval coming out again for more figure photography enjoyment, this time trying out further new poses.

While happily taking figure photography images of Arnval in Tokyo, especially at Hibiya Park, I was having a grand time. I was chuckling at people wondering what I was doing. I was finally having my long-desired fun. WOOOOOOOO!~

– Yes, I was also equally struggling taking pictures as much as I was obtaining successful results at the same time. Mixed results are fun. 🙂
– I genuinely admire how the buildings pop up at the back. The contrast is something I find admirable.
– I constantly heard a helicopter sound, constantly scanning the sky for it. There it is! Almost in the center of the image, slightly to the left.
– (360 picture) – Follow image to Flickr to view photosphere properly.
– (360 picture) – Follow image to Flickr to view photosphere properly.

I’ve also tried taking a time-lapse take using the 360 camera feature, it failed. I tried a few times. I gave up going onto another objective, such as visiting the monument nearby. From Mikasa Mountain (yes, that tiny hill) to Liberty Bell dedicated to the freedom in Japan.

– Arnval at Liberty Bell.
– Dedicated to you all, a free citizen in a free land.
– Going down some lovely steps.
– Panorama of Hibiya Park.
– Few cherry blossoms I could find.
– Gorgeous.
– My path. The final arrow should lead downwards towards cherry blossoms. A full map would show I followed a curve to the outter edge heading to a nearby 7/11 while admiring the scenery along the way 🙂
– YES! Cherry blossoms! At last!
– Arnval in a tree.

I believe once I started taking pictures other people had done the same. Or I may have been the middle person in that group. People before me, then I came, and then others continued. That seems more likely.

– If you find this weird then I don’t know how to answer. Don’t ask. I can’t answer, it’s all random poses. I was experimenting trying to obtain the “ideal” image. Not professional, just “ideal”.

Travel Objection: Take images of Busou Shinki with the cherry blossoms:
Status: Achieved!

And more will be taken as days go by 😉

– Even if scuffed, it’s still pretty.
– More artistic sewers.
– Old meets new. Such elegance.
– Others and myself taking pictures of similar trees. The hilarity.
– Viewing out of Kasumi Gate (Hibiya Park) towards a lovely mini clock tower.

I feel trolled right now. If I knew the various areas I traveled to were named ‘Mikasa Mountain’ or ‘Kasumi Gate’ I would have lost my mind. Again, Mikasa Mountain reminds me of the Mikasa warship museum found at Yokosuka while ‘Kasumi Gate’ reminds me of Kasumi from Azur Lane, also based on a real warship from the Imperial Japanese Navy from World War 2.

– Azur Lane – Kasumi in her New Year outfit. (IJN Kasumi)

Kasumi in Azur Lane is very special to me for her very special foxy nature. I admire Kitsune type characters, especially kitsunemimi girls in Japanese Pixiv art sphere. I “grew up” with admiring serious and proper PIXIV art of ‘kitsune girls’ with proper fox ears and fox tails, such as those seen in ‘Wagaya no Oinari-sama’ Anime, among others. It’s the elegance, teasefulness, the personality, and those kitsunemimi which attract me. I admire properly drawn and appearing Kitsune girls commanding actual forms of respect.

I digress, back to Hibiya park!

– Hibiya was full of surprises to me, and highly appealing. I wish I could have returned there on a whim.

I tried taking decent images and video captures of this area while keeping away from the little kids. I tried to keep them out of my images for privacy reasons.

– Video – Hibiya Park Seagull Water Fountain.
– Of course, Arnval to join the scene.
– Naturally, other locals taking pictures and videos of such beauties.
– Hibiya Seagull Fountain.
– Tokyo Tower spotted!

Conbini Time!

Google Maps pointed me towards a nearby Conbini I was trying to get to, I however accidentally went up and around a few blocks instead of inside a building. While even inside the building I had to as where the 7/11 was at.

“7/11 doko?” – Me

Guard helpfully noted and gestured down the escalator. I thanked him, or I hope I did. I’m sure I thanked him.

– Two water bottles, a Melon-pan, and Salmon Onigiri. Arnval also posing along.

Yes, it was strange of me eating where I was, I however had to do so. Other folks kept staring at me, I indeed felt slight awkwardness. I had to eat, I was both hungry and thirsty. I also had to eat Melon-pan thanks to Shakugan no Shana anime. Shana always eating melon-pan in every school scene.

From my first day onwards I fell in love with Japanese Conbini, they’re so much more reliable and convenient (true to their meaning) than any Canadian oriented types. Sure, I mailed off my postal at a local Quickie and Shoppers Drug Mart, they however do not have Onigiri, sushi, or anything you need on the go. No instant foods, as you would ALL OVER Japan. Those are sadly left for Loblaws, Walmart, Metro, and etc in Ottawa, basically overly far away destinations.

And yes, I’m aware Ottawa instead has Pizza, sandwiches, wraps, and other sorts. The point is, Japan knows how to truly be convenient while Ottawa is mostly a car-based society, corporate greed, and laziness. I admire Japan for it’s common sense approach. It’s not perfect, yet it knows common sense.

Tokyo Tower Time!:

My true day 1 took me towards Tokyo Tower as my goal, hence why I ventured there first thing.

– Loving the architecture, the grassy towers, and the awesomeness of Japan.
– Shrine & temple focus.
– Sadly didn’t stay to investigate, I had a mission to visit Tokyo Tower. Quick images and move on!
– Stunning!
– Focus is on these pedestrian bridges.

Oh, how I wish Ottawa was as wise as the Japanese when it came to these sorts of architecture. These pedestrian bridges would solve so many problems in Ottawa with their overly crude roadways. Instead of being punished by fines for poorly designed bus stations in Ottawa (Lincoln Fields Bus Station pre-2020) everything would be so much better. Sure, folks in Ottawa (Canada) would illegally J-walk across a street (even busy ones), it would however make various adventures and travels so much more appealing. I admire Japan for this.

Granted, various parts of British Columbia do have these walkways, they need to be a more adopted in a more wide-spread manner. Simple things like these hype me up so much. It makes me almost nerdy. I admire these common sense approach. Ottawa, you need to grow up. Seriously.

– Looking the opposite direction of the walkway, towards the gorgeous trees.
-To me, at the time, this red car was noted as being a Lamborghini. Granted, it could also be a Ferrari around the Testarosa family. Surprise seeing this vehicle.
– Better image and angle.
– Stunning. Yes, I turned the corner 90 degrees. I didn’t cross, nor go on the pedestrian bridge.
– Tokyo Tower is finally in view! YATTA! At last! 🙂
– One of those helicopters roaming around.

Was hilarious experiencing a K-On! Anime type moment of a band playing. At the end of the video a taxi nearly ran me over when I ducked to the side having noticed it last minute. It was a small road with a school fenced off and a building on the other end. It almost appeared the taxi was willing to run me over. I was genuinely semi-fearful for my life. No disrespect, it’s just how it appeared to me at the time.

I’m sure they have safety in mind, the taxi bit simply caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting a taxi behind me.

– An amusing moment reminding me of K-On!~

My own little “in joke” for myself. A serenity dream-like moment letting my mind loose admiring Japan for what it was. Allowing the simple randomness of Tokyo to carry me, spawning this video in amusement. If people don’t laugh then that’s fine, this moment is my own and I view it as people would view K-On! Anime moments. The music band playing as they would in Anime and visual novels similar to K-On! Anime.

– Getting closer and closer towards the Tokyo Tower while also passing a Highschool.
– Locals seemingly enjoying the Sakura viweing gathering.
– At last! Tokyo Tower!

I no longer have to fake admire this landmark from other people’s images and videos. I can finally admire it from my own images and videos. I can finally admire it from my own angle and POV. What a majestic beauty! You do not know how much I feel relieved of finally having visited places I desired to go for 20+ years.

It all feels like a dream (overly surreal), as if I’m not there. Lucid dreams which tease you as you travel across your fictional dream-like scenery allowing any sound to wake you up at any moment. For moments which once had other folks taunt and tease you; Priding themselves of having visited Japan I can now cherish my own moments in Japan! YATTA!~

– (360 picture) – Follow image to Flickr to view photosphere properly.
– London bus! Also, too many tourists. It would be from this point onward other foreigners would constantly be a thorn in my side, even undoing some of my plans; Getting in my way, or even injuring me lightly.
– Mario Go Karts in the background! 🙂
– (360 picture) – Follow image to Flickr to view photosphere properly.

Hey! What about the rest of the images and videos from Tokyo Tower?!“, you ask?

I chickened out. I’m afraid of heights so I basically followed my way back the way I came to go elsewhere. I know I could have done more here, especially on that day. It’s no joke, I genuinely am afraid of heights to the point my friend and his girl laughed at me in British Columbia and Vancouver with how fearful I was. Even fearing I’d fall of a walkway to & from Harbour Air Seaplanes.
(Spoiler: I later visited various towers across Japan leaving me this tower as a last trophy victory.)

– Ferrari drove up and down (this is on its way back). This area is common for these super cars and retro. A good place to car spot. Minato City is the best area to view them, or from my experience.

I spent roughly an hour trying to set up my Twitcast for Streaming. I tried streaming from here, yet failed. Spent a long while trying to dig around, have my account verified, etc. After giving up I decided to visit Akihabara for some window shopping; To finally get to know the area.

– Kamiyacho Station to Akihabara.
– Hibiya line to Akihabara.


Awesome! I can finally experience Akihabara. Well, if I can properly navigate the area, that is. I accidentally took the long way around and into Akihabara. I didn’t know what I was looking for, only loosely where I needed to go. Everything looks overly strange to me not knowing where I should go, or how I should reach Akihabara proper.

– Our Bright Parade. Hololive.
– At last! Holy hell. After so many years I can finally experience this for myself. Genshin Impact, Arknights, among others.
– Trying to make sense of this all. It was all foreign and alien to me the first time around.
– Taking pictures of cards of Hololive theme. Very pricy regarding the prices. I saw no recording, yet nothing relating to ‘no pictures’. I took this picture at the time assuming it was allowed.
– Idolmaster for my friend.

On the first floor I purchased some ‘Hololive Error’ cards while on the hunt for KanColle, Azur Lane, and even Bang Dream merchandise for my roommate/friend. My roommate is into Bang Dream, hence why I took various Bang Dream type images for him.

– One of my favourite anime. Sadly, the prudes of Western world hijacked this for their political gain. Still an overly enjoyable Anime regardless.
– When I left Canada for Japan this anime was on its 1 episode airing. I had 1 episode to watch left, and it was spoiled by a few people on Twitter.
– Arknights, a game I dropped. Still admire it.
– Advertisements along the stairway.
– Trying to make sense of Akihabara.
– Glorious! Bang Dream advertising for my friend.
– Genshin Impact advertisements. Nice!
– Bang Dream – Part 2! 🙂
– Hatsune Miku, eh?
– Not a Hatsune Miku fan, this is more for an Anime friend.
– Hatsune Miku merch for my friend. I was on the hunt for Kantai Collection & Azur Lane goodies.
– HA! Well, you do have Busou Shinki and Frame Arms Girl. It’s only natural you have further competitions with 30 Minute sisters, Desktop Army, etc.

Side-note: I’m an idiot! I could have bought “Everlia” (Neverlia) at Akihabara. Instead, I purchased her days later at Daiba in a Gundam Factory store assuming she was a limited edition kit. Silly me.

Bandai 30 Minutes Sister #8 SIS-DOO Neverlia (Color A).

These kits are fairly common to those who admire Busou Shinki as a whole, and beyond. Bandai, Kotobukiya, among others have plenty of stock while Konami JP screwed everything up with artificial inflation causing Busou Shinki figures to have inflated values than absolutely necessary. If I lived in Japan I would have purchased a whole slew of figure kits like these. I sadly had to be strict with my wallet and spending, or else I’d find myself hung on the nearest lamp post for abusing the hospitality of the folks back in Canada.

(I genuinely wish I had my own place either in Canada or Japan. Whichever comes first and whatever I’m allowed to do. There is not much I’m allowed to do.)

– Was on the hunt for a Kitsune Mask I was promised, yet never obtained by Haku from the Dollfie Dream community. I’ve seen them in images posted in the stores, wasn’t allowed to have them.
– BB Guns out in the open in various areas. I genuinely desired to purchase a BB gun, decided against it. SP2022 Sig Sauer (BB Gun) from Jormungand is what I would have went for.
– Formidable! One of my Azur Lane waifus! I would, but I can’t. I don’t have my own place, nor space to hold you. I doubt I’d be able to own you regardless.

I genuinely would purchase a Dollfie Dream (or Dolk) of Formidable, Tirpitz, Bismarck, or even Kasumi in a heartbeat. But, because of my situation, I’m not allowed to do anything. Not allowed to buy big things, nor allowed to have my own place, or be independent. I’m also a tourist in Japan so I had to keep things small, basically trinket sized.

I would genuinely go for Formidable, no joke. It is what it is, and maybe it’s for the best I’m not allowed to do certain things keeping me safe in certain regards.

– View of one of the stores on a random floor. Not inside, yet from an escalator.

A friend eventually warned me not to take images or else I could get in trouble. Being aware of Japanese photography regulations I always kept an eye out for photography signs. I tried to be as respectful as respectful as I possibly could while still documenting Japan. Other tourists on the other hand, not so much. They enjoy being vile. Shame. Not all, just the occasional ill-informed tourist with an intentional arrogance problem.

– Visiting Volks shop in hopes of finding the elusive Fox mask I was promised long ago, yet betrayed.

I was genuinely livid at this point at both Haku and Naito-nii, both having unfollowed me, betrayed me, even leaving me in the dust during my depression back in 2017. Haku promised me he would help me obtain a black kitsune fox mask for my Varakitsu, ones shown in Volks store in this floor. Dutch people broke me, same with Ottawa in the workplace. I was pincer-attacked from both ends in being told I amount to nothing and how I don’t matter. Everything is my fault while they’re Saints. From hobby friends to enemies. Idiots.

I even used Google Translate/DeepL in hopes of finding out where I could obtain that special kitsune fox mask for my own Dollfie Dream named Varakitsu. She is themed after an arctic fox with blue eyes, fox ears, and white hair. Sadly, not around here. I was betrayed by people.

Happy to be in Japan, yet furious I was betrayed by people I considered hobby friends. Idiots. Another reason why I’m sadly cranky, warry of people. I sadly have the experience of people biting, even bailing on you whenever something scares them. They flap in the wind with no sense of loyalty or respect. I hate that so much!

Backtracking a little bit, I do admire the Nier Automata 2B, Jeanne D’arc from F/GO, and even Saber. I even dreamed of owning a Saber Dollfie Dream at one point, never having obtained one. There are certain things I’m simply not allowed to do in life and it hurts.

– 2B Dollfie Dream, you’re awesome.
– Hatsune Miku image for a fellow Miku Anime friend.
– As much as people dislike Dollfie Dreams, I have to say they do look awesome. They have this nice charm to them.
– Luka & Rin focus.

Defeated of not having found a kitsune fox mask for my Dollfie Dream I considered food. How about a sushi belt with an english menu? From a Youtube video I watched prior to visiting Japan that would be a nice experience. Yeah, let’s do that! Off to Kanda we go! Yes, I’m even walking there.

– Admiring the lights on the pole. Shame the image is blurry and scuffed.

Rotating Sushi Edo Kanda:

I desired to taste some conveyer belt sushi, hence why I went to this place. I walked there which wasn’t far, yet would understand why people would take the JR rail over there. It’s a simple 5-20 minute walk. Everything is surprisingly close. The staff were also overly friendly and inviting, even showing me the English menu. They were even guiding me on the the menu, how to order specials (even though that flew over my head), even guiding me where needed. When it comes to deals and bargains my mind basically goes dead. I brain fart, especially with this being my first day.

Everything at fault was of my own, as you’ll see why shortly.

– Beer, some randomfish slices, sushi, among other treats.
– I assumed I ordered Salmon, apparently not.
– Delicious, and chewy, yet expected different.

I tried to order a few more snacks, such as one more beer and salmon sushi this time. I quickly pressed complete assuming it would arrive, it hadn’t. My Softbank wireless hotspot device had to fail at that moment while wondering why I hadn’t recieved my Salmon. I instead noted – “Daijobu” – to let it go. I showed him I lost connection, he didn’t understand. He noted he had to make money, and I understood that. I was simply confused as to why I didn’t get my salmon sushi yet let it go. Not worth it. I don’t want to be that annoying tourist. I even asked him after I paid which had me confused.

Both satisfied and frustrated, I ventured to a nearby conbini for some snacks. I ordered through DeepL translation causing the cashier to lift her eyebrow and eye in confusion. I asked for some snacks on a skewer, she looked painfully confused. I was still buzzed from the beer from earlier heading back to my hotel all defeated. I gave up.

(A conversation which should have lasted a simple 5 seconds lasted a painful 10 minutes in a complete misunderstanding. I felt horrible for putting them through that. It was “something made out of nothing”, something which I wish never happened. Pain, suffering. Embarrassment.)

– What I ordered.

Don’t get me wrong! Kanda is a glorious place. It’s very beautiful with its own form of charms. I even admired the food, yet felt overly guilty and embarrassed I caused a scene. It wasn’t intentional. Language barriers and my internet connection cut out causing things to needlessly escalate stupidly. Yikes! I don’t want to cause a scene. That’s the last thing I want to do, like Suruga from Azur Lane. We desire to stay out of the spotlight in certain regards. I am a recluse, an introvert after all. I was simply curious, that’s all. I should have kept my mouth shut.

Even the female server was “why is he saying “Daijoubu” then?“….. I wanted to cut it short. It was my fault, everything is fine. Let’s move on. I’m an idiot. We eventually sorted it out and I left.

I didn’t want to cry, I was only frustrated. Defeated. I wanted to return to my hotel. Before such, I went into the nearby conbini for some snacks. My only goal was to take the next train back to my hotel for safety.

– The location I went to. Rotating Sushi Edo Kanda.

Rotating Sushi Edo Kanda = 8/10 rating.

– Kanda, you’re genuinely beautiful with the JR line running through this area. It has a unique aura to it, which I do highly admire.

Took a Yamanote Line for a Tokyo Xpress line, accidentally ending back at Haneda airport. I don’t even want to be back here, not even for plane spotting.

Being the useless idiot that I am (jetlagged, buzzed from beer) I ended back up at Haneda. DAMN IT! I laughed at my screw up on Twitter having taken the Xpress train directly back to Haneda not realizing it runs in cycles. One goes to various stops, the other goes to the airport. One is direct to Haneda, the other stops at every other stop.

– Back at Haneda airport by mistake. Damn it……….
– Video – Safely arrived at Tennozu Isle. Even happily taking video of where I once was earlier in the day. Tokyo Tower hype!

I’m going to admit I became a bit arrogant when viewing other foreigners, locals, & tourists around me with their luggage. The beer seems to have hit me harder than I realized at the time thinking:
Suckers! Sucks having to carry that luggage around, eh? I have a hotel. I’m now settled in for awhile

Don’t worry, karma evened me out. I would later eat my own words when heading to and from Kure, and into Hiroshima ;).

– My spoils of the day. PS90, Bismarck Doujinshi (Bismarck waifu), Ayaka, KanColle, Azur Lane cards, Jintsu gift for friend, Hololive cards, Bang Dream for roommate, buttons, and even masks for my Busou Shinki.

Yes, I’m sharing lewds of Bismarck. As long as it’s gravure and tasteful I see it as fine. Now, once it goes hardcore and extreme that is where I start hating it and the people. Once you go crude I hate it. Bismarck is my ‘waifu’ in both Kantai Collection and Azur Lane regards. Same with Warspite. The only one doujin of Warspite I desire they do not have, the one and only tastefully elegance I was unable to find.

– Azur Lane cards hype! I’m glad I actually obtained this.
– Various Azur Lane boosters and special Taihou card.
– Various Hololive cards.
– Unshown, I also have a Bismarck keychain. Have to keep her sealed up as to not lose her 🙂
– Hololive cards.
– Various Azur Lane cards.
– Chair for my Busou Shinki. This was obtained in an impulse buy.
– My meal for the night while Arnval observed another one of my fumbles. The food wasn’t heated, it was cold. I still ate it.
– Various furniture types (in the bottom of image).
– Kon! Kon!~

Betrayed by hobby folks (two, or more), yet faithful to myself. I admire Renge, her fox mask, and how when you want something done you have to basically do it yourself. People always throwing me under the bus.

– Yes, I did eat but this was necessary to fill me up. I was genuinely hungry. I was cranky and frustrated.

Strangely enough, this day felt as if I was in Japan for 4 days. Everything was experienced in a way as if it felt I was in Japan for more than a day. My feet (my heel) also bled on this summer warm day in Tokyo from all the walking. It was all rewarding, yet a repeat of Vancouver with how much my feet would hurt, bleed, and force me to waddle like a penguin around places.

I had my fun, I captured lots of fun. I’m happy, if frustrated by how I goofed up a bit. It was my first day there so I guess those mistakes do tend to happen. It was an awesome experience for a first day so I’ll take my positivity any day.

Sleep, and onto the next day! 🙂