Merry Christmas! (2023)

– VRChat – Shinki Renge at VKet Winter 2023 (at Parareal Shinjuku-Harajuku).

Merry Christmas!

I’m genuinely happy with the ‘Year of the Rabbit’, if it was only a good one relating to my trip to Japan in March-April. Ottawa did have some fun happenings, if rarely. Neat Air France, wildfires, and other neat happenings. Otherwise, Ottawa is a quiet city, especially when it comes to Christmas festivities. People are the ones holding the festive tent up while the Canadian Government is only making us (and myself) desire to see proper Slovakian Christmas festivities, or even Japanese ones. I still had a festive Christmas, yet yearn for a proper traditional Christmas. Everything feels lonely and stupid, or even held back by stupid Canadian government standards. Even desired to visit Japan for a third time for a Christmas trip.

I rely on Japan’s mediums, even VRChat, for my Christmas festivities. Sadly, even they were as lonely and boring as everything else. Nobody bothered to reach out in VRChat. I however enjoyed visiting various worlds. Everything fun appears to be in Japan now, Japanese digital worlds and games, mediums, etc.

I happily enjoyed my Merry Christmas with some turkey dinner on Christmas day (25th), and then leftovers on the next day over (26th). Happy Boxing Day!

– To think I was a stone’s throw away from this station in real life. I was in Shinjuku, and even Shibuya, having missed out on both. I can always attempt to revisit later.
– This really hits the nostalgic spot using the JR Rail lines. Ottawa needs to learn.
– Gorgeous!

Japan is known for scenic landscapes and illuminations. Japan is awesome when it comes to urban displays. They’re more attractive to the point it’s even quite a relief seeing places like Vancouver mimicking Japan on non-holiday moments with lights. It’s awesome. If Ottawa had done the same it would be so much better, even if the NCC does some decent decorations themselves. Sadly, that also then becomes undone by how unsafe Ottawa’s downtown core is with how much people stab, steal, and even verbally assault other hard working Canadians.

(Even shunning Canadian truckers; Canadian Freedom Convoy over fake political nonsense. Ottawa needs to grow up to Japan’s and Vancouver’s level. Ottawa (as a city) eventually needs to grow up, or shut up.)

– Gorgeous! Really made me nostalgic.
– Riding horses! WEEEE!~
– Tokyo Metro Co. Japan’s trains are among the best, something Ottawa could learn from. It genuinely needs to. 😉
– Gundam booth, because why not. There are festive Gundam shows to have fun with.
– Shibuya Station gate!

As for the non-Vket stuff. Just a casual run in VRChat in desktop mode waiting for someone to join me. Sadly, this isn’t 2017-2020 anymore. Everything is always my fault, people are busy, and idiots are parroting Transgender idiocies refusing to have fun. Trying to hang out in VRChat is like fishing on a paved roadway. It’s hard to have fun anymore. Everything is a solo experience viewing worlds as a lonely traveling nomad. The worlds are still magical, if more lonely than they ever were.

I always see people hanging out making me assume others view me as a “piece of shit”. I wish I could hang out with at least one person.

– More for the fun of it because I admire Renge’s glowing eyes and flames.

VKet Winter 2023 – Stamp Rally:

Thanks to my real-world trip to Japan, and having been gifted a Stamp book in Kure, I decided to fill these up each time I see them now.

vket2023winter-pcVrChat (13)
– Main worlds properly visited, if hastily. I genuinely took in the sights and sounds.
vket2023winter-questVrChat (2)
– Quest worlds also.

Rising World (Unity) – Merry Christmas!

I had more planned. I even desired to build a festive park, among other things. Even play with the new biomes, snow biomes, among other goodies. I could only do the following of placing a wreath on my newest building, and a tree & snowman in another area. I’m only showing off the wreath.

– Wreath on my newest building.

Waiting on Rising World’s upcoming big update featuring biomes, horses, and other fun features. Even placeable ‘Dummy NPCs’ (think statues), and other fun stuff. Shall hopefully see a proper Christmas and Halloween in 2024.

Another indie game I follow (yet can’t name) also failed to update thanks to technical delays. Indie games had it rough at the end of Christmas and New Years. Both Rising World and this “other game” shall both update on, or after New Year’s day.

Kantai Collection – Christmas 2023 Celebration:

I don’t play KanColle as seriously anymore thanks to all the salt and pain, I however do make note of the easily accessible stuff. If I have access to it I can still attempt the overly easy stuff. I also admire seeing Warspite in KanColle than I do in Azur Lane. I mean, look at how cute and regal she is! Especially in that Christmas outfit she’s wearing.


Warspite is cute. I should have ringed her in KanColle.

(Nothing to note on Azur Lane game side relating to Christmas. Shall be skipping that one, sadly.)

Merry Christmas Gifts:

Was gifted some lovely Azur Lane Christmas gifts. Nice! Nothing to note on the game side, only the card side of things. Still neat. I genuinely admire Azur Lane. Fun, and less salt.

Merry Azur lane Christmas!

– Azur Lane boosters, chocolate, and Iron Blood starter deck.
– Happily opening up the booster packs.
– All my shiny foils.
– While trying to take a picture of these foil cards a silly hyper-cat (on catnip) jumped up with a loud meow, even chose to step on these cards. I kept nudging her away, even guarding the cards. A light few slaps on her tummy indicated for her to jump of the table. Silly curious cats.
– I can proudly boast about Formidable! WOOO!~
– Kashino! Even better! With all the needless hate Kashino had obtained on the internet by Anime tourists I’m happy and proud to have her in foil shiny form! Sweet!

Steam (games) Presents:

I was also gifted an $50 Steam Giftcard allowing me to obtain a few games on Steam. Finally obtained a Yakuza game (Yakuza – Like A Dragon), and even the belatedly desired Fate/ Samurai Remnant game. Nice! All aimed for Steam Deck gameplay.

I was also gifted a new jacket for my Japan trip to Sapporo, though feels the same as my last one. Seems to be the same rating. I’ll happily accept it. 🙂


I can finally play an open-world Fate game, as well as revisit my Japanese visited areas of Osaka and Yokohama. Lovely! Hopefully, and eventually.

I can now happily focus on my Japan 2024 trip next! WOOOO!~

(If I forget anything I’ll simply edit it in.)

Merry Christmas! Happy Boxing day, and Happy New Year!