Trip to Japan – Day 33 (2023)

– Final day in Ueno-Asakusa area making my way to Ueno Station.

This blogpost covers the day of April 22nd, 2023 in Tokyo.

The final day in Japan was a stressful one. Constantly annoyed by the fact I had to book out early (I couldn’t sleep in), even having to wait a day before I could go on my annoying flight back to Canada. I basically rushed and packed my stuff, leaving my hotel in a horrible rush. I missed out on eating at the burger place I ate the day prior. Shame.

Basically took quick images heading my way to Ueno Station, where I would eat my 7/11 breakfast meal. Catching up on Twitter and eating at the same time. I would then decide to walk my way towards Akihabara, where I would then spend the final moments in Japan prior to my flight.

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– Capturing a quick torii gate on-route to Ueno Station with my luggage.

From memory, I was even loosely following (and being followed) by other foreigners noting how they waved at election vehicles with speakers, and other silliness. Both going our own way, yet the same way.

Made my way to 7/11 to pick up some food before eating it at Ueno Station to decide what I would do next.

– Amused by these little vehicles.

Got some weird looks, but screw them. I need to make note of what makes Japan awesome. 🙂

– A cloudy day in Japan, and Ueno Station area.

Walking my way up and over bridges, down another set of pedestrian-bridge pathways, and onto the sidewalks eventually leading into Akihabara. Would take 20, or so minutes, I would however make it there.

– Trees with flowers.
– Passing by some Anime-tized Ramen places.

Some possible foreigners annoyed me while walking towards Akihabara. You’re supposed to pick sides on a sidewalk, they chose to do go all over the place. I had to make way for two way pedestrian traffic, a bike lane, and a foreigner doing whatever they desired.

Even passing by some Japanese school girls gossiping, if a bit unaware of their surrounding.

I apparently took the long round-about way around, though still made it. Tried to find a coin locker spending a good 10-30 minutes trying to find one. I even kept going back and forth between a touristic help guide trying to locate a hidden one. Last proper ones were located in a pedestrian tunnel outside of a gate leading into Akihabara itself, and where I obtained Azur Lane cards. And where I was initially supposed to meet up with some VRChat Midnight Haven folks, something which turned out to be horrible.

– Cute.
– Making note of various Anime advertisements.
– Blue Archive advertisements!
– Going back and forth trying to find a location. It may have been correct, I however feel lied to. It was hidden away on the right, in a U shapemanner.

You basically go down, right, and then up again into a tunnel (off map).

Finally managed to get my luggage into a locker, if with potential frustrations and ventings. Have to basically fight for a space.

– Railgun Anime.
– Gamers.

GAMERS and C-Labo is where I purchased my Azur Lane cards, among other goodies. Even some ‘Bang Dream’ merchandise for my roommate/host thanks to 2020’s situation. Whenever I need Azur Lane stuff I simply should visit this place, or similar.

Basically spent my final hours in Japan strolling through Akihabara deciding to purchase some lewd doujinshi stuff, if still on a classy and tasteful side of things. Nothing crude, just tasteful.

No images are allowed in stores so there is a big gap here. Spent my time searching for Warspite (KanColle), among other highly-rated doujinshi artists. Even some SFW KanColle figurines. Both SFW and NSFW stuff.

After purchasing I was told to pay things separately, to which I had done. They were a bit annoyed (rightfully so), though was my final day here. Everything matched up perfectly money wise, I had to make sure it had. I only had so much left.

After paying, I went down and was followed by whom I presume to be “Brazilian”, though they may be of similar nationality. We came up to me, greeted me, and even viewed me as an “Fellow man of culture”, as one would say for lewd R18 stuff. And again, I only went for the artistic tasteful stuff. Nothing crude.

We ventured to Melon Books, Arcade, Comic Shops, Kotobukiya, among various other places.

We would then venture around Akihabara while I complained about space in my bag, and even the water I was carrying. At one point I would need the washroom for all the water I had to chug down. We went to arcades, various stores of interests, and eventually a burger joint.

– Saw a pre-order on Illusion’s final game, ‘Room Girl’. Desired, yet never purchased.
– Venturing into an arcade, even seeking out a restroom after awhile. The water ran through me.
– Playing some air hockey with my Akihabara buddy.
– Video – Trying to record some air hockey, it didn’t go well. Couldn’t capture it properly.

It was genuinely fun playing air hockey, and I would genuinely play more if given the chance. Strongly reminded me of Croatia’s Tucepi visit many years back.

– Butchered selfies.
– Better Selfie.
– Going through almost every store, including a Kotobukiya one.

Walked a decent distance to eventually find ourselves at a nearby park area, to which I opened up the Nier Automata music box.

Sad to say, I actually became a bit agitated hearing the lewd comments. I tried noting Pramanix from Arknights, to which I was given a stupid comment of – “She would be better naked,” – which simply hit a negative nerve. I wasn’t happy about that comment.

– Nier Replicant – Music Box – Grandma.
– Heard an overly familiar music track.
– Hololive shrine poster collaboration.
– Properly opening up the Nier Music box here listening to it properly prior to heading to the building in the background.

Obtained more tasteful lewd doujinshi prior to seeking out a food joint. We made our way from one floor to the next seeing all sorts of old and new merchandise. We spent a long while there.

Carl Burger:

We eventually decided it was time to eat, to which I was guided to a recommended burger joint named Carl Burger. Now noted, I would go back. We ordered, eventually sitting down at one seat (window seat) prior to moving to a proper table seat. It was packed. We became more relaxed at the table.

– Checking out my new loot. KanColle Yuudachi, among others.
– My lovely burger and fries. Loved it!

They served your table by seeking out the table number. A good way of doing it.

We exchanged Discord names, even poking one another. We talked, and talked. I also played Azur Lane while there, to which he was agitated by it at times. I had to tend to it prior to my flight. I wouldn’t be allowed to play during my flight.

– Spotting a fellow KanColle Admiral sporting an ‘Kure no Kikaze’ bag. (Yukikaze), and many mascots. I had to really force this picture.

Revisited the GiGo Arcade area to see what arcades they had left, even introducing my buddy to KanColle Arcade. He awkwardly obtained his access card to play the game, gradually obtaining his coins and cards as he gained them. He gained some new cards, if shouting annoyingly at times. We then briefly took turns playing the game on the same machine after I had stood over him observing his progress.

We eventually made our way to a store named ‘Blue Submarine’ to obtain some deck holders and accessories for his cards. While making our way to the second level of that store some Americans stole some stuff causing the gate to beep. They ran off causing the store staff to run us through the gate. They were long gone at that point.

Stupid Americans. STOP STEALING STUFF! I don’t want to get arrested because of your stupid shit. They were white. Granted, they could have been even Canadian, or Europeans. Even so, let’s stop making Japanese hate us foreigners more and more. Stop stealing stuff! It’s genuinely not worth it in Japan.

– Idolmaster.
– Took another image because of a photobomb in previous image.

I saw an advertisement I wish I captured prior to us stupidly standing in place. Just watching and waiting. The last hour (or 30 minutes) spent watching the stupid screen instead of visiting other stores. It was my mistake, yet I was insistent on capturing that one commercial, one which never aired again while I was there.

– Attack on Titan advertisement.
– I don’t play Fortnite, yet this was neat.
– Bunny Girl Senpai! WOOOOOO!~
– Bunny Girl Senpai.
– Bunny Girl Senpai.
– Bunny Girl Senpai.
– Bunny Girl Senpai.
– Bunny Girl Senpai.
– Bunny Girl Senpai.
– Gundam Mercury.
– Arknight advertisement.

With time nearly running out (1 pm to 6 pm) I had to retrieve my luggage from the coin locker. Someone may have interrupted my process to which I was both agitated and confused. Stop forcing the process. People are annoying at times.

Proceeded to say my farewell to the guy as we went through the gate, and then went to two separate platforms. I heard him say “Sayonara” which came off as weird. I guess we’ll never see each other then, even if we connect on Discord. He never messaged me back. Shame.

Had to take two trains back to Haneda, especially through a station I disliked.

– Keihin-Tohoku Line, and Tokyo Monorail.
– Another line was delayed by strong winds.
– Suntory.
– From one line to the next. I’m going to miss Japanese JR Rail lines.
– MO Line at Hamamatsucho Station.

Monorail is fine. The station may be fine, it however is how you connect to other lines, especially when heading towards Asakusa. It irritated me how easily lost I became at this station. Stupidly so. I’m thankful they have certain anti-stupid guidance lines to show you where to go.

– The polite and orderly way to line up for your trains. You can learn from this, Ottawa. 😉 (Trying to also make note of train theme).
– Making note of train theme.
– Cute.
– Trying to make sure I went to the correct area for my flight. The train noted if I’m to go in domestic, international, or “other”. I was to depart at ‘Terminal: M’.
– Ticket gate at Haneda.

I guess it’s time, eh?

At Haneda airport’s terminal trying to figure out what to do with my wireless package. I decided to keep it to bring it back to Canada to then ship it back.
(I would later find out government workers and postal service were on strike while I was in Japan, and have returned from Japan.)

– I had to go to the right side of the image.

I checked in, even witnessing some foreigners trying to send numerous, and maybe even overweight luggage’s. I was also assisted at times, even noted my luggage would have to be re-processed at Vancouver to allow me to travel to Ottawa.

– Trying to seek out my flight.
– Making note of my information for when the need arrises.

While trying to make my way through my next checkpoint I had to toss every bit of paper I had. Receipts, garbage, and unneeded trash. It was dealt with all prior to being told I wasn’t supposed to go a certain way. I was directed the proper way, threw my trash out, and proceeded through customs.

Was processed, had my stuff scanned, and then proceeded to the next area. Used a computer terminal and made my way through an empty area. I tried to re-discover my lost luggage receipt to which a Japanese lady scolded me 3 times to go back the way I came. She even proceeded to get up to which I finally found the paper, returning back the way I came. I was partially shook up. I wasn’t even allowed to double-back to search out my receipts, yet eventually found it, bothered by her scowl and seriousness. It saddened me. I was so stressed I would have fully cried there. I had to hold it back for my dignity’s sake. Her expression would have sent someone to hell. Her expression was that sour, and that harsh. Like an overly serious parent who gives you tough love.

It set a negative mood. I get it, I both screwed up (failing to make note of hidden signs) while also not allowed to double back into security area. I realized after the fact, not during or before. I failed to see the signs, only after having gone through that sour moment. I felt unwelcomed to Japan now, even awkwardly buying water at a nearby airport shop. I felt an – “You’ve seen Japan, now screw off!” – type of vibe.

Once everything was sorted I proceeded to enter an airport store to purchase some water for my trip. I needed a source of water. I failed to bring a water bottle with me for this whole trip. Once done; Once purchased, I had a slight culture shock of mixed Japanese & Canadian vibes mixing around in me relating to places and money. Airport stresses, I guess. My mind awkwardly trying to make sense if it should stay Japanese-minded, or go back to Canadian weirdness and behaviours.

– Spotting a Gundam behind security shutters.

I walked in depression to my terminal, even spotting a Gundam hidden away, and some Japanese tourist signs.

– NH116/UA7994. (21:55).
– Making note of Japanese signs.
– Every god damn tourist always has to stare when I take pictures. This is why I admire Japanese culture so much.
– Walking, and walking, processing my “dramatic” moment at security/customs area. I’m sure people would tell me I’m making more of it than I should, maybe I am. It however hurt me. Yes, I may have screwed up, but at least be nicer about it. Agitated I also had to fly for so long, and having to return to a negative Canada. I’m not going to file a report, but I will make note of it. It really threw me for a loop, especially with how I was solo-traveling. Stress is stress.
– Eventually made it to my terminal.
– NH116. Gate 141.
– Waving a tearful “good bye” to Twitter, and the Japanese who treated me with kindness in Japan.

Ended up crying for these reasons.

  1. Japan was awesome to me. I didn’t want to leave that kindness. The food, trains, Konbini, etc.
  2. The security lady scolded, scowled, and even attempted to move me by force (getting up from her seat) without at least understanding where I came from. Yes, I could have read the signs, if I knew they were there in the first place. They’re hidden! They’re almost out of sight.
  3. I genuinely didn’t want to return to a broken Canada. Everything horrible was waiting for me back there. I desired to stay in positive Japan, even knowing Japan isn’t perfect.

Maybe I did over-stay my welcome in Japan, even cheating my way through various situations. Even so, I genuinely admired my time in Japan. I felt at home (for the most part) in Japan. Sure, I’m still “touristy-minded”, yet gradually started falling into place, or so I view myself doing so. Maybe the Japanese would feel otherwise.

Japan felt like a second home to me. Maybe I’m just being delusional, as other foreigners would note of an “honeymoon” period related to these trips.

Yes, I did genuinely started crying. You can see my eyes being all watery. I was reluctant in leaving a happy place. I also felt I was no longer welcomed in Japan thanks to that incident. It hurt, like band aid peeling off your arm. Felt like I was slapped in the face to wake up to my Canadian world.

I put my provided Wireless gadget away into storage. Turned it off, placed it in my bag to never use it again. It saw its full use.

– Finally boarding. Flight arrived late, even departing late (10 PM).
– My plane. Hard to see, yet can still see it.
– Trying to capture some in-between moments.
– Accidentally sat in the wrong seat having to sit in the correct place. Aisle row is horrible. I apologized, sitting in the correct seat. My apology was kindly accepted.
– Not being able to see outside was horrible. The plane took 10 minutes to reach the runway.

My flight was weird. I kept spacing in and out, even failing to recall what I had done during that flight. Some of it is solid in my mind while others are more dreamy, and even forgetful. The plane even took off overly heavy. You could feel it struggling in the air as it took off.

– Yuudachi and some treats. These are familiar from my arrival into Japan.

Fligth attendants seemed as messed up as I was. They kept dropping stuff, shoving their butt into my face and arm, and being “awkward”. Nearly Anime-styled awkward. When people claim Anime comical weirdness doesn’t happen hasn’t lived long enough, ventured far enough, or aren’t social enough.

(The “butt in my face” moments reminded me of the Anime ‘Zom 100’ where the main characters would flirt with flight attendance in an underground shopping mall of Japan. Noting how being a flight attendant isn’t glamorous, or how stressful it is. I believe it.)

I was given my treat after some apologies (thank you!), even told how cute my Yuudachi was. I acknowledged, though sadly too tired to go into conversation. I didn’t want people hating me either for holding her up. I genuinely desired to talk more, peer pressure is a bother. Japanese folks should know how that feels.

I’m leaving this part neutral. It’s normal, if with mixed vibes. Flying is a struggle.

– Treats & drinks + Yuudachi.

I failed to make note of what movies I watched, I was out of it. Travel fatigue, even if it’s a few hours into the flight. A night flight.

I tried watching movies, even playing on my Steam Deck. Things didn’t really go smoothly having my constantly space out, pass out, even forgetting where I was. I can’t recall if I made noises while micro-sleeping (sleeping 5-10 minutes at a time), or whatever.

– The meals are great, I however still can’t figure out how to eat Japanese beans.
– Kushiro! Sorry I couldn’t travel to you, maybe next time. Third time a charm?

Passing in and out of micro-sleeps. Everything is a confusing mental mess.

– Nearing Vancouver.
– ANA – Inspiration of Japan – Thank you for flying with us!

I would gladly fly with ANA, just as long as I get a window seat next time! Screw middle aisles and other seats. Give me window seats any day.

– Lovely!
– Breakfast meal.
– Flying over memory lane from my 2022 trip to B.C.

Flying over Tofino, Port Alberni, Vancouver, Victoria.

– Arrived. I finally have internet again! I can communicate in my Canadian mannerism again!

I told my friend I’m back in Vancouver, and Canada, annoyed I couldn’t really roam around the city. I was close, yet still far. It was a tease.

I was genuinely upset I was back in Canada because everything in Japan felt like a dream now. It’s as if I woke up, which may not be far from the truth.

Was overly cloudy in Vancouver. I now had to proceed through various checkpoints to reach my next flight, an 6 PM flight.

– I wasn’t the only one confused about these custom luggage pickups. Others were as well, we however figured it out after some brainstorming.
– Half the people going right, I had to go left into this security area.

Had to ask questions via the machine, THEN I had to pickup my luggage.

– Picking up my luggage at Vancouve airport.

Picked up my luggage to which I was confused which direction I had to go. Left? Right? I went to what I assumed to be a very shady/suspicious direction. Air Canada staff weren’t around, though I was ready to ask for directions. Handed the security guy my information sheet to then be let off to my next area.

Was loosely guided upstairs, and up towards Air Canada’s booth to where we had to check our luggage in again.

– Vancouver airport’s main entrance area. (one of many).
– Don’t frustrate me like that! Though, I am happy I finally managed to see Mount Fuji in alternate ways. I will be back, again. This is the second time seeing this area.
– AC346 – Ottawa – Gate C48.

Proceeded through Air Canada’s check-in; Vancouver’s Customs and security, eventually making my way into my gate area.

Screenshot_20230422_161615_Pokmon GO
– Proof I was in Vancouver, at 4:16 PM.

Made my way to my gate, eventually being called up to ask if I’m to assist with emergency door assistance. Being sleepy, I said “sure”. Air Canada lady desired a straight answer, to which I said “yes”. Now had to wait for my next flight.

– Bird!
– Bird!
– Bird!
– Making note of the Vancouver area.

It genuinely pains me I couldn’t explore Vancouver. I didn’t plan for this, yet would have been awesome if I could have.

Decided to look back at my flight history having taken me from Tokyo to Vancouver.

– Departed late, yet arrived early. Nice!
– Flying from Haneda does have some funky flight patterns. Wavy flight patterns.
– Look at all those wavy flight patterns!

After awhile it was finally time to make our way onto the final leg of the flight, the Ottawa flight. This last flight genuinely made me angry. Everything stupid would happen on this flight.

– Seat 20B sitting in the middle of two people. Ottawa, Canada…. My final destination.

I sat behind some Canadian military (DND) folks, or even part of the navy/military. They kept talking about military stuff, training, comfort, incidents, and everything. I made note of what they said, but thanks to me being travel fatigued I failed to recall everything. Clear in the moment, hazy in hindsight


The guys next to me kept looking at me all strange and weirdly, as if both of us were aliens to one another. I was alien to them, and vice-versa. Looking at me taking out my Steam Deck, or how I plug it in, how I eat, etc. It was stupid. It agitated me. Stop looking at me! Early part of the flight was decent, though it kept getting worse the more it dragged on.

I attempted to play my Steam Deck in flight to only start passing out. Constantly micro-sleeping, shaking in my sleep, etc. I hate passing out to sleep. People look at you, yet I couldn’t do anything about it. My body was too tired.

– Making note of my 2022 trip, and even how it is viewed in 2023.

I tried purchasing a pizza with my Visa to only have it fail. I was given it for free, even asking if it was fine to have it. She insisted it was fine. Free pizza! WOOO!~

For the struggle of flying, even falling asleep, this made up for it. Nice!

– Free three-piece pizza! 🙂

Once again, I kept spacing out. Kept falling asleep, micro-sleeping, and all that shit. I even passed out in such a way my right arm flung into my right person’s seat. He went to the washroom, came back, and slammed into my arm rudely waking me up.

Flying like this is irritating, especially how I keep forcefully micro-sleeping for 5-10 minutes at a time.

– The only time I’m actually happy to return to Ottawa is to finally stop suffering in my flight.
– Looping around, as I had in my 2022 trip from Vancouver. Well, more north-south, not east-west.

Seeing the clouds on approach was awesome. They were scattered, bumpy, and rough appearing. It was soothing to see nature being neat. I could also finally be free from stupid stresses of this flight.

– Finally arrived in Ottawa! It was a sleepy arrival, yet an arrival.

I tweeted I’m back, yet nobody cared. Ottawa doesn’t care for me, only my coworkers and roommates/hosts. I assume that’s fine enough. I made my way through the security doors, down into the luggage area, and had to wait prior to leaving, roommates/host waiting for me there. They welcomed me back. Nice!

I’m back, and that ends my trip to Japan. It was great. Mostly positive, if with a few negatives. I loved what I’ve seen while in Japan, though I had to now adjust back to Ottawa life.

With luggage in hand, we awkwardly proceeded to the garage area. Awkwardly making our way from the exit to the parking lot area. Feeling hungry, I asked if we had any open Konbini (convenience stores), and how much I was desiring a snack. We made it back home to which I stayed up fairly late trying to adjust back to Canadian life. Would take me a few days (a week) to stop waking up at 2-3 PM in the afternoon. I proceeded to hand over the parcels to my roommate-friend by handing him his gifts I had obtained him. I had a quick snack, then went to sleep. My room was filled with moths to which I had to hastily swat and kill them.

The following days were rough because I swiftly become sick. I even had brutal shivers relating to a flu. I had them before, and these were just as bad as the previous ones constantly shivering. Cold, exhausted. Broken. Ottawa made me sick, especially having been weakened by jetlag and Ottawa’s various illnesses roaming around.

I genuinely 100% miss Japan. I wish to travel back, though on an easier and kinder note. I don’t want to be pestered to and from Japan, though I do strongly desire to revisit Japan’s JR Lines and Konbini. I miss the more natural and “to the point” nature of Japan. I’m aware Japan is a suicidal nation (thanks to its politics; Exterior factors blackmailing Japan), I however still view it strongly in high regards.

Japan is awesome! Thank you for having me, for touring me, and befriending me! I hope we can stay friends (even if I vent a lot on Twitter/X)! Let’s be and stay friends.

I’ll be back for 2024! 🙂

Blog posts are not finished. There are still a few more blog posts to share, such as Vancouver’s 2022 videos; Japan’s Lumix GF1 POV, 360 Camera POV, and even Japan videos. Stay tuned!

Thanks for having me, and thanks for reading! Japan was awesome.