Trip to Japan – Day 23 (2023)

– Waking up to a lovely cloudy view of Kyoto Tower. What a gorgeous view to wake up to.

This blogpost covers the day of April 12th, 2023 while in Kyoto, Osaka, & Sapporo.

Having purchased my Peach Airlines plane ticket the day prior I had to leave Kyoto for Sapporo today. I also purchased my next hotel (spa) when I was in Yokohama (weeks ago) needing to check out. I needed to eat, venture to Kyoto Station to travel to Osaka, and then to Sapporo. Had both a train and a plane to catch, if with a massive time buffer to burn through, by mistake.

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As much as I complained and vented about my stay in the Inn, I actually had a decent time there. Sure, it was cold, and sure I could hear sounds outside of the building (from the vents), I however had a decent time there.

– Lovely view of Kyoto and Kyoto Tower.
– 4 20, blaze it! (Sorry, it’s a weed joke).
– Pardon the mess, I was in a rush. I however found this place “neat”. Not my kind, though it’s better than nothing. I have to however praise this place for a lovely view of the Kyoto Tower.

I was in a rushed manner, I had to go.

– Time to walk my way to Kyoto Station, not before eating at the same restaurant. I also found the construction neat.
– Admiring the method of building these structures.
– Eating here again, and for the last time on this trip.
– Simple, and to the point. I like restaurants like these.
– Simple Udon and chicken. Just a simple quick meal.

Once ready, I ventured into Kyoto Station heading towards the JR ticket booth to purchase a trip from Kyoto to Osaka International Airport. I had to capture my train, even allowing for a great deal of a time buffer to allow proper safe passage. Even if delays occurred I would be well off I wouldn’t have to worry.

– Double train action. Lovely!

Funny how the train I desired to board was on the correct platform today, while the other days it had to be re-routed on other platforms.

Hello Kitty – Haruka 13, destination Kansai Airport.

– Hello Kitty Haruka.
– Hello Kitty Haruka.
– Wooooo!~ Hello Kitty train! 🙂
– Military base, eh?
– Video – Double the lovely Hello Kitty train action! And some lovely Kyoto scenery.
– Video – Happily taking some lovely scenic views of the scenery.
– Because I see Japanese folks taking images with their figures and mascot, I had to do the same with Arnval on the train.
– Video – Happily taking videos of the scenery, the trains, and whatever else I catch along the way.
– Scuffed image.
– Scuffed image.
– Finally capturing Arnval and train images together. It was my goal throughout this train trip.
– Video – Admiring the beauty of a train ride through a city. (Osaka)
– These images are completely random.
– This Google Map is supposed to note the general vicinity of a building I’ve seen in an Anime called ‘Cross Ange’. A love hotel, or hotel the characters stayed for the night.

The further south I went (towards Kansai) the more graffiti tags I’ve seen. Maybe even a growing form of poverty? I made note of this to my Mexican friend.

– Making our way through the tunnel leading towards Kansai Airport.
– Once again noting Haruka 13 (Kyoto to Osaka-Kansai Airport).

Beginning to admire Kansai airport more and more, taking in the architecture and layout. Attempting to mentally make note of the layouts.


Made my way around the first terminal trying to make sense of things. Making my way towards a Konbini, to my Peach airline destination to check in, and to simply “relax”. Saw some Kantai Collection themed chocolate, bought them on sight.

Eventually made my way up, around, and towards a bus terminal to reach the domestic Terminal (T2).

– Made it to the domestic terminal, MANY hours early. I simply desired to check in early to allow me to relax.

I tried to check myself in causing a guy to help me out. A random male passenger was trying to help me check in while the Peach female flight attendants simply stared, maybe in either a negative or cold manner. Maybe they assumed I had things sorted, all thanks to the male passengers. We talked briefly as he pointed me in the proper direction. The random overly helpful male passenger simply came up to me to help me out, out of the blue. He helped me out, while the Peach female staff either stared at me in confusion/blankness, or didn’t care at all. I was confused, yet overly thankful for the assistance. Thanks again for helping me out! 🙂

It leaves me wondering if Japanese women are naturally cold-hearted (emotionally cold), or if they assumed I had everything sorted. Makes me wonder if Japan’s romance problems (as much as it is social, and vice-versa) are women-caused with their neutral (or cold) expressions, or if things are more basic relating to language barriers. Maybe I’m viewing this too deeply about this, and it’s simply basic. The guy was helping me out so nobody else bothered to help me out after that.

I however wished Peach Airlines allowed me to check in hours later instead of leaving me hanging. You have to check in 1 hour prior to your trip, I however had to wait many hours prior to my flight thanks to how overly cautious I was with my planning. It made things highly awkward, and I’m sure the same Peach staff wondered if I was drunk, or something. I’m used to checking in very early, Peach however is a budget airline doing overly weird things. Limited check-in options and certain baggage weight (5-8 lbs) limit. Something along those lines, regarding weight.

– Kantai Collection treats.
– Akebono and Anime card.
– The longer I waited the more curious I became of various other foods and snacks. I tried out this snack after having caught up on Twitter.
Screenshot_20230412_115036_Pokmon GO
– Pokemon GO – Either big, small, or a shiny Lillipup. It’s special in some manner.
– Feeding my Pokemon.
– Constantly checking in on my flight. (MM113, or APJ113 – A320 Neo)
– Constantly checking in on my flight. (MM113 – A320 Neo)

Many hours later (11:00 AM to 1:00 PM)

I eventually was allowed to check in, go through security, and eventually into the main waiting lobby. I also accidentally made a small scene noting what I had in my bag causing the security guy to bluntly note “Just put it in the tray”.

I’ve also noted that bags had to be a combined weight to be allowed to enter. If I was still unable to airmail my “goodwill” gifts to my friends and coworkers I wouldn’t have been allowed to venture to Sapporo. I’m thankful I was lucky enough to ship off the gifts to them all prior to this flight. I would have probably been denied boarding 100%. I was genuinely lucky.

– The main waiting domestic lobby of Peach terminals.

I was also annoyed to find out I would be flying with some Trans-Gender weirdoes. I mean, it makes sense seeing fake-Café support outside of Sapporo on Google Maps, yet this is Japan. Japan is supposed to be traditional minded, yet seeing this made me genuinely livid. I came to Japan for Japan, not to see morally and mentally corrupted individuals needing medical and therapy-related care.

Look, I’m “sorry” I’m not into people who desire to be untruthful to themselves while desiring to diddle little children, or exploit the system to abuse the opposite gender. Just simply be yourself, and express yourself respectfully without pretending to be someone your not while also disrespecting others in the process. It just annoys me how much people follow hivemind and tribal mentalities to the point social degradation occurs, sexual violence and exploitation. Even openly, and in Japan. Gross.

Mexican friend told me to relax, I however was annoyed I had to deal with more foreigner weirdoes on my trip. We already have a negative perspective attached to us foreigners, this only annoyed me further.

Screenshot_20230412_132449_Pokmon GO
– While waiting I was trying to revive and heal my Pokemon GO Pokemon who failed to beat the Kyoto gym. I ran out of healing items needing pokestops to provide me more of it.

Once the time came a physical sign was displayed and our flight was announced to start heading towards the next terminal. It became weirder and weirder the further we traveled through these terminals. It’s not a single “warehouse with seats”, it’s multiple mini-sectors leading into a tunnel, and into an open area to walk onto the plane.

– That’s our plane.
– He warned us to stay back, so we had. Airport ground traffic. My focus was the plane, not the guy. This is a bad coincidence.
– This is my actual desired image. Being led to my plane.
– Now happily waiting on the plane to Sapporo.
– Video – Hasty capture of being waved and waved off to our next destination. I admire Japan for its formalities.
– Video – Being formally waved off to our next destination.
– Video – Being waved at and bowed by the Japanese airport staff.
– Video – Taking off from Osaka Kansai Airport. (Take-off and a long accent into the clouds).
– Video – Finally breaking through the clouds.
– Brutally cloudy.
– Curiously using Google Maps to GPS track my way around. Took off heading north, looped heading west, down south, and back up north on the eastern side of Kansai Airport.
– Kitsune! Kon!~ Kon!~

During the flight I even used my Steam Deck to play one of Kairosoft’s Tropical Resort Story game. You build a tropical resort making decent progress in the game.

– I laughed once I saw Idolmaster, among other Anime and historical notes.
– Cute.
– Seeing mountains I’ve seen in Microsoft Flight Sim (2020), now in reality, hits differently. They’re so much more grand and special.
– Making our way over the body of water leading into Sapporo.
– Hokkaido!
– Testing out my knowledge from what I’ve experienced in Microsoft Flight Sim (2020).
– The clouds in Sapporo are very “spikey”.
– Video – coming in for a landing, even appearing to glide briefly prior to fully touching down.

Once I landed I briefly panicked I may have been at the wrong airport, wrong location, etc. I assumed I would have been within city’s reach. I later realized (while in the terminal) I needed to take the train to Sapporo. I genuinely assumed I took a wrong flight taking me further than I needed to. No, this is the correct one.

– New Chitose airport and Sapporo.
– Venturing in to our gate.
– Waiting on my luggage.
– APJ113.

Once I touched down I would eventually discover a fellow KanColle Admiral (admires KanColle’s Perth) tracked me on my flight, and on the wrong flight. A flight to Sapporo took off sooner, and I could have taken that one in hindsight. What is done is done, and I corrected them I took the MM113, or APJ113 flight.

While I was collecting my thoughts I noticed Sapporo had a Mos Burger. Delighted, I went there to order a burger to make more sense of my surroundings. The cashier asked what I desired, so I pointed. She then asked me something, sadly confused by language barriers. I acted on habit of what other cashiers had done in other Mos Burger. Sapporo’s Mos Burger was different. Made things slightly awkward. We eventually sorted the issue out. Sorry if I annoyed you in any way.

– Mos Burger!

I saw the weird Lesbian-Trans female couple leave, to my relief. I however felt sad that Sapporo had to deal with morally corrupted individuals in Japan. I feel bad for them. They left prior to departure seeing as how I needed to figure out the train system, and how to reach various areas. I stayed at Mos Burger for roughly 30 minutes to an hour talking to other VRChat friends, posting on Twitter, etc. Even Azur Lane.

I was handed a Mos Burger gadget which would alert me once my food was done. Once ready, I would head up to the counter to obtain my food. Good system.

– Yummy!~

Mos Burger has yet to fail me. I failed myself on my first try, yet Mos Burger itself has yet to fail me.

Once satisfied, I ventured to the train by taking the lower area. I went to also seek out a Sapporo stamp, and even charge up my PASMO. I took up the help center’s suggestion after feeling lost with the charging machines. I was genuinely a goof ball, to the amusement of the staff there. They appeared to have laughed at my awkwardness.

– Japan Airlines advert.
– Making note of what train I need to take, and the destinations.
– Rapid Airport 171 Rapid Line. WOOOSH!~

I would eventually make note of the sun being slightly blotted out by blowing sand from China. There was a light sandstorm in the area. The sun was red, as if there was a forest fire. I wish I took images.

Safely arrived at Sapporo Station!

– Making note of the Ainu Statue, or what I believe is an Ainu statue.
– Also note how the Japanese don’t care I’m there. They don’t stare at the camera, foreigners do.
– Well, that’s a unique station structure. I noted it’s something to do with elevators, or so I hastily noted.
– +8 Celsius with blowing sand. Interesting.
– Sapporo Station is nicely awesome. I like it.
– Girl Heaven Advertisement.
– Finally made my way towards towards the Sapporo Tower. Nice!

I would have taken another train, or bus. I instead preferred to walk assuming it was closer, and better. I even dropped by a Konbini along the route.

– Sapporo Tower!
– Tram!
– 7:11 blowing sand.

Checked into the hotel/spa, left my luggage in the hotel room, while also making note of what I could eat locally in the area. I even decided to walk down a street shop promenade area. The usual roofed off market street.

– I passed by a few areas to eventually walk into a coin machine place to eat “this”. I forgot what it is, it was however neat.

One of the restaurant staff members even caught my curiousity making me wonder if they’re a foreigner, or local. Who are you? I can’t ask, though I am curious. What is your story? I guess I’ll keep to myself while viewing tweets about the sandstorm, even being informed how the Japanese view them negatively for how much it stains whatever it touches. Sand is a pain in the rear to clean. I kept sniffling from how cold it was, yet tried to be as covert about it as possible, even using the nearby tissue box.

Feeling satisfied, if awkward, I decided to walk a bit around the enclosed street market.

– Heading my way back.

Satisfied, I eventually make it back to the spa hotel.

– Is this sperm? Someone must have had a lovely funky time here. Probably why I was given this room. Someone had a lovely funky time here.
– Trying to translate some musical themes.
– Once again making note of the music I’ve been hearing. Sounded very “Anime” to me.

According to Google’s reverse searching, this is what it possibly might be.


– TAKAYUKI HATTORI – Karei naru Ichizoku

And that’s that. I winded down for the night, eventually falling asleep for the next day, whatever it may bring.

This was a very interesting “travel day”. I knew I would have a few of these transition days, still making note of what Japan is all about. Making note of the scenery, the trains, the people, etc. Everything is always a learning experience, just as much as it is a lovely relaxing time. Sadly, it’s signaling the end of my trip with a few more days to go before I head back to Canada. It gradually is becoming more depressing I’ll be leaving this beautiful land of Japan, without a girl to have as my own, and to simply constantly be in a state of nostalgia. I have to always see the sight of either blood or seamen from other people, yet exploring Japan alone always feeling lonely during all that time.

It was also interesting to note how different weather is across Japan, naturally. Osaka having its warm, yet cloudy day, while Sapporo was still in its spring state still in its early blooming period. Japan’s Cherry Blossom forecast even noting the time I’m there would allegedly also be the “best” time to see them, yet they were in a state of budding themselves.

Yes, it’s a culture shock traveling from place to place, it’s however awesome taking it all in.

Thanks for viewing, see you in the next Sapporo Japan blog post! 🙂