Trip to Japan – Day 5 (2023)

– Roaming around a rainy Asakusa with my trusty umbrella, and luggage in hand.

This blogpost covers the day of March 25st, 2023 while in Tokyo, Japan.

After having felt overly depressed from the night before, I woke up to rain at 6:40 AM. Woke up, cleaned my sleeping area, and packed to leave. I caught up on Twitter, Azur Lane, while having plans of visiting a nearby Cafe to connect with the locals. I checked out, even noticing an old Japanese lady (as one would find in Anime; Oba-san. Old lady, not elderly) catching a casual glimpse of one another. It was an interesting thought seeing such a lady in traditional wear at a ryokan. As for the receptionist (Elderly guy) this time they were happy about me checking out, even leaving. I simply kept to myself this time simply trying to be formally polite, leaving as quickly as I could for ‘Asakusa Tomorrow’.

I may or may not have been confused, especially with how I was carrying my luggage with me. I simply desired a more local, if equally foreign experience hoping to mingle with the locals before leaving for Fujikawaguchiko. I wasn’t pleased about the cloudy and rainy weather.

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Asakusa Tomorrow:

I had to wait a bit to enter, even awkwardly lug around my luggage, now knowing I could have coin lockered my stuff. Even have the hotels hold onto it. I was in a rush, and on a mission. I needed to eat breakfast, even make my way to Shibuya, Shinjuku, and even the bus to Fujikawaguchiko.
(I was lost, I’ll explain this further below in its part).

– Let’s have some Japanese themed coffee, even if it’s ‘American Coffee bland’.

I was constantly looked down upon for not drinking coffee, even sidelined all so slightly, so I was simply curious. I picked up coffee from the Japanese side of things preferring my coffee to be milky. Not sweet, just milky. Milky coffee, as I had experimented with various Sapporo and Japanese coffee instant coffee types.


I stupidly forgot my umbrella at the place, even stupidly and accidentally waving off the overly helpful staff trying to return my umbrella. I didn’t understand I had misplaced my umbrella. What an idiot I am.

It eventually clicked while venturing further causing me to head back. They instantly knew what I desired, handing me it. I thanked them. Awkward. I’m an idiot at times, people know this.

Side-note: The bottom of my umbrella was lost here.

– A rainy day while venturing through some dry pedestrian areas.
– As was the moment then, as it is now, it still amazes me I was even in Japan.

Pffft. In hindsight, while typing this blog post up, you can see garbage having been left up behind the sign in the above image. Other people had been far ruder than I had been. I, at the very least, tried to be polite getting scolded for being polite in my own Canadian way. Shame. It’s a new day, a new adventure. I need to focus.

– Even as a tourist trap, this place is awesome. Tourists indeed ruin everything, I even fumbled myself, it’s however a neat area.
– Ginza line to Shibuya.
– Shibuya Station. This area amazed me so much with its architecture. Absolutely amazing! It’s almost like being inside a whale. Probably the intension.
– Even with the crappy rain I decided to quickly explore the area to make note of Shibuya area. I wish I came back here for further exploration.
– These buildings amazed me.
– Noticed some light police presence here. Even finally saw the overly infamous/famous Shibuya crossing. Nice!
– Shibuya dog! One of the few good shots I have of it, and even of the wet sakura petals. Shame the weather had to be miserable.
– People were taking turns and I was in somewhat of a rush.
– Trying to be a bit artistic with this image with the cherry blossoms and Shibuya.
– When in doubt, take multiple images making sure it comes out right.
– Shibuya Crossing, umbrella, rain, and the amusement.

I’m a bit hurt I missed out on the fun, even while in Japan, having missed out on ‘Oshi no Ko’ and other Anime advertisements here. I missed out on the actual good times here. Instead, I had to deal with Demon Slayer and other Anime types. It still was a neat experience regardless.

It’s my screw up, and I’m both happy and frustrated at the same time.

– No umbrella version.

I was basically going in a bit of a circle trying to make sense of everything. I hid behind some areas, circled around, stood in the rain like a weirdo, and just…… Tried to make sense of everything. I also had strong VRChat vibes from this trying to compare what I recallled from VRChat with the real world thing. The train prop, the various displays/booths, and etc.

– Beautifully busy. View of the Shibuya dog in the distance.
– Cherry Blossoms.
– As noted: I stood around this area far too long than I should have.
– At the very least, I can say “I’ve been here”. 😉

To anybody thinking I should have taken a bus from Shibuya station to Fujikawaguchiko, you’re correct. I was following a video guide I made note of prior to my trip, hence why I took an unnecessary step going further than I should have. Shibuya to Fujikawaguchiko would probably have been easier for me.

If anybody read my Day 1 blog (actually Day 0), I wanted to make sure everything I did was correct. Everything was cemented down, and not left to chance. There was no room for improvising, even though I can now (after the fact) improvise.

– Shibuya Station heading to Shinjuku Station. Making note of the various construction.
– A nice chill ride to Shinjuku.
– Escaped the Shinjuku Station after being brutally lost making my way through stores I shouldn’t have gone through.

Recalled a moment of a Youtuber named ‘Sora the Troll’ having been lost in either Shibuya or Shinjuku in a stream. I made it out, I however had an equally horrible moment however needing to find the bus port.

Where do I go, and how the hell do I get there?! HOW?!


With what I felt like was an hour, I finally asked the police for directions. They used their universal translator.

– Handy! Very helpful. Thanks!
– Roughly 20 minutes later, I arrived at Shinjuku Station.
– You know, need to make sure my images were captured properly 😉

The funny thing is, I probably could have safely made my way through the station from one end to the other. I however recall JR ticket gates may have prevented my access needing to go around. As a foreigner this is a bit too complicated to me. I gradually became more aware on how to navigate these stations with time.

– Making note of my travels. Even with the horrible weather, the scenery is gorgeous.
– Beautiful.
– At last! My ticket to Fujukawaguchiko, and by bus.

Had to wait an hour, or so. Even befriending someone briefly trying to also get to the same bus as I am, as had happened at Washington Airport for the flight to Japan. You make friends when in confusion.

We most likely conversed about where we are going, where we were from, and how they were most likely from Philippines, or something like that. A mix-race couple with a Japanese wife. Memory is far too hazy to note clearly. I failed to note this part in my travel journal. I however am aware I had a conversation with them. I however do vividly remember noting how I desired to see Mount Fuji, something they knew I wouldn’t be able to see with the cloud cover. I noted I was praying for a chance the clouds would break, it never had.
(They’re in the below image under the horizontal B4 sign; One facing the other. Left of the woman in orange.)

– It’s our time.

I tried to cleverly stick my umbrella with my luggage, was told off for it. Was told to hold onto it instead, so I did. Shame. It is what it is, I won’t be doing that again.

– Off we go, and with rainy Sakura trees.

Because of me now having been in a Japanese bus traveling to Fujikawaguchiko I now tear up when an Anime shows these similar scenes is from the anime – Tonikaku Kawaii – when they both travel from Tokyo to Kyoto, and then Nara. I tear up from nostalgia alone. Another recent Anime named – The Dangers in My Heart -, or ‘Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu’ nearly brought me to tears from how close it was to my experience in Japan, and because of it’s story.


I also had a lone seat (Nobody sat next to me.), to which I hooked up my power bank while playing a tiny bit of Azur Lane. As was the case in Vancouver, I had to constantly exit out of Azur Lane to make note of the scenery to which I simply spaced out admiring the scenery. Too busy admiring the scenery.

– Making note of various patterns and designs for the Rising World game I play. I admire unique Japanese architecture.
– Scuffed image making note on what is on the left of the image; Brown building with roof apartments.
– Making note of the blue buildings, especially for Rising World game I play. Japan has these lovely designs, similar to European designs.

At this point I was thinking how neat it was being away from my workplace. It was under a certain amount of stress while I was in my own heavenly bliss. Sure, I screwed up. It however felt heavenly while being in Japan. I was finally my own human self in Japan, something I was unable to do in Canada. I was an actual human, for once, and again.

– Woosh! Going to the more rural side of Japan.
– Scuffed image. Trying to make note of the mountains in the back.
– MUCH better! Cloudy mountains.
– Even better image! Cloudy mountains.
– Video – Making note of the cloudy beauty with the mountains, the little I could admire at the time.
– Video – Part 2 of the above; Making note of the little beauty I can admire, even the cherry blossoms scattered about.
– Looking back at one of my videos noting this is a cemetery.
– Trying to capture some neat valleys and townscapes. Was difficult. One moment you would see them, the next it was impossible. Too quick to take pictures.
– Beautifully lined Sakura trees along the roadway. Even the clouds going over the mountains.
– Beautiful area.
– I had to make sure I captured the sakura trees in this area.
– Another visually pleasing settlement.
– WHOA! Tons of sakura trees. All sorts of variations to them from previous days, even from one town to the next.
– I spy construction.
– One of the neatest stops areas I’ve seen. A walkway, sakura tree. It’s perfect for a scene in a video game, even VRChat during it’s more atmospheric stages.

Seeing more traditional and rural areas really brings me back to what I’ve seen in various video games, VRChat, Anime, and other places. My connection and admiration now tends to be solely from VRChat, though with a touch from Japanese made games.

Japan is gorgeous.

– I genuinely admired the rise and cliff-like dips in the scenery mid-journey. Hard to take images, yet the extreme elevation changes caught my attention, hence this image, and others.

(Side-note: Looking at these images makes me highly nostalgic to the point it nearly pains me. It reminds me of ‘Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu’ when the main character went to Akita. Any slice-of-life, or romance-comedy anime always hits me hard for its relatability.)

– THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! The extreme elevation changes. This is gorgeous!
– Not just this specific area, others as well. Areas I was unable to capture.
– Beauty.
– Seeing a hidden line of Sakura trees going from one side to the other.

I eventually stopped. I short-circuited, overwhelmed by Japan’s beauty. Even going through various areas, even through an amusement park before reaching Kawaguchiko Station.

– Thomas The Tank Engine. I believe I was in this bus.

Met up with the foreigners I met at Shinjuku. We simply happened to walk the same way while trying to make sense of where I needed to go.

– Happy Birthday! Wasn’t expecting to see these. Took me way off guard.
– Heading my way instantly to the nearby 7/11. I was hungry after having not ate anything since Asakusa Tomorrow.
– 7/11 in Fujikawaguchiko.

I believe Japanese people won’t understand how good they have it with these 7/11s. They may consider it a standard asset (taken for granted), they’re like a restaurant when compared to Canadian conbini’s. Japanese Conbini are so handy they outshine Canadian ones by a far margin. They’re like mini grocery stores, something Canadian conbini’s struggle with I’m willing to believe. Especially from my quick Google search, even American conbini’s are even superior to the Canadian types. Well, unless it’s British Columbia & Toronto, otherwise Canada suffers as a whole in the conbini department.

You won’t ever find properly made sandwhiches, bento boxes, prepared noodle soups, onigiri, proper drinks, and a mini grocer in your Canadian conbini. These conbini are heavenly!
(Again, unless it’s Vancouver or Toronto, or America in general)

It makes me wish Canadians weren’t so lazy, also desiring to see these spammed in Canada in the way you see them in Japan. One in every other block with actual products you ACTUALLY need.

I bought a fair amount bringing it back to where I was staying. I was overly hungry bringing it all back to the hostel I was staying at.

– For something so simple it was overly complex for me. I struggled to figure this self-checkout out. Took me 30 minutes.

I eventually fumbled my way into my room, fearful I had to sleep with another person. It was me, and only me. Nice! It however was overly awkward how I had to register, was assigned my room, even fiddling with what my code was for the room. The door locks were overly funky making it weird. 30 painful minutes trying to register while trying to obtain my room code, assuming the code displayed was an example, not the actual one. Damn it……

Those door locks need to be violently pressed making an overly loud noise alerting everybody in the hostel you’re trying to get into the room. I started pressing it lightly, then firmly, and then harshly pressing the buttons as they were desired. I simply left it unlocked while there, locking it fully only when I left.

– (This image actually loads. Please open me in a new tab to view if image fails to load)
– Panorama of my room.
– I genuinely tried sitting in those low seats, it was nearly impossible. I felt like an old fart. I sat on the cushion in the far corner (off screen).
– I tried sitting, I couldn’t. Instead, I ate, took quick pictures. Went through my stuff. Sorted myself before heading out on an adventure.
– What Japanese folks may see as “junk food” is luxury for a person such as myself. As I noted, Conbini food in Japan is something we don’t get in Canada, or from what I’m aware of. It’s only hot dogs and cheap sandwiches. Japan has a wider selection of goodies.
– Japanese pudding! WOOOO!~

Even briefly conversed with a foreigner who was beginning to check in who claimed she stayed in Japan for around a decade (10 years) relating to teaching, and such. From the Americanized Philippines, or she appeared that way. She was proud, even assisting her registering her room. Everything became awkward once she noted she was in Japan for 10 years, and how I wished it was possible for me to do the same. Things became quiet, she wondered off, and was overly loud and obnoxious on the phone the rest of the night. Could hear her laughing, gossiping, and other loud behaviours.

Off on my Adventure! WOOOO!~

Probably 20 minutes later I was later off on my adventure. I couldn’t sit in the hostel while raining. I had to do something while in Japan. I had to go. Off on my adventure! I came for Mount Fuji, let’s see if I can. If not, let’s obtain something worthwhile of the location I can capture as a backup.

– Sakura! Others taking images of this as well.
– This may be Japan’s way of telling me I’m not allowed to have fun with the rainy weather, I however still found beauty in the scenery around here. Look at the clouds on the mountain, and even the blue-roof buildings. (Japan’s weather spirit deities)
– These blue homes caught my attention.
– This mini park was actually neat. Caught my attention.
– I figured I could have gone down there and around. I however followed the sidewalk. These elevation changes are interesting.
– Super Market.
– Finally reached my desired area. Let’s walk up this pathway seeing where it goes.
– Now, this is painfully rough. It’s awesome, yet rough. There are no safety fences lining this pathway. I should also be seeing Mount Fuji, I saw nothing.
– One wrong trip and you’re rolling.

I’ve tried conversing with friends via Discord, such as my friend from Vancouver, and another from Midnight Haven we were noting in meeting up in Tokyo. The person from ‘Midnight Haven’ showed interest in meeting up, hence we were talking while I was traveling, even as far back as Hibiya park, and even prior to the trip. They felt disconnected, yet interested.

Basically, I was the only one happy about my trip while other people were putting up with my hype. Tolerating me, or pushing me to the side as if I’m some idiot, or something. I openly admit I felt lonely, even wishing (on numerous occasions) I had a proper partner in crime. Life is a pain.

– Making note of the boat below. Something I haven’t seen at the time were cardboard cut-outs, something which appears to be Demon Slayer related. Maybe.
– I had two ways to go, left and right. I went right.
– Looking back at the way I came.
– For what appears to be a shrine actually is a toilet, strangely enough. I went to the right and up.
– Following the pathway up.
– Well, that’s awkward. I left the sign as I found it. The “shrine” is a toilet area.
– Panorama – This weather isn’t stopping me. I’m hiking up this mountain. I’m frustrated not seeing Mount Fuji.

I even started fiddling with Youtube, Twitch, and Twitcast while up here, Livestreaming from up here. I tried speaking both languages with the little Japanese I knew, even testing what I knew. It was goofy, yet I had fun.

While up here I kept hearing certain types of siren noises, almost as if it came from a siren game. Possibly the nearby amusement park, or something. Also, it was awesome hearing the train crossing sound from up here. I kept hearing weird sounds, something I forgot to make note of.

– Trying to capture the little views that I can.
– Making note of the place I’ve come through, and what I’m newly seeing.
– Panorama
– Making my way through the woods.

I had decent interaction on my Twitcast channel. I was gifted cookies and such in the Twitcast. Sadly, the connection abruptly cut off in a very suspicious manner, probably from the height of the mountain. It made no sense to me. It abruptly cut off for no reason.

– I stared at this post for awhile making note of it while trying to reconnect to the internet and WIFI.
– Making my way up higher and higher.
– Hakuna Matata!~

It was clear at this point it was going to be impossible to stream in Japan if I was going to be taking pictures every few feet. I needed a secondary streaming device, or something. I stopped my streaming.

– Little bit of the Sakura trees.
– Proudly made my way up here in a winded manner. I occasionally bumped into a few people, even here. We did our own thing.
– Comparing this second image to the above you can see clouds moving through the area. I was in thick of the clouds.
– Lake Kawaguchi
– You should have been able to see Mount Fuji from here. Shame. Also, Rabbit shrine?! I did not notice that at the time. I was winded.

I missed my perfect chance to visit a rabbit shrine. I’m a rabbit in the Chinese zodiac, even traveling to Japan in the Year of the Rabbit. I’m happy, and proud, hence these blog posts. I wish I noticed the rabbit shrine earlier.

After having been satisfied with my view up here I started to head back down.

– Better not have been rowdy tourists.
– Other people coming up.
– Interesting.
– Somewhat spooky, and a bit muddy. It was neat and peaceful hiking through these pathways.
– This image here reminds me of the wallpaper my grandparents had in the guest room of the European forest plastered on the wall. A giant poster wallpaper.
– Lake Kawaguchi
– Slipped on mud. Very muddy.
– Standing on either side of the pathway making it worse. Even charging my phone with a power bank, thus the cable on the bottom left.

I was even loosely reminded of the time a guy died live on stream on Mount Fuji. He slid to his death in a similar manner to how I kept slipping and sliding on these pathways. I was also not that far away from the infamous Suicide Forest, something I’ve even noted [in this blog post].

– Nice city scape
– Made it back to the “main” area where I would quickly take images with Arnval of Lake Kawaguchi.
– Panorama.
– Lake Kawaguchi.
– Trying to wear my mask from Asakusa. Yes, I appear goofy, yet happy I finally have SOME sort of fox mask. Wearing this for the fun of it. Kon! Kon! (I admire my serious Pixiv art Fox girls drawn properly. Kitsunemimi, kitsune girls, etc.)

I’m aware it’s all one single pose. Need to take multiple images making sure at least one is perfect.

Little did I know it was actually becoming dark. I packed up, now rushing to make it back to my hostel.

– Admiring the clouds drifting over the mountain ridges, even the coastline buildings.
– This was beautiful.
– It’s actually starting to sunset. I was now beginning to rush hastily to my hostel, even desiring to use the washroom/toilet.
– Had to make my way around this car. It was weird. Normal, yet weird.
– Attempt #2, still no Mount Fuji. Damn it!

I had an self-related inside joke noting Mount Fuji was overly shy, refusing to show herself to me. Nothing wanted to be seen on my flight, nor here, or on other occasions. Mount Fuji refused to show herself to me, except for that “one time”. ONE TIME! I was proudly sharing it on Twitter. You’ll see in a later blog posting, if interested.

– All I could see was the base of Mount Fuji.
– Something is better than nothing? One of the best images with the temple, sakura trees, and the feet of Mount Fuji. The temple shot was coincidental.
– Nice scenery. I chuckled at the Italian restaurant.
– I noted a few restaurants I could have potentially ate at, they were closed. I was in a rush to return to a hostel as well missing the other ones. A police cruiser went by, and traffic.


Briefly pondered where to eat, looking around at mostly tourist trap areas. Left my hostel (accidentally without my wireless wi-fi gadget), making my way down to – (Izakaya Naga Masa) – hoping to have some local treats. For one, I was rejected for it being reserve only, even heading back for my wireless gadget. Everything was awkward, even how I left my hostel with a Japanese girl smiling at me with nothing said.

Instead, wandered my way over to Tocoro Bar & Dining for a meal. Didn’t know what, it was simply an “you only live once” type of move. I needed food, and local ones at that.

– My order. Everything was ordered online, and paid in person.
– Blue Lemonade. A neat drink, something I wish I finished drinking.

I felt way out of place. Everything was awkward, yet I needed to eat. It was too “hip” for me.

– My meal. So much for “local” foods. Food is food, and I needed to eat.

– Night view of Kawaguchiko Station. A nice vibe to the area.

I most likely finished eating what I bought from 7/11 when having returned to my Hostel. Even used various conbini wipes to clean off my shoes outside of the front lobby.

I settled in, played ‘Living Together With Fox Demon’ on my Steam Deck. While doing that, I was also trying to figure out what to do into the next day over. The blankets were overly warm, the air conditioning was going on and off, and the lights thankfully could dim in a specific manner I desired. A night is a night, time to relax.

People were overly loud at 4-6 AM. Showering, getting ready, etc. I slept semi-peacefully.