Trip to Japan – Day 4 (2023)

– Good morning from Tennozu Isle, Japan. I died laughing at this segment of “woke” & “capitalism”.

This blogpost covers the day of March 24st, 2023 while in Tokyo, Japan.

I wish I could have stayed in Tennozu Isle for one more day, for I have I screwed up my ‘’ bookings having to transfer from Tennozu Isle to Asakusa area. Next to the Tokyo Skytree all thanks to my days not initially overlapping properly. I had a few issues once reaching Asakusa, even placing my luggage in places, yet had a “decent” time. It’s as I say for Ottawa – “The scenery is great, the people not so much” – though, that also may be a bit of a generalization. People may have been great, I simply may have been oblivious to such in my frustration. I was basically making my way from one spot to another in that transitionary manner with lots of stumbling and jerky moments, as if on a bus stopping and going abruptly.

Being frustrated a lot, even admiring the scenery equally as much. It was one of those tug-of-war days of being both happy and sad at the same time. Tug and pull day.

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– While eating my breakfast in my room (or waiting for such) I simply watched this, highly amused as to what I was seeing and hearing.

As much as I want to ramble on about Western morale corruption and political corruption, I had to focus on my Japanese desires and objectives. I had a touristic mission to deal with; I had my own goals and happiness to attend to. I’m happy Japan is a common-sense place where fake political nonsense is at a down-low, even practically non-existent when I traveled there. I traveled Japan to escape from this idiotic fake politicial nonsense for a month. I needed a mental reset from all of the Western idiocies I was polluted with.

“Are you stupid?!~” – Rory Mercury from GATE anime.
(Please search for that Rory Mercury clip yourselves for copyright reasons.)

The day started off waking up at 6:08 am, after some overly crazy dreams. One where I had some local Ottawa dreams, in-dream no lights spawning nightmare dreams (without the nightmares), even one where I instead scared other people instead of myself this time. Just sneaking up on people and scaring them, almost as if I was in one of those Japanese JR train stations. Normally I would hyperventilate awake, I simply woke up naturally, if maybe partially stressed.

A Russian event was taking place in Azur Lane to which I was forced in playing the night prior, into the the next following days after some sleep. I had to obtain these new Russian shipgirls ASAP.

Screenshot_20230324_065742_Azur Lane
– Sevastopol from Azur Lane.
Screenshot_20230324_065859_Azur Lane
– Voroshilov from Azur Lane.

Morning distractions aside, I basically had to pack up, transfer from the Tennozu Isle line to another place (Ryokan), even becoming overly frustrated at Hamamatsucho Station. Trying to find my way into Daimon Station, as per Google Map’s suggestion. Got lost at the station needing to be freed by the staff, after doing a loop after the ticket gate. People obviously looking at me strangely. I WAS LOST!

– Japanese Yen. The point of this image was tweeting out how foreigners always damage their paper currency (and some hipster Japanese), yet it’s culturally accepted to have paper money as pristine as possible. Respect to one and all, even the objects and materials around you. Hence, why I have a red passport wallet able to handle Japanese paper money.
– Allowing Sevastopol to roam around briefly at Tennozu Isle before we had off. Making note of the beautiful lamps, and designs.

Good bye, Tennozu Isle! You were an awesome place. If I have the chance I will return here. If, and when I’m allowed, I shall return here.

Hamamatsucho/Daimon Station to Shimbashi Station:

My goal was to reach Tokyo Skytree (Asakusa area), ANY means possible. I however had to hit a few snags today with my most hated station being a pain in the rear end. Construction throwing things off, things not lining up to what Google Maps has noted, even numbers being off. After about 5-10 minutes of standing “here” in absolute confusion and frustration I simply stormed off to Shimbashi Station. I WALKED, WITH my luggage in tow, to Shimbashi Station. Angry. I’m aware I have anger issues, yet I walked….. And walked.


Not depressed, just simply angry for having this station point me weird directions. It told me to go one direction to which the signage would fade into nothing. It would vaguely point into areas making me easily lost, even looping after a ticket gate I shouldn’t have gone through. Locals looking at me weirdly while going in circles, trying to make sense of where I was going. A staff member of the station had to free me (at ticket gate), pointed me to where I needed to go, hence I ended up in front of Daimon Station just as equally as lost as I had began.

I eventually made it out of Hamamatsucho, stood in front of Daimon Station (as the above image shows), eventually, eventually storming off towards Shimbashi Station by foot 5-10 minutes later.

I simply gave up, stormed off, heading towards Shimbashi Station.

My angry walk of shame? A blessing in disguise? You tell me.

– Walking through the main streets and side streets between Daimon Station and Shimbashi Station. Quite lovely.

I can probably inspire from these building designs by building them into Rising World. It’s a game similar to Minecraft.

– This is looking lovely. I would occasionally make way for people, wait for cars, and vent at how frustrating everything was. The scenery is great, and I love the scenery for it. I however had to lug around my luggage.

*Vent vent vent*

*Quick conbini stop*

Continuing on the adventure.

– Another part of Tokyo I admire seeing. Suzuki? My dad used to own two Suzuki Swift vehicles at two separate times. Great car with great memories.
– Double image? Something didn’t process properly needing to take two images, for a reason now forgotten.
– An image I hung back to take before waiting and proceeding to cross.
– (Admiring the scenery)
– This underground crossing really spoke to me. It really hit me as something somewhat ghetto, yet something highly appealing. I actually like stuff like this with shops and restaurants hidden in tiny areas. Quite neat. Like Kanda area. 1930’s Japan vibes, as seen in war Anime.
– Loving how sneaky various areas are.
Thank you, Google Maps, for being “reliable”. You’re also the reason I get so angry and overly frustrated at times. You say that, yet my trip was mostly smooth sailing, even with my temper.
– Ferrari around Shimbashi Station. Thankfully nobody behind me as I went down the escalator.

It was at this point at Shimbashi Station (when underground) a female JR Station staff member came up to me asking if I needed assistance after having charged up my PASMO card for my adventures. I said I was fine, yet still needed help getting to Asakusa. She pointed me towards where I needed to go, even thanking her there and on Twitter noting how overly helpful the Japanese are.
(Just not in Asakusa, later on.)

Asakusa Station Area:
(1 Chome-1-3 Asakusa)

Finally made my way to the general area of Asakusa. Basically in and around the area containing ‘Senso-ji’. Had to sadly wait to for my ryokan to open at 3pm JST time, something my friend from Vancouver told me to seek out coin lockers, or have the ryokan hold onto it. Neither option was allowed that day. I was forced to walk around with my luggage in hand. Too few coin lockers, and everything being out of my element. Even if I’ve stumbled my way around, I still made it to my destination one way or another. I still made it.

– AT LAST! Tokyo Skytree! I can finally see it in person, and not digitally via Microsoft Flight Sim, etc. (Prior to Asakusa Station; South of Asakusa Station)

Still pulling my luggage around, I had hoped to place it in the ryokan I was going to. I was even told to place it in a coin locker, something I later noticed was constantly full. YOU NEED MORE COIN LOCKERS IN THIS AREA!

– Tokyo Skytree and the Asahi Group Head Office Building. Note plane on the top left corner. A very surreal feeling.

After having been made aware of the Asahi building through TkyoSam, Rogerswan, and Tokyo Cooney’s Vlogging videos on Youtube I desired to see this for the many years I was unable to visit. I FINALLY SAW IT! WOOOOO!~

*Insert celebration noises here*

I however had hours to burn until I could hand in my luggage to my next stay. Coin lockers even all occupied. I even witnessed people take an empty coin locker just seconds before my arrival. Damn it! I even Googled where more coin lockers were. Nothing.

– From here, I desired a park I could visit allowing me to live-stream, Vlog, or post videos onto Twitter. I simply hopped from one area to the next.
– Evergreen.
– “I wish you were here” Postcard moment. Now, “I wish I was even here” 😉

Talking to my friend on Discord, even taking images of my Busou Shinki. I came to Japan to also post and partake in figure photography images.

– Arnval, Kon! Kon!~
– Kon! Kon!~
– Struggled to get a proper angle with Tokyo Skytree.
– Like I said, I struggled with these images.
– Such a lovely pathway.
– Asahi & Tokyo Skytree focus.
– Gorgeous.

I feel bad for potentially scaring away some old folks just relaxing here while posting Arnval just above them. I showed them (gesturing) what I was doing, feeling bad for having “kicked” them out of the area. I didn’t mean to.

– Bouncing around one area to the other. Even tried to coin locker my luggage with all of them being occupied.
– Beautiful. I’ll go with the the reasoning of blurriness showing off my growing frustration with the day.
– If I had my stamp book from the future I could have had this stamped into my collection.
– Gorgeous.
– A big gathering of locals and tourists in this area.

Basically sat in this park for a little while trying to figure out what to do, where to go, and how to do things. Even taking Arnval out for another one of those desired checklists. I’ve seen Japanese Twitter post Busou Shinki with these Cherry trees, it’s now my turn to shine again with that.

– Like something out of an Anime; 5 CM Per Second, and other Anime types.
– Spent a little while relaxing here, gathering my thoughts while putting my luggage to the side.
– Video – Train focus watching, and even hearing the clanking of the train.
– Realizing the other side also has Cherry Blossoms.
– Hanazuki from Azur Lane amongst the Cherry Blossoms.

I was lightly irritated by the non-Japanese variety of tourists (wearing kimonos) roaming the area taking images everywhere, even in that fake “pro” style for instagram, Facebook, and such. I’m fine with them taking images, and it isn’t my place to be negative to them. I sensed arrogance from them, thus why I was irritated by them. I mean nothing more than when I see other foreigners being fake-proud, it simply rubs me the wrong way. Acting as if they’re supermodels, or whatever.

There is a difference of “having fun” and “pro images” in an arrogant manner. I can’t say anything, I’m just as much of a tourist as everybody else. They have their images, I have mine, and we all take our own paths in lives.

Now, Japanese girls in kimono, those are something to be admired. Sadly, I feel I’m not allowed to venture that road so I guess both roads are frustrating to me. Ah well, Anime girls and figure photography it is (for now).

– Panorama

Frustratingly walked back towards ‘Asakusa Station’ in an attempt to obtain a coin locker. Angry, I stood there for a moment pondering what to do next, also just as angrily cursing, leaving the area.

(If there were, I wish I knew of them sooner. I feel so damn stupid, even humiliated by the lacking knowledge of coin lockers. Simply lugging my luggage around like a moron.)

This is also probably karma for when I arrogantly thought I was better than those people the second night in Tennozu Isle, after having visited Tokyo Tower. Japan seems to be the land of karma, I may have been equalized by it. Or, it just may be one of those standard days in Japan with my usual temper spiraling slightly out of control.

– Panorama – Walking my way back the way I came for a second time.
– Panorama – Version 2.

At this point one of those carriage cart pullers (a male) waved at me, or someone near me, trying to get our attention. I was unsure if he tried to signal myself, or someone I was unaware of, hence why I even looked behind me. Once I turned back to look forward he stopped, continuing to do what he originally was doing.

Maybe next time I’ll take a ride, if I’m ever allowed back in Japan. I viewed them in a negative light in every location I traveled to. A tourist trap, kind of thing. I was also unaware my day would also get worse.

– About time I slowly head to my ryokan, eh? Loving these train station designs as well. Nicely curved.
– Quick shot of the area I was walking through.
– Coming up on an overly populated touristy area.
– WHOA!~ DAMN! You can’t even walk here. It’s even far crazier than I had imagined. I expected something more “dull”. This is crazy.
– I’m just walking in loops now. One street down the other, trying to gather it all in.
– Becoming hungry, decided to see what place would attract me. Needed to eat locally, after all. Local foods. This area was bustling like crazy, even with its mini traffic of vehicles. A bustling village vibe.

Found an area, a restaurant possibly by the name of ‘Kanoya’. Google Maps refused to give me the proper name.

A nice traditional appearing area, or I view it as such. I asked if they had an English menu, they confirmed. I went in. Female servers were pleasant, if a bit upset. They took my luggage to their counter, sat me down. I was still wound up, frustrated from my day trying to act as normal as I could, simply being awkward in the process. Everything was busy, and overly populated. I sat in the back just taking pictures of my food, trying to search things up, even going through my images. Even trying to confirm my bookings. I’m basically high strung.

– Heart? Was delicious.
– Fishy~
– Salmon. Yummy.
– Whale meat. Like any other. Almost like bacon.
– Finished off with this.

Awkwardly paid, made my way out, and continued off on my journey. Decided to hit a conbini for how little food I ate. Over-priced, under-ate.

– Ferrari!
– My goal was to seek out a conbini, an Family Mart.
– Have to say, this area is nicely decorated. I love it.

Now that I have my food, on the way back to wait.

– Bento, and a few Sapporo beer.

Little did I know this conbini trip would ruin my night, just as much as it ended up satisfying my whole hunger and thirst. I popped open my Sapporo, I drank, and even conversed with people who asked where I was from (Some Filipino, or even Vietnamese folks), where I’m going, how long I’m staying, etc. I’m also unsure if I put them off in any way as they slowly stopped talking to me. People normally do this to which I may have offended them in some way. They tune me out.

I came from Ottawa, staying for well over a month, even visiting places as south as Kure; As north as Sapporo, and all to escape social degradation in North America.

– I’m happy I can finally be happy, even in Japan. Drinking beer in public, something you can’t do in Japan.

I also wish I took pictures and videos of the singing mascot outside of a store. It’s a music note which sings out at a door step. I’m an idiot for not taking a picture. Too busy relaxing, drinking my beer, even getting eventually rained on while waiting for 3 pm to roll around. It was 2:30 pm, or something around there. It eventually rained, causing me to rush to my Ryokan hoping I could be checked in, and let in.

I have regrets.

Ryokan Madness:

I rushed in, partially soaked from the rain. Female assistant rushed to dry my luggage, even making sure I get checked in. I asked if I could hand her the garbage to dispose of (as recommended by Japanese common curtesy to dispose of, something I also do in Canada) to which I get berated by an elderly ryokan owner of:



It just rained outside, and I was waiting for hours to be accomidated, ALSO with no garbage cans in the area. To dispose of your garbage you need to bring it to either, A) A conbini, or B) A hotel, ryokan, or a place of stay. That’s what I had done.

Instead, I’m bombarded with – “RUDE! RUDE! RUDE! RUDE! RUDE!” – by an old Japanese elderly guy making me feel absolutely miserable.

The female assistant was a mute, even an stressed out monotoned puppet. Maybe she also assumed I was a trashy person, or maybe not. She didn’t know how to react, even told to “buzz off” at times by the elderly owner, all the while he would try to check me in. I wasn’t in the system needing to physically sign everything on a paper, wait in the lobby, and to eventually be led into my room.

Why the trouble? 1) The Japanese ryokan experience, and 2) I screwed up my requests not overlapping them properly.

I basically booked a ryokan for the “Japanese experience”, and for it being the most appealing place around the Tokyo Skytree. This just goes to show I’m NOT allowed to ever be happy. Even in Japan, I’m not even allowed to be happy. I felt miserable. I felt like I was going to die from culture clash, bad luck, and other nonsense. Recommended to try a Japanese ryokan for the “Japanese experience”. Maybe I did get a Japanese experience, from the 1940’s and previous, when foreigners were viewed as barbaric.

– Inside the ryokan. My room.
– My phone was almost dead. Needed to charge my phone. I had to power bank my phone the rest of the night.

I felt miserable. After all the “tsurei” type (or similar; “Rude”) comments I was basically felt like a grounded kid in his room. Rain preventing me from going outside, thunderstorm warnings, and even my feet murdering me. All the fun was taken away from me at the 4 pm mark. I wrote in my travel book as for what transpired in the day, even playing Azur Lane. Booting up my Steam Deck, and just being depressed.

I laid on the ryokan’s floor all depressed. I would occasionally view out the window like some lost & depressed soul, even failing to even take a picture of that.

“No fun allowed”.

(I’m not going to write this in the ‘’ reviews. I want no further problems, nor troubles, just because of this. Not going to shun it, yet it probably wasn’t my place to be. Let it be a neutrally viewed experience. Just let it be water under the bridge. Simply let it go.)

The Depressed Evening & Feet Pained Night Walk:
(Basically from this point onwards until the end of the blog post. Depressed. I even noted such on Twitter, nobody cared.)

At around the 4-5 pm mark I felt it was finally time to go out. Little to no rain, my foot in pain basically limping everywhere. I traveled around the ‘Senso-ji’ tourist area trying to further gather it all in. At times I’ve even felt like a Canadian ghost wandering the streets with nobody caring. Basically simply floating from one location to the next.

– I’ve bought a few fox masks and fox trinkets here.
– My images are hasty. I’m more focused on the landmarks than I am of the people. I tried to capture images with less people.

The way the person in the top image, on the left, took images I basically mimicked the way he took images. Hence, the following two images.


I avoided the temple, the praying, and the line-ups. I was depressed, and I would stay that way throughout the night. Nobody wants to deal with a depressed Canadian ghost on their trip, nor was I even allowed to do such with that line-up. Not wasting my time in that line-up.

Everything is always my fault………..

– The tall temple towers always reminding me of the Pokemon Crystal towers; With both Lugia and Ho-oh!

Pokemon Youtube Videos – For Reference:

The above scene basically reminded me of Pokemon Crystal, something I’ve enjoyed a lot. The best Pokemon game since, and even now. No game has ever replicated traveling to multiple areas by boat or train as Pokemon Crystal had.

The towers remind me of those for Lugia, Ho-Oh, even Suicune.

– Video – The Show – Pokemon Evolutions.
– Video – Pokemon Generations – Episode 6 – The Reawakening

– Panorama – Trying to take a panorama with tourists annoying the hell out of me. I simply wanted ONE clean shot, then the area is yours again.
– Painfully making my way towards the Sumida river. I also (after the fact) noticed buildings I’ve seen in Anime. Those slanted roof buildings, top left of the image. Blocked by the black sign above

The Tokyo Skytree was calling me, I had to travel there now.

– Taking all the Skytree shots I can. I’m only here a limited amount of times.
– I made it back. I guess I’ll simply be depressed here. Just soak in the Japanese park scenery, and the cherry blossoms.
– Gorgeous.
– Now I don’t have to deal with as many pesky tourists. They’re still there, yet less pesky.
– Image with passing train.
– Passing train for the win!
– clunk, clunk! Clunk, clunk!
– As a Slovak girl once told me I need to take more images of myself among the scenery to prove I personally was there. Depressed by the day, yet happy I was in Japan, and with the cherry blossoms.

All for the moving Gundam, my birthday, Cherry blossoms, 20 years desiring to travel to Japan, figure photography, to explore Japan, experience everything. Even maybe hang out with those tweeting and vlogging from Japan (Tokyo) with only one person having done so. Other people on Twitter pretended I didn’t exist. Shame. I’ll remember that, as I had with Vancouver.

– Traditionalism is best.
– Blurry, yet beautiful.
– Video – Cherry Blossoms, train, and Japanese conversation. Needing as many train videos as possible for my collection.
– Admiring the scenery some more. Still depressed, and shall be for a long while longer. Feet preventing me from going towards the Skytree, yet stuck at this park admiring the beauty of Japan.
– Discovering neat areas to capture images and videos from, with special thanks to locals going on about their daily lives.
– Panorama

Just thinking how scenery never betrays. It’s always beautiful, as Anime also always portrays. Anime characters also end up being detached from society simply admiring the scenery on their own, and I can see why it find its way into Anime. It’s also for that character depth and artistic touch. Scenery is gorgeous, that I shall never deny.

Why do characters sit in specific areas? Benches, and cliffs? It’s their healing area, just as each neighborhood has their own healing spots for people. This one was mine for the night.

(Also thinking how certain Twitter users based in Japan refused to hang out, of the foreigner variety. Never contacted me once. All clout chasing, no dignity from them. Everything is always my fault with people. Even if people allege I’m “whiny”, I still find fault with them. They could have easily pinged me. When people care they always keep on top of things.)

– Admiring the crows, the scenery, the train, boats, cherry blossoms, and everything around. Even the architecture.
– Video – Tokyo Skytree, boat, and rumbling of the train.

Even if people find it boring, I genuinely admire the sound the trains make while traveling in this location, and other parts of the world. I admire the clanking and rattling of the trains. I was slowly becoming happier, entranced by the daily life of the folks in Japan coming and going by trains, boats, and by foot.

– Video – Skytree focus; Train and tourist river boat.

For below:

Had fun struggling with keeping Arnval in focus, even lining up the shot with the Skytree’s alternating lights. Multiple images is trying to capture either the lights of Skytree, Arnval, or both, and with other targets with multiple duplicate-appearing images.

– Out comes my little Arnval 😉
– Train passing by.
– Love the glow of the Skytree on the clouds.
– Lovely Skytree colour pattern. No hidden meaning, just natural pattern admiration.
– Difficult images to capture.

Depressed Walk – Burger King Time!

Feeling hungry, I decided why not try out the Burger King I passed by earlier in the day. Let’s try out the Japanese version of Burger King.

– Burger King time! Let’s try to boost my morale.
– Whopper, but no fries.

Damn it! I struggled to pay at the Burger King with my PASMO. I kept holding it, nothing. It wouldn’t read from the reader. I even looked back behind me, the girl simply stared around (at or around me). I tried to get it to read. Nothing. Alright, I see a VISA option, let’s try that. It worked, thankfully. I got my order, I waited, and may have taken the wrong one. It contained no fries.

I ordered a burger with fries. I was robbed fries! Nobody bothered to help me.

*Depressed even further*

I’m just going to sit here and mope. Screw this…

– Video – Tokyo Skytree

The only thing keeping me happy at that point in time was the Tokyo Skytree, the scenic vibes, and my Busou Shinki (Arnval & Renge). I mean, just LOOK at the beautiful colours on the bridges and Skytree. Sumida River saved me this night. I simply sat here, and sat here. I ate my burger from Burger King, yet felt cheated. Just looking around taking pictures. Some videos.

I either sat next to a couple, or they may have sat next to me. People however were unaware I was depressed, yet I still sat there admiring Japan’s gorgeous scenery they may or may not have taken for granted on a daily basis. Weird to say this (maybe contradicting), Japan’s scenery mentally saved me this night.

So many beautiful lights.

– Beautiful trains passing by with gorgeous lights and vibes.
– Stunning!
– Video – Admiring the Skytree & cloud play; Train passing the bridge.
– Panorama
– Panorama

Like a grounded child, I slowly headed back to the ryokan with a limp. Feet in pain, and in blisters. First had to drop by a local ‘Mos Burger’, they have yet to betray me. I obtained a hotdog with medium fries, or so I believe. I needed my fries. I was craving fries; I desired fries. I don’t want to be robbed of my order again. FRIES! GIVE ME MY FRIES!


Mos Burger – Hot Dog & Medium fries pitstop.

Pointed at the menu; Waited for my number to be called up. Googled my number in Japanese, instead was told my order was ready. They waved at me.


I basically snuck myself next to some vending machines (around this area in the above image) eating my hot dog and medium fries without being scene at the ryokan. I didn’t want to enter with food. Wasn’t keen on being indirectly scolded once more.

Like a kid from the past era I basically snuck in a corner eating my food. I threw my garbage onto the trash bins meant for bottles and cans. Maybe I’m over-reacting, maybe everything is normal. My mood was broken and I wanted to find some form of sanity escapism.

– Even at night it’s overly beautiful.

Upon returning to the ryokan I played more Azur Lane. I caught up on Twitter, I shared my thoughts, I even added further notes into my travel log. Even checked out stuff on my Steam Deck before going to sleep on the floor. Again, I’m not taking my anger out on the ryokan. Maybe I’m over-reacting, or they over-reacted. I’ll let it be water under the bridge, yet won’t write a review for them. I’ll ghost the whole situation as much as I was ghosted that day in the Asakusa region.

I took my images, I took my videos. I enjoyed certain things my way. It was time to prepare for the next day.

I may have clocked out early in frustration. Screw everything. I enjoyed what I could, yet if I’m to be punished (directly or indirectly) I’ll stew in my own negative thoughts viewing the scenery. Maybe my next few days shall be better.

Kon! Kon!~