Trip to Japan – Day 10 (2023)

– A new morning in Yokohama wondering what to do for the day. Planning things out, even savouring my stay in Japan while looking out the window.

This blogpost covers the day of March 30th, 2023 while in Yokohama, Tokyo, Odaiba/Daiba, Diver City, & Akihabara.

I woke up at 8 am, done my laundry, and even vented about Yokosuka on Twitter. Unsure about what, yet may have been related to “something” foreigner related. Maybe it was something to do with my fellow Westerners destroying everything they touch. Other than that, with my Kamakura and Yokosuka goals having been achieved, I figured I might as well venture back to Odaiba (Daiba), and Diver City for some sunny day picture recapturing previously taken images and videos; Mostly images.

(Sidenote: Sadly completely forgot about Shinjuku and Shibuya, something I should have checked out instead of Akihabara.)

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– Natto. Cold, and very stringy. Somewhat sweet, from what I can recall.

I refused to eat Natto, not until I came to Japan. I saw it on a menu when I was in Vancouver in one of the more luxurious Japanese restaurants located on a main streets filled with Japanese conbini stores, Oomomo, and even Daiso. Saw it on the menu, yet refused to allow me to instead experience it in Japan. I’m not going to actively eat Natto, it was something out of curiousity.

Seeing it at this Japanese restaurant’s menu in Yokohama I figured I might as well finally give it a try. Might as well, even if it ruins the surprise.

If I could try some “home made” types I wouldn’t mind recording the experience. I was hoping I could have had a Japanese experience in someone’s home recording my experience, yet things never go as planned. Everything is always more grim, or just out of the way.

– Just like the time I became sick from eating the beef tongue the night prior. I actually felt fine from Natto, or so I recall.
– Planning my various trips on how to reach Daiba, Akihabara, or similar. I simply desired to reach Daiba.

I forgot my process on how I traveled from Yokohama to Tennozu Isle, though do believe I took a JR line from Yokohama to Akihabara, skipping it halfway to reach Tennozu Isle to allow me to use Rinkai Line to reach Odaiba.

[Travel Journal Log note: “JR to Akihabara, switched to Odaiba via Rinkai Line” (Blue Line).]

– Tennozu Isle – Rinkai Line.

[Travel Journal Log Note: “Nearly lost power bank” (On a JR line).]

Yes. I nearly lost my power bank on the JR line headed to Akihabara. I looked back at my seat having seen my power bank mysteriously having slipped out of my pants pocket and on the seat. I double backed grabbing it in haste, even hastily making my way out of the train. Without that power bank I would have been royally screwed, even forced to buy a new one locally in Japan.

– Down and down we go.

I’ll briefly note how I genuinely admire Tennozu Isle’s station. The way to get off the platform, down escalators viewing a scenic mini forest, and other scenic viewing is morale boosting. I love how Japan handles their stations. They’re genuinely gorgeous. Tennozu Isle’s multi-purpose has given it that lovely indoor garden appearance in that luxury manner. I love it.

– Off to Odaiba for a sunny version.
– Nice! I love these Anime collabs.

Up and around, down, and over! I finally reached Odaiba again. Sunny weather!

– Love these pathways. Fuji TV station.

Up and around to view Diver City, the shorter route this time. I took the proper route this time, not the other route it took me on during the previous visit.

(Side-note: I genuinely have a slight case of amnesia relating to how I ventured out of the Metro system, why I went around this way, and back again. I may have popped out on another station having me double back, or something. I’m just as confused as you are.)

– Gorgeous.
– Lovely Sakura trees 🙂
– Taking the proper pathway across towards Diver City.
– Special view of Diver city.
– Going up a stairway combing some lovely views together. Sakura trees, Tokyo Big Sight, and the lovely traffic.
– Fuji Television with some advertisement.
– It was genuinely surreal hearing planes flying over in that overly loud manner. The loud take-off, fly over, and fly-past. A culture shock, if you will. Ghost in the Shell?
– Lovely view!

It’s sadly ironic how Tokyo is more of a national capital than Ottawa is for Canada. We do not hear 747’s, or A380’s, among other sorts. They’re rare. Very rare. Military planes, sure. It was genuinely a culture shock (overly surreal) for me to constantly hear one loud plane to another, especially how they loop around, and fly to their far-off destination, especially over a part of a very populated part of a city.

Toronto is a screwed up city with tons of plane delays (lose your luggage 80% of the time) and high amounts of political corruption. In both regards (to Toronto & Ottawa) Montreal is far better, as is Vancouver when noting reliability. Toronto is the cancer of Canada. I refused to fly from Toronto to Tokyo thanks to both its political and airport corruptions caused by Liberal zombies. Ottawa is reliable, yet sadly doesn’t link up with Japan. That’s for Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, and I 100% refuse to fly through Toronto Pearson Airport, hence why I flew from Washington D.C to Tokyo; Vancouver to Ottawa on the return flight.

Tokyo is on a whole another level. It’s surreal. I admire Tokyo, and Japan as a whole.

– Woosh! 747 going off to their next destination.
– Low and loud, next to the Fuji Television Station. You can probably get some crazy neat plane views from those windows facing the airport.
– Panorama.
– Panorama (Tried to time this when there was less people).
– Rainbow Bridge.
– Tokyo Skytree.
– Anchors away!
– Video – Video meant for Twitter making note of being here on a sunnier day, not a rainy day during my past first visit. Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, and Tokyo Skytree. WORTH IT!
– I was here! – Kon! Kon!
– I genuinely admire how this was set up. A nice promenade.
– Statue of Liberty, Fuji Television, & Sakura trees.
– Statue of Liberty, Rainbow Bridge. Many selfie attempts 😉
– Many selfie attempts 🙂
– A very glorious location with the Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, and Sakura trees.
– Trying to get every last glorious shot while I’m here. Never know if and when I’ll return.
– Rainbow Bridge. 🙂
– Panorama.

I did say I would take as many Busou Shinki images while in Japan prior to my trip. And here we have another lovely case of me attempting more figure photography moments.

– Holding a Sakura petal.
– A blurry Kon! Kon! moment.
– Kitsune mask.
– Lovely image, if blurry. Had to fight with my phone a fair amount to focus.
– Azur Lane – Musashi at Odaiba.

I will genuinely admit that some of these AR mode functions feels a bit gimmicky in Azur Lane, especially when Musashi is insanely massive to the point you can’t even properly AR mode. The mightier shipgirls tend to take up 70-90% of the screen making the whole feature very redundant. The bigger the shipgirl’s art the less useful it is. Granted, this can also be solved via skins, yet it’s the cheap way out. Needs 3D forms with pre-set poses.

– Azur Lane – Musashi & Rainbow Bridge.

I’m sure the Japanese locals and Otakus would have preferred me to use Kantai Collection. I would have, just make it more accessible and stop region blocking the game. Allow a stupid Canadian (such as myself) to use Kantai Collection without restrictions. The more restrictive you make it the less I desire to play it. Simple. It’s genuinely no wonder Azur Lane took over Kantai Collection’s spot in the grand scheme of things. If you want me to use something then make it useable and accessible, even by a stupid foreigner such as myself.

During this moment I had to use Azur Lane’s AR mode on top of Busou Shinki figure photography. I couldn’t waste the opportunity.

– Back onto the promenade we go!
– My goal was to revisit everything I missed out on during my first visit, this time in sunny weather. I could go further, capturing farther structures.
– 180 degree – Looking back towards Fuji TV, and where I was.
– Flame of Liberty Statue (left) and Museum of Maritime Science (right).
– The tulips looking far better in this weather.
– Tulips, sakura trees, lovely garden, and beautiful architecture.
– Panorama
– Video – Diver City, Sakura, Gundam Unicorn, etc. (Video meant for Twitter)
– Panorama.
– Gundam Unicorn.
– Gundam Unicorn.
– Another surreal fly-over by a plane catching me off guard. The way the sound reverberates in this area is unique.
– Woosh! Goes the plane.
– Panorama.
– A glorious image of Fuji Television, Diver City Tokyo, and Gundam Unicorn.

It was at this point I vented (in video form) on Twitter about how I came to Japan to not only visit Japan as a whole, and as a birthday present to myself, but to also befriend some Japanese girls, if it wasn’t obvious already. I came mainly for Kantai Collection, to visit various points of interests, to visit Gundam, and to check off my ever-growing bucket list before I turned into a skeleton (before I died). Another part of my objective (a side objective) was to befriend a lovely Japanese girlfriend in Japan, yet fully aware of how painfully elusive even they are as well. They much prefer foreigners to reside in Japan, not be as tourists. You have to live there.

(Side note: It was even noted “it would be rude to bring them back to your host country with how unaware they are of your culture, just as much as you are of their culture.”…… Even so, I have a void to fill. A lonely and damaged heart. I need a Japanese girlfriend, or some sort of partner. It’s not that easy.)

I made note of how crude, rude, and brutal Western Women were, and how everything always has to be man’s fault. Even my fault, even to the point we all have to die. Males are now more depressed and suicidal more than ever, and it’s not by mistake. Everything is now allegedly ALL our fault to the point we’re not allowed to be human. Only slaves and drones. We’re not allowed to cry, nor be our true selves, not unless you want the women to degrade you even further into suicide. We amount to nothing (including myself) to the point it’s genuinely no wonder Japan is full of NEETS themselves with their own romance and love issues. Granted, half the NEET problem is also their own fault, but I digress. Western nations are full of guys going overseas for their significant others (mainly Philippines), and to just regain their natural selves. It’s also no wonder Japan’s Anime industry favours Isekai and Romance Anime to the point they’ve been topping charts (now more so than ever) in regards to love, life, and romance. People simply desire to be whole again, to have what they can’t have, and as I do. With a lack of self-fulfillment it’s genuinely no wonder male suicides is at an all time high.

(Sidenote: Also, I’m aware people prefer Romance Anime over Isekai, yet that is also a tribal-mentality problem. People simply desire escapism, and both Isekai and Romance anime provide that in a slice-of-life manner. People consume what they are not allowed to have.)

The enjoyment and pleasure of overly corrupted Western females ruining everything for everybody else to the point people seek more traditional values in non-Western nations (typically Asia). It’s also why I hate fake female J-Vloggers, they’re as fake as they come. Their fake high pitched squeeky vocals, taking advantage of male desires for cash (predatory), and constantly playing the victim. I prefer proper male J-Vloggers, even original ones when it comes to neutral Japanese topics, especially those I’ve seen prior to the whole J-Vlogger boom via TkyoSam, TokyoCooney, RogerSwan, among few others. Everybody else comes off as fake and bland.

The world “incel” is also not a real word, it’s an internet slang, and I do not approve of it. I genuinely do desire a proper girlfriend, yet fear I may never have one thanks to their corrupted temperaments, my own emotional damage (also done by girls), and the overly destructive political climate all around the world. Everything is just screwed up to hell and back to the point you can’t achieve anything natural anymore. The dating scene has been painfully and horrifyingly corrupted to the point you can’t date anymore. It’s harder than it once was, or at least in Western nations.

(The more natural you are, the better you are. The more honest you are with yourself and myself the easier it is to hang out with one another. This goes both inside and outside of the dating scene and as conversation buddies.)


I’ve been emotionally damaged for many years. Many years. My main friend even tried to tell me to stop being depressive, yet also caused me to be such in his own “tough love” manner making matters worse. The constant bullying, harassment, and gaslighting (overall) simply makes me more depressive. Overly depressed, moody, grumpy, cranky, and even suicidal. Yes, even suicidal (as noted in the ‘Depression’ page on the right side). I’m alive right now thanks to Japan, as ironic as that is when seeing how suicidal Japan is themselves. It’s thanks to their creative side – Anime, Cosplay, video games, and philosophical outlets – I’m even alive today. It’s thanks to Japan’s various outlets I’m even alive today, just as I was with Europe prior to this; In 2023 the thought of Slovakia has saved me many times. It’s Japan’s more positive side which has saved me more recently ever since 2003 (or 2006).

“Live long enough to see your enemies perish.” – Various authors
(This quote sees many variations, yet the point is there. Basically, Live long enough to outlive your enemies.)

I basically walk around (at times) with the mentality of – “everything is your fault” – as taught by society. People look down on me, people refuse or are scared of talking to me, or I’m simply a ghost both Canada and Japan. I’m socially awkward, as the evil part of society wants me to be. I was taught by various Ottawa locals, friends, parents (during the bad times), co-workers, relatives, and especially corrupted teachers how everything is always my fault. Everything always tends to be my fault, yet I struggle to seek positive outlets. Friends told me to be positive, and I seek out positivity, yet I’ve been tainted so painfully much that it’s hard to cleanse myself of other people’s filth and corruption. Most specifically the mentally related poisons on the whole gaslighting and blaming mental brainworms. Thoughts which repeat and echo in how everything is always your fault while other people are a bunch of saints. They’ve done no wrong and everything is always your fault, type of thoughts.

Those are the most corrupted of them all. Gaslighting, blaming, negativity, hobby shaming, social shaming. I’ve been blamed, criticized, and accused of so much to the point I either ignore what people say (I hide), or everything is always my fault. One extreme to another. Thank you, society!

– Japan’s business areas are very attractive.

I simply desire to hide away in some Japanese location (any location) sipping on beer and eating sushi (or salmon rice snacks) admiring the scenery. If I could converse with a normal individual that would be even better!

Once again, I’m thankful Japan allowed me to be positive again, for the most part. Sadly, with the 10-20% of negativity left needing to be purged. I’m glad Japan allowed me to be human again, even if I was a tourist mode for the month. Even if it was brief, everything was positive for me, for the most part.

– I love these sorts of architecture.

Everything is my fault” – Me, on those lonely and depressing days.

– The way these fountains are designed caught my attention. I even went through it seeing how it was designed. I went through the steps going to a more elevated platform seeing how it was designed. It’s also a washroom area.
– We genuinely take simple things as these for granted. Once it’s gone we desire it more and more.
– I ventured through this lovely water fountain shortly after recording another venting video for Twitter relating to how I desire Japanese girls over corrupted Western girls. I simply desire a proper Japanese girlfriend, yet even they tend to be sadly corrupted.
– Beautiful!

Once you’re stripped of the things you don’t have you instead admire the things you do have, or have access to. You tend to admire the more basic things in life, until nothing is left. Such as admiring Squirrels, birds, and etc, such as old people admire before they perish.

You admire the little things in life until everything is gone.


Venting aside, especially on Twitter, I returned to my mission mindset of simply admiring Japan while having felt betrayed for the many years I’ve lived on this earth. Everything is always my fault, yet I had a mission to accomplish. I had Japan to admire, to explore, and to escape in for my birthday trip to myself.

– Admiring Japan’s various garden designs, something Ottawa could learn a lot from.
– It’s no joke how I genuinely do admire Japan’s scenery and architecture.
– Those Gundam jungle scenes make much more sense now. Gundam Unicorn hiding behind a tree.

Off to my next adventure. Need to keep exploring Tokyo & Japan while I’m here. I have a certain amount of time here, I need to make the most of it.

– Over the lovely promenade bridge and into another set of gardens. It’s such a gorgeous area.
– One of those benches I was on during my first visit while making note of Fuji Television building and the sakura trees.
– Tokyo Tower.
– I genuinely admire this beauty! It’s insanely so much better than Ottawa’s scenery. Granted, Ottawa tends to have great scenery as well, this is on a whole another level.
– The lovely pedestrian bridge I admired on my first visit in Odaiba. Beautiful!
– Panorama.
– Another capture of the Tokyo Tower.

What I would give to live in Tokyo, yet I need money. Doesn’t have to be Tokyo, it can even be on the outskirts, just as long as it has access to the JR lines.


Tried to record another video, it failed. Recorded, yet deleted. Desired to share my admiration of Japan with how gorgeous everything is, and was. How I admired everything about Japan, even if it was one of those “honeymoon” phases. Japan is just that great.

– Panorama.
– Rainbow Bridge.
– Tokyo Water Science Museum.
– Konami?!

(Side note: Quick washroom break in the little square cubicle in the above image on the right side. Construction workers also taking a break, possibly even taking a washroom break themselves.)

– Konami!

I hold a slight grudge against Konami JP with how they killed off Busou Shinki, the Battle Rondo MMO, and even failed to release a PC version to DLSite and Steam. Konami preferred gambling (pachinko’s) over proper entertainment. Everything has to be regional and restrictive, as Kantai Collection is. Restricting your market kills you off, and that is why many companies die out. Too restrictive. I’m glad Busou Shinki revived via Kotobukiya and Megami Device, yet Japan needs to be cleaned up in that regards. Too many rough spots.

Revive Busou Shinki on the PC world-wide market (Non-MMO), and treat it with the utmost care.

I also tried seeking out Busou Shinki Arcade, nobody desired to guide me towards it. I also hold grudges against people who refused to allow me to connect with Renge in the arcade game. Further down in this blog post you would see Kantai Collection would win me over thanks to an arcade providing access to both it, and Fate/Grand Order.

Tokyo Big Sight:

Finally! Arrived to the mecca of Anime otakus and nerds. Sadly, no Anime-related events were held. Only a dog show. So much to do, so little time. Canada only desires me to have certain amounts of fun, I had to make due with slightly over one month of a visit.

– Tokyo Bigsight!

Thanks to Google Maps I took all these funky ways around, something which could have been solved by taking closer and easier access routes to these, and other areas. I was still grateful and thankful to see anything and everything I could. Whole new experience for me.

– Promenade park leading up to Tokyo Big Sight. Google Maps loves taking me up and around.
– Tokyo Big Sight!

Sadly, I did not come here during any Anime-related events. Allegedly, there was a dog competition (or gathering), something not interesting me much. I simply desired a sunny day version of Tokyo Big Sight, and that was achieved.

– Panorama.
– As I’ve said numerous times, I genuinely admire the way Japan handles their walkways, parks, and other areas. Very scenic.

Made another video noting where I was, and how happy I was to be in Japan. Genuinely happy.

– Basically mimicking another photographer doing the same type of image. Sakura petals and Tokyo Big Sight.
– Gorgeous.
– Attempting to capture the Japanese flag fully extended. Attempt #1
– Attempt #2
– As I’ve said, and shall keep noting, I LOVE Japanese walkways. I love these walkways. And yes, I was accidentally on the wrong side.

With my objectives having been considered completed I pondered about visiting Akihabara again. Maybe for fun, maybe for food. I felt Odaiba was mostly seen from the major landmarks side of things now needing a scenery change.

– Capturing my train back to Akihabara.
– One of the only moments I could capture the front of the monorail train for Odaiba. Tourists would usually rudely and obnoxiously hijack the front, as they even had done in Vancouver’s Skytrain. Really gets on my nerves.
– Ooooo!~ Fancy! I genuinely admire this! This is nicely colourful!
– ‘Scuse me? Antelope collision?! Yamagata Shinkansen. Yikes! At least it’s better than seeing notices of people taking their own lives, as I’ve seen notices for such a thing.

Akihabara Arrival!:

Finally arrived in Akihabara feeling like I needed to unwind, play games, and just to savour Akihabara while I was still active in Japan. Just take things slowly for the rest of the evening. With my previous knowledge acquired during the attempted VRChat Midnight Haven person meet-up I needed to put that location knowledge to good use. The prior meet-up was scuffed, yet my knew-found knowledge was put to good use. I needed to explore various areas I failed to prior, especially for both Kantai Collection and Azur Lane goodies. I visited Animate, among other side-stores, arcades, and game stores.

(Sidenote: Sure, in hindsight I should have gone to Shinjuku, among other areas. Being a traveler has its downsides.)

– Virtual Akiba World!

We genuinely need more of these virtual spaces, especially on a neutral note. Basically as had been done by the Japanese VRChat community, but on a neutral manner (standalone) as well. I love this idea. Please let it be a constant long-term project.

I’m also amused by how the Japanese lady looked towards the advertisement, maybe even to hide from my camera.

– Vocaloid!

Had a snack break at the local 7/11 eating away at some Salmon rice snacks, among other treats. A pigeon kept coming close to me being a bit of a little bugger. I was highly amused by that, even seeing locals looking back at me at times. The pigeon made me overly happy going back and forth being a little bit of a nuisance. Great times.

The pigeons in Japan seem to be braver than the Canadian types, and more noticeable.

– Vocaloid! I had to fight for this image. People blocking the advertisements.

Decided to play a few arcades, even meet a few brief “friends”. Other foreigners, someone I may have annoyed by hanging around too much. I was possibly too clingy, and I agree with that simply curious seeing what and how he would win his prize. Both staff and foreigners (a few) would always give me pointers on how to play the claw games, even how to properly win prizes. I admired that, something you don’t get in Ottawa.

After the guy had won his prize he basically took off in haste. He purchased an arcade bag, put his loot in it, and took off. Maybe I was too annoying myself, yet it is what it is. Social awkwardness. I genuinely enjoyed the brief conversation we had though, even the celebration.

– I won Hololive Calli! The cheers I got was wholesomely admirable. I loved the friendly atmosphere.
– I won a Calli! YATTA!~
– A Japanese person winning a TON of prizes, even taking advantage of the staff to reposition the prizes for him to win. TWO BIG bags. I had to be sneaky about my image, even hid their identity with framing of the picture.

I sought out some Naruto stuff for my coworker only finding Dragonball Z stuff. Noted I’d win it for him with my new-found arcade knowledge. Another victory! I had to be selective, I could only go after ones I could mail off by air mail. (Who knew how much of a hassle sending things by air mail would be).

– My two won prizes! Nice! One for my coworker, and one for me.
– Tamashii Nations. Store Tokyo
– Various Gunpla on display.

I saw a Leo figure set I desired to purchase, sadly having to decide against it. I couldn’t splurge on it, and it was overly pricey as well. Sure, I could have used my Visa card, it sadly was something I had in its previous more Americanized form. The more generic green, purple, and blue type Leo from Gundam Wing series.

– Star Wars.
– The Mandalorian and ‘The Book of Boba Fett’.

I semi-enjoyed both Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett when they aired, they however both were butchered by Disney and their fake political madness. Disney rudely and crudely fired Gina Carano, butchered both spin-off series to the point people have low faith in future Star Wars mediums.

Disney, screw off! Bunch of morally corrupted twats. Lay off the politics. THIS! THIS is exactly why I admire Japan and their avenue of creative escapism.

(Below: The music track playing in the background for the store is called – Reactance – Notize – playing on loop. Shazaam told me.)

– Video – Reactance – By Notize.

– A gacha game I haven’t heard of?
– Hololive CD specials.
– (Not a Flickr image) – Lewd side of Animate and other book stores. I bought nothing, yet took this image “for scientific purposes”. Not my kind of lewds. The majority of them are too crude for my taste.
– Sakura Miku. Took this image for my American friend.
– Ventured around Akihabara for a fair amount of time, and into the “night”.

Might as well check out their arcades. See what they have. Maybe they’ll have Kantai Collection, or even Busou Shinki? I tried searching, even having a VRChat friend search for the Busou Shinki Arcade even prior to my trip. Nobody wanted to tell me where it was so I was unable to find it. I couldn’t spotlight it because people sidelined me. They ignored my curiousity.

It’s honesty a shame Busou Shinki itself has been hijacked by clout-chasing people. It could have been so much more, yet people have to be so arrogant and egoistic. We just can’t get along, especially myself with the BusouShinkiWorld forums. We have so much negative history between us to the point we no longer interact.

It’s another case of – “Everything is my fault” – and BusouShinkiWorld enjoyed flaunting that point in front of me. Everything was allegedly my fault to the point their forums stalled out. Shame. Like father (Konami), like son (BSW).

– This looks promising. Fate/Grand Order Arcade and KanColle Arcade.
– Tempting. Fate/Grand Order Arcade was tempting.

I held a bit of a grudge towards F/GO Arcade thanks to how they region blocked their F/GO Japanese client. I had Scathach (my waifu), yet they blocked it. I was not allowed to obtain my Swimsuit version Scathach (or was it a bunny version?), nor tend to my fully ascended Scathach. I was frustrated. As with KanColle, and every other Japanese gacha region blocking their games. Frustrating. It also sucks Busou Shinki is now purely a Japanese experience.

Then you wonder why Azur lane and ever other Chinese game takes over. Do more. Be proactive, be genuine. Be properly proud of your IPs. Release more into the PC Steam & DLSite market! I admire Kantai Collection, make it more accessible. Make it more fun and enjoyable. Don’t give your player base heart attacks and strokes, we’re suicidal enough, even with the help of the various governments in the world. Anime and games should be our escapism, not our enemy.

– At last! I can Kancolle Arcade!
– Trying to register, among other setting up prompts.
– Murakumo! My fuwa fuwa Destroyer.
– Onwards!
– Cute. Genuinely cute.

This should have seriously been a PC Steam/DLSite release! Japanese can be so needlessly stubborn at times when it comes to video games. Make this more accessible!

– Kuma (Ku-MAH!~)
– The place I managed to find these arcades was at GiGO.

[Travel Journal Log note: Tourists are horrible rude]

Full context of this has been lost to time; Context of time and place being lost in regards to foreigners being rude. If I had to assume, it may have to do with folding paper money, getting in my way, being crude & vulgar in some way, and arrogant. The way other foreigners rudely speak about Japan pretending to know everything. May even be related to scoffing, or holding some sort of negative attitude. Something overly stupid happened at Akihabara amongst myself and foreigners/tourists/westerners, forgot what. Wish I could say. SOMETHING horrible happened, it however has now been forgotten.

(Sidenote: Goes without saying my trip between Akihabara to Yokohama had me playing Azur Lane. Nothing to see outside, only hearing the jingles of each station. How nostalgic those jingles are.)

Returning to Yokohama:

I returned to Yokohama via one direct JR Train line I had taken on my first visit to Yokohama. I used the same line to get direct access to Yokohama. Nice! I love JR trains. Sadly, navigating, even exiting Yokohama Station was a chore. Other people’s IC cards kept beeping, as with mine. I nearly cursed out loud, yet spoke loudy in frustrating having been rejected from passing in two attempts. I was genuinely frustrated and confused to the point I even vented about it on Twitter (Video; Once at my hotel) noting the various gate rejection beeps, even hearing it both prior and after my time there with how people needed needing help from the station staff. I observed and heard the gate issues many people had. Even navigating Yokohama station always manages to confused the heck out of me.

Yokohama Station > Arcade > Hotel > Food/Lawson > Hotel


Yokohama Station > Arcade > Food/Lawson > Hotel

(Hard to recall if I went straight to my hotel or to a coin restaurant to then head straight to hotel.)

– Yokohama arcade to win something for my roommate, and host keeping me off the streets.

The staff at this Yokohama arcade even helped me out, positioning it closer. I nearly had it, they made it extremely easier. I’m thankful to them for their kindness in Yokohama, I however politely protested against it prior to their assistance. They still went through with it. Thanks to them my roommate/host had his Minecraft related gift.


Had some rose water, something I commented about Yokohama’s water being weird, oblivious to it being specially provided restaurant water. I even tried Googling about Yokohama’s water trying to find why it tasted like roses. I retract that statement after having found out later in Osaka it was rose water. I stopped commenting about it in Osaka. I also had Asahi beer, something which made it harder to recall my night in Yokohama. Beer made me mostly forget where I dined for the night, yet had to be a simplistic coin restaurant near my hotel on a street feeding into Unizo Hotel.

Bought more beer at Lawson (at the foot of my hotel) venturing back to my hotel to forget the rest of the night. I even knew I was going to forget, purposely not noting what I had done at night. Watching TV, sure. Everything is now a hazy blur. I’m genuinely glad I noted what I had in my travel log.

Every night I’m also reminded of the area of Yokohama being all “teen gangster” type mood with how people party and hangout near Yokohama Station. Various restaurants and side hangouts. It’s interesting.

Had to prep for my trip to Hiroshima & Kure tomorrow.