Trip to Japan – Day 8 (2023)

– My breakfast for the day.

This blogpost covers the day of March 28th, 2023 while in Yokohama & Kamakura.

Happy birthday to me!~
(My birthday in Japan time)

It’s a new day, and one which would take me to Kamakura to capture trams. I solely desired to capture trams, oblivious to how overly popular the whole ‘Slam Dunk’ hot-spot was, yet desired to go there solely for the trams along some pre-selected locations prior to my travel to Japan. I researched the area as much as I could, even making note of what I needed to travel there, etc.

During this time it was also my birthday in Japan time. Happy birthday, to me.

(Note: It would be until I’m in Osaka watching a random episode of ‘Bunny Girl Senpai’ which would make me desire to venture back to Kamakura/Fujisawa/Enoshima Island area to capture the Anime locations in real life, some of which I was overly arrogant about refusing to capture, now regretting not having done so on multiple trips.)

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I started the day off by sleeping in slightly later (late 7 AM), compared to when I usually would wake up Japan time. Basically caught up on Twitter, Azur Lane, I ate at Hotel Unizo’s attached restaurant. I also waited in the lobby, presumably for laundry, though I could be wrong. Waited in lobby (two meals) for some reason, for forgotten reasons now.

Screenshot_20230328_094854_Azur Lane
– Azur Lane – Russian Event – URA! Trying to stay caught up with it as much as possible.
Screenshot_20230328_102731_Azur Lane

After eating, Twitter, and Azur Lane (among other unspecified weirdness) I headed off to Yokohama Station. Not a direct line, but a wiggly line in the general direction.

– This area of Yokohama is bustling with people at night, yet in the day it’s 90% quieter. Everybody lingers, parties, and has their own version of fun here at night.
– Making note of the pachinko arcade area (EX building), arcades (on right) among other amusements. Simple amusements.
– Panorama
– Quickly dropping in to see what’s up. When I was there a few areas were occupied, yet certain at night this place is packed to the brim.
– Overlord anime.

I even managed to somehow become disoriented in Yokohama Station. I got lost in the process needing help from the local police needing to route myself on a JR line section of the station. One police officer appeared to be overly frustrated (or overly stern) showing me exactly where I needed to go by leading me directly to where I desired to go. Probably upset I couldn’t locate (to them) the overly obvious JR Rail signage. The signage always confuses me when it’s not clear enough, and that’s on me. I’m a stupid tourist, after all. I’m certain I thanked him, going off on my way. There’s just something off about Yokohama Station which easily confused the heck out of me. I need guidance for every line I desire to take, it’s frustrating. I don’t want to be viewed as a stupid foreigner, yet that’s how I’m going to be viewed, sadly.

The below video I desired to capture the Yokohama tower, something you briefly see in the first few seconds. Seeing that tower in the train gave me an overly “majestic” type vibe. Yes, it’s special, though when viewed from within the train (something I failed to capture) it’s a special sight to behold. I admired seeing it.

– Video – Making my way from Yokohama to Kamakura.
– Trying to capture the various urban rivers flowing through Japan, and it’s various neighborhoods and areas.

My phone’s battery sucks with how it was 56% at 11 AM in the morning. Artificial degradation forcing people to be on the newest gadget, etc. Granted, I was playing Azur Lane, viewing Twitter, and then Google Maps. Thankfully, I had my battery pack with me.

The main thing to note in the below image was how emergency brakes were applied. The train stopped just short of Kamakura, and I still am unaware as to why. Maybe someone walked onto the tracks, or something happened in the train. I tried making sense of what was being said in Japanese, yet failed. All I could make out was “apologies for the delay, ‘x’ reason happened”. I guess I’ll never know. I may have loosely known, yet now forgotten.

It was however strange how abrupt it was with how the train gradually (yet suddenly) screeched to a halt without ejecting people from the seats (or standing). The suddenness was controlled in an overly safe manner.

– Stopped just short from Kamakura thanks to an emergency brake being pulled.

Welcome to Kamakura!:

Finally, I’m here. Again, I was solely here for the trams. Nothing Anime related, nor anything special. Simply here for the trams while also making note of the various cherry blossoms, torii gates, and traditional Japanese vibes. Everything was done in a whim. I simply desired to take a picture of the torii gate avoiding everything else. I didn’t want to go down the tourist trap street behind the torii gate.

– Welcome to Kamakura.
– These lovely old stations need to be protected and cherished as much as possible. I was made aware urban Japan (Tokyo) admires destroying everything traditional. I genuinely admire these old traditional Japanese vibes.

I accidentally looped around the wrong way, laughing as I loop around towards the torii gate. People looked at me weirdly as I laughed at my awkwardness. Yeah, I’m socially awkward making tons of mistakes. Happy accidents, I guess.

I desired to visit a mini bamboo forest in the nearby area causing me to zig-zag around a tiny bit. Went one way, then another, and then simply steadied my course by visiting a lovely sakura trail leading to a shrine. A lovely pathway it is.

– Kamakura’s torii gate Sakura pathway. Beautifully lined with Sakura trees. I stopped my zig-zagging here following this main pathway hence-forth.
– To be fair, this area was also marked on my Google maps of ‘places of interest’, I managed to visit it earlier than desired/expected.
– Venturing forth towards Sakura trees, a shrine, and 360 camera amusements.
– Beautiful!
– Panorama.
– Proof I was in Kamakura. Serious face? Making sure the focus is clear 🙂
– An blurry Renge among the Sakura trees.
– People laughing, admiring my figure photography. (I hope).
– Various folks admiring Renge.

(Side-note: Ever wonder why Renge’s hands are yellow? They’re from the first Renge, the original, while she’s the second. This second Renge was gifted to me by Persocom before he disappeared from hobby toxicities, among other craziness.)

– Again, I proudly noted I would keep taking figure photography pictures in Japan, and that I am (to varying degrees.)
– and, of course, I had to get Arnval out with the fox mask.
– 360 Sphere – A 360 sphere capturing a snippet of Kamakura’s Sakura pathway leading to a shrine.
– 360 cam picture
– 360 cam picture
– Video – Taking a stroll through the Sakura pathway, and even apologized to by a lovely Japanese girl. Unsure if I acknowledged her apologies, yet certain I had. (Full 360 video shall later be found on Youtube later.)

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine:

It genuinely amazed me how busy this area was. I needed to travel here prior to visiting Hokokuji Bamboo Forest on this cloudy (semi-rainy) day.

– 360 picture making note of the funky crossing leading to the nearby shrine. Crazy busy.
– 360 Picture – The entrance to the shrine. This area is massive.
– 360 Picture – The various traditional Japanese pedestrian bridges, trees, and sakura trees.
– 360 Picture – One of the main lower areas before heading to the upper area.
– Walking up the rail-less stairway making note of these guardians.
– Trying to make note of the linear-ness of the shrine and pathway.
– I ventured here, yet not any further. Desired to obey/respect the rules while needing to keep the nearby bamboo forest in mind.
– Ventured around the populated area seeing what else was hidden.
– People’s wishes and art. Even the Year of the Rabbit.
– Once again making note of the linear pathway.
– People’s various wishes.
– The little bit of Sakura left.
– Jiiiiii~ (Didn’t notice the old man. I simply desired to take a picture of the guy pulling the cart, nothing more.
– Koi!
– Amused by all the ducks and birds in the area. A lovely scenic area, if it wasn’t cloudy, nor rainy.
– Potential case of birds fishing for Koi, or vice-versa. Something happened, yet failing to recall what now.
– Video – A quick visual glimpse of area.
– Panorama.
– Gorgeous.
– Numerous amounts of Pigeons. Amusing.
– Finally making my way towards Hokokuji Bamboo Forest. Leaving the area for the Bamboo forest.
– Well, this area is quite “Anime”, for a lack of a better description. Sakura trees, a gate, and fancy trees. Neat point of view.
– Hastily walking my way towards my destination being reminded of Modra, Slovakia.
– It’s small things like these which makes me admire Japan so much, especially Kamakura. The overly rural vibes, the ‘Y’ split in the road.
– Beautiful!
– These sidewalks really became painfully narrow. Lovable, yet narrow. Also making note of the various tree types, the palm tree, and the hidden Torii gate.
– Briefly admiring the torii gate on the other side while hastily making my way to my destination.
– The hilarity of finding an American vehicle hidden in rural-vibed Kamakura. A lovely Jeep.
– I admire these streams.
– Wow, these are narrow.
– Once again thinking of Modra, Slovakia while going through these neat sidewalk pathways. They’re painfully narrow only allowing one person at a time. This is crazy, yet awesome at the same time.
– Are those oranges, or something similar to them?
– I’m amused by these pathways, they’re so strange, yet awesome. I admire these.

Hokokuji Bamboo Forest:

Sorry, I’m in a rush. Sorry that you two are in the picture, I couldn’t wait. I’m on a tight timeframe now. I’m however glad I reached this area safely. Bamboo forest go!

– A very lovely area. I can see people would desire to visit this. It’s nicely well kept.

I accidentally looped around to the graveyard area, whoops! I was trying to figure out a proper way to get into the bamboo forest finding out you needed to pay 300 Yen to get in. Sure, let’s do it. I asked if pictures were fine, they are. A slight case of awkwardness may have occurred yet everything was fine.

– Bamboo forest! A tiny bit more populated than I desired. I wanted to take my figure photography pictures in peace.

I was visually greeted by some British (or Australian) old folks talking to a group of kimono-wearing Japanese girls. They were in their own little world having their own fun. During this I was reminded (by my Vancouver friend; Past tense memories) about how I should be more open by conversing with people. My social anxiety prevented me from talking to either of them, both groups who were talking in English while taking pictures.

I felt like the odd person out, and I was. I’m socially awkward, especially in Canada, and now in Japan. It is what it is, and I was highly focused on my goals for the day. My birthday celebration, even if I was unaware of what specific day it was when while confused by time zones.

– They had their fun, I had my own, and I simply tried to make the most of my stay here.
– Various folks would come and go, even accidentally getting in the way of other folks.
– Even though I look unhappy, I was genuinely happy. Sure, a little frustrated yet mostly happy by being where I am. I was also trying to make sure the focus was clear, and not blurred.
– Bamboo forest! 🙂

(Spoiler alert: I forgot to go to the one in Kyoto days/weeks later.)

– Me being accidentally a little hasty. I should have waited an extra 5 more seconds before taking this above picture. Desired to make note of the foot bridge.

A little frustrated I looped back around for some figure photography. Tried to be stealthy with my figure photography, hence the scuffed nature of them.

– Hasty, yet something. (Arnval focus)
– (Bamboo focus)
– Arnval, bamboo forest, and my external battery charge connected to my phone.
– *Facepalms at blurriness*
– Slightly better.
– Good things come to those who wait.
– Arnval on a wooden foot-bridge.

Mission Complete:

80% satisfaction rate. I was mostly happy with what I saw, yet annoyed I was out of my element. Everything that made people happy was on their end, not my own. Don’t get me wrong, I was genuinely admired the scenery, and solely the scenery. Everything was hasty. I attempted my Busou Shinki figure photography with the bamboo having at least one or two proper images, sadly with the rest being blurred. I’m still sharing them because I don’t want them to go to waste. They’re there for whoever admires them.

And yes, I should have conversed with the locals and tourists alike, my anxiety got in the way. I was in a rush with my mind focused on my objectives. Basically people have to meet me halfway in a conversation, or else everything tends to fall apart. It has to be a combined social effort on both our parts for a conversation to go well.

Onwards to the trams! Kamakura Trams! WOOOO!~

– Loosely following Google Map’s suggested route while taking an improvised route to get there. Tried to keep to the side streets as much as possible.
– Hard to make out, yet that’s a Squirrel in the middle of the image. I was genuinely surprised to see a Squirrel in Japan.
– There’s something about rural vibes which gives me peace. There is a certain touch to it which hits me. Probably because it also reminds me of traditional European scenery being just as cramped as Japan.
– These hedges are awesome. It’s things like these which has me admire the more “rural” side of Japan, if one considers this rural.
– Sakura tree.
– Mail box, bridge, and other interests.
– Blackhawk helicopter.
– Some of these roadways are painfully sketchy. Safe, yet still sketchy.
– Following the wrong side of the road while being greeted by this hidden shrine. I had to double back to go the other way.
– For those needing a reminder as to why I haven’t brought my drone to Japan. It’s just too much of a hassle. Basically “no fun allowed” in regards to flying drones in Japan. Japan is painfully strict with drones to the point it’s easier to stab yourself than to create enjoyment.
– Once my previous error was corrected I went another route through more side-streets.
– These “rural” type towns are genuinely interesting. How they structure walkways, pathways, and how they’re set up.

Below is a two-part video, one of which has the gate warning of an incoming train as soon as I walked up to it, and secondly of a train going by.

– Video – (Part 1) Gate alarming, which direction the train is going, etc. I probably shouldn’t have leaned across the gate.
– Video – (Part 2) Train going left to right.
– Making note of the railway passing through Kamakura while everything was safe. I’ve basically made a rough loop around, correct.

I’ve noticed other people standing in the middle of the crossing taking pictures. This was my safer, yet still hasty attempt at taking a mid-crossing picture without being run over, nor yelled at by the locals. I’m not going to get – ‘No! No! No!’d’ – by anybody while in Kamakura. 😉

– Making note of the route I’m taking, even having fun with the nearby mirror.
– Shrine and phone-booth. Perfect setting for a horror indie game.
– Lovely sakura tree.
– Am I on the fancier side of Kamakura? Interesting. Everything appears to be slightly more luxurious.
– Following Google maps to my next destination, the Inari shrine.

While making a turn at a bend there were a lot of people lining up to get into a restaurant. Everything prior to this tunnel (and the nearby museum) people were queing up for a restaurant experience of some sort.

– Haste image making note of a road tunnel. Had to make note of these, especially after watching an IRL horror video relating to ghosts in tunnels.
– Lovely run-off stream. A bit hazardous, yet neat.
– Kawasaki P-1
– One of those “I’m an idiot” moments having to blur people’s faces out for hastily taking images while in a rush. Focus was the sakura tree ahead.

Zeniarai Benten Shrine:

The climb to this next location was a little rough. People were laughing (in kind) about how we were climbing up the area. Others were playing around, even jesting. I was sweating a lot, as were they. I was beginning to feel overly stressed out. I was however on a mission, I had to keep pushing.

I helped someone take pictures of them with the open tunnel behind them. I even accidentally tripped on some bikes nearly causing them to topple. We saved the toppling (a combined effort). The damn roadway and everything is on an incline making things awkward. I was also winded. Glad everything was fine though.


Find this area familiar? Should be! This shrine can be found in VRChat in its photogrammetry form. Someone took the time to take tons of images (or scan it with a device) adding it into VRChat. I visited this VRChat shrine world prior to having visited it in reality knowing what the layout was upon arrival. The carved tunnel, the snake, and such.

– Yes! The lovely tunnel, as experienced in VRChat.
– (Causing a slight scene in my windedness.) – This roadway is steep. (The bikes I nearly toppled over on the right side of the image)
– Tried to take a selfie to show I was here.
– Scuffed selfies are sarcastically fun.
– Stupid phone! Why did you blur this image. Tunnel visit wooo!~

I rested on the bench here for awhile, even briefly conversing with some European tourists. Just one word type conversation. Even gestures. Mainly rested here for a little bit trying to figure out where that special statue was, a statue I failed to find on two of my visits, this being my main visit.

– The amount of incense, praying, and respect was nice. Shame I had another blurry image to share. That stick holding up the rock has me highly worried, yet adds a certain mood to the whole area.
– Kon! Kon!~
– Onwards to the main shrine!
– Someone sure lives in luxury in their own manner. The special hedges, the sakura trees. This area seems special.

Sasuke Inari Shrine:

I came here purely for the ‘Kitsune’ respect. A fox shrine. I sought out one kitsune-oriented shrine, this had to be it. I had to visit this place, also for Renge, a Ninetailed fox personification in a robotic humanoid form 15 cm tall form. Renge is a Kitsune with 9 tails in her pony tail and her armaments’.

If you’re wondering, no I did not come here for Naruto, or anything of that sort. Maybe a slight Elfen Lied vibes, at least. The main focus is for the ‘kitsune’ and ‘Inari’ purpose.

– Kon! Kon!
– Reaching the Inari shrine, even needing to blur the faces of the folks having seen me take pictures.
– The vibes sure felt familiar, if partially surreal.
– All these fox ceramics statues placed everywhere has me slightly concerned and curious.

I’ve seen other Japanese figure photography folks take pictures of their Busou Shinki, Dollfie Dreams, and other figures at shrine, I figured it was allowed to do so here at this shrine. Reuniting Renge with her Kitsune shrine affiliation.

– A little rough, yet it’s something.
– Multiple images in hopes one of these came out well.
– Gateway to a surreal Kitsune experience.
– When I say these are everywhere, these are genuinely EVERYWHERE in an insanely vast amounts. There are TONS of these! It’s like a fox statue factory.
– Arnval’s turn.
– Some funky perspective going on with Arnval’s fleet. What the heck is going on with her feet?! I’m overly confused.

I also tried scooting over as far to the side as possible letting people go by. They didn’t tell me I was doing anything wrong so I continued with my figure photography, as scuffed as it turned out to be. I was fighting with my phone’s camera a hell of a lot trying to at least get ONE good image.

– Seeing others pray here, I prayed in my own way here as well. I tossed in coins, I prayed while squatting down. Tried to keep out of sight of others in awkwardness.

I also sat on some overly wet benches, I was oblivious and fatigued. I observed others, and once they left I mimicked how they prayed. As others have noted, it’s the thought that counts when praying. The more sincere you’re about praying the more likely it shall be granted, or even be respected.

– Using Google Translate to translate the sign. All in the protection of the rice harvest.
– Mostly satisfied, I started leaving the area to capture trams before it was too late. I even left a few Yen coins on top of the Kitsune statue’s heads. Unsure what happened to them. I however left coins on their head. I meant no disrespect, I simply desired to show my own form of respect to the Inari Kitsune deities.

As wonky and funky as Kamakura’s side streets are, I admire them. It reminds me of traditional Europe (when in Slovakia), with even more weirdness added to them. It’s what makes me admire Japan’s architecture so much more.

– This car type caught my attention being similar to a Mini Cooper, or similar. It’s unique enough to have captured my attention. A PAO car.
– Zig-zagging through various Kamakura side-streets in an attempt to reach Wadazuka Station.

Wadazuka Station:

Had to familiarize myself with this tram station quickly. I had to learn which way it goes, where to go, etc. It’s simple, yet best to be in the know.

– Wadazuka Station going on the overly famous Kamakura Trams.

Got off at Yuigahama in an attempt to capture tram pictures and videos from select locations pre-selected prior to my arrival to both Japan, and my arrival in Kamakura. Had to walk the rest of the way.

– These stations are overly lovely. I love these vibes.
– Video – A video clip noting a Kamakura tram racing down around the Gokurakuji area, or similar.

*Evil grin* – That’s one down! I’m satisfied.

– The area I took the video from (further ahead), and now where my second main train spotting choice shall be. 😉

My choice may have annoyed the locals (I’m not sure), I however had no choice but to capture this video here in this overly cramped location. You can’t really tell on Google Maps, nor the quantity of tourists in the area, nor the traffic quantity prior to a trip. I was forced to capture this here and then while I was here as a tourist. I needed my Kamakura Trams, even in this brutally tight location, to the potential dismay of the locals.

– Video – The lovely road and railways crossing tram capture.

Mission #2 is accomplished! I’m satisfied.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, the trams are always FULL, to the actual frustration and dismay of the locals living there. It was even noted in various local Japanese-oriented news segments how much tourists are genuinely damaging and irritating the locals in Kamakura. Anime tourism has genuinely disrupted the lives of those living in Kamakura to the point it’s easier to bike and walk than take the overly efficient tram system they themselves provided for themselves. I’ve learned this the hard way during my other visits to Kamakura.

– Video – Capturing various tram crossing in every portion I could manage.

In the above video I was unable to decide what part of the tracks I should stand on. I kept bouncing back and forth, eventually caught on the other side of the crossing guard. I also had an awkward moment of if I desired to visit the nearby restaurant or not, further disrupting my train of thoughts.

Another element to my awkwardness was also trying to avoid a plausible Japanese female couple (maybe lesbian, or maybe politically corrupt appearing) trying not to get near them. Personal space on both our parts. Nothing against them, I felt strange vibes from them. Desired to keep my distance from someone potentially giving off radicalized political vibes. Profiling? Maybe. I needed to stay focused on my checklists for Kamakura. I’m on a mission.

– Perfect! I finally reached the beautiful blue waters of Kamakura. Now I have to line up the railway crossings with the ocean. That would be further down the line.
– I genuinely admire these canals.
– To think I would walk from Kamakura station, up and around, and even towards Enoshima Island. I’ve walked more in Japan than I had in Ottawa.
– The Kawasaki P-1 has returned!
– Blackhawk helicopter.
– Video – Tram capture #3 successful! 🙂
– Various American military helicopters roaming around. Other people even overtook me on the sidewalk while I was back taking images of these helicopters.
– Stunningly beautiful!
– Beautiful crossing, blue Kamakura waters, and a great scenery. Even a guy who appears to be looking in my general direction from the yellow truck.
– Video – I’m overly happy with this capture. It’s similar to others I’ve seen from Twitter, now having my own.

From this point onwards I started to gradually get more and more peeved with other tourists ruining my own bucket-list plans. I had a checklist to cross off making things more tedious. They kept getting in my way, hijacking everything, even irritating the hell out of the Japanese local in the process. Again, this was also noted in official Japanese news outlets (can be seen on Youtube) disrupting their own transit networks. People honking from cars at crowds, and other madness.


– I genuinely admire the bends and curves this tram takes while following the coastline.
– I admire these funky Japanese architecture. Reminds me of traditional Europe while having its own charms.
– I’m genuinely amused and interested in these sorts of crazy twists and turns built around homes. Sure, it looks tacky, yet it’s also awesome.

Japanese locals had to deal with this amount of uncivilized tourists in the below image, even to the point of having to honk at them, and other types of Japanese outlets of anger.

– I finally reached my desired location, sadly becoming one of the brainless zombies as my surroundings.

I became the trashy tourists that the others in the area showed themselves to be. I had a mission, as certain others had as well. I was hastier in my plans, even trying to be as polite as possible. I at least TRIED following the rules.

– My god… No wonder the Japanese locals hates foreigners, even these ones here having to honk at them.

I’m simply going to use an internet slang of – REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!~” – to showcase my own frustration. What does it mean? Think of an angry cry mocking the person being angry. It’s a negative term to label someone an entitled whining baby. I’m using it in a more “I’m frustrated as the Japanese locals right now” type of context. I feel your pain, Japan.

Not only did you have to put up with other foreigners, you had to also put up with me during my ignorance. Granted, I am having a little fun poking SOME fun at other foreigners.

– Both inside and outside of the tram being hijacked by foreigners.
– Video – Failed to notice the blue tram variant of the Kamakura during my stay there.
– Video – I had to resort to drastic measures by standing on higher elevations to avoid the wall of tourists, to the dismay of local Japanese afraid of saying anything. Maybe secretly cursing me out in the manner I’m cursing out other foreigners.
– Video – Opposite tram travel captured.
– The various rules to follow, even if I may have slightly disobeyed the last one by standing on elevated piece of concrete. I try my best to follow each and every rule, yet some are simply unknown to me.
– Trying to capture the nearby tram, road, etc. Came out decently well.
– Bonus! Found a quieter area with the type of scenery I’m seeking. People were here, sure. I had an elevated advantage (for awhile).

Bonus round video captures of trams going by.

– Video – BONUS ROUND! Capturing another lovely Kamakura tram.

Just so you know (below video) these school girls stood in my POV. I was forced into a corner here having to elevate my camera. Sure, I could have gone around in hindsight. I’m socially awkward, especially around girls/women. Way to mess with me, an Otaku. I mean, I do have Kantai Collection pins on my backpack so that labels me an Otaku on top of my social awkwardness.

I’m pinning the blame on the Inari Kitsune familiars I had recently visited trolling me for this encounter.

– Video – Various girls having fun with the Kamakura tram.

Satisfied, I started walking to Enoshima Island with the ‘Enoshima Sea Candle’ as my final destination. It simply looked cool, something I was oblivious to it being a “date” location for lovers. I feel this is where I began to be trolled by Kamakura’s Inari shrine deity to mess with me in one manner or another.

– Kamakura is highly gorgeous. It’s rough around the edges, yet that’s also a part of its charms.
– I kept stopping and going thanks to various lights and landmarks. I was admiring various landmarks.
– Interesting riverbed formation.

The girls who “interrupted” my tram spotting (Bonus round) managed to catch up to me, even going ahead to the nearby intersection. They even signaled for me to cross over to where they were, something I awkwardly and intentionally rejected by an “hello” wave. They laughed noting the confusion (lost in translation). We both eventually crossed the street on opposite sides to which I loosely followed them (unintentionally) while they were in their own world. They were going to where I was going, to Enoshima Island. I was going slightly further than they were. My mind was solely fixated on Enoshima Island, both unaware and oblivious to what was actually contained up there; What was waiting for me there.

My feet also began to hurt more and more with each passing kilometer

“Maji Kimoi” – I’m just me, I’m socially awkward, as you can tell, and as these girls have found out. I’m simply someone trying to escape Canadian corruption while trying to check off various bucket list locations in Kamakura and Japan. I wasn’t trying to be creepy around these Japanese girls, I was simply on a mission with a “mission” mindset. I was in pain, my feet hurt. If Japanese girls (or people reading this blog) want to both believe and assume I’m creepy then that’s on them, I’m in my own little socially awkward bubble.

– Finding Enoshima Island more beautiful the closer I get.
– Making note of the classic American Mustang car while awkwardly capturing the girls ahead of me. “Maji Kimoi”

I genuinely don’t know how to react to this, except for being stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don’t know how to mentally function in this situation. I kept looking down at my phone with Google Maps open while trying to keep my pace, yet trying to also race my way to Enoshima Island. I was being pace car’d. I hate how socially awkward I am to the point people shall view me as a creep one way or another.

I also had to capture the classic Ford Mustang somehow. I want to hide in a similar manner how people desire to hide in a turtle shell.

– Making note of the activity on the beach. Various people doing various things.

Myself and the group of Japanese girls both reached a dead-end on the left side of the pedestrian pathway, even noted on the Google Maps I was keeping track of. I stupidly and awkwardly noted I’m going to see the Enoshima Castle, made a “oh shit!” upon reaction of their strange reaction to my “Enoshima Sea Candle” response. I ‘Oh, shitted’ my way out of there (from their confused expression) seeking out an underground pathway to the other side heading straight for it to reach Enoshima Island.

I want to curse in socially awkward and emotional pain.

I doubled back following the Google maps direction finding the nearest underground crossing to the other side.

– Enoshima Sea Candle….. Enoshima Sea Candle….. Enoshima Sea Candle.
– Mount Fuji, why the hell do you have to be so shy….. Why?! Just why?! I can only be in Japan for so long, yet you keep being hidden on me.
– Finally! Arrived on the other side! 🙂

Halfway through I overheard the girls who we followed each other having caught up. They noted what was on my backpack, even if they should talk to me, how they should. How I’m an ‘Otaku’, among other stuff. They were unsure how to talk to me. Being an awkward person myself everything was socially stupid on both fronts.

I hate myself on the socially awkward front.

– Finally reached my destination, yet had a little further to go.
– I became overly winded, nearly coughing and dying from pain. There is no way I should be this winded. COMMON! I’m more fit than this.

Japan’s traditional architecture knows how to murder me health wise. I was genuinely gasping for air while rushing up the stairs in peer pressure manner. There is no way I should have been unfit. I was thinking it may have been the COVID-19 shots and booster I was forced to take to reach Japan. I was cursing at the though it was all the vaccine’s fault.

(Side-note: The stupid vaccine nearly murdered me in the van in Ottawa (after the 15 minutes was up) making me feel like I was going to die when in preparations for Japan. I felt heavily feverish upon reaching home needing to lay down. I genuinely thought I was going to die during my preparations to Japan prior to my trip, and during the stairway climb. If I suddenly die, even after the fact, I’m still blaming the vaccines regardless of what people believe of them.)

I walked further than I should have, I even climbed and descended various elevations, yet Enoshima Island was the one to make me gasp for air while climbing the stairs. Maybe it is indeed the way those stairs are set-up for a more fit generation. Maybe I genuinely am an unfit Canadian.

– What a gorgeous view! These are the types of views I live for! 🙂

Thought of the school girls thinking how I wouldn’t see them again, as stupid and creepy as that sounds. I was considering the conversation I overheard how they desired to converse with me, yet nothing happened. I guess that’s that. I’ve been trolled (pranked by the Kitsune spirits), now having to deal with that thought during and after the situation.

– HOLY?! This is gorgeous! Other people noted the same. BEAUTIFUL!
– These views are awesome.

After more windedness, more stair climbing, I had finally arrived! Enoshima Sea Candle!

– Enoshima Sea Candle! 🙂

Enoshima Sea Candle:

Was told by the staff guarding the entrance I needed to pay both the park and tower fee, so I did. Bought both the tickets after some slight ticket machine awkwardness.

– Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden.

Out of my two trips here, this former visit caught me WAY off guard. It reminded me heavily of VRChat with all the various lights, sparkles, and atmosphere. During this whole ‘Samuel Cocking Garden’ visit I was heavily in thought of VRChat, mainly from the atmospheric Japanese created worlds. The highly illuminated dream-like experiences Japanese creators tend to make.

My god, was I ever both amazed and in shock.


Nature even called, to which I had to swiftly attend to. I returned to the overly atmospheric VRChat illuminated scenery.

– Everything was pitch black, almost. The only thing you’re able to see were the lights and other illuminated areas.

Other people were taking similar pictures to my own, even being a tad more aggressive than I was. It was hard finding a middle ground.

– Yes, it was genuinely hard capturing images; Capturing the mood and vibes I’ve felt while there. The images should appear darker than how I experienced them with only the lights catching your interest.
– One of my better images. Stunningly beautiful. And yes, VRChat vibes from the Japanese POV.
– These illuminations were insane.
– This image doesn’t do the area justice. It was perfectly lit up. I had to prove I was there, hence this selfie.
– 80% closer to a real experience. 20% distortions in image.
– Everything is better in person.
– It genuinely felt like I was in a dream.
– This light tunnel was one of the best installations in the park.
– Samuel Cocking Garden mini-museum.

The above structure is also why I keep saying “VRChat”, it’s also another similar structure able to be found in VRChat on the Japanese side of things. Search it up via VKET and you’ll find it there. Everything felt like a proper Japanese VRChat dream. Even the music added onto the whole experience from beginning to end.


My depression hit me hard here. My loneliness and depression crippled me for a certain amount of time causing me to sit here, even vent on Twitter. The furthest bench on the right. Pain and emotional suffering.

For a brief time I sat in this art gallery all depressed, pouting. I was hit by a wave of depression noting how I don’t have a girlfriend. I even felt overly lonely how other folks either can’t get a girlfriend, and if they do they’re magically lucky in this intentionally sabotaged romantic climate intending to kill all guys. If you’re a guy you’re marked as dead by modern-minded women/ladies/girls, etc. Japanese girls even noted they prefer staying foreigners over traveling foreigners which worsens things even further. If you somehow manage to get a girl it’s a 50/50 percent chance you’re either somehow lucky, or she’s a ticking time-bomb ready to destroy your life. Or, if you are single you’re marked as “dead” (Kill all males movement) influenced by the Western mindset. It’s just overly difficult. Male depression is at an all time high, especially suicide.

I genuinely broke down (not crying, yet close) to the point I even vented on Twitter for a decent amount of time. One (or a few) people responded back to me noting how they wish and desire a proper partner as well, it’s just how things are now with social degradation, and all. Everything is intentional in how women were groomed (brainwashed) to degrade guys/males around the world, now more so than ever to which North American guys have more Eastern-Asian girls than ever. Yes, even ugly ones. Love is love, and people desire that love. Genuine people simply desire natural and basic traditions. Back to the basics of natural earthly desires.

I also screwed myself up (in general) by pushing girls away from me thanks to my depressions, even viewed poorly by them (teased, ignored, gaslit, etc) to which I’m socially awkward around them. Too much pain, no gain. Basically as I noted when in Yokohama after my Moving Gundam visit, and even with the school girls few hours leading up to the Enoshima Sea Candle. Loneliness and pain. I also hid in pain from depression needing Busou Shinki, VRChat, and other outlets to regain my humanity as a whole. VRChat (in general; Nagzz21’s help/influence) taught me how to be human again from 2017 onwards. VRChat helped me out more so after having been betrayed by Dutch hobby folks in 2017, and other morally corrupted folks in the Anime hobby community. I had to claw my humanity and dignity back bit-by-bit throughout the years with constant setbacks.

Other people are lucky if they somehow managed to obtain a traditional-minded girlfriend who genuinely admires them. Meeting one another half-way to satisfy both sides is the way to go (Genuine reciprocation on both ends). I’m not that lucky guy, at least currently. I’m this person people desire to cast aside, even gaslight, among other stuff. I NEEDED both Vancouver & Japan to heal my soul, as the guy in Ottawa airport to Vancouver hinted at. Both Vancouver & Japan were to heal my soul. I need healing. I’m glad Japan healed me for a month in various ways. The “hippie” (farmer, or druggy) was correct, Vancouver (and now Japan) were my healing trips. He has my respect

Thank you for allowing me to be in Japan, and for experiencing everything I could in Japan. Thanks for allowing me to be human again.


I genuinely admire Japan, even proud I managed to make it here in the first place. Every time I made a reality check I was both amazed and proud I FINALLY made it to Japan. It’s something I genuinely can be proud of, to the frustration of other people hating how obnoxious I am about it.

I FINALLY felt like a human in Japan! Yes, in Vancouver also, and more so in Japan! I finally felt human. Sure, still lonely, and depressed, yet more human. The amount of opportunities I have missed prior, during, and after still haunts me. I hate how much I’m missing while in Canada. Japan remined me I’m human. I need more human experiences.

I wish I had a partner in life, something I’m still not allowed to have. I tried Tinder to only be greeted by Forex and Crypto scammers desiring to take advantage of others and myself; Harassing me. Western girls are entitled sluts and bitches (yes, I’m blunt), while other properly normal couples I see tend to be Asian partners; Philippines girls. Sometimes they’re even Japanese, Chinese, or of other “Eastern-Asian type. I feel happy for them, yet still feel sidelined. Shame.

I’m genuinely disappointed with this whole social degradation crap forced onto us, and even onto me by other girls. I’m allegedly “creepy” to Western women. I’m teased, cast-out, ignored, and other crap. Then when they do treat me like human I fall apart from not being able to interact in kind back to them, as noted in Yokohama. Everything becomes an awkward mess (not always; If a girl lewd jokes things are fine). It’s highly frustrating. Or they’re taken by another guy, or something stupid happens. I’m livid, and depressed. I feel like I’m going to be forever alone in this world, with special thanks to growing fake political nonsense in this world. Noting this, I’m certain I can be easily baited by vicious women skilled in destroying other guy’s lives. Even with the types of barriers I have in place I’m sure I can be screwed over. Highly wary, and all this lovely jazz.

I just desire a proper Japanese girl, or at least a proper traditional girl. Basically the types I’ve seen in my early years, or even in various types romance Anime. None of these Starbucks bratty girls, or scummy man-hating girls. Traditional caring girls.



I somehow managed to even regain my composure after awhile reminding myself I need to focus on my objectives in Kamakura. Viewing the tram time-table had me worried I would become stranded. I need to continue to explore Enoshima Island, to get to the top, and to continue picture & video taking.

– An timid peace gesture. I finally reached the Enoshima Sea Candle 🙂

Time to head up to the lovely Enoshima Sea Candle!

– Video – Viewing the Kamakura and Enoshima Island scenery from the Sea Candle.

I tried to face my fear of heights by going to the second level of the top floor. I tried.

– View from the upper deck. I was scared shitless forcing me to go back.
– YUP! This blurry image sums up my fear of heights perfectly!

In a panic I tried returning to the main viewing floor, even becoming agitated someone was coming my way by blocking my way. I even became more wound up with the thought of nearly losing my phone over the railing thanks to the other folks coming my way. Outta my way! When someone is scared of heights you have to make way. Panic attacks, and such. I’m aware they weren’t aware, I had to calm myself.

Maybe one day I’ll have a proper grasp of my fear to make it all the way to the railing, to the comical amusement of my friends in Vancouver. It genuinely cripples me. It pains me. I feel socially embarrassed.

– Ice cream and Churro. Delicious!

I genuinely admire the Kamakura, Enoshima, and Fujisawa area. It hits all the right spots, when not swarmed by insane amounts of tourists. As rough as it is, it’s also equally as beautiful. It’s not perfect, yet it’s beautiful.


Both satisfied, yet defeated, slowly beginning to head back to the nearest tram/train station to make my way back to Yokohama. I had to make my way down the various steps I took up, even needing to head to Enoshima Station by foot. I was even worried about the time, and safety. Sure, Japan is safe, I still had to keep my safety in mind as a solo foreigner.

– CAT! (Neko)

I was also unaware this was my birthday in Japanese time-zone at the time, yet was overly satisfied with what I had accomplished this day. I ventured to Kamakura, to various landmarks, saw tons of Sakura trees, and even took pictures with my Busou Shinki figures. My goal of tram-spotting was successful! Win! Other locals were amused by my figure photography. I even happily took 360 pictures and videos, and videos of trams. I genuinely admire my accomplishments relating to the Kamakura tram videos. Nice!

Sadly, no woman partner for me, yet everything else was awesome. My own happiness was my main priority, yet do wonder about ‘What-if’s’, especially relating to the curious school girls following one another, even by mistake. How would have that went? Makes me curious.

I genuinely admired the VRChat vibes from both the Zeniarai Benten Shrine, even the Samuel Cockings Garden illuminations display. Japanese world VRChat vibes are awesome.

Now to head back to Yokohama.

– Everything was closed at this point. The mood and vibe were awesome. Loved the quiet vibes of the area.
– The semi-rushed walk back.
– Enoshima is still fairly populated, even during the time I was heading back. Also, dragon lantern pillar focus.

As stupid as this may be (missing the full context) I had this ready for someone asking as to why I was limping back to Enoshima Station. Nobody bothered to ask me, which is also fine.

I also genuinely enjoyed the underground tunnels. Sadly, some hipster teen skateboarders were invading the area, even hogging it, something which was noted to be against the rules of the area. Teens are teens, and I’m just me. I can’t say anything. They’re the ones in trouble, not me. I had to return to Yokohama via Enoshima Station.

They did their thing, I done my thing.

– I actually gained severe amounts of blisters, scrapes, and such to the point my skin even gelled up. Almost like liquid. Tried to clean it and around it upon arrival at hotel.
– Video – I stupidly looked over the barrier to see where the train was coming from, it however allowed me to capture this quick 11 second clip of the tram.
– Enoshima Station.
– My travel walking distance for the day.

Figures. The only time the tram is comfortably populated and usable is during the night, when you can’t see anything. I HATE OTHER TOURISTS. Not just me, especially the Japanese locals are frustrated with tourists for clogging something that was meant for them.

– A resting period making my way back to Fujisawa Station, and then to Yokohama.
– A gorgeous tram display at Fujisawa Station. The lovely port holes, display, garden, and Enoshima Island-Fuji display.

(Side-note: When in Osaka few days later I would discover I had loosely walked in similar areas as had the characters in the ‘Bunny Girl Senpai’ Anime. I wouldn’t discover this until a few days later.)

Feeling hungry, I decided to go back to the Ikkakuya Ramen place routing through Yokohama to take the Metro. I switched over to the Bashamichi routing.

– I’m hungry, I want my Ramen.
– Hello, Yokohama! I’m back!
– Some chicken snacks, Ramen, and beer.

Back to the Ikkakuya place in an attempt to meet up with the female waiter from the day previous having given me the overly formal formalities when eating the Ramen. I failed to recognize her, not even seeing her. Saddened, I simply ate my Ramen, lightly caught up on things, and took the Metro back to Yokohama station via Minatomirai. Most likely buzzed up from the Sapporo forgetting to take pictures on the way back. I limped everywhere I went. I most likely went to a nearby conbini to buy more Sapporo beer to knock myself out for sleep.

I eventually arrived at Hotel Unizo, took a shower, watched whatever was on TV. I even made note of a special advertisement meant for content creators, such as [Mirrativ] for Streaming. The night is forgotten, as the previous ones are when beer is involved.

Happy birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me…………… In Japan. I mean, Japan was a birthday present to myself, and I treated myself well. I’m even happy I managed to achieve various parts of my planned checklist marking various goals off. Nice! Banzai!~

Time to prep for another adventure in Yokohama in the following day.

Thanks for reading!