Trip to Japan – Day 11 (2023)

– Last meal in Yokohama before heading to Hiroshima & Kure via Shinkansen.

This blogpost covers the day of March 31th, 2023 while in Tokyo heading to Hiroshima, and Kure (destination Kure).

Woke up at 8 am to then proceed to do my real-world dailies. From reading Twitter, playing Azur Lane, and even sadly packing up to leave Hotel Unizo to venture to Kure via Shinkansen. Not sure what I vented about on Twitter, yet it is noted in my travel journal log.

My last meal was at one of my favourite coin machines restaurant. It was handy, and accidently ordered way too much. It would be a running theme. Staff later helped me check out, even helping me zip up my luggage bag. I forgot. Love how kind and helpful Japanese are, even if it is their job to do so. I genuinely love and admire Japanese hospitality, whenever they are indeed kind and helpful. I asked where the nearby Japanese Post was, they printed out a map for me to do so (as they had a day prior in a more verbal note for Daiso). They showed me where, and I went there.

(Disclaimer: I’m sure people may find the scenery images via train boring, I’m however sharing it because it makes me happy. If it makes other people happy as well then that shall make me happy. I’m always left depressed when people take things for granted, yet if people are happy as I am with my own images then thank you! I appreciate you! Thank you for your kindness and respect. I’m simply used to being thrown under the bus time and time again. These images have meaning to me; They’re special to me.)

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Yokohama Japan Post:

An attempt was made, and I was even guided and helped. The staff were overly helpful, friendly, and desired to assist with mostly everything. They sadly had to follow rules and regulations preventing me from shipping off my postal. I was forced with it. I was even reimbursed the money I spent on a box. An attempt was made, and they were highly friendly. I sadly couldn’t ship off my goods because I didn’t reside long enough in Japan to allow the mail to safely bounce back.

It’s desired to stay at place for two weeks, something I could have even lied about. I even (on site) booked my Sapporo hotel while here showing where I was going to be. They wouldn’t allow it. They even used translators. They said I needed to be in one location in Japan just long enough to ship off my mail in case it bounces back. I don’t care if it gets lost, just as long as it is off my hands.

– My loot from Japan stuck with me till I reach Osaka.

Side note: Oh, the amount of pain and embarrassment my loot from Japan would bring me, especially when traveling from Hiroshima to Kure. The amount of pain and suffering I’ve felt. I figuratively wanted to say: “kill me”.

I simply desired to send these gifts to my roommate back in Canada, even asking a local friend(s) in Japan if they could help me out. They silently refused. I was in a pinch, and I couldn’t do anything about it. No coin locker, nothing! Everything always has to be my fault. I was frustrated, nobody I knew on Twitter desired to help me. I’m always this big villain to people and the thought of that hurts. I can’t even ship off a package back home.

Heading off to Tokyo Station – Destination: Kure:

Took my train line from Yokohama to Tokyo Station. I accidentally overshot a few stations heading to ‘Kinshicho Station’ instead, and not by choice. I head to head back to Tokyo Station. I missed my station because the GPS gave out, and there were no announcements in the train car. No notifications, no proper GPS tracking. I overshot my station by 4-5 stops forced to head back. I was genuinely shocked. I had to rush out of the train, loop around on the platform, and wait for my train heading back. I was panicked.

OH, NO!” – Me

– Video – Passing train going through Kinshicho Station hot.

It was genuinely a nice place, a nice view of the streets and trains.

Tokyo Station – Shinkansen Time!:

Finally, and safely made it to Tokyo Station this time! Well, minus an unpaid JR Gate, something I could have used my JR Rail Pass for instead. Had to get my PASMO fixed while forgetting to use my now active JR Rail Pass.

– Shinkansen! (I may look depressed. Maybe I was, it was a rough morning).

I ended up being lost at the station needing guidance. The unpaid gate needing to be mended (as mentioned earlier), the whole not being able to send mail to Canada, and being taken to a station I wasn’t needed at.

Once safely at the station I was able to see the Shinkansen’s seats being rotated for their direction. They would swap it per direction the train was heading into.

– Video – Train arriving while having to figure out what train car and seat I’m located at.
– JR Rail Pass Ticket + Passport. Was told to keep it this way, and to keep tickets safe. [HIKARI 513 – Tokyo to Shin-Kobe – Car 6, Seat 14-E]

Have vague memory of panic haste rushing to the proper car (maybe this, or another train). I rushed somewhere to get to where I needed to go.

(Side-note: As for my nail, I always tried hiding my thumb in images because of my defective nail. Not sure if it was a sign of a stroke, health issues, or similar. I’m struggling through a lot, and it shows. I’m in pain both prior and after Japan while in Canada. I’m not allowed to be human in Canada, everything is always my fault. Japan allowed me to feel human again, hence why I favour it so much while looking back fondly at my Japan trip. Even my Vancouver trip.)

– Having a seat while admiring the outer workings of the Shinkansen duty.
– Time for a journey in a journey. A Japan journey in Japan. I’m tired as heck.

(Side-note: Just know that I failed to realize I should have bought food prior to my boarding of the Shinkansen. I was so zoned out I failed to buy some sushi, marinated salmon, among other side-snacks. I failed to buy food for the trip causing me to go hungry midway through. It hit me hard at Shin-Kobe Station. I’m going to stress – “BUY FOOD BEFORE YOU BOARD A SHINKANSEN!” – That’s my service announcement. Or eat prior to your trip.)

– Admiring the varying types of urban Tokyo. The upkept, and even the construction side of things.
– Video – Viewing the urban scenery of Tokyo, and eventually Yokohama.

The Shinkansen would briefly stop at a station before taking off again. Like a bus, it acts more as a gliding on and off to then have the passengers find their seats while in motion again. It’s an interesting way to handle things. 5-15 minutes at a station before heading off again.

– Video – Trying to capture “A” Video of a river crossing, this one being it.

Having past Yokohama now I posted this video eventually getting tweets noting a few things.

  1. Ken_Works lives around here.
  2. Shinkansen appears to be slower than advertised.

Maybe it’s true, maybe the Shinkansen is slower than advertised, or maybe everything is an illusion. Shinkansen appeared to be faster outside of urbanized areas for safety and noise reasons.

(Side-note: After having stopped at Yokohama Station I could have simply went there. Maybe. Too late now, I went back to Tokyo Station to Kure. Everything I do appears to be clunky and roundabout. If I knew beforehand I would have chosen Yokohama Station. Nobody bothers to tell me anything, and if they do it’s always after the fact.)

Mount Fuji:

FUJI! NOW you show yourself?! NOW?! Now of all times?! You’re both a shy one, and a taunting type. You refused to show yourself when I was in Fujikawaguchiko, yet you (barely) show yourself while I’m on a train. Very faintly revealing yourself in a gradual process. Common!

Mount Fuji is a tease.

– Mount Fuji

Saw a silhouette while admiring the scenery. Once I realized what I was staring at I hastily grabbed my phone to grab these Mount Fuji images. I even admire how I took them with Sakura trees in the background.

Made me happy seeing all the Sakura trees in Tokyo, and enroute to Kure. One of my wishes was granted in spades, and I’m happy about that. Even if I do vent, I’m genuinely proud I could overdose myself with the sights of Sakura trees dotting the landscape. One in each neighborhood, or a park, or in a line. It was beautiful.

– I’m both happy and livid at the same time.

I’m just thinking as to why I always have to get punished, even in Japan. Why wasn’t I allowed to ship off my mail? (Need to stay long enough to allow bounce-back mail). Why wasn’t I allowed to see Mount Fuji when I was at Fujikawaguchiko, treated weirdly at Asakusa area, among other stuff. I always tend to get the short end of the stick. Even though I do ask for trouble indirectly, it still made me wonder.

Even so, I’m genuinely happy I managed to check off another thing off my bucket list, yet it also re-added itself back onto the list. I strongly desire a proper Mount Fuji image, and not from a train or vehicle. I want my own proper Mount Fuji image, something I could print off and frame on a wall, if I so desired.

– I’m happy I can faintly make out Mount Fuji.
– FINALLY! We’re gradually getting better perspectives of Mount Fuji.
Video – Mount Fuji focus.
– Video – Mount Fuji focus #2
– Video – Mount Fuji – One of the final views before it disappeared into the horizon.

Once the Shinkansen caught up to speed that’s when things became even more enjoyable. Just seeing the scenery pass by swiftly and quickly, as desired by curious Twitter users. Was awesome seeing Mount Fuji dart by while capturing every possible angle to make up for not seeing it those days prior.

And as below, I had to take a few quick Busou Shinki images while I could, also inspired by other Japanese Busou Shinki folks. I had to capture some images while I could, even if the posing may be crude, etc. Something is better than nothing.

– Video – The lovely rumble of the Shinkansen as the scenery darts by.
– I was highly amused (at the time) how I could see through the windows of the other Shinkansen going the opposite direction.
– Video – Accidental portrait mode. Not sure what happened here. I’m confused.

Nearing Osaka:

The scenery changed a fair amount, even changing rural farming types to another. It was interesting seeing the differences trying to make sense out of what I was seeing. Even if it’s not Osaka itself it was in the general area. It’s hard for me to pinpoint where everything is so I’m going to simply generalize, even if it may annoy locals currently, and myself in the future.

– Video – Some Outskirts of Osaka related video, if accurate. Barriers were a bit frustrating, yet the urban scenery was neat.
– Approaching a station. This may be my stop. Shin-Osaka

Enroute to Shin-Kobe:

The final part is now upon us. I now have to make sure to get off the Shinkansen to then transfer onto my next train. I frustratingly had three bags, and expect to be yelled at for it if I traveled with friends. Less is more, and these three bags were annoying as heck.

– Accidental image taken while trying to prepare to disembark the Shinkansen. You can note my two bags; My luggage is on top. Three things.
– Google Maps noting Shin-Kobe Station. I was keeping track of it via my Google Maps.
– Off we go. I genuinely admired how smooth the trip was.

Shin-Kobe to Hiroshima & Kure:

What a lovely station Shin-Kobe is. I had to ask where to go, and I was pointed directly where I was standing. Neat.

From an ‘Hikari’ to a ‘Sakura’ themed train.

– Happily awaiting my next transfer to Hiroshima.

Many hours had passed since I left both Yokohama and Tokyo, and I was hungry. I haven’t eaten once I arrived at Shin-Kobe, nor would I eat until I arrived at Kure, Japan. I basically haven’t eaten since I left from Yokohama to travel to Kure. Majority of the day.

– Admiring the nearby scenery.
– My bag decided to rip and fall apart. I’m being punished for some reason, and I simply don’t know why. Everything is always my fault.

I’m probably being punished because I’m simply “too nice” to people when I should simply care more about myself. I shouldn’t have obtained the various gifts for my roommate, my coworker, and myself. Who knows, I tried being nice and now I’m paying the price for it.

If I was with a friend I’d probably be scolded over and over again. Everything always pinned on me.

– I have to say though, this is peaceful and I love it. I love how peaceful this is.
– Admiring the architecture trying to make note of it for a game called ‘Rising World’.
– Incoming train.

Shin-Kobe to Hiroshima:

Onwards to Hiroshima! 16:11 arrival at Shin-Kobe, and departure was 16:35. The arrival time for Hiroshima would be 17:15, or so noted by my JR Rail Pass.

– Video – Admiring the beautiful Japanese scenery.
– Once again making note of the architecture.
– Never noticed how close to the water this area was. So beautiful.
– Sakura trees on the foot of those small mountains!
– Sakura tree focus!
– I was curious about how long it would take to get from Osaka to Sapporo by Shinkansen. I would have stuck with this plan, later changing it once I arrived at Kure the second time. 11 hours, when prior information told me 5 hours from Tokyo. Rough.
– Higashihiroshima while seeing some interesting sorts of trains.
– I love my trains.
– Trains!
– Parked Shinkansen!
– Tracking my progress via Google Maps.
– Arriving at Hiroshima.


No images, though hastily rushed from the Shinkansen to the Kure line. Tried following the signage to the best of my ability, even second guessing myself between two train routes for roughly 5-15 minutes. It was either the Kure line, or the San-yo Line. Overly hungry, tired, and simply desiring to make it to Kure before my luggage fell apart. As nice as the trip was, I simply wanted to get this over with.

I was getting crankier.

I even considered eating Mos Burger, something I failed to do.

– I went with the San-yo Line.

Everything was decently fine at first, until people starting packing into every seat possible. The final trip would take an alleged hour causing me to sit down because I was exhausted and hungry. It was an hour trip remaining. I put my bag on top trying to make as much room as possible while having luggage and my loot bag at my feet. The more stops we visited the more frustrating everything became to both myself and the locals going to every other stop. While stuck on the train for another alleged hour I searched up Daiso on a Google Maps hoping to mend my issues in some way, shape, or form seeing if any were open and accessible in Kure. The bag was ripping, I needed help. I needed a Daiso.

A brief 5-10 minute wait at Tenno before proceeding. A delay, possibly a train traffic delay.

I tried making enough room to allow a Japanese women to sit, and she eventually, hesitantly (maybe reluctantly) managed to sit down next to me on a sliver of a seat. It was embarrassing and awkward with how I had three pieces of travel stuff with me, even how she sat down on a portion of the seat, probably peeved I was on the train with three pieces of travel items. My main travel bag, my luggage, and my hobby bag I had desired to ship off to Canada by now. I was struggling. I didn’t want to be cramped into a train stressing my luggage situation. I’m an idiot, I know that. I’m well aware of that. I won’t make that same mistake again now that I’m aware of how frustrating that situation was.

The pain I went through. I feel bad for the Japanese women who was next to me, and the locals who had to see me struggle trying to sit and make space in the train. Maybe I should have stood next to the door (as I normally do), something I had done in future and past cases. I’ll make sure it won’t happen again, if I do go through that situation again. I’m scared for life with that scenario replying in my mind. I need something to take over that memory.

Kure Arrival:

– An overly scuffed arrival. Accidentally took the pedestrian walkway the other way when I should have taken the steps down. These are those steps in an overly scuffed manner. RIP image. Might as well show what my mind was like.

I arrived! I survived my shame and embarrassment. I finally made it to the Kantai Collection mecca (of some size) to connect with my Kantai Collection side of things! I wanted to see the Yamato Museum, that’s my main pre-trip justification of visiting Kure. Yamato Museum! I wanted to connect with my remaining Kantai Collection pride.

I basically left Kure Station, headed down the pedestrian bridge steps, walked a few blocks to my hotel to sign myself in. Once in, I noted how the hotel smelled like smoke. Very Kure of the place from all the office workers, though that’s not a bad thing. It was simply rough around the edges. Reminded me of how rough Yokosuka was in a similar fashion. Reminded me of those 1970-1990 Japanese media clips of office workers smoking in hotels, offices, etc. That’s fine, it’s a part of life. I’m just staying one night, or so.

From the hotel I would venture to a 7/11, to a Daiso, and back to my hotel.

– Leaving my hotel to go on a Daiso & Conbini 7/11 run. Scuffed image because I’m just in that stupid rushed mindset. Breath! Breath, Arcticu. Breath! Take your time and settle down. Breath! Haste makes waste….. Take things slowly, and calmy!

(Two images were blurry. I had to sadly reject them from this blog post editing them back in after the fact with captions. One from the pedestrian bridge, and another on a roadway leading from my hotel. Shame.)

– Heading to Daiso for a bag (Viewing Kure Station on the right).

[Travel Log Journal: Hotel > 7/11 > Daiso > 7/11 Food + Beer (Salmon)]
[Travel Log Journal: Rushed to park to seek Kancolle Illuminations, not there.]

(Side-note: Prior to my trip I had this pinned on my bucket list wondering if I should travel here or not. My Mexican friend who is aware of both Kantai Collection & Azur Lane desired me to come here, so I had. We both desired to see the Yamato Museum, so I forced it onto my list. Kantai Collection love!)

– Had to get a travel bag for my loot. It would further complicate things from here on out. Simplify things in one manner, yet complicate things in another way. I was frustrated. I even visited the nearby conbini (7/11) to obtain some snacks. Marinated Salmon, beer, etc.
– A blurry arrival to Kure.
– At least I safely made it to a KanColle-filled Kure city.
– This solved one problem, yet it’ll cause another unforeseen problem in the near future. My pain and suffering never ends.

While at my hotel (again) I decided to do a quick scenic scan on Google Maps seeing what was around the area. I saw Y’s Cafe next door (on the Google Maps), even an alleged Kantai Collection illumination display, among others. I made note to visit Y’s Cafe in the morning, and even hastily ran my way to the non-existent Kantai Collection illuminations. I hastily got ready, rushing (speed walking) to the nearby park to then be greeted by nothing. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise, I was allowed to see the city during the night time. It gave me a reason to explore the city at night.

– Rushing my way to see an non-existent Kantai Collection Illumination Display.
– Kantai Collection Illuminations – Spoiler alert! December only.

Once I arrived at this park I was disappointed. I was trying to make sense of it, even wondering if it was time-limited. Instead, I chose to admire the nearby anchor of Yamato.

– The anchor of a mighty and proud Yamato.

Semi-depressed, and let down, I admired the little beauty of sakura trees before wondering where to eat. I genuinely admired a nightly stroll amongst the Sakura trees. In hindsight, I probably should have stayed outside longer to admire things more in the night time setting.

– Sakura tree beauty in Kure.
– Can’t visit the Yamato Museum either until tomorrow. The Illuminations were MIA.

Hungry, I went to a nearby KFC. Out of curiousity I wanted to see how they were in Japan, and I was simply in a depressive mood. I needed more food. I considered eating at a real restaurant, even a curry type, among others. I simply wasn’t in the mood. I could always round out my hunger with the marinated salmon and beer I had saved in the hotel. My mood wouldn’t let me try anything more than a KFC and conbini food.

(Side-note: Maybe it’s for the best, I wouldn’t want to vent about how I went to a restaurant in Kure to make a complete fool out of myself that night. I would have probably walked into someone’s kitchen, or done something overly stupid.)

– Defeated, I went to KFC for a simple meal.
– KFC Meal – Fries, Chicken Fillet burger, and pop.
– Yummy! Something is better than nothing. 🙂

Sat here for a while longer than I normally would, even putting my tray away once done. I then returned to my hotel, consumed my Salmon and beer, used my Steam Deck, and even watched videos on Youtube. The rest of the night was trying to make sure I wouldn’t get murdered by the A/C above my head. I felt a bit at unease at this hotel, yet it served its purpose.

– Panorama: My hotel room. (Spoiler alert; This was taken on my way out the following day)

The above image is from the next day, yet had to share sooner for blogging theme purposes. I had my fun playing Azur Lane, using my Steam Deck, and even watching videos on Youtube. Even drinking the beer I had to ease my mind. I was too wound up.

(Disclaimer: Just know that the trip was fine. I admired the train trip as any 5 year old child would when traveling. I admired the scenery, seeing Mount Fuji, etc. It was genuinely an eye opening experience, I was simply hungry, moody, cranky, and out of it; Depressed. I even embarassed myself on the San-yo Line heading to Kure. I feel bad about everything from Hiroshima to Kure; Missing my stop trying to get into Tokyo Station ending up at Kinshicho Station. Everything else about the trip was fine.)

Maybe the following day will be better in some way, shape, or form. I still need to visit the Yamato Museum!