Trip to Japan – Day 21 (2023)

– Eating out at a nearby

This blogpost covers the day of April 10th, 2023 while in Kyoto.

I attempted to stay longer in my current hotel, I however had to book out. I had to leave my hotel to proceed to another location nearby, even booking it on the opposite side of the Kyoto Station area. I was apparently in the southern side, needing to venture to the northern side later in the day. I also had to stay in Kyoto after the two-day trips to Maizuru, Yura, and AmanoHashidate for KanColle reasons. I genuinely respect KanColle, Kadokawa (or the devs to KanColle) hate foreigners. Shame. They have so many great things going on. I however needed to stay in Kyoto to finally see the landmarks I made note of both prior and during my stay in Kyoto.

Prior to checking out I even overheard two male office folks and a female office worker giggling, maybe even probably had some fun during the night. Made me feel lonely in Kyoto imagining they had potential fun. I eventually (just as briefly) let that thought go. I had to back up and let go. (Disclaimer: It was probably a previous morning, or this one. Never did officially note it, only mentally.)

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Screenshot_20230410_093006_Pokmon GO
– Trying out Pokemon GO in the morning.
– Having fun with my little Victini in my hotel room. Nice! 🙂

After having checked out, even attempting to stay longer, I had to book my stay in Kyoto for one more night, just in a different place and the opposite side of Kyoto Station. I had to even eat nearby, to which I went to a nearby coin restaurant for ease of access, and breakfast.

[Nakau – Kyoto Hachijo Entrance]

– Round 1!
– Round 2!

And yes, I genuinely over-ordered. I however needed all the food, and how I interpret the images while ordering is weird. It looks one way on the ordering machine, appearing different in person. It happens to me both in Canada as much as it has in Japan. I hate, what could be considered, “false-advertising”. Nothing against any restaurants, it always appears slightly different than what it appears when ordering.

After struggling to eat, further catching up on Twitter, Azur Lane, and other stuff, I eventually threw my luggage into the coin locker at Kyoto Station. Who knew finding a coin locker was a struggle. I started throwing a fit by being all cranky. If the correct location, a nearby person witnessed me raging to which I finally placed my luggage into a finally-emptied coin locker. Paid, and onward to my next destination.

I’m aware of my temper, I genuinely need to sort it out.

– Let’s go sight-seeing! Seeing Kyoto Tower in the morning hours.
– Trying to figure out how, and where my new hotel/Inn is at.

[Side-note: These images may appear out of order, that’s because they may have also been taken overnight.]

Hongan-ji Temple:

I proceeded to venture towards ‘Hongan-ji Temple’ for some Kyoto landmark sightseeing. While in Kyoto I can’t pass up the landmarks. I’ve also came here for ink stamps.

– Loving this pattern.
– I came here for stamps, I was on the hunt for them! This is a prime area for stamps! STAMPS!
– I always enjoy the sound of bells.
– Panorama
– Hey! A sign telling me where to find stamps. It wasn’t being fully truthful, though these three locations is where you could potentially find the stamps.

A tourist info guide lady came up to me asking if me if I’m fine. I told her I’m fine, I’m simply making note of the stage for a game called Rising World. Thanks for your concern, I appreciate it. I hope I didn’t seem cold, just lost in “creative” thought this time around.

I was making note of this stage for a game called ‘Rising World’, a game similar to Minecraft, though with Skyrim-type graphics. I desired to build this sort of stage in Rising World (making note of it) to eventually have NPCs dance here via API Plugin system. You can have one model play an animation on this stage (in the game) in whatever dance style you want. One model and one animation, hence why I made note of this stage.

– Fountain!

I basically made my way to the left side to find stamps to be told it’s on the other side. It’s not where it was noted on the map, and it was all over the place. Maybe I misread the map, and maybe it was my error. It wasn’t where I had assumed it was. I had to acquire all 3 (or 4) stamps in this location. I was being led on a little bit of a goose-chase being told stamps are in one location, when in fact, they were in another.

Mixed information.


There were some areas I was genuinely unable to take pictures of, hence no interior photography shown here. Everything within is off limits to photography, even requiring special treatment with shoes. You had to bag your shoes, walk barefoot, and even respect the rules to its fullest. I respect that. I even had to backtrack a few times to obtain some stamps I eventually noticed after the fact. Walking back and forth a few times. One area held a gathering, another a shrine praying room, and other neat visual traditional treats. I admire traditional architecture.

For the second half, I had (3rd stamp location) I ventured a fair distance trying to locate stamps. Relating to the ‘Left side’ of the temple, I had to hunt down stamps on the right side of property; Tourist & praying building. I even ventured as far as the washrooms hidden in the back seeing some hidden ‘slice-of-life’ moments of Kyoto. People doing their thing, volunteering, doing their clubs, etc. I had to go well out of my way to find these stamps. Even into some more modern observation areas. (Disclaimer: This final part may be false, take it with a grain of salt).

Onwards to my next location!

What’s next? Kyoto’s Ryozen Gokaku-Jinja Shrine. I was suggested (via Twitter) to take a bike around, and maybe I should have. If I had I may have caused some air-headed issues. It may have been better for me to simply walk around.

– Temple & Sakura trees.
– Basically speed walking around the area, even noting various landmarks.
– My timing is bad with the vehicles.
– There we go! Finally got the image of the statue!
– Similar to Hiroshima, this river is gorgeous. I love these rivers/stream, or whatever you desire to call them. Lined with traditional buildings, even modern ones. I had one of the best walks in this area.
– From all the speed walking in urban areas I had a more relaxing time in this stretch of town.
– Admiring the nature, the river, and people passing and going.
– Genuinely admiring the scenery. Selfie time! Proof I was here.
– Gorgeous!
– As weird as it may appear, I genuinely admired the pathway here. The way Japan plans out its urban designs. The buildings, sidewalk, and a playground area nearby. There is an aura here to admire, something which you can’t fully grasp in the image. I even missed my light thanks to this picture.
– Walking up and down, left and right, all to admire Japan.
– I see what I desire to visit! 🙂 (Hokan-ji Temple)
– But I’ve noticed an issue…….
– Japan is still traditional, as charming as that is. Urban desires are rough. Do you see the issue?
– I don’t care the driver is looking at me, I’m noting the squeeze in the road. I had to stay in place.

I’m laughing here. Look at the tight squeeze! I don’t want the place to be renovated, I’m simply noting how tight it is here. Traditional mindsets clashing with modern designs. The contrast is amusing.

– I stayed in my spot. Safety first! 🙂
– At last! Finally reaching my next destination. This area contains three things I want to see combined into one. (Hokan-ji Temple).
– People admiring the Sakura tree and the temple. I had other plans, even if I swiftly took images in the area.
– My lovely artistic take on the Sakura tree.
– Even if the sunrays ruin the image, I still admire this image.
– Insanely busy location. Still overly nice. (Hokan-ji Temple)

Some people desired for me to hop on in one of those red pulling rides. I declined. I’m on a mission; I have other places to be, things to do. Sorry to be rude, though I should have probably went on one in Asakusa. Maybe I would have had a better time in a cold-hearted Asakusa.

Sorry, not today. Maybe next time I’ll take a ride.

– Venturing up to a nearby cemetery to make note of

Making my way now up to ‘Kyoto Ryozen Gokoku-jinja Shrine’, it was recommended to me to visit Naganami’s monument.

– I’ve struggled to obtain an image of this Buddha. I have it, if awkwardly taken.
– Oh! Lovely!

Yes, I took this image after some other tourists took pictures of this area, as awkward as that was when I vented about tourists copy-catting in AmanoHashidate. I had to capture the moment while I was there.

– Gokoki Shrine.

Upon arrival I was genuinely confused. I was confused as to where to go, even asking the staff as to where to go. They told me her monument may be at another shrine, though something told me to simply keep on this path. While I was here I would search this location. My KanColle friends know better, I’ll stick to what they know.

I paid for my ticket/gate, venturing up into the cemetery above.

– Oh! I’m loving the view up here! Look at it! Gorgeous!
– Such an insanely lovely view! I love it!

I was basically making note of everything I was seeing, to War cemeteries, to even older grave areas. A worker blowing leaves from the pathway with a leaf-blower, and even pre-WW2 grave-stones. I basically accidentally taken the long way around trying to make sense of the signage. It led me vaguely to where I needed to go, yet sadly left me going up and around, and through various ancient (Feudal Japan) grave-sites. Old heroes, Samurai, monks, priests, etc. Basically, historical figures. I may be wrong, though everything can be summarized as “historical” and “Feudal Japan) the higher up you go in this area.

– The view was glorious.
– What a gorgeous view of Kyoto! I admire this!
– Viewing the area I have been, and shall be back in once more for the day.
– Kyoto Tower and Hokan-ji Temple.

Yes, I walked from Kyoto Tower (on the left) to Hokan-ji Temple, and even further. I walked everywhere in Kyoto. Well, up to this point in the blog post.

– Yup! Like I said, “historical” and “Feudal Japan” gravestones. One wrong move and I could join them with how rough the pathways are.

At this point, in my frustration, I even began talking to myself out loud. I may have accidentally began disrupting the peace of the deceased locals resting in the area, I was however trying to find the actual location of Naganami, the Destroyer from World War 2, and for KanColle’s influences.

I apologize to any souls resting in that area who witnessed me talking to myself out loud, and in slight frustration trying to seek Naganami. I however learned how a valuable lesson about how older gravesites are handled.

After a long while, and passing by some overly awkward (slimy & musky) water fountain dedicated to who partook World War 1 & 2 campaigns, I eventually found her monument.

– Naganami’s monument.
– Naganami from KanColle and the real world monument.
– Naganami poking out on the monument, though tried to be as respectful as possible.

I even forgot to offer some treats, to which I left back in Kyoto Station’s coin locker. I was going to offer some treats to this monument, even mentally facepalming at myself and my forgetfulness. I’ve even respectfully prays (the Japanese way) by bowing and clasping my hands, as the Japanese would at any shrine.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, I kept talking to myself the whole time worrying I may be irritating the spirits in the area. It was so bad I was even messed around with by a curious bee causing me to loudly say “stop!” while others were in the area.

I hope I didn’t disappoint, nor provoke any spirits there with my constant talking out loud to self. I guess I was simply overly nervous, as one probably would be in a cemetery area. I eventually “calmed down”.

I paid my respects, I made note of Naganami’s monument. Time to visit the other point-of-interest in the area, a shrine I’ve seen shown in K-ON! Anime’s school trip in this area. They took a Shinkansen to this area in the anime, hence why I had to go here. For K-ON! Anime in Season 2, episode 4, or so noted by various blogs. Or sometimes not at all.

– Making my way towards
– Oh my god, all those tourists and locals!
– So many people!
– Taking a little detour to make note of a nearby garden. A sign noting not to venture further in.
– Tons of tourists!

I basically walked, and walked, weaving and passing by many people. It took roughly 10-30 minutes to get through everybody. Especially when I visited a few stores noting the same selection of purchasable merchandise. I even obtained a few small mementos from this area, especially relating to ‘Kitsune’, or foxes. Kyoto and foxes, nice! Basically small Kyoto-fox trinkets.

Kiyomizu-dera | The Stage of Kiyomizu (Main Focus):

My main focus is the Kiyomizu-dera structure, as noted in K-ON! Anime. The supports shown on the side while they peaked from the side. I desired for the longest time to visit this area, and I finally had. Would take awhile, and a few more breaks. I however would finally visit this historical landmark in due time.

– Kiyomizudera Niomon Gate
– ‘No Done Zone’

The above image is as to why I left my drone back home, as noted many times in numerous blog posts, from Day 0 & 1, to Kamakura, and various other days. Even Day 20 while at AmanoHashidate. Japan kills the joy of flying a drone, even preventing you from flying one. And when someone does manage to fly one, it’s because they attached a ‘Remote ID’ to their drone, applied a serial number to their drone, and even warned the authorities of where and how to fly the drone. It’s too much effort and a hassle.

I chose to instead take simple images with my Samsung smartphone, sometimes my Lumix, and forgetting I even had a 360 Camera. Mainly smartphone usage.

– Exploring various areas while giving some tourists a wide radius. They were agitating me.
– I ended up resting a while in this general area, even drinking water, making note of things, Twitter’ing, and such. Even noting a female tourist in the area staring at me weirdly, if overly serious. Weird.
– Beautiful.
– Bell gates.
– The redness to these temples are impressive.
– Trying to weave through various people attempting to obtain the “cleanest” image of these landmarks.
– A lovely gorgeous view of Kyoto.
– Looking back at the market and gate.

Hard to recall what, though some tourists were being overly weird in this location. I had to take images prior to and after their weirdness. Even trying to get them out of frame while taking pictures. Trying to view Kyoto Tower in the distance.

– Kyoto Tower in the distance. What I love about Japan is how everything is more-or-less in walking distance, if with assistance from the JR lines.
– Finally making my way into the ‘Kiyomizu-dera’ area. Still packed with tourists, though gradually making my way in there, ticket in hand! 🙂

Everything was gradually going. Slowly following the crowd taking all the sights, sounds, scenery, and smoke from the nearby praying.


Finally made it to the location seen in K-ON! Anime! Nice! The below image shows me looking down from that location towards a drinking shrine they even drank from and prayed for good fortune.

– At last! I finally made it! 🙂
– Panorama
– The Year of the Rabbit!

It’s the Year of the Rabbit that finally gave me the best luck to visit Japan, and I pay my respects to the Rabbit Gods and Deities for finally allowing me to visit Japan. Finally visiting in a proper manner. Thank you!

While other Dutch people and other folks threw me under the bus, even mocking me in the process of having either visited Japan prior to my visit, or degrading my worth and value, I can finally be proud of having visited Japan! Finally! Properly, and without fake political nonsense clouding their idiocies. I’m on my own terms, and in my own Canadian terms having visited Japan. I’m happy! I’m proud! I’m grateful and respectful for all the friends and buddies I’ve befriended in Japan, even if that relationship may or may not last. They may have lost interest in me, the things I’ve said on Twitter/X, yet still respectful and thankful to how they’ve helped me out in Japan.

Thank you! I mean it! 100%.

– As seen on K-ON! Anime during the New Year school trip, or similar. I’ve now seen it for myself.
– Gorgeous!
– I’m genuinely happy to here, yet slightly frustrated having to weave through people. Even waiting to obtain the “perfect” images for blogging purposes.
– Glorious!
– What a beautiful view! Glad I took the moment to spin around for this view.
– Kiyomizu-dera Koyasunoto Pagoda
– That has to be a sun ray, though attempting to capture some Kitsune guardian shrines and a mini-tori gate.
– Looping around, this time under the belly of the temple’s supports.
– Funny thing is, it seems customary to wave at one another from below, just as much as it is from above. Everybody, including myself, would wave back.
– Turtle!
– Military guy!
– Proceeding to venture back.
– Exploring a brief section of military goods, probably where the guy above obtained his uniform. Or maybe it was legit. Also note the Kitsune mask, I have one from Asakusa.

Feeling satisfied, I slowly started venturing back to Kyoto Tower from here. I’ve even considered taking a taxi, deciding against it thanks to how populated and difficult it is. This area isn’t built for tourism on an urban scale. It can’t handle it.

– Once again admiring Japan’s sidewalks.
– Another Anime collaboration?

Stopped by at a nearby Lawson for a snack, even desiring to use a washroom. The washroom was in use, even after having confirmed the door was locked. I moved the handle causing a reaction of the occupant within to knock back. Sorry! I’ll buy a snack in Lawson instead.

– Kyoto National Museum?

Renge?-in (Sanj?sangen-d?) Temple:

As awkward as it is to note this, I hate to urinate so badly I even happily stopped by at this temple to use their washrooms/restroom. Nature was calling so badly I simply had to visit this temple. Why not? It’s also a learning experience, to which I happily paid roughly 500 yen to get in.


Did my business, then proceeded to take off my shoes in the above image’s location. A staff member (lady) even needlessly worried I wasn’t following the rules, even sternly stressing the point to take off my shoes. I was in the process of taking off my shoes, and properly, as noted by the signs. I was putting them in the shoe shelving area.

Don’t worry, I’m not some rude foreigner. I try not to be, but I respect your concern. I’m glad you confronted me with it. Just, you don’t have to worry about me not following the rules when it’s noted.


As with everything, I seem to be catching things near its final hour of operating hours. It’s just doesn’t make visiting everything possible when everything closes halfway throughout the day.

And yes, I’ve seen the inside of the temple. We had to take off our shoes, even noting how we can’t take pictures inside. We saw the 1,001 statues, even seeing older foriegn women paying her respects by placing coins in the coin box. Other tourists making note of what they’re seeing, and even being in between two tourist groups. I was caught in the middle, or at the end of one and beginning of another tourist group.


With that, back to Kyoto Station we go! I feel so relieved, and more knowledgeable about Kyoto’s historical past.

– A miniature shrine next to some apartments.
– Random, yet cute. I like things like these.
– A random old car (in blue) stuck behind a white truck. Looks foreign. Lada?
– Kyoto Tower and a miniature welcome historical gate for the tourists.

Made it back to Kyoto Station, retrieved my luggage, and proceeded to go to my new hotel/Inn location. I walked a far enough distance causing me to become agitated again (sorry). I picked up the phone (as the Inn requested) asking as to where to stay. They gave me the location, now having to head 10-20 minutes to their other area. I checked in, was given instructions on how to stay there, eventually walking my way back. Halfway heading back to where I initially made the phone call from a female staff of the Inn politely (profusely) apologize for giving me the wrong key. Sadly, I was frustrated failing to fully accept her apology. I genuinely respect her apology, I was stressed. I simply wanted to drop my stuff into the hotel.

It’s not the women’s fault, it’s the owner for splitting the place up into two, and 10-20 minutes apart while dragging my luggage around like a weirdo. No fault to the staff member, they’re simply doing their job.

– Yeah…… How to get into your room.
– After having settled in to my new Inn location I debated about using the bus to get back to Kyoto Station. I decided to simply walk.
– Kyoto Tower! Kyoto-Yodobashi.

I saw some Ukraine support messages along the way making note of them, yet shrugged them off. The world is mess, and I wish Canadians received the support Ukranians had obtained. I wish people were just as outraged at Trudeau’s attempt at dictatorship of Canada as much as they were in support of Ukranians.

Nobody cares about Canadians, I guess. Can’t find them in Azur Lane, nor KanColle. Developers treat them like shit in Naval War (WW1 & WW2) games, SCS Software hates them in American Truck Simulator preventing them from having their own paintjob (though oddly present in Euro Truck Sim 2), while also hyping up Ukranians over anything else. Canadians were under a Dictator overthrow, yet I see no morale support for Canadians. SCS Software even ignored actual truckers voicing their concern, even claiming neutrality, while shunning everything Russian. It’s not too much to ask to implement an official skin of Canadians, unless you genuinely hate Canadians over a false mainstream narrative while pretending to be allegedly “neutral”. Everything is so god damn fake these days to the point I desire to vulgarly curse. I have to be “seiso”, or “pure” for blogging sake. I have to keep up some appearances, even if it’s in vain.

The world is corrupted, and I’m upset about many fake things happening. Even the Japanese are cut up in a web of lies. It’s depressing. No wonder Japanese are also suicidal. No wonder the guy in Sapporo pulled out a knife shouting – “Don’t you find it strange to live in a world like this?” – in Sapporo Station, Hokkaido. Yes, I genuinely do find it strange. Everything is wibbly-wobbly.

Nobody [redacted] cares about Canada, especially on the naval front, and it makes me sad. Depressed. Everybody only cares about mainstream nonsense. It’s depressing.

– Trying to visit Kyoto Tower, this time trying to see it through to the end.
– Kyoto Tower Mascot.

After having examined the sign, even eavesdropping on people desiring to get in, I followed them to the other side. I was listening in on what other people were noting going inside, and then the other way to get into Kyoto Tower this time. I needed that Kyoto Tower stamp!

– At last! I have the ticket! My persistence paid off this time! 🙂
– I’m in! I’m also in a solo elevator ride in a Kyoto-themed elevator.
– Kyoto Tower x Hibike! Euphonium Anime collaboration!

I still need to finish the second season, third, and whatever other season it has. As an ex-Trumpet player this Anime genuinely spoke to me, hence the high respect it has from me. I admire this Anime, even if I struggled to keep up with the flow of Anime episode releases. Too much to view at once.

– Bottoms up!
– Actual Kyoto meets virtual guide Kyoto.
– Almost like a spaceship.
– Trying to make note of areas I previously noted, while also doing a 360 around the tower.
– Kyoto Tower stamp get! And some Hibike! Anime hype! 🙂
– Do you see what I see? Look at the magical view! 🙂
– They even have/had an Hibike! Train! I’m jealous! I want to see this!
– This looks familiar. It’s the area I was in earlier today. 😉
– Shrine and mascot.
– Kyoto Station.
– Kyoto Station
– Video – Viewing Kyoto Station and trains going through.
– Viewing To-ji Gojunoto (Five Story Pagoda)
– Viewing To-ji Gojunoto (Five Story Pagoda) through a viewfinder.
– I initially assumed these were planes. Nope! They’re shrines, or similar.

I was trying to show some curious Nordic women what I was seeing (she was being curious) yet she rudely sidelined me. Sure, I was showing the wrong person what I was seeing, yet she was genuinely curious. Her boyfriend (or husband) grabbed her invisible leash pulling her away from me by showing her something else. That really agitated me (hit a nerve).

I was trying to be nice! Rude! If you want to say something is rude, THAT is rude!

Video – Viewing the Higashi Hongan-ji Temple area, and around.
– Water fountain. I was “spying” on people waking around it, even resting at the fountain. It was neat watching the daily life of Kyoto residents and tourist folks.
– Numerous duplicate images trying to get the best image.
– I love this perspective! The glow and the shine of the traffic. It’s like viewing it through a lens of water.
– Viewing H?kan-ji Temple and the temple I was at previously, this time at night.
– H?kan-ji Temple & The Stage of Kiyomizu.
– National Kyoto Museum?
– Hibike! Euphonium 2 collaboration PV.
– Video – Viewing an incoming train into Kyoto Station.
– Exiting the tower gradually making note of more Hibike collab decorations.
– Bought as many coins as I could relating to Hibike Euphonium Anime. Took my favourite ones instead of all. I only had cash for certain amounts.
– Nice! Taking a picture (Am genuinely happy). I may look sad, I’m however tired.

The female staff looked at me weirdly, but it is what it is. I had to do what I needed to do. It’s not everyday I’m in Kyoto.

Hungry, I went to Kyoto Station for some food. I even desired to spend my giant plastic bag sack of coins in a ticket coin machine to use them up. In hindsight, I should have gone to 7/11 to have it added onto my PASMO. I was cursing at the machine giving me errors to the point when I was done the female staff member had to gain special access to see how much I screwed up their machine. Sorry!

I’m genuinely 100% sorry for venting and wasting your time with the coins. I wanted to use up all the coins. My coin purse was overflowing, the one I obtained from Kure’s Yamato museum. Had to wait a fair amount of time prior to eating, though that’s fair. Small place, and everybody desires to eat. The restaurant was located at the very top of Kyoto Station.

– Ramen and beer! I awkwardly made it back to my inn thanks to this.
– Awkwardly making my way back to the inn through the older streets of Kyoto.
– As much as I vented and cursed, I still had a great view of Kyoto Tower! I shouldn’t have vented. For a brief moment I even lied to myself about how it’s like to live in this area viewing the Kyoto Tower. What it would be like to live here viewing this tower day and night.
– Gorgeous!
– Panorama.
– Mostly zoomed in.

I genuinely had a great day. Sure, I was stress and frustrated from all the solo traveling. I’m sure if I had a friend with me I may have been more tame, but I hope it’s understandable I meant no harm, no foul. Everything is meant in a neutral Canadian manner. My temper is something for myself to control, and I need to learn to control it. Sadly, I feel the answer to that is by having a shoulder to lean on, and I may not be allowed to have it thanks to how things have been going up until now. I need my other half; My significant other, THEN my temper would be on a more calmer side.

If you want something done right you have to do it yourself. With all the years I’ve been sabotaged, berated, and disrespected, it genuinely makes me happy I could still have fun and be myself in Japan, and in Kyoto. I’m happy for everything the Japanese locals have done to aid me in my travels, and to make me feel welcome. Sorry about my temper, it is who I am thanks to how people in Canada had treated me. It’s something I need to work on, and hopefully someone shall meet me halfway on in the romance side of things.

I’m happy having visited the various historical sites, for the tour staff for trying to help me out when I was making note of that stage for Rising World, and for the blessing of the ‘Year of the Rabbit’. Thank you! I had great fun in Kyoto as well. Sadly, I screwed up with the coin machine. It’s a lesson learned. You live and learn. Even in the bad there is good.

Until next time! Thanks for reading and viewing. 🙂