Trip to Japan – Day 15 (2023)

– “I love Kita-Ku!~”

This blogpost covers the day of April 4nd, 2023 while in Osaka.

Having failed my Super Nintendo World adventures the day previous I was on a mission to visit Universal Studio on this day. Was both woken up (maybe), even constantly hearing loud speaker noises after having woken up fairly early in the morning. Went to the the Café (Partnered with the hotel) to eat, or I may have gone to the Conbini instead (or maybe Café & conbini) to then head off to Universal City. I needed my drink, a few snacks, and an adventure.

As obnoxious as these election vehicles with speakers are, it’s an interesting experience I have only heard from locals. They shout at voters, even roam up and down streets. There are even anime based on them, tame to lewd levels. Waving at them gains an amusing reaction.

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– My planned route for the day taking me from Tanimachi Line to Osaka Loop, and into Universal City.
– Arrival at Universal City properly this time.
– I came here for Mario, and solely for Mario.

Had to bounce between line-to-line thanks to language barriers. Struggled to confirm where I was going, where to go, and eventually had my bag searched. Thankfully I was allowed to bring the water inside, just as long as I didn’t drink it. I saw various things I wasn’t allowed to bring inside Universal City, thankfully having left most of it back at the hotel.

I even had to eat a few things prior to entering, or so I recall.

– I’m in! I’m in, and solely for Mario.

Sadly, everything shall end up being bittersweet. You’ll find out as things progress.

– Harry Potter suitcases

I was basically window shopping, gift store to gift store. I was exploring everything, especially to find gifts for my roommate. Was tempted in purchasing a Harry Potter wand. The temptations were great, yet had to remind myself of being a foreigner in Japan with little-to-no luggage space. I had to do things on a budget. Everything in moderation!

– Spy x Family bentos, Nintendo shop, and other great amusements.
– Map of Universal City. I basically went up and around, clockwise pattern (for the most part).
– Another Nintendo giftshop.
– Strongly desired to visit the Terminator attraction, sadly it was out of service. Shame.
– Closed, for the time being.
– Trying to selfie as much as I can to prove I was in Japan, Osaka, and Universal Studio.

I had to wait for the Mario lottery to progress to see if I was allowed to enter the Nintendo World park, or not. I went exploring to see what all the fuss was about, and to hopefully partake in Mario goodies.

– The face I eventually shall have for real, especially after having been denied into [Redacted].
– Spiderman seems to be fairly low-populated. Let’s go!
– !!!!!! Yikes! This line up is brutal, and many levels and layers also. Feels like we’re being lined up like cattle. Feels humiliatingly from this perspective.

I’m well aware Japan’s culture is built up on lines and line-ups, I however desire no part of it. The more people in a line-up the more popular a place is, to the point scammers hire line-waiters to wait in line to artificially advertise a place’s popularity.

As a Canadian, this is a big no-no. No way. I still stuck with this, even typing up a venting rant relating to Rising World, and how much the community sucks for having bullied me; For being a bunch of lazy turds. I had a Nordic young couple in front of me, and a group of teenage male teens (street types) behind me. The Japanese male teens occasionally peaked at what I was typing (can be found on Youtube notes) to see if they could make sense of it. They weren’t being covert about it.

As for the Nordic couple in front of me? I kept accidentally stepping on the poor girl’s heel. I was expecting to get scolded, yelled at, and all the horribleness of accidents. She clearly talked to her boyfriend about how I kept stepping on her back heel, and how the line-up was crap, yet in her own European native language. Whenever we shuffled forward I would accidentally step on her heel, regretting each and every encounter.

I felt so trash waiting in line, for expecting to be accused of accidentally assaulting the poor girl’s heels over and over again. I was expecting to be scolded, slapped, etc. I wasn’t in a happy place.

– 130 min wait.
– Stack of newspapers.

This line up was genuinely stupid, and highly insane. Wasn’t worth it, especially with knowing how you had to pay a stupid gimmick of having to pay double, or even triple for these attractions to STILL WAIT. I hate this. Wait, wait, wait… Constantly waiting. 2 hours here, 3 hours there. Your day is basically wasted.

Half, or even most of the time is spent waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I hate this. I genuinely hate waiting. I have the patience, but for a 1 month trip (few days in Osaka), this genuinely isn’t worth it.

– Finally we’re in the final quarter of the wait, now with decorated offices, and etc. It’s still a lengthy waiting room. Every picture is roughly 10-20 minutes in interval.
– Japanese teens behind me were trying to read every English sign. If they wanted to we could have talked, they chose to stay in their own bubble, and me in my own bubble. If you tapped my shoulder to try talking maybe I could have conversed with you guys.
– MORE WAITING AND LINES?! GIVE ME A BREAK! What the flying fuck!

No, seriously! Pardon my swearing, but what is this line-up garbage. What the flying fuck is this….. Even the people around me kept noting and commentating how stupid these line-ups were. All these stupid cattle-like line-ups just so you can part with your cash to spend on their VIP trash.

I could have went to other, even more traditional, Osaka locations. Coworker suggested I visit Super Nintendo World, and even gaming/Anime friends. Instead, I felt insulted.

– A miniature of the ride we were to take.

The ride itself was short, yet sweet. The ride kept shaking up and down, left and ride. It was somewhat violent at times, and even with fire roaring at the audience. Water was also being sprayed on people. It was genuinely a great time. Sadly, it was a short 5-10 minute ride for a 2 hour wait. I’m not doing that again.

I admire Spiderman, and I admire the whole 5-10 minute ride. Sadly, it was too short and felt cheated. I thankfully felt a bit shook up for a good 10-20 minutes after the ride, though it could have been much longer of a ride. More rewarding for the wait time.

The guy next to me was monotoned, even though I tried fake-reacting to the rides by mimicking the folks in the ride. If they screamed, I screamed. If they reacted, I reacted. I pretended to be surprised, scared, etc. Well, at least half the time.

What a mood killer.

Let’s explore some more.

Various performances and attractions to be seen.

– Video – A street performance.

Admiring all these older vehicles. It’s nice to see them.


Crazy line-ups for everything. Insane! I just can’t. I wasn’t raised to be that insanely patient, and not with the Mario lottery in effect. If I won I wouldn’t have been able to reach the theme park in time. Hypothetically, in this case.

– Camera is sometimes fast or slow…. Timing was off, yet the cars are neat. Kon!

Few more window shopping, and eventually into the Jaws attraction side of things. My parents had me grow up on Jaws, and it was indeed fairly freaky. Disney movies were freakier than what Jaws was, and that says something. Jaws was just a neat shark story, and I admire it for how I grew up on it. Sadly, couldn’t do much. I took many images in respect to my childhood memories, my parents, and the better times before America went all politically fake with things.


Welcome to Jurassic Park!

Again, my lovely childhood with the three movies, various toys, and real-world happenings. A waitress (in Ottawa, and in the 1990’s) assumed my electric dinosaur toy was a baby. I just had to visit this theme park section, especially for childhood reasonings. I grew up on this!

– I’ll give respect where it is due, and it’s with the attention to detailing to this real-world Jurassic Park.
– Observing the Jurassic Park ride, waterfalls, etc.
– Video – Soaked to the bone.
– My childhood! <3
– Not Chosen.


Way to further insult me. I know luck is luck, and a draw is a draw. It’s all RNG, yet still….. I feel insulted. Yes, maybe I could have had a better chance in entering the theme park if I dropped $400, or so. Even so, I’m annoyed.

I see fake Twitter influencers and personalities being all corny and fake, yet I had to be denied. They get all the love, yet I have to be slapped aside. They get 50 billion likes, have the retweets, yet I’m not allowed to visit a god damn Super Nintendo World attraction. I hate Universal Studios. Too god damn greedy. I genuinely hate it. An ‘waiting in line’ simulator, and I even made note of this on Twitter (now X). I was livid then, and slightly frustrated now. Left a sour taste in my mouth, or so the saying goes. It ruined my day. I have to see people fake-boasting how they partook in Harry Potter and Harry Potter, yet I get denied by some stupid RNG nonsense.

Well, I paid a fair amount for my ticket so I had to make the most of it. Let’s explore what else is explorable. Exploring further passive attractions, and other points of interest. I hated Mario for the rest of my trip here on out, and even months later. Every time I saw Mario then on I kept thinking – “How could you betray me like this?! I grew up on Mario, how could you betray me…… I believed in you!” – with everything Japanese being better than anything than American oriented.

[I even dislike Universal Studio, and how they set this up. They should have made more theme parks with Mario making it more accessible, even if it was half the scale. A roaming attraction, or something (View Gundam Statues in Daiba, Yokohama, for example).]

– A moving Dinosaur in a cage.
– Jurassic Park, the Ride.
– Coca Cola Jurassic Park.
– The Flying Dinosaur – Avoided this ride as well for safety, fears, and time restraints. Not for Mario, but other desires.
– Yeah, no. I’m not waiting that long again. Go to hell. Screw you!

Yes, I’m livid and bitter. How could I not be?! I failed to win the lottery, and everything is an “waiting in line” simulator. If I desired to wait in line I would simply do that with anything related to the Canadian Government and their ‘service centers’. Basically, like the time I had to obtain new Provincial IDs and passport, among other nonsense.

– The flying ride.
– Fossil Fuels.

Sadly, as noted many times now you have to wait ages to even eat gimmick food and drinks. Not worth it. This made me instead desire Osaka’s Snack Park. Screw this…….


A performance was in play with a showcase of dinosaur eggs, roaming dinosaurs, and baby dinosaur. It was neat.

– Dino egg & baby.
– That’s a crazy stare by a kid. Yikes…… Seems like a death stare. Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~
– Video – Triceratops parading around the area.
– Video: A more kid-version of taming a raptor, the theme-park version. Corny because of kids, yet still neat.
– The closest I’m going to get to Super Nintendo World.

Frustrated, yes. Everybody else is able to boast, even goof off to the point staff has to tell fellow foreigners (gaijin) to stop being stupid. I was rejected, all RNG based. Salty, angry, livid, frustrated, cranky. I had a few more locations to visit prior to my departing of the theme-park for Osaka Snack Park.

I genuinely desired to visit Osaka’s Snack Park more and more as time went by. I hated it here. The amount of greed and waiting. I hated it at this point.

– Singular fireworks being shot off while observing the coin block.
– Pipe!

I basically walked up to the cut-off point with a rope barrier. A female Japanese attendant came up to me to which I simply went – “hai” – for “hi”. I meant it as more of a “hello”, not “yes”. She walked off.

Peeved/livid, I went off to visit other areas before leaving. Every accessible nook and cranny. I sadly couldn’t visit Harry Potter theme park.

– To hell with you.
– More Jaws memories for myself.

Visiting the more kid and feminine side of the park. I know a friend with a partner who admires Hello Kitty stuff. Let’s see if I can find anything for them.

– Yeah, I do not belong here.

[10-20 min later of exploring]

– A Mario Restaurant with an insane line-up. Nah, I’m not into your stupid line-ups.

Leaving the park while seeing Woody the Woodpecker, also a part of my childhood. The good memories, sadly now corrupted by American greed in Japan. 1990’s were the best for American media, Japan now holding the spotlight since 2000 onwards. Japan, you’re genuinely the best here when it comes to media. Anime is my escapism. American media was my childhood, Japan Anime being the rest of my personality.


Osaka Snack Park time!:

Now, for real, I was seeking my way out while loosely being reminded of Nier: Automata’s Amusement Park section. The music, the level, and the fond memories that game had to offer while seeking a way out. I eventually found my way out, even seeking passage back to Osaka itself via their JR Rail network. Saw some interesting ‘Significant delays’.

– Nier Automata – Amusement Park theme. (Makes more sense in visual context.)
– What a lovely view, especially from the JR trains. JR Rail offering some of the best views you could ever obtain.

In my confusion, and because Google Maps was being idiotic, I ended up at Bentencho Station. I even knew this was wrong, yet still falsely trusted Google Maps. Trains are supposed to go a specific direction, and this was heading in the opposite direction I had desired.

I wasn’t having a great time at this point. My anger and frustration from Universal Studio was showing, especially in my mistakes. At times like these I genuinely wish and desired I had a partner to keep me anchored in neutrality. Alas, I’m supposed to be punished at every angle.

Having noticed the error, and slight panic, I jumped off the train to change platforms (at Bentencho Station) to head to Osaka itself.

– Wrong station, moron! Had to make my way back to Osaka by reversing the direction. Changing platforms on the opposite direction.

[Eventual Arrival at Osaka & Osaka’s Snack Park; Memory is hazy of process in arriving at Snack Park from high amounts of frustration.]

– Yummy!~
– Guy who invited me to drink previously finally roped me in to try his drink this time around. Sure, why not. Let’s be curious.
– Desired this Salmon dish, to which I was gestured to order from menu on the counter. Sure.
– Ate it properly at first, to which I then mixed the liquids in the dish itself. I was frustrated, even curious.

Having tasted two meals, and one drink, I decided to explore Osaka’s mall nearby for a Daiso. I explored almost every floor and section of the mall; Every Anime, figure, Nintendo, and other sections. If it was themed to me, I visited the areas. Needed some deck holders, among other goodies. My goal was to seek out a Daiso for some KanColle card holders. I happened to purchase some prior to my visit to Daiso, concluding Daiso had the worst deck cases. The mall itself contained better card cases than what Daiso had to offer, or at least in this location.

Osaka JR Station Mall:

The size of this place really caught me off guard. Whatever you needed was in this area. Genuinely amazing.

– Various Frame Arms Girls and similar collection.
– Ha! When I desired to collect Macross and Muv-Luv back in the day I wasn’t allowed. Japan has everything.
– Jintsuu, for an American KanColle friend.
– Genuinely admire how these walkways and pathways are built. Very fancy.
– Osaka Ferris Wheel.
– Obtained this for my KanColle cards. Sadly, too small. Gifted it to my friend to hold coins, or whichever.
– Obtained some KanColle models kits. Should have picked from the same box, not different.
– Obtained Yahagi (x2) & Yamato.
– Yahagi!
– At least the secondary card holders ended up working, for now. The more cards I obtained the less efficient it became.

Angry about the whole Super Nintendo World nonsense I decided to over-play KanColle Arcade burning through a few hundred dollars worth of pocket change. Many 1,000 yen bills. In hindsight I should have visited other landmarks of Osaka, yet instead I took out my frustration out on KanColle Arcade. What is done is done, and it’s all Universal Studio’s fault.

– My beloved Shouhou <3.
– Shouhou genuinely looks so much better in her 3D form
– I was gifted Yamato by Kure locals, had to give her a test spin., She obviously drank most of my fuel, yet was nice seeing her. Yamato genuinely helped me progress slightly further into the game, even if I was being sluggish, etc.

Yamato was a waifu to an ex-Dutch friend, someone who also admired Haruna at the same time. I ended up happily obtaining Yamato in the KanColle Web version, even Yahagi to which this ex-Dutch friend indirectly threw me under the bus for. Mainly for Tumblr nonsense, lightly for KanColle drama. When I obtained both Yamato & Yahagi I clearly saw him sideline KanColle. As the months and years went by everything was always allegedly my fault, even though they themselves believed everything a U.K friend told them. They were brainwashed by fake political madness (as had I during 2017 with American politics) to which we were at odds at one another. He believed everything his U.K friend told him, even refusing to give me the benefit of the doubt. He had a very clouded mind, something to which we can no longer be friends for, especially now. Even knowing the severity of the corruption, we still can no longer can be friends. Everything shall be falsely pinned on me, yet with the way the Western world is collapsing and degrading, it makes sense as to why he was as idiotic as he was, and myself in Canadian alignment of corruption. Europe was ripe for a social collapse, and similar in U.S.A and Canada. We’re idiots, Japan & Russia are both aware of this.

I eventually snapped out of my brainwashing (for the most part) after hearing one of Trump’s speech pre-election, even the false narratives about how ‘Freedom Convoy’ are falsely labeled as ‘Nazi’, terrorists, etc. All this nonsense when people are becoming homeless, starving, and losing their way of life. I saw how much Western media lies to its citizens, even framing them in false lights. It’s disgusting, it’s basically how how North Korea & China are set up, yet in practice in Canada. I wish I was joking.

Why bring this all up? The Dutch betrayal and Politics? [In relation to Yamato card]
Yamato, Yahagi, and Haruna are emotionally charged shipgirls. They’re indeed lovely shipgirls, and I genuinely do admire them. They sadly hold strong emotional baggage. They have a curse on them, as they do in reality. They’re respected shipgirls to this ex-Dutch friend who betrayed every aspect of my friendship to him. Refused to give me the benefit of the doubt, fully diving into the deep end of social corruption. I tried being kind, he became delusional and politically corrupted, as various Dutch folks had become. One even openly admires ResetEra, a forum which raids indie games, AAA, and other innocent game developers, with the special aid of fake game journalists. They enjoy bullying Asian artists, Pixiv artists, and even support sexual child harassment. Every social justice warrior tends to have skeletons in their closest, especially having violated minors/child porn. From CNN, Vice News, ResetEra, and other folks. Dutch folks are a gullible bunch, or so I discovered the hard way. The same politics which defends child porn, yet shuns a traditional and normal life.

Japan was so much better in its stance. I felt more human in Japan. Japan showed me kindness, the Dutch person threw me under the bus over false political nonsense. It was stupid. I’m thankful to Japan (those in Kure) allowing me to be positive again, even if I’m blogging negativities for blogging sake. I genuinely respect the gesture, even happily showing Yamato time and again in an attempt at equal respect in return. Basically showing Yamato is in safe hands. Card isn’t damaged.

[In short: Yamato, Haruna, & Yahagi are politically charged ship girls in my corrupted social circle. Dutch in my social circle tend to be morally & politically corrupted. Even regardless of this, I still genuinely admire Yamato, the kind gesture of those in Kure, and those who have been kind to me. I genuinely admire Japan’s more human-like gestures and nature to things. Yamato is genuinely awesome.]


Roughly played KanColle till late in the evening. Stopped off at Osaka’s JR station to head back to hotel via JR train. While on-route I took a quick pitstop at an Osaka Station’s conbini (Lawson) to unknowingly obtain some KanColle binders/folders. I sadly pestered the conbini staff a little to much, even having to use my translator to make sense of the promotion. They bailed on me the first time, helping me properly the second time. Had to buy 3 snacks for one KanColle-themed binder/folder/sleeve. As noted in the above image I purchased a lot of snacks, a few Sapporo beers, and lost my sanity & some dignity.

The staff were probably viewing me as an idiot, and they have the right to view me as an idiot that night. Betrayed by Universal Studio, over-playing KanColle Arcade, and just losing my mind. At least I have the KanColle sleeves? Victory?

Continued off to take my JR Train back to my hotel.


The night was forgotten, and even hazy. I’m certain the Sapporo beers clouded up my mind even further to which my night may have turned into pouting and longing for a female partner. It is what it is. Simply pondered how much everything always has to be my fault, how I’m not allowed to have a female partner (society’s wishes), and how I could have done other things instead of pouting at the Namco arcade playing KanColle Arcade. All I’m aware is how everything is always my fault. Everything always has to be my fault. I’m not allowed to have certain things because everything is always my fault.

Too much guilt, pouting, and frustration. I couldn’t keep myself emotionally grounded. Beer made me forget the rest of the night. Though, the next morning allowed me to obtain the lovely Azur Lane skins from the Azur Lane event active during my visit then.

Screenshot_20230405_000935_Azur Lane
Screenshot_20230405_012419_Azur Lane
– The star of the Japanese Azur Lane promotional trailer, something I highly admired while in Japan.
Screenshot_20230405_012520_Azur Lane
– Cute.

Better to share the Azur Lane stuff now, and not in the next blog post. Happily admiring the Japanese Azur Lane trailer which happily (and freely) played on Japanese TV. Good times, great vibes.

At least KanColle and Azur Lane both know how to cheer me up. Japan’s actual forms of escapism is great (excluding Universal Studio). Japan’s actual attractions, landmarks, and museums are far better. Thanks for your hospitality. 😉