Trip to Japan – Day 29 (2023)

– Loving these more traditional styled homes nestled into the urban setting of Japan and Sapporo. Very beautiful.

This blogpost covers the day of April 18th, 2023 while in Sapporo, heading back to Tokyo via Narita.

It’s about that time I leave Sapporo to head back to Tokyo for my final days in Japan. It’s one of those bittersweet moments, even knowing this shall be my final day in Sapporo.

Woke up at 8:40 AM, had poor sleep, and rushed to pack up my final things prior to checking out. I basically ate, packed up, even assuming I misplaced a certain “egg”. I checked out, I hurriedly left knowing I may have damaged what I assumed was a “dryer” and just left for Tokyo. I had no time to be scolded. I was also already feeling down as it was, I didn’t need any more negativity weighing me down. I had to go back to Tokyo with some heavy heart.

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The night prior (transit research):

Checking up on some transit options on how to reach Sapporo Airport, how to get to Narita, how to get to Tokyo, etc. I was briefly checking my destinations the night before.

– Booking my hotel at Akasuka for my planned stop. I had to go via Narita to my stop, hence this hotel. Was the only one available.
– Trying to figure out how to get from Narita to Tokyo prior to the flight. I would eventually figure it out at Narita.

Even how to get from from Asakusa to Yokosuka for my military boat cruise.


The Actual Day – The Flight Back to Tokyo:

The actual day had me checking out of the hotel, walking my way to Sapporo Station, and taking the train back to New Chitose Airport. It was an awkward trip, yet a decent one. I made due with taking images of the scenery, and even videos. I even personally noticed scenery I decided to visit prior to my trip, even seeing them updated enroute back to the airport.

– Walking around on a fine day in Sapporo. Wish I had this weather while I was in Sapporo.
– People taking pictures of the Cherry blossoms.
– Lovely cherry blossoms! 🙂
– With my luggage in tow, I walked my way back to Sapporo Station re-admiring the beauty I came to admire.
– Trying to get both the fountain and the Sapporo Tower in view. (10:53 AM)
– Passing by a TV crew.
– What a beautiful view. Shame I had to miss out on your visit thanks to your rennovations.
– Sapporo Station is a beautiful place. I actually admire this location.
– Do not feed the pigeons!

Made my way in, and to my platform. I eventually made it onto my train, if forgetting how I ventured into it. I was tunnel-visioned on making it to the train.

– On the train, and off we go!

Good bye, Sapporo! I shall be back. It was nice while I was here, yet wish I had this weather on this day for my whole stay in Sapporo. I was being trolled by the Sapporo weather Gods. All the seats were also taken causing me to stand at the very back of the train to obtain the view you see above. It allowed me to take pictures and videos freely.

– Admiring the train-related scenery.
– Admiring an area I desired to visit prior to my trip to Sapporo. I desired to bike/cycle along the pathways, as seen in this image. Also admiring the mountains in the background.

I always dreamed about Ottawa having mountains, maybe this is what I actually dreamed about. I probably had various dreams relating to Sapporo and its scenic mountains. Maybe I was stabbed in a past life as a Japanese person allowing me to be reborn as a Canadian in Ottawa, or maybe that’s also purely my imagination. Maybe I’m just being delusional, though I had horrible dreams of being stabbed in the back (or in the gut) when I was a kid. Those dreams were almost re-occurring. Never had them since, only when as a kid. It is said you can recall your alleged “past-life” when you’re a kid. I also had a dream where I was shot in the torso while laying in a back seat of a car next to a road. Maybe it was a gun, or a knife. Those dreams stuck out harshly with the amount of pain I’ve felt in my dreams, and again, when I was a kid. When I was young.

I’m entertaining the thought, yet won’t jump onto it fully.

Or to those who desire to be logical, I’m simply dreaming of Ottawa having proper transit networks and mountains because of Gatineau’s mountains, the French side of Ottawa. I feel my more “imaginative” Japanese take hits more of the pieces. Sapporo seems to fit what I’ve seen in my dreams.

Life is a mystery.

– Beautiful Japan.
– Video – Had to video-capture a train ride back to New Chitose while admiring the scenery.
– Loving the different types of trains.
– Please don’t rush on the train, among other advertisements. JR Hokkaido Head Line.
– More trains!
– Trains!
– Random scenic image of cargo trains. We’ve seen them in Osaka.
– Passing by a lovely stream.
– Kitahirosma – Es Con Field Hokkaido (Baseball field).

Prior to my trip to Japan I had assumed this was a shopping mall. I genuinely desired to cycle from Sapporo to this location via the bikepaths shown on Google Maps. I had a whole different section I desired to visit, failing to do that. I failed to visit half the things on my Sapporo list. I however saw it while leaving Sapporo.

(I also saw a horrible Cafe, of the LGBTQ variety, listed on Google maps prior to my trip. Don’t pollute Hokkaido like that. Don’t destroy Japan with your fake political garbage. Let Japan be clean, at least in the Japanese way. I’ll show the REAL Japan, not the fake kind.)

I genuinely desired to take my time going from Sapporo to Kitahiroshima, visit a Cafe, and head back to Sapporo the way I came. Also, I desired to take train pictures and videos along the route. Shame that never happened. I had to “play it safe”.


I genuinely was curious in knowing what they were building, and now I know!

– That’s beautiful! I also unknowingly captured some brown buildings of interesting design. Noted.
– What an interesting area.
– Google Maps of Es Con Field Hokkaido, for reference.
– What a lovely gorgeous area. Hokkaido is genuinely gorgeous. I’m sure people can take Hokkaido for granted, this is however gorgeous.
– Yes, I was at the very back of the train unable to sit anywhere. I’m not sure if this was allowed, I however stood here. Nobody told me otherwise, and all the seats were taken.
– The farming lands of Hokkaido.
– If I wasn’t paying attention I could easily mistake this for Ontario, Canada.
– Bike parking storage. Must be the first time I actually saw this while in Japan.

Looking back at these train-related images is new to me. I never looked back until making this blog posting. It’s like seeing a whole new perspective of Japan, yet it’s of my own capturing. Awesome new experiences!

The mountains of Hokkaido are awesome. I love how they compliment the scenery, as it would for British Columbia.

– Japanese residents have actually been complaining about solar panels doing damage to the environment, which comes off as ironic. I agree with them. All this alleged “green energy” is fake as heck. You can’t even repair them, nor recycle. Japan was blackmailed into idiocy. And again, Japanese locals themselves have stated how much they hate solar panels. A stain on the scenery. They disrupt the balance of the environment.
– I spy some neat mountains and Domino’s Pizza.
– Aeon shopping center.
– Mountain focus.
– Mountains focus.
– Mountains focus.

Finally arrived at New Chitose airport for the return trip. Navigated my way from the train to the Peach Airline terminal area.

– Arrival at New Chitose.
– The various trains of Hokkaido. (+12*C, with a low of +1*C)
– Revisiting the area I obtained my stamp at, even seeing lovely Japanese trains displays for the kids.
– Hello Kitty Happy Flight Poster.
– Snow Miku Sky Town!
– Nearing my Air Peach terminal. Even seeing a lovely Laweson Conbini.

I waited at the seat (as loosely seen off-image in the leftern-most side) just sitting, waiting for the time to come around. I was considering what I could have done while waiting at the airport while in Sapporo, this wasn’t like Osaka though. I simply had to wait, and wait from 12 PM till whenever my flight was ready at 15:30 (3:20 PM).

I also kept hearing military planes taking off and flying around, yet had no proper vantage points to see them.

While waiting, I was also playing Kairosoft’s ‘Tropical Resort Story’ on my Steam Deck. A nice minimalistic game allowing for long-term gameplay.

– MM578 from Sapporo to Tokyo-Narita.
– Trying to make sure what I was hearing. Apparently a Seoul flight lands at Sapporo. Interesting. I was however hearing military planes flying around New Chitose Airport.

When the time came we proceeded to the Peach check-in machine to check in. We then proceeded to have our luggage checked over, guided to the proper area to have the luggage scanned and directed towards the plane. There was a decent line-up of us trying to have our luggages accepted through their scanning machine. Once accepted, I asked if things were fine, they were. I went to the inner waiting area.

– Botan (Hololive) says – “Pickles!”
– Terminal 2 – MM578, to Narita.

While waiting I checked up on Pokemon GO, even hearing a funny announcement relating to Kushiro.

Kushiro – Gate 0

Is there such a thing? Kushiro? Gate 0? I genuinely desired to visit Kushiro, it however is way out of the way. Why do I desire to visit Kushiro? Microsoft Flight Simulator, and for two landmarks. One is an old steam train, another is a clock in Kushiro. Who knows what I would find over in Kushiro. It’s sadly not on my plans during my trip this time.

Screenshot_20230418_143636_Pokmon GO
– Pokemon GO showing me what’s around New Chitose. Fancy!
– Vulpix! I spy a Pokemon Vulpix. Yes, I went to take a picture of this prior to lining up to board. I don’t see this every day. Nice!
– Air DO Vulpix, WOOOO!~ Vulpix is one of my favourite Pokemon because of ‘Kitsune’ (fox girls on Pixiv), and because of Ninetales. Good stuff!
– I took as many pictures hoping at least one would be good. Yes, this Vulpix plane is that highly special to me. 🙂
– Vulpix! 🙂
– Vulpix Air DO!

As I said, I took every angle and POV I was allowed to do. I wasn’t being excessive, I however tried to still respectfully follow the rules. I lined up, was allowed to board, and eventually was on my way back to Narita, also while taking pictures of the overly lovely Vulpix Air DO plane. Kon!~ Kon!~

– Air Peach back to Narita. I have a lovely view of the outside, purposely having a window seat. I need to see the beauty of Japan. 😉
– Making note of the various planes in my POV, especially the ANA Propeller plane. I’m genuinely hoping that’s a De Havilland aircraft.
– I KNEW I HEARD MILITARY PLANES! F-15, or F-16. Something like that.
Japan Airforce.
– Lovely views of Hokkaido.

The guy next to me instructed me to place my luggage properly under the seat, even asking if it’s fine. I tried, it’s however becoming bulkier with Japanese goodies. I tried my best to shove it under the seat. He may have been slightly annoyed with me.

– 3:32 PM, tracking my flight to Narita via Google Maps GPS.
– I love Japan for their formalities. Bowing us off. Stay awesome, Japan. 😉
– Bowing and waving. Nice!
– There’s one of those military planes!
– Woooosh!~ Military fly-by! 🙂
– Video – Taking off from Sapporo while the military planes fly nearly parallel with our plane. Can hear both the plane and the military aircraft.
– A smoky Hokkaido and a lovely port town. Even seeing a lovely hidden lake, something I originally desired to see personally.
– Boat!
– Boat!
– Coudy around the Aomori area.
– Interesting to note how the clouds change types the more you progress closer to Tokyo.
– Narita is looking moody with the clouds. Tracking my flight with Google Maps GPS.
– Video – A lovely landing into Narita Airport. If anything, it may have been “too calm”. Still great though.
– Caught this POV at the correct time, a second prior to spoilers retracting.
– Making our way to the gate.
– Making our way into the JAL gate, though we needed a bus to get to where we actually were going.
– Off the plane, and onto the bus! 🙂
– A quick-shot of a ‘Welcome!” sign.

Everything was fine, except for me trying to speed-walk up a flight of stairs. I hogged the leftern-most railing trying to make my way up. A guy overtook me, especially with how heavy my bag was. I was trying to reach the baggage area. I agree, I should have slowed down. I’m took quick and early relating to flights and baggage.

– Waiting at my baggage area. Someone was also missing their luggage. It kept going around, and around.

I was waiting a lengthy amount of time making me desire to use the washroom you see in the background (back right of the image). As soon as I motioned to enter I noticed my luggage plopping onto the belt. I retrieved it, ran to the washroom, and took my time going to where I needed.

I was basically the only one left at this point. Having used the washroom allowed people to vacate the area. I even attempted to take a picture of an TV monitor sign noting how one shouldn’t use Drones in Japan. I waited, and waited. I gave up, proceeding to my next area.

– Welcome back to Japan, from Japan. I also see Super Mario advertisements.
– Making my way to my next train destination. Had to catch a train while seeing a Tsunami art effect at Narita. I also noticed many many Canadians going to and from the area in this section. Lots of fellow Canadians. Actual proper Canadians at that, none of the fake types.

I basically stood in this area for what felt like 30 minutes. Trying to make sense of where to go, how to go, and what train to catch. Something about this area confused the heck out of me. I was like a lost child in this area. I studied my Google Maps suggestions a LOT, eventually deciding to obtain a ticket at the nearby ticket booth. Showed them my Japan Rail Pass.

Skyliner 58:

– Liner Ticket – Narita to Asakusa area (17:59 – 18:48).

All I know is I was cutting it highly short. I proceeded to my train car, sought out my seat, even seeing who sat near me. I tried making sense of everything. This may be creepy, though seen some overly cute Japanese girls (in pairs) sitting nearby, we however didn’t say anything. We briefly stared at one another prior to simply ignoring one another for the rest of the trip. It be nice if Japanese girls could learn to talk to people. Granted, you have to talk to them first. It’s just weird. Everything is always awkward.

Not talkative, eh? Ah well. I was catching up on Twitter, Azur Lane, etc.

– Viewing the live feed of various trains in the area.
– Aiming for Keisei-Ueno.
– Route map information. Loved how it showed the train traveling on the rails, even what was around.
– Various Japanese temples along the way.
– Seeing a live feed of the Japanese railway as it traveled.
– Dark. Lovely reflection, though. Noting the seatmap, etc.
– Trying to capture whatever I could. It was simply too dark at this point.
– Woooosh!~ Tokyo Skytree is in view! I’m near the Skytree.
– Tokyo Skytree is in view. I struggled to obtain these POVs.
– Tokyo Skytree!
– Arrived at Keisei-Ueno.
– Making my way to my next destination: Hotel.
– Silly, yet amusing.
– Keisei Ueno Station and a chicken.
– Ueno Station.
– Video – A girl singing while a police car could be seen active. Pedestrian crossing beeping.
– Night time Ueno.
– “Anime”

While traveling from Ueno Station to my hotel I may have appeared a bit angry, or even frustrated. I had that angry appearance on me, something which I may have accidentally caught the attention of the locals in Japan (both males and female Japanese) folks having a quick glance at me then moving on. I know for a fact I appeared angry, I recall it. I was somewhat frustrated I had to walk a fair distance just to reach my hotel, and with my luggage in tow. I was annoyed. The constant clacking of the luggage wheels.

– This van made me chuckle. A lovely modern-retro appearance.
– Tokyo Skytree, we meet again! 🙂
– Arrived! WOOO!~

My hotel room was weird, though had a slight view of the Tokyo Skytree. Could only see the tip of it. The room gave me anxiety with the unauthorized side door, and even the bell in the washroom. I’m avoiding FL-Hotel Asakusa next time. I don’t like showering with a stupid bell behind me.


Feeling hungry, I decided to go to the nearby FamilyMart for some food.

– Hungry, I went to a nearby Conbini I saw enroute to my hotel. I went back there seeing an Indian guy (from India) working there. He spoke both Japanese and English. I however simply desired my beer and food. I wanted to eat. I couldn’t find any other areas to eat.
– Kohiru with my pudding. My travel log on my left, my Steam Deck with ‘Tropical Resort Story’ (Kairosoft games), and then my Wireless Wifi charging.
– Kohiru with pudding.

For the rest of the night I would simply unwind for the day, semi-baffled as to why it was a short day. Yes, I traveled by train, plane, and train again, yet it felt too short of a day. I simply relaxed to the Kairosoft game on Steam Deck and Azur Lane on the phone.

I would also spend time researching how to get from one place to the next.

The final real adventure begins tomorrow.