Trip to Japan – Day 25 (2023)

– Starting my morning at a nearby Café. Just some simple French toast & coffee for the morning.

This blogpost covers the day of April 14th, 2023 while in Sapporo.

Seeing the weather not improving any for the next following days I forced my hand to visit Mount Moiwa. It’s either now or never, even if it’s cloudy, rainy, windy, cold, and brutal. I would basically make my way up into Mount Moiwa (the hard way) through mud and snow, and even be formally greeted by other locals. I would eventually be rewarded by various gorgeous scenic views of Sapporo itself from Mount Moiwa.

Was quite a lengthy hike. Rewarding.

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While on the tram I would occasionally hear an external announcement (at stops) making note of how the Mount Moiwa Ropeway was closed for a set amount of time this month. CRAP! Well, I’m on a mission, I have to. I have to go. It’s either now or never, I have to go to Mount Moiwa. It’s also why I went to Sapporo because I was unable to obtain a scenic view from Kure, Hiroshima, something I could obtain in Sapporo.

– Making note of the tram I took getting to-and-from areas. Visited the nearby 7/11 for some quick snacks, water, and some other things (the 7/11 you see in the right side of the image).
– Sapporo’s trams are interesting.
– Making my way up to a cloudy, foggy Mount Moiwa with the help of Google maps. Take a bus? I was considering it. I decided to walk.
– I’m sure the Japanese locals would see this area as “mundane”, and it probably is. To a foreigner such as myself I find this place quite neat.

If any locals in the area I visited find this area “boring” or “mundane”, I would believe them. But! But! On the flip side, I find it so much better than Ottawa at times. Ease of transportation (for the most part), neat sidewalks, decent walk to Konbini, even if they’re spaced out. With how brutal Canada has turned out to be (stupid Prime Minister Trudeau) I simply have tourist-vision finding this area to be neat.

– The stairway made me partially winded, yet was neat seeing the elevated point of view. This also reminded me of my time in Europe.

Sapporo Fushimi Inari Shrine:

Visiting an Inari shrine because of the word – “inari”. Also, because it’s enroute to where I was desiring to venture to. Well, more to do with Kitsune itself, or ‘kitsunemimi’ (fox girls), as shown via Pixiv.

– Passing by a local shrine, a shrine which refuses picture taking. I took a few, only externally.
– Admiring the torii gates.

Out of a mixed state of grudge against this shrine, and respect for anti-photography purposes I refused to take pictures in this area. Just the three images you see above. I also noticed a foreigner of the Korean variety taking images, even though you’re not allowed to. Maybe he obtained permission, or maybe he’s one of those arrogant Koreans Japanese locals hate with a burning passion. Even so, he irritated the hell out of me. I couldn’t say a word, yet he irritated the hell out of me. Always taking pictures, walking with the “I’m better than thou” strut (walk), and just being obnoxious.

I can see why Japan dislikes foreigners, of the Brazilian, Korean, and other nationality types. Do better. I’m trying to follow Japan’s social rules, even the photography rules. I didn’t take pictures, other people should follow those same rules. I’m aware I’m a tourist, other tourists annoy the hell out of me. They even shoved me aside, or injured me, and littered at historical landmarks.

I digress…..

– Jodoshu Moensan Kanon Temple (I simply walked by this, I did not enter).

Mount Moiwa Hiking Walking trail:

Made my way around to this hiking area to make my way up into Mount Moiwa, the long way around. I would even see the arrogant Korean guy speeding along up the trail leaving me in the dust. Other people were cleaning their shoes with the water at the restroom area. Good thing I had Conbini wipes to clean my shoes later, something I had done prior for Fujikawaguchiko’s hiking in the mountain.

– And off we go!

I would occasionally pass by people, locals who would greet me with – “hello” – or – “Hi!” (not “hai!”)-, to which I would return the greeting. I would even nod my head and smile in greetings. THIS! This made me happy because we’re missing simple communication like this. Everybody acts cold elsewhere, yet here people were happily greeting me. Formalities! As trivial and for granted people take them for, formalities are important! They’re highly important!

People need to use formalities like this more often! We need to feel human again, for real. No joke!

– Making my way up winding pathways, if still lightly muddy in areas. This was the tamer portion of the trail.
– These roots are genuinely helpful, and I’m glad they’re there.
– It’s interesting seeing houses on the other side. They seem fairly upscaled and of the rich variety.
– Nice! We need more of this on the trail. Stone or wood, there genuinely needs to be more on this pathway, especially on ones you’ll see further in this blog posting.

I continued to greet people in return allowing one another to pass by. I would step aside, even briefly catch my breath at one time.

A Japanese girl from Tokyo (now residing in Sapporo; Stayed in Vancouver) even conversed with me in English asking me if I was fine. Why was I waiting on the side? I was allowing you to pass by while catching whatever breath I had lost. I don’t venture into nature as much as I used to, and it’s taking a slight toll on me. I can handle this, and you would see I can hold my endurance in nature. Steep climbs take a tool on me, as it had at Enoshima Island (even if I blamed the COVID-19 vaccinations for further degrading my health).

We conversed a bit, and I sadly became too excitable and jumpy the longer I conversed with this girl. She warned me of bears, something I made note of. I had a mission to visit Mount Moiwa so I told her I had to go no matter what; Had to reach the top of the mountain, regardless. Through thick and thin I had to accomplish my mission regardless. I told her how long I was staying in Japan, showed her my ink stamp book (lost a few to the side, picking it back up), showed her my Vancouver hat, and accidentally started becoming too excitable, even stupidly repeating myself. I’m happy we were able to converse, she (as I was) became more anxious as the weather threatened to rain. She desired to leave, and I was desiring to let her to do. Asked for her E-mail, to which I had obtained, if maybe semi-reluctantly (“Eh, what the hell. Why not?”). Never obtained a response in return, leaving it as is. Cute name though. I guess I’m an idiot for not pushing further, but I also don’t want to push when a girl isn’t interested either.

She even noted how being a Canadian I could handle the cold, something I took as a compliment. I kept that compliment in my mind for the remainder of my stay in Sapporo.

That moment would eventually be tied with an ongoing manga (upcoming Anime) named – ‘Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable’ – Something I’m enjoying greatly on both a Manga & Anime front. I may have missed my chance, I’m however happy I was close to befriending more Japanese locals, especially of the female variety. I need more female friends.

Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable

(Sidenote: I guess I’ll never have a girl because I simply can’t connect properly with them. Everything is noted to be my fault, they also distance themselves so much, so I guess it shall always stay that way. How nice it would be for it to be like Anime where you can connect on the spot, converse, and just have fun with ease. Everything has to be a bit cold-shoulder, drawn out, and intentionally sidelined. I’m also at fault here, I guess. Friends blamed me for various behaviours so I guess that’s that. I chicken out too easily when things become too uncomfortable. Leaves me too frustrated with how needlessly difficult everything has to be, even if Asian girls are more of the “normal” variety, or at least should be. There are times girls assume I’m creepy or may rape them, to which I become depressed seeing as how they react to me. I become depressed the more I’m sidelined.)

So close, yet so far on my end. Just an normal friend-friendship is fine, nothing sexual. I wish I could have had a more social interaction with more Japanese locals of the female variety. I’m just a tourist, and I’m aware Japanese girls have a thing for ghosting tourists, and even those who stay because of how things work out on the long term. We live in a harsher times now, I simply desire a proper friend. Just someone to converse with at any time of day. Too much to ask for, I guess. I feel partially let down, some regret, and even sadness, but it is what it is. I’m just a tourist, though as tourist I would like a close friend, especially of the female variety.

I digress. People would view this as ranting and rambling so let’s move on to the hiking bit!

My adventure continues…. Keeping note of the bear warning, and even the update on the trails being rough. I would eventually find out how rough they actually were. I wasn’t ready for the hike, my shoes even betraying me. They’re for summer jogs and walks, not for hiking.

– Thanks to the Japanese girl I was constantly thinking about both bears and running the conversation through my head, regretting how jumpy I was.
– Seeing a few snow batches the further I go.
– Oh! This is getting messy.
– Oh, wow…. I believer I may even have slipped here, hence the look-back (or forward).
– This is also reminding me of the mountain in Skyrim having to scale the mountain for a shout. Fus-Roh-DAH!~
– People even placing sticks in muddy parts.
– This was becoming a true battle! I was genuinely fighting, cursing…. I NEED TO GET TO MOUNT MOIWA’S TOP SIDE! Don’t stop me!
– You’re not going to stop me!
– I even tried using the snow to my advantage, even to clean my shoes at every chance I could of mud.
– Made it! Halfway point! Halfway point! WOOOO!~
– Oh wow! Beautiful! If it wasn’t so cloudy you would see the skyline properly.
– Cloudy, foggy, yet gorgeous.
– Beautiful!
– More snow patches, eh?
– MORE?!
– At least the snow makes it easier.

If a bear attacked me right now I would be so screwed. I however was happy to see these statues, even properly respected with the red cloth.

I also saw the arrogant-appearing Korean guy making his way back down, something which bothered me. You darted your way both up and down, as if it was nothing. Learn to follow the local rules next time, especially for your own good.

I was also relieved to have seen the occasional passerby’s, trail workers, and other folks. Relieved to have seen the occasional person passing by meaning I was at least partially “safer” in some regard.

– I made it! I made it! I made it to the top! Mount Moiwa Observation Deck!

It’s cloudy up here as well. Very cloudy, foggy, and the amusing cloud stream passing by the mountain.

– CRAP! It was closed! I was desiring to warm up inside, or even unwind from the brutal hike upwards. I had to figure something out.

The place was noted to be closed for renovation till April 26, a few days later from when I would leave.

– I made it 531 M above! Nice! I wish I even read the sign properly.
– Cloudy and foggy. I was frustrated. Give me the view of Sapporo’s city skyline from here!
– I came up here for this?! This is on the “better” day.
– I have note how Mount Moiwa would fit perfectly in an RPG game, or horror game, zombie game, or anything. It be awesome.
Video – Sapporo – Mount Moiwa – making note of the top with the clouds streaming through on the pavement.
– Workers were working inside, even staring at me and vice-versa. We stared at one another.

At this point I was wondering how I would get back down. I considered myself trapped up here. I couldn’t go back down the way I came, it was even a struggle getting back up. I had to find an alternate way down. I briefly tried venturing back the way I came, aborting that idea when thinking of all the snow and mud. Nah!

Taxi? I tried, many times. Even on the way down I was seeking many places to call a taxi, or a tram, or a transit route. I was stuck up here, now feeling miserable from my soaking wet back. I was sweating, I was cold. I accomplished my goal, now desiring my way back. I mean, I accomplished 80% of my goal. I was missing the cityscape below.


After having seen a few locals entering and exiting a certain portion of the building (the left side of the main building) I went there to use the washroom, the waiting room, and even ate my onigiri. I rested for awhile trying to figure out my situation. I felt trapped up here.

– After a while of waiting I would eventually be greeted by this lovely view of Sapporo. Nice!
– Sapporo is gorgeous!
– I’ve been rewarded!

Satisfied, I tried finding alternate ways down, even passing various buildings and structures. Even the closed down ropeway.


Walked a decent distance before making my way to the below building, slowly studying the structure and the activity within. Trying to make sense if it’s open, closed, or what’s the deal with it. I also tried seeking a place to request a taxi, eventually deciding against it. I would force my way down the mountain, even in a detour manner; Even if I ended up in a neighboring village, or whatever. Anything that gets me to a tram, bus, or a taxi route.

– A few people would still pass me by, it’s now less than what was before. The view was stunning, even feeling more rural/remote than in the main Sapporo area. Explains all the bears, bear warnings, and bear signs I would continue to see. I however was more focused on heading down.

I was noting on the ‘Midnight Haven’ VRChat Discord group how I was trapped up here, something to which the people on there simply couldn’t grasp. They were too simple-minded, twisting my meanings and words in a different way. I guess everything is on my own. I would eventually (possibly from this point) stop conversing in Midnight Haven for this exact communication error, fake political corruptness, and just focus on my trip.

– Nice!

There are times I would be reminded of Slovakia. The various images, videos, and even hike I would have done into the wilderness being all too similar to this. Just venturing up into mountains admiring things on a more natural level.

Sure, I’m feeling miserable by feeling sweaty, cold, and excitable, I however kept pushing on trying to get back down. I had to return back to “safety”. I wanted to return to my hotel room for safety.

– This view is better seen in person. The perspective is something you can’t get in a video, let a lone a picture.

The way this landscape popped out between the trees was magical. Small at first, yet more magical and impressive the further I proceeded to walk out of the tree line. I’m genuinely impressed! It’s now my mental magical moment, and only for me. I wish I could share it!

This is why I prioritize my images more than other people’s media, especially now. My memories are more valuable than other people’s Youtube videos, Twitter/X posts, and bot-like entries on social media. My memories are more precious than they are, even if it may come off as arrogant and narcistic. My memories are precious to me.

– Mini Panorama

What a magical view! This must be even more stunning during the summer!


I still had a long ways to go to get down. The two hills in front were still left for me to make my way to proper safety.

– See that bridge in the middle? That’s what stood out to me the most with how this landscape unfolded from my point of view. (München Bridge)

Seeing Munchen Bridge stand out from the rest of the scenery, even unfolding like origami was magical to me. Everything was unwrapping in a lovely scroll-like manner.


[Hey, Arcticu? Are you aware your teeth are ugly?]

Yes, but I’m still trying to be happy here. That’s all from stress, chocolate, and all the abuse I’ve been through in Ottawa. You can see a heavy dose of depression in me, and probably why I’m single, frustrated, angry, and all the negative stuff. I always grind my teeth in anger. Everything is always my fault, and I always hear people knocking me down on everything. I get suicidal a lot, reclusive, and along. Maybe I’m ugly, have horrible features, but at least I’m in Japan. I wanted to kill myself so many times, yet the thought of Anime and Japan has kept me alive; The philosophical beauty and artistic creativity held by the Japanese (now forsaken by the North Americans, ex-Europeans) is something I now feel peaceful with from Japan. I even feel a slight Russian-Soviet touch in the air, something you can lightly notice in Sapporo.

Yes, I do hate myself, and I do indeed have depression. I do feel lonely, and I feel horrible when people see me as an “creep”, or an alleged “rapist”. People disappoint me, yet happy (relieved) when other people see me as a proper human.

Japan, thanks for making me feel human in some manner and capacity. I just want to be at peace. I’ve seen so much hatred, betrayal and sidelining I’m tired from it all. I’m at least thankful scenery doesn’t betray, and how Anime always gives me peace of mind.

– Natural beauty.

I’ve been told to seek out a therapist by those who also wronged me. I can see why they would do so allowing them to get off scott free. They bully you, they betray you, they kick you down and then they force you to see a therapist to unchain themselves from their own sins. Nah!

Therapists nowadays also desire you to be the opposite gender; To be untrue to your true self.

Being in Hokkaido reminded me nature is better. Seeing this natural beauty is what we should strive for. Be true to ourselves, be honest to ourselves, and to stop faking ourselves for other people’s nonsense.

– The views I’ve seen in Hokkaido were far better than any therapist. I was still happy even if I was feeling miserable. I was happy with my surroundings admiring every bit of beauty in Sapporo.
– You can happily slide down this area in the winter. Nice!

I finally had enough focus to bring out my Busou Shinki figures for some figure photography. Nice!

– Scenery focus.
– Kohiru focus.
– Who, or what is that?! What is up there?! Something is moving up there!
– What is that? A sign? It keeps moving from left to right and back again.

Another person decided to pass me by, if in a hasty pace.

– Making my way through more pathways trying to get myself off Mount Moiwa. I was still stuck up here. Seeing the city scape below me, as if teasing me.
– I actually slipped and fell here. I lost my balance, falling. Last bit of snow and mud.

Passed by two military-esque kids, probably training while off duty. Scouts, military, or something along those lines. Maybe overly formal athletics.

– Decided to stop for more Busou Shinki photography, this time with Arnval.
– The map noting not to capture wild-life in the designated area. It also noted where you are and how much further to go. Almost free.
– Just like life, everything has its ups and downs.
– Blue flowers!

More Busou Shinki photography moments!

– Wildlife Protection Area Hokkaido.
– Making note of how the area is wrapping around the mountain.
– Trees being trimmed enroute.
– Bells, decorations, and signs.
– I at first followed the sign going “up”, later eventually heading right. Power station (tower) and lodge.
– Woodpecker?

I started passing by more people here, or at least 3 people. One person probably overheard me venting, even fearing potential giant spiders in the area. Other people preparing to head up.

– I’m free! Melting snow over a streem.
– Video – Snow and stream.

I’m free! I’m free! I can finally return to Japanese civilization! 🙂

– Making my way up one way, returning my way on the other (the yellow & red portion on the map).
– There are times where I simply admire rural vibes.
– Now, let’s get out of here. Let’s seek a nearby Café, or shelter, or Konbini. Anything! 🙂

The more I go through Japan the more I’m reminded of my memories from Slovakia. Basically areas in Modra, Pezinok, and Bratislava. The areas there are similar to what I see in Sapporo. Basically a Canadian version of Slovakia, but Hokkaido.

! Oooooo!~ This is a lovely park!

Passing through on Moiwashita Bridge and what appears to be a park. Minipark?


I tried seeking out a nearby Konbini to find nothing in the area. Only coffee shops, Cafes, and such. I tried reaching Komeda’s Coffee while being unable to figure out how to cross the lights. It later was shown to me (at another intersection) one has to press the button to cross, something I failed to do. The local kids refused to press this for me, even biking past me. They simply stared at me, not helping me in the slightest. I even searched up another location, eventually heading towards Lukea Coffee. The intersection there was more to my understanding, and it seemed to be just as accessible.

I would belatedly find out there was a Lawson next to Lukea Coffee. Having something from a local coffee shop seemed better. I could sit and rest, something I wouldn’t have been able to do at a Konbini.

LUKEA Coffee:

I decided to stop by at Lukea Coffee to warm up with a simple cup of coffee. Was provided water, my coffee, and an hour of rest allowing me to warm up. I was the only one there at the time having the owner turn the music on just for me. Eventually a lady would come in talking up a storm with the owner. I would spent this time also catching up on Twitter (posting my results for the day), playing Azur Lane, talking to friends on Discord.

– Lovely! Very homely. Classy.
– My water, Milk coffee, and biscuit.

Once I was ready, and once I saw a window (an opening) in the conversation to pay. I decided to dart my way to the nearest tram stop. I would avoid the bus, yet speed walk the 20 minutes to the tram stop to get back to the hotel.

– Making my way up and around to reach a certain monument, something I could have done so from the other way. Pedestrian bridges are a blessing.
– Lovely mini-park! 🙂
– That is insanely low! Let’s make my way to the other side.
– Moiwa Victim Monument

Sculpture located at Minami 30jo Nishi 10-chome. It was erected in June 1994.
The monument was erected by the Hokuden Moiwa Power Plant Construction Victims Monument Association to commemorate the victims of the construction of the underground conduit that led water from the Moiwa Dam in Nenomai to the Moiwa Power Plant of the then Hokkai Hydroelectric Power Company completed in 1936 and the Moiwa Water Treatment Plant completed the following year, and to convey the fact that the construction was carried out by workers (Japanese and Korean) in the taco room and credit room. Erected by the Association to Erect a Monument to the Victims of Construction. – Using DeepL for Translation
– “Yamahana Tondenhei no Zojiki (Statue of Tondenhei Yamahana)

Driving along National Route 230, commonly known as Ishiyama-dori, you will see a bronze statue standing on the west side of Minami 29-jo. The statue is the “Yamahana Tondenhei no Zojiki (Statue of Tondenhei Yamahana),” which depicts the heroic figure of a Tondenhei plowing the pioneer land with a hoe in his hand. – Using DeepL Translation.
– JGSDF camp Sapporo
– JGSDF camp Sapporo
– Wakaba Security & Patrol. Found it amusing.
– Oshikeibi
– Made my way to Ishiyamadori to catch a tram. Any tram which would take me back to Sapporo’s main city center area.
– Loving the view and the tracks. Even the lovely sunsetting moment.

The tram was packed full once I reached my desired destination. I should have gotten off at the main city center area, not where my hotel was. I kept going – “Sumimasen” – trying to get my way off. It was almost packed to the brim.

– Once I got off I tried seeking out a place to eat, something which would take me to the overly familiar market street. I went to ‘Shibetsu BBQ’ for some lamb meat.

While at Shibetsu BBQ I would be occasionally moved from seat to seat about 5-8 times. Why?! Is it because I’m a foreigner, or you don’t want to deal with me there? I was also becoming very awkward, even socially monotoned making me very clumsy. All that moving around made me feel on edge, especially around those worker girls doing weird things, even saying weird things to one another.

– BBQing up my desired meat choices.

Trying out the novelty of BBQ’ing up lamb meat (or was it goat?), sausages, among other treats. I enjoyed the food. The shoveling around to different tables and seats was the worst part of it though. Why?!

“Sorry, can you move to this seat, or that seat, or even that seat?”

If you don’t want me there then just tell me. I’m glad they eventually settled to have me sit where I desired to be seated.


If someone was with me I’d probably be – “No! No! No!’d” – so much for noting something the Japanese way. Not implying one person, but Japanese people in general. I’m not singling one person out, but in how Japanese people react telling you how to do things in a certain way.

I guess I’ll simply be bad with dealing with girls through-and-through, and be forever alone. Shame.

Once I finished my meal I asked to pay, constantly dropping things on the ground in response to all the moving around, the daily fatigue, and the way the girls were behaving in awkward manners. I also had some weird miscommunication with a lady, something which may or may not have been resolved.

Tired, exhausted, and socially spent, I decided to venture to a Konbini before retiring to my hotel at 6 PM. As for what I was doing at my hotel, who knows. Maybe pouting, unwinding, or playing on my Steam Deck. Who knows?

– Some potential extra food for the night. Maybe.

[Travel Journal Log: Dreamed about Submarines and canals (Mini-submarines & big submarines). [Includes a basic sketch]]

Just to be clear (for the record) I genuinely did not have a bad time, even if I noted I was feeling miserable. Yes, I was feeling miserable, I however did not feel bad, even if I had expressed otherwise. I had fun riding the trams to and from Mount Moiwa, making my way up and down Mount Moiwa, conversing with various locals (including the Tokyo-Native girl), among others. If anything, I’m mainly upset at myself for all my flaws. I’m happy with both Hokkaido and Sapporo, I however become cranky when things don’t end up staying basic and natural; When things don’t follow the set rules set by their own standards.

I enjoyed my time eating various foods, seeing a magical Sapporo scenery, among other beauties. Everything was great. I basically chose one of the better days to do something before it turned even more cloudy, rainy, or colder. Sure, it was socially awkward, and kids didn’t help me out in crossing the street, and a few girls decided to make me do musical chairs at a BBQ place. Everything was still great.

I had a great time hiking, and thankful I didn’t run into any bears. I was on a mission, I had to go to where I was, regardless of bear threats. Maybe that’s stupid of me, but I’m also clouded by society’s rudeness towards me when they give me the cold shoulder. I’m still trying to live as a human exploring everything I admire before my time is up, whenever it is. I’m having fun going through my bucket list while the opportunities present themselves.

I’ll never forget the magical scenic beauty I’ve seen from Mount Moiwa, that was genuinely worth it! Even if people shall stupidly try to outshine my memories I’ll hold onto them with all my grasp. I want to cherish my proud Japanese memories, as much as I do with my Vancouver memories, European (Slovakian memories), and scenic Ottawa memories.

Thanks for viewing, see you in the next blog post. 🙂