Trip to Japan – Day 32 (2023)

– Roaming around my hotel area trying to seek out some nearby landmarks. A neat Coca-Cola truck was spotted. You can actually see me in the reflection.

This blogpost covers the day of April 21st, 2023 in Tokyo.

A day spent roaming around Tokyo while doing the few final things I’m allowed to do in Japan. Started the day somewhat “late”. Played some Pokemon GO while trying to see what was hiding in the area. Found some neat statues I would eventually try to hunt down, to eat some burgers, and then make my way to Tokyo Tower prior to meeting up with Ken_Works at Akihabara.

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Screenshot_20230421_091852_Pokmon GO
– Roaming around the Ueno-Asakusa area. Just around a few blocks, that’s it.
Screenshot_20230421_091856_Pokmon GO
– I saw this, and I desired an image of it!
– Found it! Green Kappa! 🙂

‘Craft Burger & Grill JIRO

I saw this on Google Maps desiring to at least try some Japanese-American burgers. Was well worth the experience.

– The menu (JP & EN), as well as Tom & Jerry playing on the wall in a projector manner.
– That’s one meal.
– That’s two (onion rings).
– And that’s my burger and wedges.

I kept going “Whoa!~” causing the waitress to chuckle a bit. I’ve never had a burger this tall before. Crazy, in a good way. I’m happy we were able to have some sort of positive interactions between customer and waitress (or server).

– Juicy.

Everything was awesome. I have fond memories of this. Everything was awesome.

I sadly had to keep my cough in. I couldn’t cough out loud, in fear I would make the Japanese view what I’m doing in an ill manner. I had to hold my cough until outside. I was feeling a bit miserable, yet it is what it is. I let out a full cough outside to the point a Japanese women (around the corner) was trying to see who was suffering. I was. I was coughing loudly (and away from the burger joint) in my own way of politeness. Something from the burger went down the wrong way forcing me to feel weird.

Once my coughs were sorted (and the Japanese women saw I was suffering, yet now fine) we went our own way. Once my coughing finally stopped everything was fine again. I casually (calmly) walked to Ueno Station in a non-rushing manner. I took my time, maybe even with a drink in hand. I took in the scenery, I seemed happy. I was soaking my final days in Japan seeing as how tomorrow would be when I had to leave.

I went to Ueno Station to make my way to the Tokyo Tower.

Ueno Station + Subway to the Tokyo Tower via the Hibiya Line.

– Like I said, I was peacefully walking my way towards Ueno Station while admiring the beauty of Japan’s streets and sidewalks. Flowers lining the sidewalk. Awesome!
– Making note of the blue building in the background. One of the better view points of the tower.
– Beautiful!
– Making my way through the subway system to Tokyo Tower. I genuinely love and admire these Japanese stations. So beautiful.
– Hibiya Line. Tracking my progress via Google Maps.
– Viewing some new construction work in the Minato City area.
– I was too focused on the building to even notice the traffic guard in the area. Even so, Japan (Tokyo) has awesome buildings to make note of.
– Took this image because of ‘Ken_Works’ on Twitter/X. He gained a nice chuckle out of it.

While walking in this area I had to make way for a guy taking pictures on the side (on the left). Further down from this sign an office worker elderly guy (or close to it) was taking pictures having me stand to the side. He took his pictures, I stood to the side, and he thanked me. We acknowledged one another via gestures.

– Tokyo Tower is now in view. I took the other route to get to it this time.
– Gorgeous!
– *Laughs*. I took this picture for the art on the containers. In hindsight I see I took a picture of a guy on the other side of the street also taking pictures of the Tokyo Tower.

As you’ve probably noticed, there were quite a few people hanging around this area. I had to wait a fair amount of time before I was able to take a quiet image with myself, or when people went to the side.

– Using the provided selfie-stand to take a standard image of Tokyo tower.
– Took one with myself now, or attempted to. Also, I had a Kirin Milk Tea drink with me. Love these drinks.
– Kon! Kon!~
– Tokyo Tower being festive this time around. Awesome!

This is going to sound stupid, I however finally decided to “bite the bullet” to face my fear of heights to have an experience viewing Tokyo from the top deck of Tokyo Tower. I avoided going up Tokyo Tower the first time, doing so this time around to gain a scenic view of Tokyo from up high. I also desired that stamp for my stamp book.

– Little did I know that Tokyo Tower was having a Tokyo Ravenger’s collab.
– Probably for the best my images are blurry for others to experience everything themselves.
– Olden Tokyo. Still beautiful.

Before heading into the elevator heading to the top deck (not the upper deck) we were asked if we could have our pictures taken. I had mine taken. We were even given some drinks (maybe tea) and a ride up to the upper deck via another elevator.

– Video – And up we go!

Once I was guided to the higher floors I gained a horrible panic attack making me dance from side to side. I’m sure people noticed this, they chose to ignore this. I kept telling my Anime buddy (Rally) via Discord how I was tripping out. I was only on the upper deck waiting to go on the higher deck. I was tripping out.

– Welcome to Tokyo Tower!
– Obtaining my stamps while I had the chance to.
– I didn’t notice the dude on the right. I was too busy trying to get a good view of Tokyo.

I was too jumpy to be fully aware of my surroundings.

After being admitted we waited in a mini lobby area (the picture below) being given a phone-like device to guide us through Tokyo Tower. We were eventually led into a room full of library books and talking paintings (WIO!~), among other stuff. The history of Tokyo Tower. Then onto an elevator to a waiting area (pictures being taken), and then up into the upper deck.

– Tokyo Tower – Top Deck Tour.

Really testing out my fear of heights and anxiety. I had to challenge myself. I was sadly also being stupid in the elevator being all jumpy, even dropping stuff. I even dropped an ear piece, or something. I even assumed I had misplaced my earpiece. It was on me. I was losing my mind.

– Lovely view of Tokyo. I even see the way I came to Tokyo Tower on my first visit. Lovely! 🙂
– Tokyo Skytree off in the distance.

Top deck of Tokyo Tower.

– What a view!
– Taking a selfie for the fun of it. One of the better selfies.
– Northeast – Tokyo Skytree in view.
– Looking down at the roadway which tends to have Ferrari’s on it. Even a neat pedestrian crossing. Nice to know I’ve walked the various areas around here.
– Trying to look towards Odaiba for my previous visits there. Can I make it out? What can I see? Neat stuff.
– Odaiba! 🙂
– I needed some selfies, these being a few of them.
– Nice! These other roadways are interesting.
– Trying to capture Haneda Airport’s ventilation system in the far background (middle top). The shiny object.
– Nice to note the people below.

As time went on I gradually settled down, acclimating to the height. Being this high up gradually became my new “ground zero”, as living in apartments and upper floors tends to become normal to people. Gradually becoming accustomed to the heights.

– I was fascinated by this roadway.
– Even making note of construction work in the background.
– That’s an interesting building. Steps.
– One interesting building standing out from the rest.
– Yeah, more silly selfies.
– Tokyo Skytree!
– Yes, I was going in circles at this point. I was probably driving the staff crazy. You’ll see one of their weird looks further below.
– Trying to capture the Tokyo Tower on the wall, also capturing a weird glance from the staff.

I’ll admit I wasn’t sound of mind when I was up here. Sure, I was more relieved I gradually became more accustomed to the height difference. Basically briefly conquering my fear of heights allowing me to see Tokyo from an elevated point-of-view. I however was sadly constantly awkward from beginning to end, as noted in the above image.

“What the heck is wrong with that gajin?!”

  • Last full day in Japan.
  • Fear of heights.
  • Capturing everything I could while on a “slight” deadline.
  • Tired, and solo-traveling (I have no ‘S’O’ to anchor me down; To keep me balanced).
  • Losing my mind, possibly from some sort of fatigue (travel or sleep related).
  • Capturing Points-of-Interests without scanning my surroundings first. Tunnel-visioned onto interesting stuff.
– Video – It was time to go down.

Looped around on the other end waiting on the elevator back down to the lower deck. Had to listen to the robot below looping a pre-determined dialogue a few times over. The guy next to me wasn’t having it, or was simply being silent for the sake of it.

– “Everyone, I love you!”
– “WIO!~ Did you enjoy the tour?? I’ve never been go to the top.”

The tour guides did note we had to cheer – “WIO!~ – with it being a Tokyo Tower greetings, and all that. Me being out of it I simply forgot to do so, even being passed over by other people for being socially awkward that day. It was a neat experience, and I’m happy I tackled another one of those “fear-of-heights” stuff. I need to do more of that, eventually conquering the Tokyo Skytree whenever I’m ready.

– View from the “lower deck”, or the “main deck” Whatever you desire to call it. Nice views to be had.
– Staff changing out the coin machine.
– Yes, I was being sneaky. Neat seeing how these things work.
– This is the view you’re initially greeted with. I was simply looping around making sure I wasn’t forgetting anything, stamps and trinkets, among other things.
– More Tokyo Ravengers stamps.
– Looking down from the main deck area. This reminded me of when I looked down from the CN Tower in Toronto. Really trips you out.
– I had to wait to take this picture because of a mother and her baby in the area, and then some school girls oogling the picture noting who their favourite was.
– Was neat how this alternated colours and behaved like a clock.
– I tried taking a video, I fumbled it hard.
– Checking out the lower areas for touristic stuff finding more Tokyo Revengers in the area.
– Nice!
– Finding more stamps of Tokyo Revengers.
– Hello Kitty! (Image for a friend’s friend).
– Tokyo Tower – 50th?

Yes, I also see the guy lurking in the back.

At this point I came to pick up my Tokyo Tower portrait, even accidentally fumbling where I left my PASMO, and other stuff. I checked my four pockets repeatedly looking like a moron. I genuinely lost my mind today, and it shows. On the upper deck and down in the basement area (or main floor) trying to seek out my payment. I had to pay. There may have been a few laughs to be had (a few chuckles) as I stupidly went from pocket to pocket. Awkward laughs, I bet. In the end I found what I needed to find, paying for the portrait they took. I even noted this was my final day in Japan. My mind was being lost.

I also asked where the Tokyo Tower stamps were being told I had them all. I however needed to obtain Tokyo Tower’s stamp. That is all I was missing.

– Hatobus!
– Tokyo Tower!
– Another stamp!

I was still searching for Tokyo Tower’s main stamp station, even asking the info center were it was. The Japanese lady told me it wasn’t in the area to which a European staff lady promptly corrected her guiding me towards where it was. If I listened to the Japanese lady I wouldn’t have had one (no negative ill-will towards her), just that I could have easily missed out on one, as such with Japanese temples and shrines. This European lady guided me to one of the offices to which she took out a kit of stamps, even kindly handing me the stamps. Thank you!

She noted how many stamps I had, probably even complimenting the stamp collection. My mind was a mess causing the situation to be awkward, I however tried to thank her profusely. Thank you! Thank you!

(To be clear: I have no ill-will towards the Japanese lady at the counter (20-40’s), she however seemed to be in training, or not kept up to speed. I won’t hold it against her. I have nothing against her. I have my stamp so I’m thankful for everybody for putting up with me, and helping me out. Many thanks! 🙂 )

– Making note of the Festival for kids. Nice!
– Looking back at my picture I looked a little serious. I was caught off guard, yet happy with the memories.
– Ferrari!
– Making note of the towers.
– Tokyo Tower reflecting off the building ahead.
– Tokyo Tower reflecting.

Funny thing is, I wish I took a picture of the girl taking a picture of a stuffed plushie (probably a mascot) near Tokyo Tower. She held her arm out (even her hand) with a mascot at the end while she took a picture of it. It was cute! It is what makes Japan and Tokyo awesome, and why everything is far more enjoyable in Japan. Everything is awesome in Japan. I love it!

Everybody, for the most part, knows how to have fun in Japan.

– Tokyo Masonic Center. (I recall seeing these folks in Cuba. Are they evil?)

I believe I finally discovered where these “classic” cars are being sold from. They have an interesting character and I do like them as vehicles. Modern-classic vehicles.

– Mitsuoka.

Tried to make my way around towards this building in an overly round-about way.

On my way towards this building I had to take a bit of a round-about way to get here because of construction, and/or even a police blockade. I forgot to take a picture of that, I however had to detour my way around to this location in an awkward manner.

– Reiyukai Shakaden Temple.

Once done, I made my way to a nearby Konbini. I purchased my goods, even finding the layout of the Konibini to be “funky”, in a neat way. I paid, made my way out, and ate. Few people stared at me, I however had more focus on this retro car roaming the road.

– I was eating, I was slow capturing it sooner.
– It hid behind a car! Damn it!
– Constantly hiding behind vehicles.
– Got it! (If with a stare from the folks across the street).

Once done, I made my way back to a nearby station to head to Akihabara to meet up with Ken_Works. I was keeping him up to tabs on what I was planning.

– Welcome to Akiba, Japan! (Yodabashi-Akiba).
– Gundam Mercury merchandise. Nice!
– Akihabara Station – Blue Archive advertisement. I have the character on the left (Kayoko). Nice!
– Genshin Impact and other advertisements.
– Proof I was in Akihabara, and with Blue Archive advertisement. I have Kayoko!
– Vocaloid & some other advertisement I’m not familiar with.
– Seeking out Virtual Akihabara advertisement.
– Virtual Akihabara.

I crossed the street (intersection), even seeing Ken_Works from afar. I tried making my way towards him, I however struggled to reach him with the way pedestrian traffic worked. I didn’t plan my way towards him properly. He saw me struggling. We eventually met up, even had fun talking about my trip, Yokosuka/Kure/Kamakura, among other stuff. Even Azur Lane’s AR mode, among other stuff. How Ken goes to the nearby bookshop to buy (or rent) doujinshi. I heard it all, I was only able to react to a certain stuff.

Basically hanging around at ‘Comic ZIN’ for 20 minutes prior to heading to other places.

Screenshot_20230421_171638_Azur Lane
– Obtained a monthly login reward while trying to show Ken Azur Lane’s AR mode.
Screenshot_20230421_171646_Azur Lane
– Thunderbolt Generator.
– Azur Lane’s AR Mode with Biloxi of the Eagle Union faction.

Purely a demonstration.

– Spotting a few advertisement trucks roaming around.
– Being led around by Ken to Kotobukiya’s store, among other places.
– Helm! I have her from Nikke. I sadly don’t play the game thanks to space issues.
– Heard of this game, haven’t played it. Considered it.
– Frame Arms Girl.
– Busou Shinki – Strarf!

I still have yet to obtain either of the two Strarfs from the Kotobukiya line.


I purchased an Desktop Army of Virginia Glynnberets (Alice Gear Aegis) of the Desktop Army figure line. Nice! Finally have her now!

– Experiencing Japan via a car ride; In Ken’s special little van.

Experiencing how you drive in Japan really took me for a bit of a shock. Not much, having been already aware of how you drive. It’s how close you get to everything which caught me off guard. Thankfully I reminded myself you get in the opposite side not making a fool of myself. I was already being weird, yet thankful I was able to keep myself together during the trip.

I kept putting various social limitations on myself as to not make a full fool out of myself.

– Taxi with a ‘No Pikachu’ sign on it. We both weren’t sure what that was all about.
– 420 Taxi! I had to. It’s a joke, and a funny one. Silly, sure. Still funny.

While being driven around I also noticed a Kanda oriented ‘Naval Curry’ shop affiliated with KanColle in the area. I saw it! I couldn’t do anything about it.

We arrived at our destination.


Normally you would have to wait hours, upon hours, in a brutal line-up. Insane line-ups. Thankfully, I had one of the better days being allowed to experience proper Tokyo Ramen, as highly suggested and recommended by Ken.

– Display and coin machine. We talked further, though at this point half of the conversation was forgotten. Mainly about line-ups, and how long everything is.
– Delicious! I had Ramen soup and the coke. Everything went well, and I enjoyed everything. We were rushing a fair amount because of what Ken desired to show.

A Tweet & a quote tweet noting my experiences in Japan. Ken secretly took a picture of me taking a picture of the soup, among other goodies. Fun stuff!

– Trying to take a picture of the Ramen place (Kikanbo).

It’s a neat area where you even get to see trains passing by.

– Noting the train going by while sharing Kikanbo.
– Ken’s special car noting his love of Anime, Reno, and Tokyo Big Sight pride. Nice! 🙂
– Hana and his Ducati pride. Loving it!

At this point I accidentally lost my filter going on about Kamakura while he desired to know what I wanted at the Coffee shop. Tea? Coffee? I could tell he was a bit frustrated with me, and I apologize for that. I should have noted what I desired, I was however losing myself in the moment again. Even frustrated this was my proper final day in Japan.

Ken found what he desired to find, and we went into his van. I left myself to the mercy of what Ken had planned, curious as to what we had waiting for us. Rainbow Bridge, Cafe, among other fun stuff.

– Once again, going for a lovely ride through Tokyo via a car ride. Loving it!
– In hindsight I now am aware of where ‘EMS’ is located. Loosely, at the least.

Ken wanted to show me the special Tokyo highway loop, something I would later explore in Asseto Corsa in an alternate manner. He noted how he enjoyed going on here on his motorbike, and I can see why. It’s professionally upkept, and even peaceful in various ways.

– Even loosely reminded of the better days of Danny Choo when we admired his scenic Japanese pictures back in 2006-2015.
– We were trying to figure out what this vehicle was.
– Rainbow bridge!
– I’m just a tourist. I’m taking pictures of everything for blogging purposes.

Cafe Super Racer:

We finally arrived at our destination, though I stupidly forgot to take an image of the Café. He parked, we got out, and ventured calmly into the café leisurely wondering where to sit.

– I lightly opened up my new purchase trying to see what this Desktop Army is all about. (Virginia Glynnberets from Alice Gear Aegis).

I ordered a drink and ice cream, with us both gradually conversing about everything throughout the trip and in between. We gifted each other stuff, and even conversed about Ken’s history.

– It’s Ken’s Hana! Nice!

While talking, and during those quiet periods, I kept catching myself looking around, even staring at people in awkward manners. I know I shouldn’t (I should keep my gaze retained at the table), I however couldn’t help it. I was genuinely losing my mind. I was genuinely thankful and grateful for what Ken and other Japanese folks for their hospitality and kindness. We had a great time, or I hope we had a great time. Everything felt genuine. I felt more human in Japan than I ever had in Canada.

– My ice cream and my drink.

I refused coffee of fears of it keeping me up at night, instead going with a tea drink (or I assume it was a tea drink), and an ice cream drink. Sugar? Yeah, but at least I can burn that off somehow.

– Letting out the Shinki Renge for Ken to see.
– Renge roaming around the table.
– Renge, Virginnia, and my Lumix GF-1.
– We genuinely conversed about everything.

Ken eventually noted how I was interested in Japan’s military, and maybe even his own attachment to the Japanese navy. His relatives were a part of the navy.

– I tried translating this via Google Images, and even DeepL, both failed.

I sadly forgot the names of the vessels, though one of them was shared and noted to be IJN Jintsuu, or Sendai. (One of the two). I sadly forgot the name of the other vessel Ken had identified online. I should have wrote it down on the spot, my fault.

– 360 Picture – Interior of the Cafe.

Ken was overly curious about the 360 camera, something I should have used more often. It was neat seeing him being all shocked and surprised by how neat everything in a 360 bubble.

Once completed, we packed up and preparing to go onto Ken’s favourite highway loop. We happily paid our bill/tab (cheerfully), cheerfully making our way outside. I sadly forgot to take pictures of the exterior, let alone a picture of the bikes with the Ferrari pictures hanging on the back. I however had a sound mind to take a picture of the lovely Japanese car below we both were observing.

– One of those lovely modern-classic appearing cars. Japan knows what it’s doing when it comes to stuff like this. Honestly.
– Absolutely beautiful!
– An lit up Tokyo Tower. Nice!
– Gorgeous!
– You know me, I make note of everything. I even admire the under-passes, and the train set-ups above.
– Construction work.
– Onto the paid highway we go! Tokyo Express Highway.

Ken was waiting a lengthy while to share this moment with me, a trip around Tokyo’s highway loop noting how much he admires taking bike rides around the area, and how peaceful it is (in its own way). A great time, for sure! I can see why, more so with it looking far more properly maintained than anything Canadian (or Ottawa related). Japan is awesome.

– Tokyo Tower on the right.
– Tokyo Tower! nice!

At one point I noted – “I know I’m taking a lot of pictures, I’m sorry of I’m bothering you in any way.” – relating to the concentration of his driving. I normally took pictures this way, even in Ottawa and Vancouver. From what I gathered he appeared to be fine with it, in his own way.

I was simply trying to make sure we were fine with what I was doing by taking a lot of pictures.

The Tokyo Tower really stood out, and I genuinely loved it.

– I may not have the best camera device to take these images, it however stays highly memorable. I genuinely admire my memories here making it highly nostalgic. Thank you!
– Tokyo Tower!

I have my own memories now! I do not need any cheap touristic nonsense showing Japan in the lens of a cheap Tokyo Tower lens. I have my own special memories to pull from. 😉

– One of my better images. Nice!
– Road trips are always fun.
– Well, that didn’t come out correctly. You can still however make it out. (Shin-chan Anime).
– (Shin-Chan Anime).
– Ferrari! WOOO!~
– Ferrari!

On top of seeing that Ferrari, and maybe that yellow Mazda, we also seen the Lotus (or that yellow vehicle was that Lotus), and even a Lamborghini. Tons of lovely sports cars roaming around Tokyo’s beautiful streets and roads. Beautiful stuff.

– Rainbow Bridge!
– Nice to know I’ve been on the Rainbow Bridge via rail and car now. Sweet!
– Daiba! WOOO!~
– Noted to be the Olympic Village, especially the darker areas.
– Unlit Olympic Village.
– Olympic Village and Tokyo Skytree.
– Urban glow, scenery, and Tokyo Tower peaking in the background.
– Woosh we go! Threatening to rain. It may actually be starting to rain at this point in time.
– Tokyo Skytree.
– Tokyo Skytree.
– These Japanese roads are awesome.
– Beautiful blue bridge! (Eitai Bridge)
– Eitai Bridge.
– Eitai Bridge.

I was basically admiring everything, in shock-and-awe at everything at how gorgeous it was. Admiring all the beautiful buildings in the area, how every few blocks is a village in itself. How every few blocks contains an Konbini (7/11, Lawson, FamilyMart), while also loosely trying to imagine people living their lives in each sector of Tokyo (and Japan). Just trying to put everything into perspective. Highly mentally overwhelming, even to a severe degree of philosophical thinking. It’s awesome.

After a long while of admiring the beautiful cityscape of Tokyo (as confusing and clunky as it is), Ken decided it was time to part ways. Sure.

How time flies when having fun. It was 4 PM when we met up, now almost 10 PM, and threatening to rain at every chance.

– Time ot plan our route back to my hotel while Ken would constantly decide what routes to take.
– One of the planned routes. I even tried noting I had this done in Vancouver a lot trying to get from one place to another.
– The traffic was insanely bad Ken decided to road-rage a bit by taking the backstreets. That was a fun experience on its own.
– Insanely backed up.

A bit of raging was to be had (which is natural), something I even recall my friend in Vancouver doing. Anybody really. It’s natural. I could only watch, maybe even attempt to guide Ken on proper routes. He however had the final choices in everything, this is his domain.

When taking one side-route I even strongly noted (and witnessed) a male foreigner (American or European) flirting with an overly clingy Japanese women, the same Japanese women even telling her partner to move aside because we were coming through. Can’t recall if I heard their voices, though gestures really gave it away. I felt bad for them, though at the same time not really because I was still solo without an ‘S’O’ of my own. She was overly clingy to the guy (leaning on his arm), even probably guiding him around town in the area. It made me fairly jealous, and slightly angry how he and other foreigners get lucky and how I’m always looked down upon by the female kind. All I know is everything is always allegedly my fault, and I guess it may always stay that way. Will I ever get lucky? Who the hell knows. What I do know is Romance Anime is #1 for this specific reason with how everything is a struggle these days. Anime itself is a lovely escapism on multiple levels, especially creative and ones. It’s not a solution, but a nice temporary relief. It numbs the pain, even if it stays there.

Tons of mixed emotions from my end there while Ken had to deal with driving frustrations. Not sure if Ken noted my frustrations, though he shall now (if he reads this) noting how we (at that point in time) were frustrated over various urban-related nonsenses. Romance and traffic. Silly stuff, I know. Later, once we figured our way out, we eventually had a massive laugh from Google Map’s instructions of an ‘Slight Right’.

– Ken and myself died laughing at the ‘Slight right’ suggestion.

Even in Vancouver, and Ottawa, I never heard of anything noting ‘Slight right’. Google Maps was awesome this night, as was Japan.

I never heard anything say ‘slight right’ before.” – Ken

Figures. But this is why Japan is awesome. So many mysteries and amusements to be had. 🙂

– Making our way to the hotel now backtracking the way I walked from the station to the hotel. Even seeing the FamilyMart at the left side of the image.
– That’s awesome! Love the way Japan does various things, even how they apparently sell ice cream and snacks this way.

We briefly ended up getting lost, we however figured our way through it. We eventually arrived properly at our destination. We accidentally took a few wrong turns, eventually making it correct.

Was dropped off at my hotel while getting my stuff out of his van’s trunk. We conversed a bit, even accidentally nudging Ken_Works into KanColle again thanks to my Yokosuka, Kure, and Maizuru hype. I was even hyped up thanks to KanColle Arcade, even knowing full well how salty and painful KanColle was. I tried asking him three times (should have only been once) if he’ll consider coming back. He kept saying “no”, and I genuinely respect that. I genuinely apologize for being pushy, I lost myself in the moment. We both left KanColle for the same (or similar) reasons to our own respective games of Azur Lane (me) and ‘Ume Musume’ (Ken). I even picked up a side game to go parallel with Azur Lane, named ‘Blue Archive’.

Everything good apparently seems to be “blue”, eh?

We even noted my trip to Sapporo with the trams, though I feel I kept Ken accidentally hostage again, as I nearly had done with Kamakura. I was hyped up, and it showed. He had to run away on me, and I apologize for that as well. I had to let him go, wished him a good night, and hope we genuinely both had a great time. It appeared we had, so that’s how I shall view it.

Thanks again!

– Ken leaving the area. Thanks for everything!
– Peace!

Made my way up to the hotel to rest for the night. Hyped up the night, the experiences, and even how I proudly conquered my fears of heights. Happy I had fun roaming around Tokyo via JR Rail, and how we (Ken & I) both roamed around Tokyo having our “Otaku” (or Weeb) night. Talking, sharing, and having interesting cultural exchanges. Even noting who Renge’s creator was on Twitter (even though I forgot to follow them prior to this day’s meeting), and forwarding Ken towards Canada’s Lancaster Bomber Twitter account to him of the ‘Vera’ bomber. Even re-shared him my blog post of the Gatineau airshow.

It was all fun and entertaining. Sure, I screwed up here and there, while also losing my mind. I however tried to survive while hating how I had to go back to the now-broken Canada in tomorrow evening’s flight. Everything negative was waiting for me in Canada and I was hating it. This feeling would grow into tomorrow as well.

Thanks for having me! For hanging out with me, and showing me around Japan. Thanks for bringing me to places, for showing me various sides of Japan, among other beauties. It was all fun, and it constantly stays nostalgic to me. I love Japan, or at least the experiences I’ve made to now push aside generic tourist bait. I have my own Japan I can now call home in my own Canadian manner. 😉

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next blog posts.